Americans Try Dubai McDonald's

  • Published on May 16, 2018
  • "This could be like a date night..."
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    Dubai pinned on a map of Asia
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  • Zstone Stonefish
    Zstone Stonefish 2 days ago +1


  • Big Mac
    Big Mac 4 days ago

    These two are the most annoying two in buzzfeed. They keep criticizing everything like take it easy it's McDonalds after all

  • Habiba Radwan
    Habiba Radwan 9 days ago

    how did i not know of this also it tastes diffrent because its halal,which means muslim friendly

  • TheFlute Dude
    TheFlute Dude 10 days ago

    Andrew: it's literally just spicy

  • meidraw
    meidraw 11 days ago

    Love the indian music on a video about an arab country from people who scream about how racism and appropriation are bad all the time

  • Namlisa
    Namlisa 11 days ago

    I think they should invent a shouting burger in dubai.

    BLUE TIGER INC. 11 days ago

    I hate how they say:Here we found a McDonald's. When there are literally hundreds of McDonald's. Like 3 in a single Mall,And like 50 on one big highway

  • Mohamed Rakea
    Mohamed Rakea 12 days ago

    The girl in this video not honest

  • Mohamed Rakea
    Mohamed Rakea 12 days ago

    Middle East don’t have curry FYI is india

  • Mohamed Rakea
    Mohamed Rakea 12 days ago

    You guys are not good

  • Reign Drop
    Reign Drop 13 days ago +1

    The meat is zabiha halal, that is why it tastes good. 😉

  • 제씨김
    제씨김 14 days ago

    Bitc it taste like that and it taste good because it’s halal and healthy

  • So On
    So On 16 days ago +1

    The dude needs to chill out though

  • Emma O
    Emma O 17 days ago

    They’re eating halal

  • Oliviã øwø
    Oliviã øwø 18 days ago +1

    I’m from Dubai its never hard to find McDonald’s:P

  • Ayesha Qureshi
    Ayesha Qureshi 18 days ago +1

    That guy looks like he is fed up with his life lol 😩😂

  • Hetisweerzover Jupp
    Hetisweerzover Jupp 19 days ago +1

    I was halfway thru when I found I was watching a buzzfeet video so I barfed a little in my mouth

  • Nazneen Zafran
    Nazneen Zafran 20 days ago

    This guy has to judge everything

  • Z jewel
    Z jewel 20 days ago

    Honey Asian food is all about spicy 🌶🥵😍

  • Death_ XiteZ
    Death_ XiteZ 21 day ago


  • Lord Nerdecon
    Lord Nerdecon 21 day ago

    Why am I watching this when I'm fasting?

  • Kukumar u sarmi noob
    Kukumar u sarmi noob 22 days ago +1

    In Croatia we also have Big tasty burger

  • InayahX_X Ahmed
    InayahX_X Ahmed 23 days ago +2

    I am fasting and watching this! # Torture!
    Who else is fasting?👇
    I have been watching Food Asmr recently and its not the best thing to do in Ramadan!

  • Mohammad Rashid
    Mohammad Rashid 24 days ago

    You guys are the most annoying two in buzzfeed

  • Rafael Suprayogi
    Rafael Suprayogi 25 days ago

    *Asian Burger*

  • muntaha ahmed
    muntaha ahmed 26 days ago

    The dude keeps calling everything generic like what did you expect from McDOnALDs?

  • auza fatima
    auza fatima 28 days ago

    I love the Mcarabian chicken wrap. Like it’s soooo gooood.

  • Layan Mabrouk
    Layan Mabrouk 29 days ago

    You can’t admit that the Arab McDonald’s is waaay better than the American racist McDonald’s

  • Muhammed Abdallah
    Muhammed Abdallah 29 days ago

    should change the title Americans try food in the 51 state

  • HUSSEIN saleh
    HUSSEIN saleh 29 days ago

    I think it is healther and more delicious because it is halal

  • Missy Kurtz
    Missy Kurtz 29 days ago

    I wouldn't say drunk in Dubai

  • XKawaiiiX
    XKawaiiiX 29 days ago +1

    Now I wanna eat this sooooo badly but I can’t because I’m fasting 😭

    EXBZZZ 29 days ago

    Btw the asian was just a limited edition

  • Deep
    Deep Month ago +1

    It looks fancy !!

