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  • Published on Nov 4, 2019
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  • nadia davis
    nadia davis Month ago

    I'm honestly so happy for how far you have come because my dad wasn't as brave as you to go to rehab so I now live with my grandma

  • Ernesto D.
    Ernesto D. Month ago

    come on bruv you may not have been an alcoholic and it's fine to have a couple of drinks but saying that weed is not "really addictive" and that you would smoke if you felt like it just shows that rehab was a waste of time and money.

  • Jorgi Kennedy
    Jorgi Kennedy Month ago

    Sending love 💕

  • Skkyee z
    Skkyee z Month ago +1

    Of course you dont think youre an alcoholic bc its not the substance that took you could still talk you down later in life.. Alot of ppl switch from pills to booze for the numbing effect... Just be careful...💛💙💜

  • ShanG
    ShanG Month ago


  • pe3x
    pe3x 2 months ago

    Even skin tone is much much better in this video.. keep clean, you are too beautiful to intoxicate :))

  • Danielle Marie
    Danielle Marie 2 months ago

    Glad you are doing well. I hope you continue to do well.

    LOVE YOUR LIGHT 2 months ago

    Girl thanks for keeping it real! IT IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE. it really isn't and I'm over that thinking. And you don't owe anyone an explanation.

  • BABVgirlJ
    BABVgirlJ 2 months ago +74

    Just an FYI, using something to 'numb' yourself IS an addiction.

    VEE3RDEYE 2 months ago +35

    Hey Griff! Alcohol is also a drug, so having a couple drinks is not the best choice for recovery! Speaking from a recovered addict, 5 years clean from alcohol & caffeine

  • illa illa
    illa illa 2 months ago +11

    The ex bf. Tana is a zanny head so I’m assuming that guy that was with tana them griffin

    • Lily X
      Lily X 2 months ago

      april leigh you literally know nothing, do you?

    • april leigh
      april leigh 2 months ago

      Shannon w Lol nic name ? street name .. its still "xanny" stupids flock together clearly

    • Shannon w
      Shannon w 2 months ago +4

      @april leigh that's literally its nickname tho.. You look dumb not her.

    • april leigh
      april leigh 2 months ago +1

      illa illa you look dumb it's spelled xanax

  • illa illa
    illa illa 2 months ago +1

    Rehabs around me, in the philly area, you don’t have your phone the whole time

  • illa illa
    illa illa 2 months ago

    Drinking leads back to drugs for most addicts. They didn’t mean you had an alcohol problem let. They meant everyone who’s an addict is both alcoholic/addict. They believe they’re the same thing. That’s a 12 step based thing tho. Not everyone goes the 12 step route but that’s what works for most

  • illa illa
    illa illa 2 months ago +1

    You misunderstood the alcoholic thing

  • Angi Ferreyra
    Angi Ferreyra 2 months ago +2

    You shouldn't be drinking or smoking while recovering. It's not something you NEED (and if you do it's because your falling into an addiction.) Believe me, it's gonna be so much better if you quit those things for a while.

  • J-MeGirl
    J-MeGirl 2 months ago

    I appreciate your vulnerability and transparency. I feel I understand what you mean in regard to basically being convinced that you were an alcoholic. I used to work at a residential treatment facility that incorporated NA and AA and overall substance abuse classes. From my experience, the patients were made to think that if they had any sort of addiction to one thing, then they were basically addicted to anything and everything they ever tried. It's definitely something to be cautious about and weary of, but there's a difference. It's difficult to try to explain why you believe you're not an alcoholic without having others wanting to tell you that you're just in denial or justifying or rationalizing or something. It took strength for you to come out and say what you said. If nothing else, just keep in mind that pretty much anyone has the capacity to become addicted to one thing or another, some people more than others. Being aware of this, and frequently taking an honest and fearless moral inventory will help you in your journey- keep yourself in check. I wish you all the best. Stay strong. Maintain the Insight that you have. I've lost 11+ friends to overdose, including Benzos, such as Xanax. (I eventually stopped counting). You never know if/when that could be you if you're using- even recreationally. You're gorgeous and you're worth having a fulfilling life.
    Come to think of it, after reading the first line of Gabby's comment it reminded me of something important that I also want to make a point about. I don't want it to be misunderstood that it's good to drink or a good idea to drink when you have an addiction to something. The reason being, is that if you use other substances such as weed or alcohol, it can lower your inhibitions and you may end up giving in to Xanax or something else while under the influence and thus beginning the addiction cycle all over again. Also, when a person gets into the habit of drinking or smoking weed when they've struggled with addiction, it's very easy to make the justification in your mind that you can handle other things or you can handle doing "just one Xanax, just this one time" and plan on never doing it again, only for it to have you relapse back into your addiction. I really want to make that clear. 💕

