Razer Kraken Forged Headphones

  • Опубликовано: 29 ноя 2013
  • Razer's Kraken Forged Headphones are their first attempt to transition from "gaming headsets" more like "audiophile headphones". Let's see how they did on this first attempt!
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    Intro Screen Music Credit: Adhesive Wombat - Check out his channel here: ru-clip.com/user/adhesivewombat
    Outtro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High ru-clip.com/user/approachingnirvana
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  • Bob Vila's Home Again
    Bob Vila's Home Again 7 дней назад

    Update: Had mine for almost 6 years now and no issues. Best headphones I've ever owned. Great for gaming and having in the jam space.

  • Pandu
    Pandu 2 месяца назад

    Ah yeah. Good old cd driver days

  • mhn farmer
    mhn farmer 5 месяцев назад

    old days....

  • The Lord
    The Lord 5 месяцев назад

    at first i thought i cliked the wrong video and thought the video was a toy unboxing
    wtf is that intro xDddddDDddD

  • Tony Jara
    Tony Jara 5 месяцев назад

    They dont last long at all... one malfunction and the other replacement from Razer broke off at the hinges.

  • KnightTrator
    KnightTrator 6 месяцев назад

    Are these 7.1 surround sound?

  • NoBrainah
    NoBrainah 6 месяцев назад

    After 20 min your head turns into a peanut

  • Cayden and Lizzy gaming
    Cayden and Lizzy gaming 7 месяцев назад

    Now I’m buying some for $60 bucks

  • Phantumix
    Phantumix 8 месяцев назад

    The cheesy intro omg

  • Trospher
    Trospher 8 месяцев назад

    So basically the headphone is an overpriced razer kraken with just a bit tweaks on its comfort and looks but not in the sound quality...interesting.

    • Sodikan
      Sodikan 7 месяцев назад

      don't forget the 4 years, it'd be a lot worse now

  • NoobyDaNoob
    NoobyDaNoob 9 месяцев назад

    lol me watching in 2018

  • VeryZestyLemon
    VeryZestyLemon 9 месяцев назад

    300$ razer went to far this time

  • Clint No
    Clint No 9 месяцев назад

    I have some of these but the cord it broke

  • The Mask
    The Mask 10 месяцев назад

    They can be used for Ps4?

  • eric
    eric 10 месяцев назад

    razer cheaps out on their cables shit wont last even a year

    • Shadow Pringa
      Shadow Pringa 7 месяцев назад

      eric mine are 4y old and still look as good as new

  • Helios Lung
    Helios Lung 10 месяцев назад

    oh my god this intro. never seen it lol

  • SneakyBoy 1999
    SneakyBoy 1999 10 месяцев назад +1

    I don't even care how they sound....They look amazing...........hears the price..... F#ck XD

  • campbell johnson
    campbell johnson 10 месяцев назад

    Old Linus is funny

  • Brandon vargas
    Brandon vargas 11 месяцев назад

    Then you need to review Astro’s a50 xbox and pc edition they are extremely worth the price

  • Weasle 65
    Weasle 65 11 месяцев назад

    Today, the kraken headphones are: $75 US. Hmmmm.

  • Cesar Loaiza
    Cesar Loaiza Год назад

    Razer product... with a 300 dollar price tag? No way am raking the risk!

  • Willem
    Willem Год назад

    i've been using these headphones for about 4 years now (a week after they launched) and i am still amazed by the sound every day. IMO the best headset out here for the price they ask.

  • Eliane Gonzalez
    Eliane Gonzalez Год назад

    Bruh Just get a pair of sennheiser G4ME ONE or G4ME ZERO. They are considerably cheaper than this Good looking crap

  • Americansnek
    Americansnek Год назад


    • campbell johnson
      campbell johnson 10 месяцев назад

      Americansnek razer cracken rgb? It exists!

  • Will Kessner
    Will Kessner Год назад

    Lol the intro

  • W G
    W G Год назад

    That intro hurt me

  • Excalis Ogre lord
    Excalis Ogre lord Год назад

    I've got a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X Open Air Headphones, they are cheap and sound way better than what i've experienced with razer krakens.

