Trump Press Conference Cold Open - SNL

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) takes questions at press conference.
    #SNL #DonCheadle #GaryClarkJr #SNL44
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Comments • 11 216

  • Spiritbear TV
    Spiritbear TV 5 hours ago

    "They're bringing hugs, they're hard working, they're enriching our country, they're honest and culturally rich and I suppose some of them are bey9nd lovable people!!!

    Top Rank AUDIOBOOKS PLUS 15 hours ago +1

    Bet all these leftists didn’t actually watch the real thing because they are so self centered

  • David31567
    David31567 2 days ago

    Alec Baldwin suck as DT...... but I like the Bill Clinton Character...he is a genious or Jay Lenos George Bush....maybe Alec Baldwin is to biased to this must have a character that is funny against all.....

  • Matt Alibozek
    Matt Alibozek 3 days ago +1

    “Those numbers are faker than this emergency”..

  • Matt Alibozek
    Matt Alibozek 3 days ago

    “Folks we need wall.. Wall works... Wall make safe”... sounds just like Trump... “Time to repay the Donny... New phone who diss...?”

  • Bowels Barf
    Bowels Barf 3 days ago +1


  • Lance Burns
    Lance Burns 3 days ago

    Alec is retarded

  • Eric Eric
    Eric Eric 5 days ago

    Not hearing too much from you these days Al. Trump handed you your career back and you still couldn't revive it you sad leftist pussy

  • Maxwell Moller
    Maxwell Moller 6 days ago

    Bring back Darrel Hammond. He's way way better. Alec is a hack and 30 rock sucked.

  • imyourgodmachine
    imyourgodmachine 6 days ago

    Fucking.... liberals....

  • P.C. Principal
    P.C. Principal 7 days ago

    If somebody makes a movie about Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin should be Trump

  • lawless clan
    lawless clan 11 days ago


  • Simon Barnett
    Simon Barnett 13 days ago

    If only trump was this erudite.

  • Bree Watson
    Bree Watson 15 days ago +1


  • scrapplepig
    scrapplepig 17 days ago

    The impression is funny but there is no wit in the material.

  • A Colley
    A Colley 17 days ago +1

    Alec Baldwin has Trump's incoherent babbling down perfect! Lol

  • Aidan Morris
    Aidan Morris 18 days ago

    I spend military money, So I can has wall.

  • Randomly Ethan
    Randomly Ethan 18 days ago

    I thought they were actually going to take this serious and explain the truth (a little bit) but, they take this as a joke. They all make fun of Trump, until they taste a bit of their own. Then they fall apart and act like snowflakes. Most are snowflakes.

    NGH NGH 19 days ago

    So an 8 year old girl mimics AOC And gets a death threat to her family from the left so they stop. I wonder if Baldwin got death threats from the right I guess he’s privileged and no such thing happened.

  • Armandhammer
    Armandhammer 19 days ago

    This didn't age well.

  • Jorge Roldan Vlogs
    Jorge Roldan Vlogs 21 day ago +1


  • King Khan
    King Khan 21 day ago

    "We need major immigration reform. Translation... War"
    Donald Trump (SNL)

  • Najur Zee
    Najur Zee 21 day ago +2

    Trump won. Now USA Is best in World.

  • Demos Papadopoulos
    Demos Papadopoulos 22 days ago +1

    Baldwin just got upstaged by best. Trump just stepped into North Korea and Baldwin will always be B actor.

  • Timur Hamidov
    Timur Hamidov 25 days ago

    I like this kind of Trump instead of the real one

  • Vincent Williams
    Vincent Williams 26 days ago

    02:07 was the best. He had me on the floor.

  • Kid Commentaries
    Kid Commentaries 28 days ago +1

    2:54 That really is a great show

  • Sophia Landa
    Sophia Landa 29 days ago

    Needs more energy.

    SHASHA SHA Month ago

    This is not even funny. Boooooooo

  • Klaus Roger Elsa Anna Olaf

    Trump’s ass is fired come 2025

  • Klaus Roger Elsa Anna Olaf

    The narrator for Thomas The Tank Engine tells it like it is.

  • Klaus Roger Elsa Anna Olaf

    I voted for Hillary. Don’t blame me.

  • Passionate Psychology

    Eight thousand angry Republicans got mad and thumbsdownedddd this video.

  • R. L.
    R. L. Month ago

    That's a terrible Trump impression. I don't know what y'all in the comment section are smoking but I want some of it. There were like 3 jokes in that whole thing. Calling them jokes almost seems too strong, but they had just enough zing that if they were written out would be mildly amusing. So WELL DONE SNL. Keep up the great work.

  • Gus Cleitus
    Gus Cleitus Month ago

    artists - makeup - repletion.

  • Corey Wurtzbacher
    Corey Wurtzbacher Month ago

    Where da fuq is bigger boot?

