An Inconvenient Border: Where China Meets North Korea | ABC News

  • Published on Sep 26, 2017
  • Bob Woodruff’s daring 880-mile journey along the China-North Korea border examines the delicate relationship between the two countries and the United States.
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    CECAR BLANCO 6 hours ago

    China is bad ass...i wish i could visit there one day.

  • 귀여운 불가사리

    Someone needs to murder Kim Jong un

  • Skeetrix
    Skeetrix 11 hours ago

    this is probably the most annoying fucking 'reporter' I've ever heard. really ruined this video

  • Brandin Dow
    Brandin Dow Day ago

    check out the rodent they are eating at 1:35

    • Brandin Dow
      Brandin Dow Day ago

      For reporters you guys are breathing pretty heavy walking up that mountain lol the incline wasnt even that steep

  • I don’t Dance
    I don’t Dance Day ago

    So ABC is fake news...

  • The Birdsland 張飛 Zhang Fei

    Incompetent politicians make problem bigger while spending time.
    Please do unification quickly!
    When is Korea unification ?
    2019.7.15 - I am Zhang Fei. (張飛) in Japan
    ・The missiles that North Korea is hitting in recent years is the same thing that the PRC government is hitting. The People's Republic of China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, so China must be in a position to stop the missiles hit of its neighbor, North Korea.
    Zhang Fei (張飛) 2019.7.15 in Japan

  • Steve Nicholson
    Steve Nicholson 3 days ago

    The ice cracked and Hell opened up.

  • BackWoods Outlaw
    BackWoods Outlaw 5 days ago

    Rocket man brutally executed his own uncle by feeding him alive to a shit tone of hungry starving rabid dogs, smh lmao this MF is crazy as shit

      CECAR BLANCO 6 hours ago

      And Donald Trump calls him a nice man.

  • Sreekar Pradyumna
    Sreekar Pradyumna 5 days ago +4

    Reporter: *Asks rando sitting in front of a school if North Korea is going to test its weapons on a particular site again.
    Rando: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Me: Thought so.

  • Klunimores Gusta
    Klunimores Gusta 6 days ago +1

    North Korea side tower has bricks and people in it. China side tower no people but radars.

  • Abdullah Hussaini
    Abdullah Hussaini 7 days ago

    The view along the riverbank look stunning. Would love to visit there someday.

  • Michael Dundee
    Michael Dundee 8 days ago

    22:10 rows of beautiful F4s

  • Michael Dundee
    Michael Dundee 8 days ago

    18:50 why don't they cross over to China... Pretty sure they don't want to get lead poisoning.

  • david sievers
    david sievers 8 days ago

    This is all bad information. Anyone with any world knowledge can tell you that.

  • Michael Boyd
    Michael Boyd 8 days ago

    If he don't stop theslave kiling and the,frames win one do cores to the,outher citty chin or south thin he got go belated with his FARTHER than his sister Wil go THEAR to and the poor KING that was pass by for years goin to COME to power and the hole line of this toexion jingsbe going to be DESTROYED

  • Jelliebeans
    Jelliebeans 8 days ago +6

    Lmao the sign literally says do not throw food at North Koreans....

  • Patrick Yee
    Patrick Yee 8 days ago +1

    I went to FB and see if I get a pack of those cigarettes. Apparently, they are about $0.12 to $0.23 per pack, but they taste bad.

  • A J
    A J 10 days ago

    This is really about China, though... North Korea is just 1 of a handful of neighboring countries that are right now subject to China pressuring them to "open" up their markets to Chinese investment, which would move China closer to ultimately claiming sovereignty of those countries (i.e., NK, Jeju island, Taiwan, Philippines, etc.). It'd be better for the world to have NK forge a strong economic relationship with U.S.-backed South Korea than the PRC.

  • lorelyn61
    lorelyn61 10 days ago

    trust me before

  • right back at ya
    right back at ya 10 days ago

    The trucks , trucks find out about trucks.......fucking yanks a little bit of trade so what , fuck off back to America and leave them people alone

  • Felix Escober
    Felix Escober 10 days ago

    No photos, video only

  • Mini Surf
    Mini Surf 11 days ago +1

    I think Drump is the menace...

  • K So
    K So 11 days ago

    Smuggling hotspots, very convenient.

  • HighLow
    HighLow 11 days ago

    Obviously Chinese are going to blame America.. it's all communism vs capitalism there.. why else would China help them out? Why did China help Vietnam out?

