LOVE MAKING in CAR | AUTO EXPO 2018 | Feat. POWERDRIFT | Quick Reaction Team

  • Published on Feb 13, 2018
  • LOVE MAKING in CAR - Quick Reaction Team brings you this Hindi Comedy video shot at Auto Expo 2018 , Greater Noida , India which feat. POWERDRIFT Car review youtube channel from India . This is a funny video which you will love it. Do watch this video till the very end.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 588

  • Quick Reaction Team
    Quick Reaction Team  Year ago +78

    Hey QRTIANS ! 💕 Here’s a Special Valentine Gift from all of us to you all . Hope you enjoy the video . Love you all 💝

    • Prateek Pareek
      Prateek Pareek Year ago

      Quick Reaction Team bhai itne click bait videos h tere

    • Tanvir Rahman
      Tanvir Rahman Year ago +1

      Good video brother! This one is better than the one in 2016. Specially I liked 10,000 Tata Nano Vs. Ferrari part. You guys keep up the good work and hope to see more from you.

    • Aditya Chowdhury
      Aditya Chowdhury Year ago

      the name of the cute girl ??

    • Rishit Mayank
      Rishit Mayank Year ago

      A girl I stare at and she too 😍 and later I got to know that she had a bf my college completed I saw here once should I speak or avoid even though she stares and doesn't accept my Instagram request from past one year.

    • sid Aquib
      sid Aquib Year ago

      Sandesh H lawyer is a lady wife

  • parth sharma
    parth sharma 17 days ago

    That grey blazer girl looks killer 😘😘💗
    Super cute

  • Arindam B
    Arindam B 26 days ago +1

    5:21 ladki chutiya hein

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar Month ago

    Punjabi guy is smart& intelligent

  • Manish k
    Manish k Month ago

    5:20..what I heard this😂😂😂

  • Hari Rajeev
    Hari Rajeev Month ago

    01:58 I know that Car guy...
    I've seen him in Powerdrift channel videos...

  • HOBO T
    HOBO T Month ago

    Surely they're brainless AF

  • ASC
    ASC Month ago

    that sardar is smart

  • akshat jain
    akshat jain Month ago

    bencho front seat pr chudi hui auraat

  • priyanka sonawane
    priyanka sonawane 2 months ago +1

    Short Girl @2.22 is look alike of Dakota Johnson

  • Talvinder Singh
    Talvinder Singh 2 months ago +1

    One of the best youtuber you are bro.. Gud work keep it up

    KRISHNENDU DAS 2 months ago

    really?cheap in car, in concern about premarital sex.

  • rahul pal
    rahul pal 2 months ago

    i am the big lover of cars n my fav is lamborghini huracan............................. n the only way to buying it is to become an entrepreneur ................
    n never give up attitude

  • wig snatched by larry
    wig snatched by larry 3 months ago

    There's too much sexism + ignorance in this video. 😖

  • Aditya Nayak
    Aditya Nayak 3 months ago

    The girl has spot on her cheek her partner is a GOLD digger

  • Aditya Vishnu
    Aditya Vishnu 3 months ago

    10:14 piche uncle jee log maja me hai

  • the VAP show
    the VAP show 3 months ago

    5:23 arts ke side effects

  • Hamida darbar Ansari
    Hamida darbar Ansari 3 months ago

    Yes u can gey car by hard work not short cut

  • Kaliprasad Mishra
    Kaliprasad Mishra 3 months ago

    Girls be like cutee babyy ....but loves blackk guy at the end

  • Yogesh Gupta
    Yogesh Gupta 3 months ago

    Black hoodie dumb girl

  • Tera BaaP
    Tera BaaP 3 months ago

    That girl "chhiiiiii ,dono me se koi nhi...."is so cute

  • Tera BaaP
    Tera BaaP 3 months ago

    Bhai....My experience........Back seat is Better than front for love making....but chandigarh jese sheher me kisi khadi car ki back seat pr couples ko dekh le police wale gaand bohttt gaand todte h

