How PM Modi Won: Decoding Tsu-Namo

  • Published on Jun 4, 2019
  • Reality Check analyses how PM Narendra Modi and the BJP won the 2019 elections with a massive majority, despite the patchy state of economy.
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Comments • 763

  • Prathamesh Kulkarni
    Prathamesh Kulkarni 2 days ago

    are yaar kitna rooge ho gaya election aa gaye modiji

  • Nandini .Pai
    Nandini .Pai 2 days ago

    Did NTDV/Print/Yoya etc imagine that people of India would trust Rahul Gandhi/Lalu/Mulayam/Momota/Stalin/Yechuri and the rest of the gang to provide even competent leadership as Prime Minister of this complex country ?

  • Devashish Sonowal
    Devashish Sonowal 3 days ago +1

    Here just to see their pain😋😋😋

  • Pandey Ranjay
    Pandey Ranjay 5 days ago

    NDTV intellectuals are still baffled and have not yet digesting modi victory with even bigger margin.
    In spite of praising the govt to keep inflation below 3.5 % for consecutive 5 years and their fiscal discipline to keep fiscal deficit below 3.5% .
    Keep your propaganda machine running for another 10 years.

  • Lion Of Aryavarta
    Lion Of Aryavarta 5 days ago


  • A R Sundararajan
    A R Sundararajan 7 days ago

    NDTV and Rahul are both I think BJP's B team; ithna kundak chadthahein Hinduvonko yeh channel dekkhar bas poocho math.

  • bhavani prakash
    bhavani prakash 8 days ago

    NDTV crying up to 2024

  • durgesh choudhary
    durgesh choudhary 12 days ago

    Very sad ,so called intellectual didn't recognize real issues,and unnecessary points are discussed by them

    MOHAN MENON 12 days ago

    If the economy was in good shape from 1947 to 2000 why do we STILL have over 80 crore INDIANS in need of FOOD SECURITY ? BJP was not in power during those years - it was COngress lone for 50 years. So the poor Indian knows that apart from Modi there has been no leader who cared for them

  • Ravi Narula
    Ravi Narula 12 days ago

    Please note none in opposition has a record of good governance and delivery in their side to get trust of people

    MOHAN MENON 13 days ago

    Few Muslims voted for BJP THAT WAS NOT POLARIZATION for the "Anchor" But increase in Hindus vote share of the BJP IS. In a Hindu majority country in order to win a candidate would have to secure more and more Hindus votes. So to win, a BJP candidate ( others too ) must get more and more Hindu votes -- BUT if he gets them THEN ACCORDING TO THE MUTT WHO IS PONTIFICATING --- IT IS POLARIZATION. Does the idiot expect the BJP candidate to go and get CHINESE VOTES to win ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MOHAN MENON 13 days ago

    What the asses are trying to attribute is that farm crisis, unemployment, malnutrition etc all arrived in India with PM Modi getting elected in 2014.

    MOHAN MENON 13 days ago

    Farmers have voted for BJP in spite of farm crisis because they know PM Modi is sincerely working for the good of the common man. For the farmer, farm crisis is an every year issue - either drought or floods most of the time. If economy was booming from 1947 to 2014 then why at the end of UPA 2 did they say that 80 crore Indians need FOOD SECURITY COVER ...... when the total population of India was around 33 crore in 1947 after partition

  • Vinay Khandelwal
    Vinay Khandelwal 13 days ago

    This panel pretends to be "oh so knowledgeable" posture, they, inspite of SPIT ON THEIR FACE by the electorate, continue with their pretense of "oh so knowledgeable" !!!!! 2024? same- SPIT ON THEIR FACE!!

    MOHAN MENON 15 days ago

    If Muslims vote en masse for the Congress then it is not polarization -- it is the highest form of SECULARISM on display But when the Hindus vote share of the BJP goes up -- that becomes polarization . Must we listen to such idiotic talk !