  • Ernesto Herrera Legorreta

    Bastardo arrogante.

  • Yica Dar
    Yica Dar 12 days ago

    CIA Propaganda

  • Iamdonald duck
    Iamdonald duck 12 days ago +1

    This brainwashed journalist is pushing the propaganda as hard as he can

  • Whip antenna
    Whip antenna 13 days ago +1

    So just to be clear, there’s China on one side, and North Korea on the other? I don’t think the reporter said that enough times. Very confused.

  • Mckenna Mcdonald
    Mckenna Mcdonald 13 days ago

    Is prefer to keep my nose out thing that have trade in them,last time I traded things with my brother he took of and was gone for two weeks smh 😞

  • Peter Terrones
    Peter Terrones 13 days ago +6

    Americans don't respect other Countries rules/laws but yes want countries to respect The U.S.A

    • dagda3000
      dagda3000 12 days ago

      @eclipse BS. The US probably hides more secrets than any other country (especially from their own citizens).

    • eclipse
      eclipse 12 days ago

      We just dont like secrets

  • Richard Green
    Richard Green 13 days ago

    These guys have no clue that if these people cross that border and they are returned what do you think will happen. You were followed a man or men lost their lives because they did not make a deal. Get it? And Antifa think that they have some beef with the government, with the people white, black, checkered. Antifa this is what your all being used for. To bring this upon our people, think about it. You would being this upon your family and your friends and they take their children. And are you a victim of CPS or your children. The children are the States property? The state has a controlling interest in you too?
    Tell you what to do when you can do it and say if you can speak the truth or tell a lie. Be forced to speak, made to listen. Compelled to do. Punished for the don't say anything bad about...... Kimmy Desenter's
    Life is liberty mutual liberty under the law.

  • G
    G 13 days ago

    lol fucking dumbass american

  • 袁野
    袁野 13 days ago +1

    btw Ji'an is an old capital of Gaogouli (Goguryeo in modern Korean), not merely Korea.

    • Benon Ma
      Benon Ma 11 days ago

      part of old Korea. Remember there was no China just over 90 years ago. The old China Ming was destroyed by Qing, which was Manchu. Yes, it's confusing coz there was different border agreement back in old time.

  • Dustin Bannister Cropduster

    Plenty of people use those plows where I live, not just the Amish or Mennonites lol.

  • Edwin Goh
    Edwin Goh 13 days ago

    This guy definitely paid to portray an unstable friendship between the two nuclear countries. Some things mentioned in Chinese he clearly does not translate it because it is contrasting his narrative then he makes smart comments to trick the untrained interviewee to comment something that can be translated into an iffy support of his narrative

  • PranksterGL25
    PranksterGL25 13 days ago +11

    "This was full, now it is empty." Gawd damn genius reporting.....

  • macroevolve
    macroevolve 14 days ago

    a sattelite photo of the Korean peninsula shows the South lit up, and the North is pitch black.

  • chris campbell
    chris campbell 14 days ago

    so they have a natural WALL!!!

  • Promothash Boruah
    Promothash Boruah 14 days ago +1

    US nukes and then becomes GOD.

  • Piyush Bhangale
    Piyush Bhangale 14 days ago

    @26:43 Horny af

  • Baleur
    Baleur 15 days ago

    37:50 yeah thats fucking easy to sit there and say, "beijing should cut off the lifeline".
    Do you know why its called a lifeline? Because millions of people in north korea have their lives depending on food and medical imports from china. So do you want china to be responsible for people dying of starvation by refusing to send food?
    So narrowminded. It's not that simple.

  • Johnny Schmegma
    Johnny Schmegma 15 days ago

    I would definitely fly a drone across that river

  • Zaya Purev
    Zaya Purev 16 days ago

    V interesting topic and gave us a glimpse into North Korea but the presenter could have been a little more respectful.

  • Mika30041975
    Mika30041975 16 days ago

    China has north korea as a buffer to stay protected.
    National Geographic excursion in the Wild. Lol.

  • larry smith
    larry smith 16 days ago

    First off as An American I would like say how sorry I am that the other people of the world have to put up with the crap that the fake news outlets here in the U.S. do to you poor but honest folks. Hell these asshat news bullshit artists do it to us all the time.
    You are so lucky that all the news reporters and media in your countries always tell the truth and nothing but the truth!

