Kelly Clarkson Carpool Karaoke

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
  • James asks Kelly Clarkson to help him carpool through Los Angeles traffic while singing her classics and new music, and arranges for Kelly and her husband Brandon to have some quality time together.
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  • Anime/Kpop T
    Anime/Kpop T Day ago


  • Sonar Fleet
    Sonar Fleet Day ago

    Man, this carpool it so cool. Congratulation. Great entertainment.

  • Nikki
    Nikki Day ago

    THE VERY BEST CARPOOL KARAOKE you are an amazing person and Sooooooooo talented

  • Sylvie Barčíková
    Sylvie Barčíková 2 days ago

    She is soooo awesome!!!!!

  • Daniel Morris
    Daniel Morris 3 days ago

    She has such a good voice and she is AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

  • David Pontes
    David Pontes 4 days ago +3

    She is incredible! And what a voice! I'm very proud for being a big fan of her!

  • Jessica Storer
    Jessica Storer 5 days ago

    wait i changed my mind, kelly clarkson is my most fave carpool karaoke

  • Melanie Martinez
    Melanie Martinez 6 days ago

    That was Amazing! Love what you did to make things wonderful for Kelly! This carpool karaoke made me smile the whole way threw. You are awsome and so is Kelly..what a great combination. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  • lisagbart
    lisagbart 6 days ago

    She's the Queen of true, live talent!

  • Eva Maine
    Eva Maine 6 days ago

    The American Adele

  • Marie Armstrong
    Marie Armstrong 6 days ago

    So fun to watch these videos

  • Fierce Females
    Fierce Females 8 days ago +2

    Since U Been Gone
    Love So Soft
    Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)
    Because Of You
    Whole Lotta Woman

  • brad holmes
    brad holmes 8 days ago +1

    3:17 omg

  • haruka kanami
    haruka kanami 10 days ago +3

    3:07 Love that part she's just great!! 😃😃

  • Alessandro Meucci
    Alessandro Meucci 10 days ago

    Possibly one of the best episodes... great voice... great sense of humour... well done guys!

  • Angela Shrum
    Angela Shrum 11 days ago

    We need a duet of Kelly Clarkson and Bruno Mars STAT!! Imagine the GROOVE, the SOUL, the MAGIC...Your wig snatched so hard, your neck breaks...It would be EPIC.
    #Alexa, Play Dreamweaver while I fantasize this... 😍🙏

  • Angela Shrum
    Angela Shrum 11 days ago +1

    She doesn't even have to TRY. 🤯😍

  • Marileen Jordaan
    Marileen Jordaan 11 days ago

    damn she looks nothing like I remember her.... Damn ( In a good way)

  • LJ Grove
    LJ Grove 13 days ago +1

    Awesome! My lifelong favorite quote as well. Beautiful...….

  • Angelique
    Angelique 15 days ago

    I got the tekst: what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. On my arm in a tattoo ❤ because of that song!

  • Azra Alibegić
    Azra Alibegić 16 days ago


  • Johnny
    Johnny 16 days ago

    God her face got super fat!

  • Tk O
    Tk O 17 days ago +4

    Kelly Clarkson is a vocal beast no doubt. For some reason I was getting Adele vibes from her in this one.

  • Awesome Awesome
    Awesome Awesome 18 days ago

    They should have been a couple🥰

  • Elizabeth Mayer
    Elizabeth Mayer 19 days ago

    Gente, a voz dessa mulher é linda!

  • Push Mak B
    Push Mak B 19 days ago

    Kelly is beautiful!!!!

  • Dona Lang
    Dona Lang 21 day ago +1

    7:48 :-D

  • Rising Sun
    Rising Sun 21 day ago

    That girl know she can sang!!!

  • Charley Brown
    Charley Brown 21 day ago


  • Alissa Felix
    Alissa Felix 21 day ago

    3:17 BEST PART!!!

  • desiree powers
    desiree powers 21 day ago

    I'm not sure huge fan of hers, but girls got pipes!!!!!!

  • Ben Jordan
    Ben Jordan 22 days ago +1

    I didn't know Kelly Klarkson was such an amazing, kind and powerful person.