    MOHAN MENON 15 days ago

    You should have given State wise Muslim votes for BJP

  • Achal Dhir
    Achal Dhir 15 days ago

    This Bihari was predicting BJP will be 100 seats less than 2014, till last day.

  • menov73
    menov73 16 days ago

    NDTV knew there was a agrarian crisis which even the farmers did not know 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hemant Kumar
    Hemant Kumar 16 days ago

    Ye yogendra yadav modi ka virodh karte karte mar jayega

  • Radhesh Krish
    Radhesh Krish 17 days ago

    Most of the ppl are employed in my neighbourhood.

  • Radhesh Krish
    Radhesh Krish 17 days ago

    No one is going to vote with the thought that employment is lowest in the last 45 years.

  • Pallabi Dutta
    Pallabi Dutta 18 days ago

    NDTV is upset Modi has won and not congress. Reaction on the anchors case clearly showed whom they favoured.

  • Vijay NV
    Vijay NV 18 days ago

    The flag bearers of Lutyens cabal are collectively crying about the triumph of the Son of the soil

  • Dilip Deshpande
    Dilip Deshpande 19 days ago

    Vasus Mamata example exposes his hypocrisy. Mamata was blatantly pro Muslims and not just that she was anti Hindu too. She ignored constitution , refused to speak to PM, refused to accept country PM as her PM. She resorted to killing people. AND she is picture post person for VAsu. This where people called the bluff of pseudo secularism by NDTV

  • Dilip Deshpande
    Dilip Deshpande 19 days ago +1

    The GDP growth largely remained above 7 %. Vasu is selective in throwing data

  • Dilip Deshpande
    Dilip Deshpande 19 days ago +1

    Vasu, doesn’t want to mention about inflation!

  • Dilip Deshpande
    Dilip Deshpande 19 days ago

    Vasu, doesn’t want even mention corruption! Modiji has fantastic record of being incorruptible

  • Dilip Deshpande
    Dilip Deshpande 19 days ago

    The data on unemployment is highly debatable. First it’s survey and not hard fact. Secondly, there is no organised method of counting data in unorganised sector! So it more for headlines! The fact is far different to the survey results

  • Dilip Deshpande
    Dilip Deshpande 19 days ago

    Just because minorities did not vote, how does that conclude Hindu consolidation? Congress has got such support across society many times, that time it was not Muslim consolidation! NDTV should see a doctor

  • Dilip Deshpande
    Dilip Deshpande 19 days ago

    The fact the Modi govt did something for every section, every section voted for BJP! NDTV us trying very hard to negate this fact!

  • Dilip Deshpande
    Dilip Deshpande 19 days ago

    Not mean it’s Hindu consolidation. That’s preposterous

  • Dilip Deshpande
    Dilip Deshpande 19 days ago

    Extremely poor analysis and baised as usual. The fact that Muslims and minorities , does

  • Hans Raj
    Hans Raj 20 days ago

    Channel like your played a very important role in BJP victory...

  • Ladi Singh
    Ladi Singh 20 days ago

    You morons. You ppl forget the Muslim women votes.i am 100% sure that many Muslim women voted for Modi without telling anybody in family even they hide the emotions for Modi in daily life but when they entered in polling booth.they pressed the BJP button. Believe it or not but that’s truth.u ppl must do critical search

  • BABA
    BABA 20 days ago

    ndtv will always remain baffled.... dumbassssssss😁

  • BABA
    BABA 20 days ago

    jitni baar bhi ndtv ke aise vedios dekho utni zyada santushti milti hai😜😂😂

  • girly msgirly
    girly msgirly 21 day ago +1

    Reports hindu. Lol.
    New findinding in old bottle.
    Shame on you editior.

  • Manish Raj
    Manish Raj 22 days ago

    This anchor did not allow BJP spokes person to complete even one statement in opening round. Being a proud bhakt let me tell you, your chutiyaap also added a lot in securing this victory. I wish you continue supporting so called Teacher's son and poor Kanahiya, that will keep boosting our moral.