  • Dana Hantash
    Dana Hantash Month ago

    Am from u.a.e and I live in Dubai "omg"

  • etc arief
    etc arief Month ago

    Can someone get me that girl's ig acc AHAHAHAHAH

  • Aisha Mahjoub
    Aisha Mahjoub Month ago

    Let me make something clear for once. In the Middle East we don't eat curry lol. We don't make it we don't taste it, it's not in our culture it's not a tradition it's only in India and the east but in the middle east no one eats curry and I've literally never had curry in my whole life 😂😂

  • Bendagger
    Bendagger Month ago

    Why is there desi music playing in the background of an Arab based video? Smh common buzzfeed you have enough money to do proper research to be more authentic with the conteny you put out

  • Mozoon
    Mozoon Month ago

    Mac Fries in Dubai tastes waaaaay much better than US Mac fries! and the asian is the best! its a seasonal burger which i haven't had in a while!!

  • Maya Yılmaz
    Maya Yılmaz Month ago

    They need to try Turkish mc donalds

  • Maya Muhammedbrhan
    Maya Muhammedbrhan Month ago

    The man complains too much 😑😑

  • Humaid Al Marar
    Humaid Al Marar Month ago

    Is the best

  • Very Exhausted
    Very Exhausted Month ago

    McArabia is the best 😋

  • Kat Sälkini
    Kat Sälkini Month ago

    "They tried" lol welcome to Dubai you get everything what you paid for! Even for fastfoods.

  • Eissa Alrashdi
    Eissa Alrashdi Month ago

    Uae is better than usa

  • S
    S Month ago

    I love middle eastern mcdonalds more than the normal places

  • Layan Khurmi
    Layan Khurmi Month ago

    2:00 umm.. that was rude.

  • Ohmypinkytoe
    Ohmypinkytoe Month ago

    Couple of snobs...

  • Athira G.Menon
    Athira G.Menon Month ago

    Americans eating "Indian" food just cracks me up.

  • PVPTopic
    PVPTopic Month ago +2

    Human? Life
    Life? McDonald's
    McDonald's? Big Mac
    Hotel? Trivago

  • Queen B
    Queen B Month ago +1

    I would love to see Dubai. but IA m soooo broke.

  • pOtAtO aLfReDo
    pOtAtO aLfReDo Month ago

    Guys chill... When they say "unique" it means it's better then the US McDonalds they just don't wanna admit it cuz they're from the US.
    Btw if u ever go to Saudi Arabia or Dubai try the McDonalds it's sooooo much better than the American one no offense.

  • Zaina Jadalla
    Zaina Jadalla Month ago

    All my life in Dubai I never saw these lmao

  • v_x mimi x_v
    v_x mimi x_v Month ago

    the Macdonald is actually good in the UAE

  • andy shen
    andy shen Month ago

    What did ya except they are white AMERICANS the only tasty food they enjoy is potato salad

  • shahad Nana
    shahad Nana Month ago

    There is MacDonalds almost every where in UAE I was born there I lived there my whole lifeeeeee but now I am traveling around the world Dubai is in UAE

  • abdul basit
    abdul basit Month ago

    Who thinks the man in this video is like Sanji in One piece?

  • Dj Chris
    Dj Chris Month ago

    I don’t get how these people eat so many burgers without getting full lmao

  • Always Clean
    Always Clean Month ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay wannabe

  • Dailylifeof Khasim
    Dailylifeof Khasim Month ago

    I wanna go to Dubai now😭

  • Rizwan Razaq
    Rizwan Razaq Month ago

    Wow how much food they go throw.

  • The Punisher
    The Punisher Month ago +1

    For me, Arabic Macdonalds is better only because it’s halal, they have more McFlurries and their spicy food is actually spicy

  • Bees Buzz
    Bees Buzz Month ago +3

    Of course this is recommended to me during Ramadan.

    • Queen B
      Queen B Month ago

      Ramadan Kareem, and same lol

  • alanood almuhairi
    alanood almuhairi Month ago +1

    Why do they always think that India and Dubai are related in some way I literally don't get why this video has Indian musicc😂

    • Kat Sälkini
      Kat Sälkini Month ago

      Sure is! which is kinda funny. Most of the westerners think that way. There's a huge difference between hummus and curry! 😂😂😂

  • Sai Kaushal
    Sai Kaushal Month ago

    Why tf does dubai have McAloo tikki? Isn't that indian.