  • Emily G.
    Emily G. 2 months ago

    I want to make a disclaimer to anyone addicted to benzodiazepines: DO NOT STOP COLD TURKEY. DO NOT WEAN YOURSELF OFF. PLEASE tell your doctor and get their supervision in coming off these meds. Even though I didn’t have an addiction (to benzos- I was addicted to other substances) I decided in 2012 that I didn’t want to be on my anxiety meds anymore. I tried weaning down myself and ended up having TWO grand mal seizures. The first one happened 10 minutes after I got home from driving 2 hours home from work. I could have died in a horrific car crash if it had happened any earlier. The second one happened when I tried weaning off even more gradually. A warning sign is what I call “brain zaps”. If you’re getting these brain zaps where it feels like your brain gets jumbled momentarily or something “zaps” your thoughts- you are at a VERY high risk of having a seizure soon. Again, please consult with your doctor and DONT DO IT ALONE! Haven’t taken another benzo, nor will I ever, since 2012. They are much too dangerous of a substance. I’ve also lost many friends who combined them with alcohol. Much love to the recovery community and all those still sick & suffering ♥️

  • alesia
    alesia 2 months ago

    i definitely understand u not being persuaded into thinking ur an alcoholic... my dad made me enter the program at 17 (which wasnt right in the first place) and was later convinced i was an alcoholic. since then ive realized im not... i turn at the smell at it now and genuinely dont even crave it. i love u sm stay strong!!!!

  • sem !
    sem ! 2 months ago

    I hope you’re doing well! I think that if you went through rehab and you learned the tools you need to know your limits and you have learned how to give yourself boundaries you shouldn’t feel like you can’t live your life and have a drink or a smoke every now and again. I am rooting for you! You got this!

  • Erin Fennessy
    Erin Fennessy 2 months ago

    Also crazy bevause I had to quit Xanax.... I was on adderall daily, and 2 bars of Xanax daily, and then sleep meds (all of this was prescribed) and I thought it was normal for me....I started drinking every night, and on top of the drugs I was on..... this started in high school but continued into college. Towards the end of my freshman year of college, I had a dark moment..... I had had many, but one hit me in particular, and I realized I was scaring all of the people around me. After that, I went home for winter break, and got myself better. Ever since then, I have not had a single Xanax or sleep med.... I still take adderall daily, as well as iron supplements (because girl, I feel like I can’t do anything productive without addy) and I’m trying to learn how to get off of it, but it’s TOUGH tough..... like it’s been years and me, my family and my doctors are all still trying to work me off of it..... HOWEVER.... quitting Xanax was the most proud I’ve ever been in myself.... so good for you girly

  • Danielle Sears
    Danielle Sears 2 months ago +2

    Don't be scared to accept you had an addiction. That's important. You were depending on it to numb yourself, you were addicted. Please be careful drinking and smoking weed, you may think you have control, but if you have dependency issues, it's easy to slip up. I wish you the best