  • Tiham Md
    Tiham Md Год назад

    That into 😂😂

  • Computer 5959
    Computer 5959 Год назад

    $50 now

  • Jo Par
    Jo Par Год назад

    @4.00 - no midrange - bloaty bass + $300 = as far from Audiophile as you can get. !!

  • Trinabh Paul
    Trinabh Paul Год назад

    my time machine broke .which year am i in

    • Shadow Pringa
      Shadow Pringa 7 месяцев назад

      Trinabh Paul it's 2018.

  • changed
    changed Год назад

    cheaper than beats

  • Yanuze
    Yanuze Год назад

    AhahAHahAHahhH i want ed oe t d ie

  • XeroVesk
    XeroVesk Год назад +1

    I got it today for my birthday and i love it

  • loopy gamer
    loopy gamer Год назад

    U can get these for £100 of Amazon now 😂😂

  • disadadi
    disadadi Год назад

    I don't personally like cans like that, since they exaggerate the base and have atrocious base quality. There the quantity overtakes the quality. Sure, I like base, but if it's just boomy crap it's not good.
    I use K712 Pro's and they have pretty nice low end with amazing texture and details compared to something like Kraken's.

  • Respawn_Point
    Respawn_Point Год назад

    For this price you can get much better headphones. I like the audio technica ath-ad900x. They sound better and are much cheaper!

  • Donacdum
    Donacdum Год назад

    Are these worth it at $150 i have a razer kraken chroma right now and i am looking for an upgrade.

  • trang kateloy
    trang kateloy Год назад

    How does one forge plastic?

  • avishek ghatak
    avishek ghatak Год назад

    are the more bassy than the regular krakens or are they less or are they the same?

  • Adam S
    Adam S Год назад

    found these for 80 is it worth it?

  • Rosamelano _
    Rosamelano _ Год назад

    I bought them for 75$ i think isn't that bad...

  • C1N3M4T1x
    C1N3M4T1x Год назад

    now you can get them for 94$ on bit electronix as B-Product :D like, someone buyed it and gave them back cuz he dont like them, never weared them, just iopened it :D

  • Daniel Tweddle
    Daniel Tweddle Год назад

    T H I C C

  • BH Prototyping
    BH Prototyping Год назад

    im ugrading from my razer blackshark 2.0 to these. ill be getting them in a few days.

  • UnknownPlayer
    UnknownPlayer Год назад

    "Aircraft grade aluminum" is the same aluminum the kitchen foil s made of...

  • Marvin Perez
    Marvin Perez Год назад

    These headphones sound trash pls dont buy dem my beats studio 2.0 sound waaaaayy betrr like da forges have crazy bass wit a amp but dey sound soo badd plss stay away from themm my 20 $$ ear buds sound betttterrrr

  • SHIRO 白
    SHIRO 白 2 года назад

    Okay so since you all are really butthurt about the quality of these headphones, I can tell you they are VERY high quality headphones. However, I bought these at a ridiculously low price of $85 (I bought them used on Amazon but the product is practically new and I really didn't notice any defects) I would not see myself buying these at $300 unless all other options were an absurdly higher price. I create EDM (Electronic Dance Music) tracks, kinda like the music Linus mentioned in here. While if you are producing more streamlined or natural music, these are GREAT for picking up really low sound signatures for things such as EQ'ing basslines or balancing out kicks. Or as he said, these can be used for gaming. I use these playing games such as Doom, which sound amazing with the booming high caliber rounds and the banging heavy metal in the soundtrack. Get these if you can find them at a low price like I did if you personally need a lot of bass in your sound signature but also like the certain look of these. But also consider researching your choice, I didn't randomly pick up these and just would've returned them if I didn't enjoy them. Make sure your choice is tailored to YOUR needs, not a quota mandated by the "audio snob" majority.

  • Migslayer101
    Migslayer101 2 года назад

    razer Krakens earned my distrust with their earlier versions, dont really feel like trying out a headset almost 3 times the cost for the internals to fail , good review though.

  • Scuttle
    Scuttle 2 года назад

    high tech Razer head phones or brand new Nintendo switch?