  • Pak Aviator
    Pak Aviator Month ago

    Menu mixture of India and Pakistan

  • Mohammed Rashid
    Mohammed Rashid Month ago

    For God's sake, it's McDonald's not some fancy French place. Why are they acting very snobby

  • Amna Khalid
    Amna Khalid Month ago +1

    I was born and raised in Dubai, now I moved to Sydney and I think that Australia has the beeeesssst Mcdonalds!!! Amazing taste and and everything tastes better. When I used to live in Dubai, I never really enjoyed Mcdonald’s there, always had Shake Shack and Hardees lol. Ps, in Sydney we do have some halal Mecca’s (Aka Mcdonalds) lol ;) always go to halal Mcdonald’s and have Quarter pounder or Chicken Big mac 🙂

  • SMpro
    SMpro Month ago

    just to point out aloo means potato in telegu

  • Teen Wolf
    Teen Wolf Month ago +1

    Mc aloo tikki is from INDIA

  • Amelia Crasto
    Amelia Crasto Month ago

    When I went to dubai I tried the mcarabien wrap it tasted hopeless

  • ItzlemonYT
    ItzlemonYT Month ago +1

    Mcdonalds but the look of the burger is good

  • savitri milosdini
    savitri milosdini Month ago +3

    Dubai is a city, the country is United Arab Emirates

  • Dileep raju
    Dileep raju Month ago

    Do people at buzzfeed need to do videos like these for getting food allowances ?

  • Abdalla Babikir
    Abdalla Babikir Month ago +1

    Wish we had halal options in Canada. Haven't tried McDonalds since left Saudi Arabia, sadly.

  • Dakota Stonger
    Dakota Stonger 2 months ago

    the guy < the girl

  • SSK Sama
    SSK Sama 2 months ago

    just cut it to half T_T
    why u eat in other side ?

  • bcnonken
    bcnonken 2 months ago


  • Ty
    Ty 2 months ago

    I’ve tried the Big Mac chicken I wish we have it in the US

  • Batmans Bitch
    Batmans Bitch 2 months ago

    And I stg all McDonald’s is better and healthier than American McDonald’s

  • Batmans Bitch
    Batmans Bitch 2 months ago

    I love how he called it a micaloo 😂😂😂😂😂

  • RJ Bros
    RJ Bros 2 months ago

    I live quite close to there

  • ___K.S___ official___
    ___K.S___ official___ 2 months ago +1

    جخفض خفف جع
    نناخهف حتنااقبيص

  • Daud Studios
    Daud Studios 2 months ago

    Try Pakistan McDonald’s

  • h3shmi
    h3shmi 2 months ago +2

    thats not dubai i live in dubai

  • Denis Pepic
    Denis Pepic 2 months ago +1

    Im a muslim and im really afraid to go local mcdonalds in serbia cause im worried it wont be halal

    MATAM 2 months ago +1

    0:22 "Looks exactly the same as a Big Mac. Just a bit lighter brown" Lol, is he colorblind?

  • billy belcaro
    billy belcaro 2 months ago +1

    1:33 ...and some orange sauce. :D on yer head!

  • Galaxy Chan
    Galaxy Chan 2 months ago

    Please visit saudi arabia in jeddah

  • мσzlуу
    мσzlуу 2 months ago +5

    I live in the UAE and mc arabia chicken is THE BEST

  • Celestiqq
    Celestiqq 2 months ago

    Dubai made a Burger called Asian , How Racist.🤣

    • Kat Sälkini
      Kat Sälkini Month ago

      Middle easterns are considered Asians too.. so..?

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen 2 months ago +1

    There was a typo for exactly at 0:21 lmao

  • Quartlex
    Quartlex 2 months ago

    Who tf goes to Dubai to eat MCdonalds

  • gaming master
    gaming master 2 months ago

    Do Bangladesh kfc

  • Clark Panganiban
    Clark Panganiban 2 months ago +1

    I live in Dubai my whole life The mcdonalds is healthy

  • theMcWOPPER
    theMcWOPPER 2 months ago

    These people are terrible reviewers. Especially the dude.

  • Elle Edit's
    Elle Edit's 2 months ago

    Omg ur making me hungre and a fact i am from dubie but another emeret

  • Jana Ayman
    Jana Ayman 2 months ago

    As I remember the Asian burger was a limited time I think

  • bader alloush
    bader alloush 2 months ago

    I’ve lived in Dubai 16 years and their McDonalds is the best! They deliver as well for free!

  • Saud Qahtani
    Saud Qahtani 2 months ago

    spicy mcchicken its the best only in Middle East