  • Nghĩa Trương
    Nghĩa Trương 16 days ago +2

    Communist china say to its vassals:
    - I don't want a capitalism country near to me!

    North Korea: Yes!
    North Vietnam: Also Yes!

  • Mrstarz
    Mrstarz 16 days ago +12

    Chinese person does literally anything
    Bob Woodruff: So that’s North Korea?

  • Rando Mania
    Rando Mania 16 days ago +1

    Well, I want you to cover to on how the Russian feels too about the border specially people from Valadivostok which is also a big Russian city near the border.

  • Dimz Way79
    Dimz Way79 16 days ago

    north Korean women more prety than south korean women, interesting

  • Scotty Weißmüller
    Scotty Weißmüller 17 days ago +7

    5:37 this was loaded up, now its empty.
    Meanwhile there are pallets literally just to the right on the ground that probably came off the truck 🤦‍♂️

    • Metal Machine13
      Metal Machine13 6 days ago

      Baleur If it’s so bad then don’t watch it dumbass

    • Baleur
      Baleur 15 days ago

      Yeah traditional western reporting making it out to be "mysterious and spooky", when its the most mundane thing in the world.. Concrete brick shipments.. Also, i saw another docu about some reporters trying to get to north korea through china, and they added SPOOKY fucking horror movie music when they saw police at an intersection, and the reporters said "look, they're tracking us". But since i've lived in china for a few years, i knew that what they were filming were LITERALLY just fuckin traffic cops making sure the intersection didnt jam up during rush hour, LOL. But the journalists edited the video like it was an opressive dystopian police state.

  • Chirag Sood
    Chirag Sood 17 days ago

    Kim Jong un looks just like young Kim il sung

  • lpjarrett
    lpjarrett 17 days ago +1

    My god!!! have I gone mad? or is this more properganda

    • larry smith
      larry smith 16 days ago

      No you aren't mad. This is a so called report by ABC news. This NOT a report, it is a propaganda video. More bullshit from fake news pros.

  • rtgtx
    rtgtx 18 days ago +8

    The reporter was so rude and arrogant most of all the time. Thumb down.

  • Dale Jensen
    Dale Jensen 18 days ago +2

    That older bridge has charges attached to it at critical structural points, prepared to destroy bridge if necessary.

  • Victor
    Victor 18 days ago +2

    Imagine if there is one Korea controlled by SK how much money is it going to cost to Seoul to revive the north? Germany is still suffering to lift up the east and it's been 30 years...

    • what23
      what23 18 days ago

      also people still loyal to the communist regime might cause trouble

  • Musa'b Momani
    Musa'b Momani 18 days ago +1

    This guy is extremely ignorant.
    why Americans have this thing, where they feel that they "OWN" something outside? *Not all of them, but it does exist.
    and if this guy gets arrested for taking photos, they would be saying oh look, no democracy, no human rights and etc..
    YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO INTERVENE OR TO VIOLATE A LAW OF A SOVEREIGN NATION, The bullshit that your country fills your head with is not the only bullshit out there.
    but you can't say anything about the most violent, prejudice, politically & morally degenerate country in the history of the world.
    i would prefer if this guy filmed the american prisons instead of violating the law of other nations, or if he filmed the after-war effects on the countries that they have invaded, or racism and far-right morons that they are electing. (trust me, there are a ton of interesting things going on in America right now, more interesting than being a clown trying to expose his own stupid ideological background)
    and you think kim jong un is weird? look at you president for fuck sake, a living meme, that Americans just cannot accept that they have actually elected him (but they actually did). the truth is always hard to accept.
    P.s; i am a middle Eastern, any guy from the middle east would know how the US just fucks everything up. with this same ignorant mindset (they own the world).
    from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine and the list goes on...
    and by the way, why the US have nuclear missiles? try to go to Russia and ask about nuclear missiles if you are that interested in Nuclear effect on people, let's see how Russians are going to react.

  • T Orrent
    T Orrent 18 days ago +3

    17:00 - So much for "juche" (self reliance).
    17:30 - Koreans view Shilla the same way Tibetans and East Turkestanis do: it's stolen land. Which it is.
    29:30 - "Someday there will be one Korea"? Most South Koreans I met didn't want reunification, the want highway and rail through to China and nothing more.