  • Quinn Harlow
    Quinn Harlow 2 months ago +43

    As a recovering addict I’ve heard this story hundreds of times. I drank hardly ever, maybe every couple of months, but I still address myself as an alcoholic because I realize that my body doesn’t react normally to substances. My problem actually began with Xanax too and lead to heroin, but if I were to have a drink or smoke today I know that that’s where I would end up. Our brains do not respond normally to chemicals. Maybe she’s not an addict, but in the 7 years I’ve been in recovery I’ve never seen anyone go through the immensely difficult experience of going to rehab who wasn’t an addict/alcoholic. I HAVE heard this story hundreds of times and see it lead to hundreds of relapses. I myself tried just smoking and drinking and it worked until it didn’t work. Maybe she’s the one in a million that’s “not a real alcoholic” or maybe she’s like the rest of us and needs another relapse to find out that she can’t drink and do drugs safely. Praying for her ♥️

    • J-MeGirl
      J-MeGirl 2 months ago +1

      Such great points and even though it may sound harsh to some people, it is the reality. Using substances lowers your inhibitions naturally and makes it easier to give in to things that you may never have done in the first place. Also, using any sort of substance can lead you to the mentality of being capable of handling "just this one thing, just this one time, and never again" ... only to find yourself enveloped in addiction again. You're truly risking your life. I know it sounds over-dramatic, but it's something to consider. I was married to an addict. He OD'd, almost died, and to this day still struggles with addiction to various things. Addiction fools your mind into thinking you can "handle" one or more things "responsibly" because you managed to quit your drug of choice. More often than not, this is wrong. You just replace one addiction for another. I hope for Griffin's sake that won't be what happens. I think OP's comment is coming from a caring and concerned place- rightfully so.

  • Gillian Gill
    Gillian Gill 2 months ago


  • Anika Reilander
    Anika Reilander 2 months ago

    Omg you read my question! I’m so happy you’re doing a lot better. I assumed the rehab process would be pretty expensive, but I’m glad that it helped you out.
    Love you ❤️

  • Gabby McCloskey
    Gabby McCloskey 2 months ago +192

    No hate what so ever: but as someone who lost many people to addiction you should not be drinking or smoking weed. Any of those substances can quickly trigger a recovering addict. And if you already had a past problem with smoking you’ll probably fall down the same hole.

    • Justine Gomez
      Justine Gomez 7 days ago

      So true

    • Zen Freaq
      Zen Freaq 2 months ago

      I agree. For me, cbd prerolls and cbd tea helps from smoking cannabis and helps me stay sober while easing anxiety and chronic pain.

    • J-MeGirl
      J-MeGirl 2 months ago +2

      I'm not an addict, but I've lost many friends to addiction, whether it be overdose or suicide because they couldn't handle being addicted and living the lifestyle. I also worked at a residential treatment facility that counseled on substance abuse, and where they do tend to make patients feel as though they are addicted to every substance they've touched, there's a good reason behind it, just like Gabby and Emily have mentioned. I attempted to explain this in a separate comment because it is important to take into account if you want to maintain a life without active addiction.

    • Emily G.
      Emily G. 2 months ago +11

      Gabby McCloskey came here to comment that. I am an addict and ANY mind altering substance should be abstained from. It’s a slippery slope no matter what it is- even if it is not your drug of choice.

  • Mikayla Pringle
    Mikayla Pringle 2 months ago +3

    Being open and honest is hard to find on youtube - thank you for opening up.
    Also, what are you wearing on your lips in this video?! So pretty

  • shvonne marie
    shvonne marie 2 months ago +3

    So glad that you’re doing well! Just be careful taking iron supplements! If you haven’t had blood tests by a doctor to check your iron levels and have supplements prescribed it is possible to take too much and give yourself iron poisoning. Take care, it’s really nice to see you’re feeling more like yourself :)

    • J-MeGirl
      J-MeGirl 2 months ago

      Also, be sure you take the supplements with food! Otherwise, are guts are going to be hating life. But like OP said, you should get blood work done because it could be a deficiency of some other kind, you never know.