  • yeontaehyung •̀ᄉ•́

    Please come to Kolkata 😀

  • iric pame
    iric pame 4 months ago

    The short girl with grey blazer is super cute

    ELEGANT EAST INDIA 4 months ago


  • bandita prasad
    bandita prasad 4 months ago +3

    I absolutely love that Punjabi guy❤️......His brain works like that of mine

  • ImperfecT
    ImperfecT 4 months ago

    5:31 feminism ki watt laga di...😂😂

  • ImperfecT
    ImperfecT 4 months ago

    2:17 vidya valan

  • Abhishek Chaudhry
    Abhishek Chaudhry 4 months ago

    10,000 nano ola me chala denge yaar

  • jat jat
    jat jat 4 months ago

    6;00 habse dikhe bc

  • Vaibhav Kumar Singh
    Vaibhav Kumar Singh 4 months ago

    1 Ferrari = 3-7cr
    10000 Nanos= 2.36lac(min) ×10000= 2,36,00,00,000
    =236 cr..
    = 33 Ferraris 🤓

  • Pallapotu Kishore
    Pallapotu Kishore 4 months ago


  • ankit dwivedi
    ankit dwivedi 5 months ago

    What the fuck is wrong with the girl at 5.15

  • Vatsal Sanghavi
    Vatsal Sanghavi 5 months ago

    I completely agree with the sardarji. The exact same answer popped up in my head when you asked the question choose between nano and Ferrari. Sell nano buy variety.

  • navid ahmad
    navid ahmad 5 months ago

    5:30 millionth reason that Feminists are retarded; hear this Feminist.

  • Sahil Bragta
    Sahil Bragta 5 months ago

    Sardar ji is only the smart guy proud of you sardar ji Sat Sri Akal

  • Sahil Bragta
    Sahil Bragta 5 months ago

    U can't make us toothless we are the riders. We belong to passion and made for passion only

  • pari newme
    pari newme 5 months ago

    👍👍👍interesting 😊

  • Partha Dip
    Partha Dip 5 months ago

    2:01 supaca

  • Sam Rajbhar
    Sam Rajbhar 5 months ago

    Why they don't like autoriksa kyuki farari khojte khojte last me autoriksa pe aa jayegi

  • pranav gawade
    pranav gawade 6 months ago


  • Arijit Gupta
    Arijit Gupta 6 months ago

    As if they will always remain young and never get toothless forever. Supercar in the jammed road. As all these morons will own a supercar one day. I would rather walk alone than be with all these useless people.

  • Aniket
    Aniket 6 months ago

    2.00 - Powerdrift ka Munda

  • Akhil Lalappan
    Akhil Lalappan 6 months ago

    5:24 lol...😂😂😂😂

  • Hitesh Prusti
    Hitesh Prusti 6 months ago

    Sexy girlllll

  • Ankit_Majumdar1
    Ankit_Majumdar1 7 months ago

    *well if u ask me i would choose 10k nano because...lets do some calculations here..
    1 nano is around 2.5 lakhs if you multiply it into get rs2,50,00,00,000(i will then sell them)*
    *1 ferrari is around 2.2 crores!*
    *2.2 crores divided by 2,50,00,00,000 is 113
    well this is business! just do little hard work...and if i dont want those many ferraris i can sell few of them, buy a mansion, 2 other super car, invest and save half of what i am left with and then give the remaining to charity fund!

  • Ankit_Majumdar1
    Ankit_Majumdar1 7 months ago

    0:11 model name pleaseeeeeeee

  • Scorer Scored
    Scorer Scored 7 months ago

    If I get Ferrari 812 for free then that very moment I will sell it for Rs 5.6 crores. Then I'll buy a house worth Rs 2 crores, invest 30 lacs in my business, then I will buy Mitsubishi Pajero worth Rs 35 lacs. Then put the remaining Rs 2.95 crores in fixed deposit and earn monthly interest of Rs 2,21,00.
    Who in the right mind will keep a Ferrari in Bombay? There are no roads in Bombay where you can drive a Ferrari. It has so many potholes which will screw the suspension within a month's driving. Once I saw a Ferrari stuck on a speed breaker with all it's wheels in the air, due to such low ground clearance, Ferrari will get stuck on every big speed breaker that we have. The traffic is so bad that one can hardly drive at a speed of 100 kmph on highway, so what's the point in having a Ferrari, where you can't even drive it at a high speed?
    Better to sell it and make money.