  • Brandon Nugent
    Brandon Nugent 2 года назад

    These headphones were definitely the best ones I have ever owned, with the understanding I have only ever owned these and some obscure pair from walmart. I eventually used them in a trade along with other stuff for a gaming rig, but I really wish I had them now that I work way more and music is just about the only real enjoyment I can afford both in time and money.

  • Fake Beats
    Fake Beats 2 года назад +2

    Razer is my go to brand :D

    not a fanboi tho, I like Sennheiser for headphones, Razer is pretty good for anything else tbh

  • Lil Danklen
    Lil Danklen 2 года назад

    what was that intro

  • Bence Papp
    Bence Papp 2 года назад +2

    Lol, Linus's intro used to be this cringy? The new one is waaaay better

    • Shadow Pringa
      Shadow Pringa 7 месяцев назад

      Bence Papp i prefer forged edition over v2, strangely, even in the term of comfort

  • Uh
    Uh 2 года назад +3

    I've never seen this old of an ltt video. And wow that intro is cheesy

  • Uh
    Uh 2 года назад +1

    I've never seen this old of an ltt video. And wow that intro is cheesy

  • Mikey
    Mikey 2 года назад

    I hate Skullcandy

  • Thefreedog56
    Thefreedog56 2 года назад

    I was disappointed by these. I wanted something that would be indestructible, but I broke them within 4 months. Luckily Razer has a good support staff and I was able to get them replaced. But now I find that the earcups start to fall off within a month of use.

    • ShaqFilms
      ShaqFilms 2 года назад

      Thefreedog56 lol

  • Nugraha Triputra
    Nugraha Triputra 2 года назад +1

    Seeing the old LTT opening is so god damn cringey

  • DarkishLocket10
    DarkishLocket10 2 года назад +7

    I got these for 99$ on Black Friday and they are the best headphones ever

    • Shadow Pringa
      Shadow Pringa 7 месяцев назад

      Sometimes i prefer kraken forged edition over sennheiser hd650

    • DarkishLocket10
      DarkishLocket10 2 года назад +2

      Mohamad Ismail you're correct, these are my second pair of headphones ever lol

    • Mohamad Ismail
      Mohamad Ismail 2 года назад +1

      YashGaming then you most have not used anything from audio technica or Sennheiser.

  • Gregor Watzinger
    Gregor Watzinger 2 года назад

    these are just the beats pro with razer's logo on them... :D

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  • Reviewski
    Reviewski 2 года назад

    That old intro! 😂

  • Peterj McGee
    Peterj McGee 2 года назад

    I've tried Razer products before I will stick with my Bose noise cancelling they're a lot better

  • Nicolas Cortez
    Nicolas Cortez 2 года назад

    I'll take my Sennheiser's thank you very much

  • DeVore
    DeVore 2 года назад

    Burn by KSHMR would sound so good

  • Atterov
    Atterov 2 года назад

    this is exactly what i was looking for, a gaming headPHONE, not set. I have a blue snowball mic and needed a solution for gaming without a mic.

  • Frederick Schneider
    Frederick Schneider 2 года назад

    I have been using these headphones for a couple of years now, and I have compared them to more expensive headphones such as Shure and Bose headphones, to HiFi turntable speakers (using a great audiophile turntable from the late 70's, a Technics turntable, with its compatible equalizer amp system), to more popular headphones such as Marshall over ear headphones and obviously, the worst of them all, Beats headphones, and they do a really great job as long as you can use an equaliser! Their base tuning is meant for gaming, but these headphones are capable of reproducing a better sound than most audiophile headphones! It turned out to be better than any speaker plugged into my Technics turntable! (With the 6.35mm adapter) Therefore, this video isn't that good. The build quality is great indeed, but these headphones get scratched so easily, we can hear most sound waves from the outside, they're not really closed headphones, sound does get through them and they get quite loose with time, but they're comfortable, I literally spend over 10 hours straight wearing them. It does hurt my ears when my glasses slide off, but they're the most comfortable headphones I've ever owned or tried. I believe comparing headphones is not the right way to tell whether sound is good or not. The best way to do so is to compare them to turntables since they reproduce natural sounds and not digital sounds (digital sounds are not full, many sound waves are missing.)