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow Month ago

    I love how people dont even realize alec baldwin is just as big of an asshole as Donald Trump

  • Saing Mckinnon
    Saing Mckinnon Month ago


  • Nah Florida
    Nah Florida Month ago +1

    “We Need Wall, Cause Wall Works”
    -Donald J. Trump

    GZR RZG Month ago

    Hahaha now border crisis is not fake 😂

  • Mark Whitman
    Mark Whitman Month ago

    This shit just isn’t funny. See humor has to have an element of truth in it. White power as a punchline fails bigly as trump might say. Now the Sean Spicer ones are funny. Because he was unyielding and a bit belligerent. So the humor works. This doesn’t. Baldwin is just a pussy.

  • connie ohm
    connie ohm Month ago

    Lol! He is hilarious...

  • mbolduc
    mbolduc Month ago

    Fuck SNL and fuck Alec Baldwin, the pedo rapist piece of shit. When the truth comes out Lorne will go into hiding. Evil shitbags get what they deserve

  • Patrick Odonnell
    Patrick Odonnell Month ago +1

    Don't like tump inpressin him then

  • R Mad
    R Mad Month ago

    Subhuman leftist celebrity SCUM Alec Baldwin--the guy who called his 12 yr old daughter a pig--but highly rewarded for inciting hatred for our president. May all Trump haters and their loved ones suffer tragedy and misfortune in life for their hatred. Viva la REVOLUCION TRUMP! Gracias!

  • Lamont Hicks
    Lamont Hicks Month ago

    New phone who dis?....Lol

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly Month ago

    This jackass Baldwin is fired .

  • yo lo
    yo lo Month ago

    When we make fun of libtards we get banned. When libtards make fun of conservatives they get the thumbs up.

  • Mary Bourgeois
    Mary Bourgeois Month ago

    How many Non-national Emergencies can one fool make?

  • Mary Bourgeois
    Mary Bourgeois Month ago

    185 Lbs? Should we add that lie to the list of Dump Trump lies? I love the Brits' Dump Trump perspective. Trump on a toilet, pants around ankles, while he's tweeting. Cheers/Brilliant!!!


    This actor never saw team America world police


    Wtf! This is sad

  • Ed 865
    Ed 865 Month ago


  • Record .Robinson
    Record .Robinson Month ago

    hey if you like this you may like my videos, Promise I won't disappoint, making more videos as well. my latest vid is the nerd getting bullied one. it's a comedy skit. hope you enjoy

  • Jerry Sword
    Jerry Sword Month ago

    Baldwin=Pathetic Loser

    • AbsurdBird11
      AbsurdBird11 Month ago +1

      Jerry Sword awww the baby got mad when people make jokes it’s okay you’ll understand it someday

  • A H
    A H Month ago

    Ab is a loser, just like the cast of snl

  • Vahan Good
    Vahan Good Month ago

    1:25 😂

  • joshua reeves
    joshua reeves Month ago

    In all honesty there reason why we all have walls and a locked door you might throw party for your neighbors but you don't let them move in your home

  • Admin
    Admin Month ago

    Trump 2020

  • Kimberley Morris
    Kimberley Morris Month ago

    “And my personal hell of playing president will finally be over” ....... Lol love the double meaning in this

  • Selen Tuna
    Selen Tuna 2 months ago +1

    God this is getting real

  • Unato Mikuba
    Unato Mikuba 2 months ago

    Is it just me, or is Alec Baldwin also talking about himself when he says "...and my personal hell of playing President will finally. Be. Over"? 2:33

  • Candice Lynn
    Candice Lynn 2 months ago

    OMG, I had to watch all this TWICE to get all the references.... and now I'm dying. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Abdiel Garcia
    Abdiel Garcia 2 months ago +1

    Sit down or I'm switching back to hustler 😂🤣

  • S E
    S E 2 months ago

    Hey Alec , remember calling your daughter a pig?

  • HikingAlaska
    HikingAlaska 2 months ago

    Funny portrayal...not so funny topic.

  • Candice Lynn
    Candice Lynn 2 months ago

    The entire rest of the planet is waiting for this nightmare to be over.

  • john wheeler
    john wheeler 2 months ago

    Trump is awesome can't wait for his second term😎

    • AbsurdBird11
      AbsurdBird11 Month ago

      john wheeler i think your the only one 🙄

  • Myacono
    Myacono 2 months ago

    Once Trump becomes President for Life , expect Alec to "disappear" to the bottom of the Long Island Sound.

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 2 months ago

    Your democrats....
    Are the subject of being laughed at.....
    Democrat voters are stupid for a reason.....

  • Acidic Rain
    Acidic Rain 2 months ago +1


  • Wally Mueller
    Wally Mueller 2 months ago

    Hey stupid Alice Baldwin give it up you can do Donald Trump you look like an idiot and that's what you are a loser you can act that's why you don't make any movies you're a big big loser shut your ugly face you stupid creep .

    • AbsurdBird11
      AbsurdBird11 Month ago

      Wally Mueller yea it’s not like he was in mission impossible or any big movie like that and it’s definitely not a joke also you can’t insult someone if you can’t even say their name

  • Tracy turnbull
    Tracy turnbull 2 months ago

    Trump is your daddy

  • Tracy turnbull
    Tracy turnbull 2 months ago

    Trump 2020

    • AbsurdBird11
      AbsurdBird11 Month ago +1

      OMG lmao your still coming in with the jokes this stuff is great keep it up

    • Tracy turnbull
      Tracy turnbull Month ago

      Let me correct you it was you with all the bs. I’m sure you never thought the BEST POTUS in history was going to be Elected Dems are LOOOOOSERS!!!!