    STATS DONT LIE 18 days ago +6

    The world is more afraid of USA bombs who actually kill people then this supposed bombs that KOREA have...
    KOREA doesnt send drones to bomb villages in other countries or destroy other countries...

      STATS DONT LIE 15 days ago

      @Michael Hackett you are talking about Missile tests...What about the USA Drone that just flew over IRAN...STOP LYING...Why are US troops all over the world in other countries with their nukes and ships pointed at other countries, why do you make bases on other countries...

      STATS DONT LIE 15 days ago

      @Michael Hackett USA does that to every are always making sanctions against countries that dont obey your policies...Every time a country near you has an advantage and develops you making sanctions to that country...
      INTERNATIONAL LAWS and REGULATIONS??ahahha the country that never respect those are the USA, GLOBAL WARMING, USA was the only country in the world that didnt sign the PARIS treat...
      NUKE dismantlement, USA LIED and kept making them.
      you are like a bully that says no guns but you can have it...The biggest threat to the world is USA not IRAN, N.Korea or RUSSIA, none of those countries bomb other countries with no reason..USA is the only country in the world that is a threat to everyone...there have been no war or revolution in this last century that USA hasnt been involved directly or not...

    • Michael Hackett
      Michael Hackett 15 days ago

      BTW North Korea threatens to nuke South Korea and Japan all the time and go against international law and regulations.

    • Michael Hackett
      Michael Hackett 15 days ago

      You must have missed NK missile tests, they keep firing them over Japan and South Korea. Do not talk about things you know nothing about you propagandist.

  • T Orrent
    T Orrent 18 days ago

    Talk about risky behaviour. In many countries (*), photographing seaports can get you arrested for espionage.

    (* whether democracies like Canada or Germany, or dictatorships like China or the US)

  • vin Tran
    vin Tran 19 days ago

    Fat kim are evil on earth...

  • vishnugg
    vishnugg 19 days ago

    Let people live however they want, i mean if they never started a revolution i guess they love living like that... if we need something we should strive for it.

    • Joel Sommer
      Joel Sommer 18 days ago

      @vishnugg but I'm not tryna talk any certain way.. Im literally stating historic facts. Like what already happened. I was telling you the reasons they haven't fought back yet. Plus I forgot to mention they are brainwashed as a child to look up to their leader as a God. There's actually a lot more stuff that has gone into it too but it's too much to explain.

    • vishnugg
      vishnugg 18 days ago

      @Joel Sommer I don't know if you know how many sacrifices were made by freedom fighters for their countries freedom, if you talk like that it just perpetrates uneccessary intervention by other countries which will only increase in communism in nk

    • Joel Sommer
      Joel Sommer 19 days ago

      "Just leave" they say. "Just fight back." there's more to the human mind than just "if you want something you thrive for it."
      It's called Fear. It's called manipulation. It's called not knowing any other life but the one you are living in. It's not that easy to just fight back. Especially when you are threatened with concentration camp or death. And now the 3-generation rule could include your children and grandchildren/parents getting the same penalty as you. Easier said than done.

  • Yoda TheWise
    Yoda TheWise 19 days ago

    China is shitty !!!. North Korea is even shittier..just like Vietnam...these bloody communist regimes... I just feel sorry for their people... when will they ever be free ?

  • Fico Lizalo1
    Fico Lizalo1 20 days ago +34

    Seems like the only question the reporter knows is "Are you affraid of these nuclear bombs North Korea is testing?"
    Bet if you ask for the American bombs you would get the same answer

  • Toxicf1sh3man YT
    Toxicf1sh3man YT 20 days ago

    18:42 you idiot it’s not that easy

  • jerry tom
    jerry tom 20 days ago


  • lil lame
    lil lame 21 day ago

    So I have a huge question, do you guys think that when North Korea decides to invade china, will America and South Korea help China or would they sit back and watch?

  • dyneol
    dyneol 21 day ago

    Both countries (like pretty much any other) are fucked up. Blinded by ideology. Guided by hate, not love. That's what central authorities always lead to and that's why we need to get rid of them. ⚑

  • Zaywiththeplay Music

    Just released a new track give me a play 🔥🙏🏽

  • 马先生
    马先生 21 day ago +3

    2:38 Very odd, an American press used a 99% correct map of China. Thanks anyway.

  • Mister Turnbull
    Mister Turnbull 21 day ago +7

    "I would like to know what's in those trucks" ofc you would, nosy mofo