  • Max98
    Max98 2 года назад

    They're NOT anymore 300 $.
    Where I live, they are 140€ which is pretty costy... But is it worth it?

    • Max98
      Max98 2 года назад

      +Kechos 雪乃 鷹だ They're jealous

    • にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien
      にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien 2 года назад +1

      ATH M50X is a never bad recommendation for that price range indeed,I still cant understand those hater who dislike it

    • Max98
      Max98 2 года назад

      dankDoges. Yep

    • Harold
      Harold 2 года назад +1

      The Italians Spartans ATH-M50X.

  • Zoltán Hüse
    Zoltán Hüse 2 года назад

    these vs siberia elites? trying to get an answer form somebody not a fanboy of either...

    • ahrdgi
      ahrdgi 2 года назад

      The choice here is based on whether you like aesthetics or not. If you're looking for sexiness, get the Kraken Forged. If you're looking for audio quality/more likeable sound signature, get the Elites.

    • __ ___
      __ ___ 2 года назад +4

      Elites but if ur gunna drop that money get a good pair of headphones from senhieser audio technical or akg and add a modmic

  • Kari Greyd
    Kari Greyd 2 года назад +1

    Stop spreading the burn in myth.

    • Daltonsky9
      Daltonsky9 2 года назад +1

      +Pyrotek45 Shut up ur stupid linus wouldent do it if it didnt work

    • Pyrotek45
      Pyrotek45 2 года назад

      carry on with your 10k diamond tipped ear cups and wire coating aux cable braided in ruby for more "smooth tones"

    • Pyrotek45
      Pyrotek45 2 года назад

      there's nothing to debate, it's a big bag of phony nonsense.

    • Pyrotek45
      Pyrotek45 2 года назад

      All these stupid ass terms, like "smooth" and "punchy", get real.

    • Pyrotek45
      Pyrotek45 2 года назад

      lol another pleeb believing in his own placebo.. carry on.

  • An xD meme
    An xD meme 2 года назад

    That fucking ukulele

  • Vegar - Perfect Discord
    Vegar - Perfect Discord 2 года назад

    I got these, the sound are great, but I can't get the mic to work.. My desktop only give me the choice for EITHER mic or Headset in the ASUS Realtek HD sound system. Anyone know what to do?

  • mclovin
    mclovin 2 года назад +1

    are they worth £125

  • Captain Alpha Tango
    Captain Alpha Tango 2 года назад

    Intro cringe!

  • TreeroyJ
    TreeroyJ 2 года назад +1

    This product is a waste of money IMO. The drivers, design, and sound quality is identical to the standard Razer Kraken which is under $100 just without the aluminium finish. $200 for some aluminium? Lol.
    They are great headphones but you can get the exact same ones for $200 less.

    • Roger Rabbit
      Roger Rabbit 2 года назад

      TreeroyJ not 300 dollars anymore

  • Fachmi Khoiruddin
    Fachmi Khoiruddin 2 года назад

    this better than steelseries siberia v3 prism ?

  • Hardcore Hardware
    Hardcore Hardware 2 года назад +2

    I'm getting some Hyper x Cloud 2's, these cost way to much.

    • Hardcore Hardware
      Hardcore Hardware 2 года назад

      +Jascha Joaquin Ponce

    • 7YrsPerHr
      7YrsPerHr 2 года назад

      They went down to $149.95 on Amazon.
      Here's the US link: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GWGZFK6/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00GWGZFK6&linkCode=as2&tag=linustechtips-20

    • Hardcore Hardware
      Hardcore Hardware 2 года назад

      +Stan Morgan
      Well the Clod 2's are red and black so it will compliment my setup.

    • BuddyVanDoodle
      BuddyVanDoodle 2 года назад +1

      If you really don't care about looks, just get the Takstar pro 80's, they're the exact headphones used for the Hyper x Cloud 2's.

    • Hardcore Hardware
      Hardcore Hardware 2 года назад

      Ok, thanks.