  • Mayeb S
    Mayeb S 22 days ago

    This was one time when America got it right!

  • Ms. M
    Ms. M 22 days ago

    Zayn carpool karaoke pleaseeeee

  • GES84 84
    GES84 84 22 days ago +4

    I love Kelly Clarkson she’s so sweet and humble.

  • Paul Cabili
    Paul Cabili 23 days ago +1

    8:30 I feel for the violinist, like I'm payed to play a romantic piece for Kelly and Brandon, and then we hit a conversation that I cant keep a sraight face with! HAHAHA!!!

  • 李敏
    李敏 23 days ago

    amazing, different feelings

  • Season Johnson
    Season Johnson 23 days ago

    That is the exact song I sang to my babies... “”So this is Love”... brings back wonderful memories. My baby is 14. ❤️❤️ Love Kelly Clarkson! ❤️❤️

  • Monique Gertse
    Monique Gertse 23 days ago

    Her voice 🔥🔥

  • Susan
    Susan 24 days ago

    Love James ,cracks me up!!! Keep it up mate!!!!

  • Mundy Meinhardt
    Mundy Meinhardt 24 days ago

    Such a lovely woman .

  • janet
    janet 24 days ago

    Making a Porn? I love it...lolololol

  • janet
    janet 24 days ago


  • Stephany Quinto
    Stephany Quinto 24 days ago

    Shes soooo good!!!

  • Mark1074
    Mark1074 24 days ago

    If I ever meet her first thing I asking is if she ever found out what happened to ms independent?

  • Alice B.
    Alice B. 25 days ago

    Beautiful voices. Is it just me but I think they look like Brother and Sister?

  • Irham Ismail Tefe
    Irham Ismail Tefe 25 days ago


  • Athena griego
    Athena griego 25 days ago

    That's that Texas corn bread she got go ahead Kelly!

  • Łukasz Prażak
    Łukasz Prażak 25 days ago

    She looks like another person with that tons of weight. Good that she can sing like that.

  • Cindy w
    Cindy w 25 days ago

    So how did she help him get to work

  • Mary Mikawoz
    Mary Mikawoz 25 days ago

    Yes Kelly!

  • M Morrok
    M Morrok 25 days ago +12

    BRUNO MARS collaboration would be F u n k y !!

  • Kaisa Houter
    Kaisa Houter 25 days ago

    It was a date day😂 not date night😂

  • Ana Lu
    Ana Lu 26 days ago


    PRAYERIAS1 26 days ago

    She got tipsy

    ÎWĪŁŁ HÚRTŸØÙ 26 days ago

    7:07 “Oh, I’m TRASHED....”

  • Rodney Cook
    Rodney Cook 26 days ago

    She's great. Love me some Kelly.

  • Grace Hodkinson
    Grace Hodkinson 26 days ago

    She’s gone fat

  • Sylvia Muela
    Sylvia Muela 26 days ago

    Do you see that Kelly’s husband have almost the same tattoo of Shawn?! 😂😂

  • Becky c
    Becky c 26 days ago

    Love her!!! She's one of my fave singers!! When James sings stronger with her😥 he sounds terrible. Quit covering the real talent pls lol

  • kerplunka409
    kerplunka409 27 days ago

    Kelly Clarkson you're my idol since AMERICAN IDOL. Shit!

  • Lindsey Smith
    Lindsey Smith 27 days ago

    Okay james I see you in because of you👀

  • MrBlactye
    MrBlactye 27 days ago +2

    This Queen is so freaking amazing. I love me Kelly Clarkson.

  • chayen
    chayen 27 days ago

    I think James should've replaced because of you with other songs. she suddenly looked emotional when she started singing it.

  • Thomas Cawood
    Thomas Cawood 28 days ago +1

    Kelly's husband is hot.

  • Sophia Paras
    Sophia Paras 29 days ago

    They look like husband and wife😅😂

  • gratefulRed69
    gratefulRed69 Month ago

    Kelly is super talented but also super down to earth. That "date night" was hilarious. Love KC!