  • JessMarie MakeupArtistry

    Wow! This is amazing💗☀️Loved your video, your honesty, strength and vulnerability are truely inspiring, much needed for girls these days! You genuinely and respectfully shared your story without overexposing, it was honestly kinda classy👌🏼 The one part I didn’t agree with, being in recovery myself, was when you suggested that if there’s any way you can do it without going to rehab do it..... that’s kind of a dangerous message to put out there, considering that withdrawal symptoms from benzos, and alcohol can actually kill you, and you should be in a medical setting being monitored by doctors when detoxing from any addictive drug! Just something I wanted to shed a little light on 💡Congratulations on taking that step, succeeding, and coming back to be the bad ass you are! Recovery is different for everyone💕

  • Courtney Lawlor
    Courtney Lawlor 2 months ago +223

    It’s awesome she’s getting help but if she’s saying she can still have a few drinks or smoke some weed, she has a lot to learn😢

    • Always Right
      Always Right 22 days ago +1

      Being an addict is depending on something to get thru each day. Being able to be around it and not need it but being able to have a few is very different. You can stop the addiction but still have a few drinks once in awhile or smoke some weed once in awhile. The addiction is no longer there.

    • Kris Leczo
      Kris Leczo 2 months ago


    • illa illa
      illa illa 2 months ago +3

      Yes. She misunderstood the alcoholic thing

    • Erin Fennessy
      Erin Fennessy 2 months ago +3

      Courtney Lawlor nahhhh honestly at her age, it’s good to learn to “only have a few.””.............. I’ve been there and it took years to fix myself but learning balance was the best thing.

  • Alyssa Augustine
    Alyssa Augustine 2 months ago +2

    I just quit cold turkey in May 2019
    I took 5mg- 8mg/day for 2 years

    • Alyssa Augustine
      Alyssa Augustine Month ago +2

      @Victoria Kern its been HARD. but nothing is better than getting rid of that from my life. Sad to say but i was willing to deal with whatever withdrawls brought, and i was so lucky to not have a seizure. Lots of other things but at least not that. Psychotic break ..yeah plenty. :(
      I have 3 kids a 2 year old, 3 and 5 year old. I was so gone on xanax i know for a fact i wouldnt be alive if i didnt stop when i did. Either that or completely homeless with nothing. After i quit it was so hard just trying to THINK. The fog lasted about a month and a half.
      Thank god i dont have to race to the pharmacy for a dose and another script!

    • Victoria Kern
      Victoria Kern Month ago

      Well consider yourself lucky, the hardest part about getting clean from xanax is the withdrawal, either psychotic breaks or seizures, I'm speaking from experience

  • JessTheGlitterBoss
    JessTheGlitterBoss 2 months ago +111

    As a addict * I’m a recovering addict myself . It’s not good to drink or do anything that alters your mind/body especially while recovering just keep that in mind . Keep doing well I’m proud of you

  • Manduh Renee
    Manduh Renee 2 months ago +1

    So proud of u for being vulnerable. We do recover tho... Ive been clean now since 2016.

  • Melanie Rose
    Melanie Rose 2 months ago +6

    I've been addicted many more years.. I hear justifications and you need to keep yourself in check, CONSISTENTLY.
    I wish you the best.

  • SarahK Cottle
    SarahK Cottle 2 months ago

    I love so much that you have shared these videos! I am 32, about five years back, I was doing the same thing. I was taking kolonapins off the street, to treat my anxiety. Before I knew it, my brain was addicted and when I stopped taking them, I detoxed bad. I had no idea what was going on. My anxiety was worse than it ever had been. I went into full mode panic attacks. I made er visits. Started therapy. And finally I realized I was detoxing from the kolonipins. I had to get on Zoloft just to even myself back out. For a while I thought I was an addict because my college years, I loved to drink. But now looking back, I don’t feel I was. I don’t drink now, wine once in a while. I will never touch the anxiety meds again. It felt good to have no anxiety but they are dangerous. Love you girl

  • Mariah W
    Mariah W 2 months ago

    I just wanted to say guys are trash. I can’t believe you were broken up with in rehab. That is the worst and most selfish thing.