    • AbsurdBird11
      AbsurdBird11 Month ago +1

      still out here making jokes man keep up the comedy career this is hilarious 😂

    • Tracy turnbull
      Tracy turnbull Month ago

      Time will tell your wrong

    • AbsurdBird11
      AbsurdBird11 Month ago +1

      said no one ever

  • James Ramputi
    James Ramputi 2 months ago

    The mannerisms are good but the message did not age well

  • Timothy Gilles
    Timothy Gilles 2 months ago

    This show is terrible. Everyone is payed off.

    • Timothy Gilles
      Timothy Gilles Month ago

      @California Railfan Studios you will soon need a job .. lol

  • Henry Fidel
    Henry Fidel 2 months ago

    We all know Trump will win it again.......All the others including the 2 newly teamed socialists are wasting there time. The US citizens aren't stupid. There has been a witch hunt on Trump since he has started his campaign. The only person to be spied on by the FBI ordered by the Clinton administration. People have personal interests and they want our current president out because unlike every other president, our current president owes no one anything!! Many have been losing MONEY and they will continue to lose because our president is helping the poor & middle class and is removing that money from the corrupt rich. He is also accomplishing this without being a socialist, without changing government & without promising some large conglomeration large sums of money to get it done......Americans will vote and Trump will win again.

    GIANN TANUS 2 months ago

    Any Gay boi's out there? I wanna pack your fudge!

  • Mr. Hiram
    Mr. Hiram 2 months ago

    Thomas Mundy could replace Baldwin.

  • ZukoHalliwell
    ZukoHalliwell 2 months ago

    I know this is a comedy sketch, but I can't help wondering if a reporter has ever said, during a White House press conference, "I'm not gonna sit until you answer my question." I would think that's a good way to get your press pass revoked (or, during this administration, a bullet to the head from the secret service).

  • Chris Michael
    Chris Michael 2 months ago

    Thank God for Trump. He is all about freedom and freedom of speech.
    My parents told me horror stories about Nazi Germany.
    I dont like evil dictators.
    My parents told me how corrupt and evil Hitler was.
    And my grand parents told me that at one of Hitlers rallies.
    Hitler shouted "Send the jews back to Israel."
    "When Israel sends us their jews, they dont send us their best. They are thieves, rapists, and murderers."
    Then Hitler shouted
    "Build the wall" ...
    And the nazi Germans cheered for Hitler.
    And all the nazi germans wore red hats that said "Make Germany Great Again"...

  • Christopher Justice
    Christopher Justice 2 months ago +1

    Trump is a fan of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?

  • Owen Thompson
    Owen Thompson 2 months ago

    Alec is losing it

  • hardpack187
    hardpack187 2 months ago

    This is an awful impression. Darrel Hammond did it right.

  • §paethon
    §paethon 2 months ago

    They ironically make him look more badass.

  • Haakon Anderson
    Haakon Anderson 2 months ago

    Do skits like this make Trump supporters angry?

  • LiberoAzzurro
    LiberoAzzurro 2 months ago

    Baldwin is an alcoholic and a violent, Trump is a gentleman compared to him

    • AbsurdBird11
      AbsurdBird11 Month ago

      LiberoAzzurro ha that was funny you almost made me laugh

    • Don Johnson
      Don Johnson 2 months ago

      You must be high af.

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 2 months ago

    I want more coloring books. Yes, I know its a puzzle factory but i dont care, im insane!- Trumpty.

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 2 months ago

    This damn puzzle factory, too confusing.

  • Mahela Mathew
    Mahela Mathew 2 months ago +1

    Oh! america a country where a white kanye is the president and a immigrant is the first lady.

  • Dan Ellis
    Dan Ellis 2 months ago +1

    Baldwin is spot on

  • Sammy LHP
    Sammy LHP 2 months ago +1

    United We Stand!! SNL for President!!!!! I think we’ll win! Ya. I’m pretty sure we won. Will win.

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 2 months ago

    And Ill do a few months in the puzzle factory... Arent we in the puzzle factory any time he talks?

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 2 months ago

    I effing love this one. It predicted Barr wouldnt last and I predict Trump will dump him soon and say that he was just a coffee boy, i didnt know him.

  • filthy dubbbz
    filthy dubbbz 2 months ago +1

    As a very moderate republican I approve

  • YouSee Studio
    YouSee Studio 2 months ago

    Greetings from Finland i don't find this funny at all

  • Art account IT
    Art account IT 2 months ago

    The funny thing is that SNL ratings have been going down year after year since Donald Trump has been elected. When every comedian and night show criticizes a based man every single week, people get tired of it.

  • Cory Burfield
    Cory Burfield 2 months ago

    Alec Baldwin quote
    Unless you give me wall live from new York it's Saturday nights

  • Sophie's world vlogs
    Sophie's world vlogs 2 months ago

    #orangeface #poutonponit😂🙎👾👎👏