  • FeedTheGaben
    FeedTheGaben 2 года назад

    i want to like thees headphones but SIBERIA 800 and astro a50 are better sad

  • ChromeYT
    ChromeYT 2 года назад



  • Captain Vulgary
    Captain Vulgary 2 года назад

    I bought myself these and for me I think these are the best headphones I've ever had and maybe WILL ever have. (Btw this is my opinion on these)

  • Jon Reiner
    Jon Reiner 2 года назад +2

    if you're listening to pop though, you don't need audiophile headphones. you only really need it for real music with depth

    • Jeremy Clarkson
      Jeremy Clarkson 2 года назад

      +Mathew Yarcia Yes lol, for that a subwoofer is enough

    • Mathew Yarcia
      Mathew Yarcia 2 года назад

      Hip Hop? Seriously? Lmfao

    • Jeremy Clarkson
      Jeremy Clarkson 2 года назад

      No. As a person who listens jazz to deep house, and that builds speakers, I can confidently say that a good pair of headphones (and speakers) should sound good for every type of music you throw at them.
      Doesn't matter what type of music, well, apart from hip pop and shit like that

  • Bryan
    Bryan 2 года назад +1

    I'm waiting til graphene.

  • Michael G
    Michael G 2 года назад

    When Linus kicks the metaphorical bucket what will linus media be called? Luke media group?

  • Varun Narain
    Varun Narain 2 года назад

    Fuck this Sennheiser Hd 8 Djs ftw.

    • Jeremy Clarkson
      Jeremy Clarkson 2 года назад

      Fidelio X2 bass. Like subwoofers in your skull

  • Brobarb
    Brobarb 2 года назад

    You said the headphones doesn't have good sound when it comes to music with alot of vocals, but does that mean that the sound is actually really bad? Or does it mean that it just performs better when listening to dubstep with alot of bass and such.

    • Brobarb
      Brobarb 2 года назад

      +SquirrelGaming Alright, thanks. But I just wanted to make sure just in case, because I plan to buy a different headset. Audio Technica ATH-AG1X, they are in the same price range, but with a premium mic. I was thinking of buying the Razer Kraken Forged and then buy the Modmic 4.0 by Antlion, but it seems more practical to just pick up the
      ATH-AG1X, especially because of the "too much bass" issue with Razer Kraken Forged.

    • L!VE
      L!VE 2 года назад

      I don't know for this ones but for the Kraken Pro it's the "same". There's is too much bass. I've got also the Beats Pro and I've compared them and with these ones (Kraken) I can't hear clearly the voice of the singer and all the instruments in the music ... and if it's still the proven with the Forged, I would not recommend you to buy them but if you got a friend who has them, try them to be sure if you still want them or not :)

  • Cyaneyed
    Cyaneyed 2 года назад

    do a dt1770 pro review!

  • Nostril Thomas
    Nostril Thomas 2 года назад

    I really love this headset i have it personally there are no complaints about it except one thing its a pain when the ear cups come off and too put them back on very reccommened

    • Andreas Papadopoulos
      Andreas Papadopoulos 2 года назад

      I have the kraken for neon from when they were made (like 2 or 3 years ago) and I still use them. I love them

  • Bouvard C.
    Bouvard C. 2 года назад

    i could buy an xbox one for this price ;-;

  • HongYap
    HongYap 2 года назад +43

    but...can it play sound in gifs?

    • Uku Tonsiver
      Uku Tonsiver Год назад +1

      Well for 300 bucks it'd better

  • Eye Hates You
    Eye Hates You 2 года назад

    That intro song sounds like a diy vid's intro!!

  • Crash Tech
    Crash Tech 2 года назад

    Hey Linus I'm a kid who thinks wow 300 dollars so I got the each 4000 gaming headset can you do an unboxing of them

  • hazman n
    hazman n 2 года назад +1

    pewdiepie, u make the wrond desicion

    • Lokkimestari
      Lokkimestari 2 года назад

      +Knight Gash He probably got them free...