  • Cuppa Tae
    Cuppa Tae 2 months ago +4

    I'm a recovering addict as well. I was on fentanyl, heroin & Xanax at age 15 & didn't stop until I was 22.
    I hope you continue to move forward, my thoughts are with you girl 💜

    • Cuppa Tae
      Cuppa Tae 2 months ago +1

      @Dani Nicole thank you so much, girl! That means so much to me 💜

    • Dani Nicole
      Dani Nicole 2 months ago +1

      Cuppa Tae congradulations on your recovery!!!

  • flibber123
    flibber123 2 months ago +6

    It's kind of tough to define, but if your use of alcohol is interfering with your ability to live your life then you might as well consider yourself an alcoholic even if you don't drink that often. For instance, if you're skipping work or school due to alcohol use, even just ONE day, then yeah, you have a problem. In addition, assuming you have a substance abuse problem, you will have a difficult time in recovery unless you make changes in your life. If you have a problem, the people you associate with and the activities you engage in are part of the problem in addition to the substance abuse. You might need to cut some people out of your life, and you might need to figure out other ways to occupy your time. It's going to make your recovery much harder if you try to live the same life except without the substance abuse. That life is enabling the substance abuse.

  • Andie
    Andie 2 months ago

    DONT PUT MARIJUANA IN THE BAD DRUG CATAGROY IF ITS NOT FOR YOU COOL BUT IT HELPS MANY OTHER PEOPLE AND I WOULD APPRECIATE NOT JUDGING. Especially when people need antidepressants. I had to take anti depressants and I switched to marijuana and my hallucinations stopped I change my strain often and its only harmful depending on the way you use it.

  • Ashlye Silva
    Ashlye Silva 2 months ago +2

    Girl what you went through is baby steps for college girls. You’re not crazy!!

  • CieraJadesMusic
    CieraJadesMusic 2 months ago +1

    you look SO much healthier in this video in comparison to the last. your face is fuller, brighter, and you are beaming with joy. i am so proud of you and i pray this journey continues to bring so much beauty to your life

  • xo
    xo 2 months ago +3

    Im a substance abuse counselor at an inpatient rehab working with youth and adults. Thank you for your thoughts on the subject. Does anyone have any questions for me or something theyre curious about when it comes to rehab?!

  • Gigi Flowers
    Gigi Flowers 2 months ago

    You should try going to a Christian church, it has helped me a lot mentally and emotionally.

  • Amanda Shirley
    Amanda Shirley 2 months ago

    I’m very proud of you! Keep up the fight. The struggles are real and they are always there. You can do it. You have a lot of people behind you. Just always let us know. We can’t help if we don’t know. 🧡love and prayers to you and your family.

  • Kali Elizabeth
    Kali Elizabeth 2 months ago +3

    You’re incredibly self aware and I give you so much credit and have so much respect for you💖

  • Alexis Sevcik
    Alexis Sevcik 2 months ago +2

    Rehab is never easy recovery is so hard I’m SO thankful for you sharing your experience

  • Allie S.
    Allie S. 2 months ago

    Xanax withdrawal is the hardest of them all. I've been through tramadol wd twice (but now on even stronger opioids due to chronic pain), and I can totally relate. You're incredibly strong having gone through that, and you're a wonderful young woman, def can be proud of yourself!

  • Becca Jean
    Becca Jean 2 months ago

    Hi Grif!!! Love u girl!!! I came for the missing people cases... I also live vicariously through u dying ur hair!!! Love you!!! Hope you stay well :)

  • moonglow630
    moonglow630 2 months ago

    Sounds like you had become dependent on Xanax to help get through your trauma.
    As someone who dated an alcoholic for almost 20yrs, and suffered from PTSD, and currently takes Xanax, I understand the things you were talking about.
    You should be so proud of yourself that you recognized you needed help & did something about it. That’s really brave.

  • ruru roze
    ruru roze 2 months ago

    Pink hair looks adorable on you!😍

  • kiss me under the moon light !