  • raman maurya
    raman maurya 7 months ago

    I really enjoyed....

  • Naveen Phogat
    Naveen Phogat 7 months ago

    4:30 Gandu tu cycle le le

  • Gaming World
    Gaming World 7 months ago

    Feminist spotted 5:20

  • JustFUN
    JustFUN 8 months ago

    Used to live there..... Any galgotian

  • Suvi Rathore
    Suvi Rathore 8 months ago

    Paaji had business mind... Pretty obvious answers it was like me speaking to the questionnaire

    FORMAL FOR FORMALITY 8 months ago

    i dont know why you just have 500K

  • mickey
    mickey 9 months ago

    These hoes aint loyal

  • rohan ak
    rohan ak 9 months ago

    1:57 gold diggers

    YOGESH CHATURVEDI 9 months ago

    Monali thakur

  • Venugopal N.V.
    Venugopal N.V. 9 months ago


  • Trac table
    Trac table 9 months ago

    4:19 carrect man

  • Ankita Tarale
    Ankita Tarale 9 months ago

    That boy in black jacket looks like "Dhanush"

  • Prince Roy
    Prince Roy 9 months ago

    anyday i will be loving supercars

  • Ayush Thakur
    Ayush Thakur 9 months ago

    I hope the day will come soon when I'll get the chance to get featured in ur video!!!
    Nd yes I'll love ur videos and especially the type of questions u ask!!💗

  • Ayush Thakur
    Ayush Thakur 9 months ago

    So to get featured in ur video I hv to wait for 2 yes. Chlo no problem
    Nd thnxx for replying!!💗

    • Quick Reaction Team
      Quick Reaction Team  9 months ago

      No no , you can still meet us before and get featured . Auto expo would take 2 years . Also, bro you can support us by pressing the bell button of our channel. Would mean a lot to us

  • Ayush Thakur
    Ayush Thakur 9 months ago

    Will you please make another video next year at Auto exp 2019 coz I too wanna join ur video, so please will u make it!!

    • Quick Reaction Team
      Quick Reaction Team  9 months ago

      Definitely brother. It would be pleasure to have you for our show. Also, next Expo would be in 2020 we believe . It happens in every 2 years

  • sushant sharma
    sushant sharma 9 months ago

    5.17 the fuck 🙄🤨

  • Bibin John
    Bibin John 9 months ago

    Singh is king..
    Thumbs up

  • Affan Akela
    Affan Akela 9 months ago

    I would have gone with 10k Nano, selling 50% of them at 50% of the actual price of a Nano is more than the total value of 5 Ferrari 488 included 😁😎😏

  • Ansh Gupta
    Ansh Gupta 9 months ago

    5:30 pagal hai kya?

  • Shrey Singhal
    Shrey Singhal 9 months ago

    THIS close to getting a girlfriend. *googles cheapest super cars*.
    Okay, Ummmm no.

  • Tejas Shekar
    Tejas Shekar 9 months ago

    Actually, BMW is pronounced BM've-iah' 😂

  • Shobhit Kukreti
    Shobhit Kukreti 10 months ago +1

    5:17 par feminism aaya 6:22 pr khtm

  • Ravi kumar
    Ravi kumar 10 months ago

    Q-what would u do first after entering in a beauty parlour
    She- shave my beard first coz girls r nt behind the guys