    ANTONIO M. M. FRAGOSO Month ago +1


  • Marie Farris
    Marie Farris Month ago

    Extreme talent and still the girl next door. Makes her beyond superstars.

  • Marie Farris
    Marie Farris Month ago +2

    Kelly is the most "normal" talent you can relate to.

  • Scott W
    Scott W Month ago

    My dream would be to do carpool karaoke with Kelly! Or anything with Kelly.

  • Cassy Dane
    Cassy Dane Month ago

    She is still as good as when she won America Idol! Shes so down to earth!

  • April 🥀Rose
    April 🥀Rose Month ago +3

    A Bruno Mars and Kelly Clarkson collab would be AMAZING

  • Stella Simons
    Stella Simons Month ago

    They fucking look like siblings😂😂💗

  • Kelly Thompson
    Kelly Thompson Month ago

    Kelly Clarkson is awesome...she's got an amazing voice and she seems so down to earth & funny...she'd probably be an awesome friend to have, lol

  • Lulu Love
    Lulu Love Month ago

    I love Kelly so much. I have since her very first American idol audition.

  • Emz Scott
    Emz Scott Month ago

    Kelly Clarkson is the best!!!

  • Amanda Lozano
    Amanda Lozano Month ago

    James harmonizing!😍

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams Month ago

    Am I the only one that hates how James tries to sing over the performer? We get it, James, you can sing! This isn't your moment! Let the performers own their own songs!

    • Luna Menezes
      Luna Menezes Month ago

      That's his show, dude... it's not just a performance, it's a "ride with James"

  • Ciggy Superchick
    Ciggy Superchick Month ago


  • Jane A
    Jane A Month ago

    Love their voices together and if you see Kelly in concert she is ohenomenal!!!!

  • Gertrude C
    Gertrude C Month ago +2


  • Habiba CHANNEL25
    Habiba CHANNEL25 Month ago


  • Kyle Rider
    Kyle Rider Month ago +1

    Kelly is such a boss

  • Talia-Taylor Locario

    you should have james charles on the show.

  • SraPollofrito
    SraPollofrito Month ago

    Her husband was so bad at dating on camera that he had to be kicked out of the car

  • Tamara Aispuro
    Tamara Aispuro Month ago

    She makes it look effortless

  • nora quintanar
    nora quintanar Month ago

    Can you please have Brendon Urie on the next carpool karaoke?

  • Casey Ellis
    Casey Ellis Month ago +2

    They are long lost TWINS!

  • Romuald Leou
    Romuald Leou Month ago +2

    There is only two types of singers in the world:
    1st type: Category of extraordinary talented voices in live performance like Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Adele;
    2nd type: Category of "let's say" low-quality singers in live performance because of plenty of things like Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry and there are several other to quote in this one.

  • Betty Arnold
    Betty Arnold Month ago +2

    They look like brother and sister xx

  • 1975deisy
    1975deisy Month ago

    He needs to shut up....I want to hear her out 😒

  • KEO
    KEO Month ago +2

    When yall look like siblings😂 i love it. ❤

  • GamingWithHayden
    GamingWithHayden Month ago +4

    He should do a carpool with John Legend like if u agree

  • ItsSummarhShyeanne
    ItsSummarhShyeanne Month ago +141

    can we have an Avril Lavigne Carpool Please!?! the nostalgia has ENTERED THE CHAT BITCHES LOL

  • Adi Hashim
    Adi Hashim Month ago +1

    Kelly has flawless voice. my goodness 😲😲

  • Julie Rodabaugh
    Julie Rodabaugh Month ago

    First Disney Princess I fell in love with as a kid was Cinderella. Thanks for singing her song Kelly. My theme song of my life is in your lyrics. What doesn’t kill us does make us stronger in life’s battlefield. Thanks for the barrel of laughs not chunky funky monkeys 🐒. Y’all are super fly. Hugs

  • Dema Anowr
    Dema Anowr Month ago

    I really do love this woman

  • Siska Tan
    Siska Tan Month ago +1

    Kelly rocked as BBMA’S host especially the last one May 1st

  • Embun Kirana Rocio
    Embun Kirana Rocio Month ago