    First off let me say how proud i am of you Griffin.. I'm a recovering alcoholic/addict. I was addicted to EVERYTHING & ANYTHING i was in active addiction for 14yrs.. I will now have been clean/sober 7yrs on March 13. My clean bday is 3/13/13. Just listening to both your vids i do think your an alcoholic. I'm NOT saying this to put you down im telling you this because as alcoholics/addicts if you drink you WILL absolutely go back to your DOC.. Maybe not the first, second or even third time but it will happen.. Trust me i relapsed 8 1/2 yrs ago that way.. I'm telling you this to maybe save you before you think oh im not an alcoholic i can drink 1 or 2 drinks now & then.. But what we as addicts don't understand is WE CAN'T TAKE ANY MIND ALTERING SUBSTANCE.. it will make up go right back.. Much love & a journey to happiness/sobriety! ❤ 🙏

  • Weronika Kowalczyk
    Weronika Kowalczyk 2 months ago

    You are a strong woman 💯 Thank you for sharing this 🌹

  • Shylee Strasser
    Shylee Strasser 2 months ago

    You’re so brave & strong. I’m so happy you’re in a good place now keep it up love xo

  • Liv Fisher
    Liv Fisher 2 months ago +54

    I actually checked my self into rehab after watching your first video a couple weeks ago. I start next week for a 5 months program. You’ve inspired me so much to go and help myself. Thank you for being so brave to post these, I don’t I would’ve gotten help if I didn’t see your first video. So again, thank you, your bravery saved my life.

    • J-MeGirl
      J-MeGirl 2 months ago

      Courageous move. Be proud of yourself. Caring enough to make the first step is too difficult for a lot of people. All the best 💕

    • celina
      celina 2 months ago +1

      It can be the hardest thing in the world, but keep trusting that it will positively impact the rest of your life in the long run. You're so strong and you should be so proud of yourself! I'm proud and it'll get better

    • Summer Rae
      Summer Rae 2 months ago

      you should be so proud of yourself. i’m proud of you. keep it up you are so loved and have so many good things waiting for you♥️

    • Allie Marchetti
      Allie Marchetti 2 months ago

      Liv Fisher ❤️

  • chasemanhattan49
    chasemanhattan49 2 months ago

    I absolutely love how down to earth you are. You inspire me an so many others, you are the 1% who value good an kindness, am such a fan an absolutely admire you!

  • Martha Bendot
    Martha Bendot 2 months ago +1

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I’m so happy for you! Keep up the great work you do here on RU-clip. Please do true crime videos! Please! You’re an amazing young women, don’t ever forget that beautiful! True crime please! 🙋🏻❤️😘❤️

  • míndwídєσpєn
    míndwídєσpєn 2 months ago +2

    Yep Xanax was my downfall as well. I believe things happen for a reason, I’m in a better place now & not sure I would be where I’m at without going through what I went through. Good luck to you!

  • Lark English
    Lark English 2 months ago

    Kudos to you, great job! :)

  • Elizabeth Nunez
    Elizabeth Nunez 2 months ago +1

    I completely understand why you were nervous about this, but it's so strong of you to share this. I'm so proud of you for seeking help, and for sharing this video which might help others do the same! You're awesome, stay strong! I was addicted to marijuana when I was a junior in high school, if it wasn't addiction, I was definitely abusing it, and it was really hard for me to stop using, I went through withdrawals and everything. Thank you so much for sharing this, you have no idea how impactful this is. Sending so much love!!! :)

  • Denise Stewart
    Denise Stewart 2 months ago +51

    One of the reasons treatment centers recommend being sober from every substance is because when you drink your judgment is lowered making it easier to make the decision to use your doc, especially early on in your recovery. I don’t want to come off as judgmental but maybe it’s just a different way to look at your situation.

  • Ryleigh Williams
    Ryleigh Williams 2 months ago +1

    these are the types of influencers who deserve a bigger audience. so proud of you griffin