  • aayush gupta
    aayush gupta 10 months ago

    My mom caught me smoking while i was watching this video

  • Anvit shetty
    Anvit shetty 10 months ago

    Yaaaarrrrr MC BC😢😭😭😡😤 Meri Life mai 1 ladki GF nahi mili yeh Logo ka Maza karke bahut baar hua hai 🤪👹

  • Kuldip Pithava
    Kuldip Pithava 11 months ago

    Hi,Mera one question he ki,koi ek ladka kisi bhi ek ladki ko school time se (means 11 std se)one side love karta ho, 7 shal se and then ladka koi school girl through apni filing vo ladki ko batana chahta ho to vo ladki Kya soche gi uske bare me.
    Kya vo bat karna pasand Kare GI ya nahi ?and
    I tell you one thing 7shal se uska mobile no nahi he,and kabhi bat bhi nahi ki uske sath nahi school me ya nahi bahar and nahi birth date pata bus uske samne aati he tab uska mind stop ho jata he.
    Muje janana he ki koi or ladki hoti to uska reply Kya aata.jab apni filling school girl through Bata he tab.
    please ask this question for every girls.

  • Nitesh kumar Prajapati
    Nitesh kumar Prajapati 11 months ago

    Bhai koi coat main right side wali bandi ko janta hai Kya... she's Damm cute yaar

  • kylie twist
    kylie twist 11 months ago

    5:19 dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gabriel David
    Gabriel David Year ago

    That girl vh batchi si 😂😂
    Pgl si lgi mje 😂😂

  • Rama Laxmi
    Rama Laxmi Year ago


  • Vijay Chary
    Vijay Chary Year ago

    हमारे युवा, लडकियां और लड़के, कितने बहादुर हैं, कितने outspoken, brave and frank with men hain. May their power and "intelligence" increase beyond measure ! :-)


    Mam @5:20 have heavy dose of feminism

  • Tsering Kunzes
    Tsering Kunzes Year ago

    Punjab university b aa jao

    • him Dude
      him Dude 9 months ago

      Questions bhi batao

  • Nikhil Pareek
    Nikhil Pareek Year ago

    1:21 okay...😍😍😍

  • You've just got P U N K E D

    No i will take 10,000 nano and start a company with it.
    I know i m smart. 😁😁😁

  • GauravA cReaction

    I love both supercars and SuperBike

  • Hello
    Hello Year ago

    Singh is smart

  • yashika mishra
    yashika mishra Year ago

    Finally!! One person who thinks like me! @8:12 @sharan sir, if you ever see this comment High5!
    PS. You can buy more than 5 different cars 😋

  • kishan Sharma
    kishan Sharma Year ago

    I will choose 10,000 nanos and start taxi service

  • kishan Sharma
    kishan Sharma Year ago

    Paji is businessman

  • Ritika Soni
    Ritika Soni Year ago

    Sardarji is smart jst like me😎

  • Rahul singh
    Rahul singh Year ago

    Mutual funds ka Itna accha ad kbhi ni dkha

  • amit kumar
    amit kumar Year ago

    Tum sab ko bigaad Kyu rahe ho

  • Baishali Das
    Baishali Das Year ago

    I loved the combos... EPIC 😅😅
    I think its one of the best episodes of QRT ❤

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam Year ago

    Let's imagine this interview is wathing parents of them...

  • Ritu Raj Zerotia
    Ritu Raj Zerotia Year ago

    That 10000 nano question shows how dumb people are..but that sardar smartly answer the question..

  • sajanisama
    sajanisama Year ago

    Quite frankly maine sirf vo intro pe dikh rahi vintage car lover ladki dekhne ke liye ye video dekha bohot khubsurat hai vo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sivarami Reddy Polam

    I loved this video. All the people have given honest views.

  • Human Being
    Human Being Year ago

    maki chut tumhari north India wresten country culture ki tarah hogaya

  • Gaurav Goyal
    Gaurav Goyal Year ago

    I would definetly pick 10000 nano, just calculate the money dude after reselling them, you can get

  • Victor Choudhury
    Victor Choudhury Year ago

    8:10 once a punjab always a punjabi..jai ho