    • GameSlimia
      GameSlimia 2 года назад +4


  • OhHyphy
    OhHyphy 2 года назад +2

    They are $140 right now

    • Lone Wolf Radio
      Lone Wolf Radio 2 года назад

      +Dylan Bernier The M50x's are kind of muddy and drown out mids and highs after looking at the frequency graphs. Plus they are one of the most uncomfortable headphones ever and almost require a pad change. I don't think they are absolutely horrible but there are better alternatives out there like the Brainwavz HM5's or Beyerdynamic DT 770.

  • Griffin
    Griffin 2 года назад +2

    Came here from the Astro A50 wireless video mentioned in the Honest Answers video. Anyone else? :P

  • ///AmgFanboi74
    ///AmgFanboi74 3 года назад

    Fuck I hate the word audiophile. Unsubbed. Might buy these phones tho.

    • Jeremy Clarkson
      Jeremy Clarkson 2 года назад +1

      +leksasdf I'd really prefere "audio enthusiast"
      Being one myself

    • Griffin
      Griffin 2 года назад

      +leksasdf Did I ever say it did?

    • ///AmgFanboi74
      ///AmgFanboi74 2 года назад

      Does that take away my right to hate it being used?

    • Griffin
      Griffin 2 года назад

      +leksasdf Because it's a real word maybe?

    • ///AmgFanboi74
      ///AmgFanboi74 2 года назад

      Kinda cringy iunno. Most often mentioned along pseudo hifi products like these things.

  • Markus Webb
    Markus Webb 3 года назад +1

    Linus, I'd just like to say that I love your videos, and that I think they're great, and to keep being awesome.

  • GoldenLunchBox
    GoldenLunchBox 3 года назад

    They look a little boring!

    • Brandon Ho
      Brandon Ho 2 года назад

      Omar Hasan Looks < Quality

  • LiamTheManiac
    LiamTheManiac 3 года назад +3

    i feel like he's being paid too say all of this lmao

    • joke knight
      joke knight 2 года назад

      +LiamTheManiac I used to like him. Now im indifferent. Doesn't mean i won't watch a product review of his dumbass. Are you THAT stupid?
      When the GTX 1080 comes out ill watch his review. Just because i don't like him like i used to doesn't mean i avoid him like a plague. ROFL

    • LiamTheManiac
      LiamTheManiac 2 года назад

      you wouldnt just stumble upon this if you didnt like him anymore lmao

    • Aikairi
      Aikairi 2 года назад

      I'm pretty sure this year, you have watched a video from 2011-2014 before, haven't you? Same logic applies. Not everything you watch on RU-clip have to be new.

    • joke knight
      joke knight 2 года назад

      +LiamTheManiac Heh, okay kid.

    • LiamTheManiac
      LiamTheManiac 2 года назад

      i call bullshit

  • iFLIP★07
    iFLIP★07 3 года назад +1

    is it worth getting a cheap DAC for this headphone? I have it but Im not sure if its worth spending around $50 more for an amp

    • Caleb
      Caleb 2 года назад

      +iFLIP★07 that was directed at the guy above. As for the DAC. If you have the headset already, Id say yes. If you don't have the headset yet or its in its return date. Don't buy them, or get a refund. These headphones aren't worth the price.

    • iFLIP★07
      iFLIP★07 2 года назад

      Thanks! But Im not sure if it answered my question.

    • SyntheticEpiphany
      SyntheticEpiphany 2 года назад

      +Eli Sargent You are misunderstanding what a DAC is. There is no such thing as 'digital sound'; for any headphone, speaker, or earphone being driven by a digital device, what you are hearing is 'analog sound'. Music encoded in digital form, as ones and zeros must pass through a DAC in order to be converted to an analog signal which is then amplified and reproduced by your speakers. So the iphone, or your pc, or any device you can listen to music on, has a DAC built into it. Now when you buy a premium DAC, what you are getting is a product that does a better job of converting those digital bits into the signal, with a more accurate or pleasant reproduction of the original sound, but it is not giving you 'analog sound' where normally you would have 'digital sound'. Just a heads up for people because I have seen lots of confusion about this! :)

    • ludwigvan
      ludwigvan 3 года назад +2

      +iFLIP★07 no these headphones are trash and wont sound particularly better converted to analog