  • Arun Pennathur
    Arun Pennathur 22 days ago

    Shameless NDTV and the panel members. Yogendra Yadhav is reasoning out correctly but with Frustration. Hey FOOLS, dont you simply understand that any thing Anti Hindus and any party which is Anti Hindus will never succeed the election ? India is not the India 30 years back. BJP is not only consolidating Hindus but also concentrating Development work. Wonders have been delivered in the last five years and obviously the panel fools will never highlight that because they hate Shri Modiji for no reason. Fools and Idiots of the NDTV and their panel members.. Wake up.. If you have any shame, please call the general public for debates like this.. You will be exposed.. Fools.. you are shameless.

  • Suresh Polali
    Suresh Polali 23 days ago

    There has to be a blanket ban on caste wise vote share analysis in Television Channel. We are secular country caste should be a purely private affair and election should be completely caste free.

    There needs to be legislation to curb this discussion -- This is not freedom of speech - This is breaking India. Any discussion on caste religion should be completely banned through law as our constitution is secular.

    BJP never used caste religion in their campaign -- The communal tag given to BJP is purely figmentation of the imagination of Lutyens Delhi Media. Nationalism is not communalism - BJP is nationalistic party

  • pragyaditya rawal
    pragyaditya rawal 23 days ago

    Hahahahhaha chutiyaas....Hindustan hai to Hindus will decide only....who cares for so called 20 percent skull caps

  • Kishore Kollipara
    Kishore Kollipara 23 days ago

    I am 500th person disliked this
    These people never changes and want to support there anti BJP thoughts

  • Basava Raju
    Basava Raju 24 days ago

    NDTV which was under illusion of congress getting 207 seats is under great discomfort unable to understand reality but still under excuse searching mode.

  • dreder collen
    dreder collen 25 days ago

    Highly discredited media NDTV

  • Prerna Srivastava
    Prerna Srivastava 25 days ago

    They are still not over this. 😂😂

  • Prafull Shelke
    Prafull Shelke 26 days ago

    The problem lies in your wordings:
    Hindus vs minority. Why to malign hindus? Couldn't you say majority vs minority. Hope you learn

  • Suresh Polali
    Suresh Polali 29 days ago

    Modi wave or tsunami is created by Modi himself by very clean politics of honesty integratity and courage in handling tough decision
    Demonitization actually won hearts of large section of people in urban and rural
    Trying to analyse with same yardstick of caste is going to fail. PM MODI surpassed all cast barrier through genuine welfRe scheme which people could actually get. A run away success of LPG SCHEME showed poor people the power of good governance. When is directly credited to Jan Dhan account in full people got empowered and need not depend on those touts in govt offices.
    Modi kindled goodness in everyone .
    NDTV endlessly analyse why congress lost. This is not congress losing.. This is resounding victory for goodness.
    Sachin Pilot one rare good person in congress at the end dumped for more corruption friendly person as CM
    It is waste of time talking about congress

  • Indian Citizen
    Indian Citizen Month ago

    I have unsubscribed to all NDTV channels on Tatasky since I find them blatantly anti Hindu. They are mentally sick. Not worth watching.

  • Khimji Vaghjiani
    Khimji Vaghjiani Month ago

    Yogendra yadav is so annoying thinks he is such an intellectual

  • Khimji Vaghjiani
    Khimji Vaghjiani Month ago

    Srinivasan wanker stopping the bjp speaker from talking all the time. Spewing rubbish stats all the time

  • Khimji Vaghjiani
    Khimji Vaghjiani Month ago

    Srinivasan wanker stopping the bjp speaker from talking all the time

  • Khimji Vaghjiani
    Khimji Vaghjiani Month ago

    Seinivas jain - such an arsehole. Talks all negative. Rubbish about economy. Growing at 6-7% and crying

  • Khimji Vaghjiani
    Khimji Vaghjiani Month ago

    Such rubbish ! Just the start gives the nstv game away

  • Dhananjay Bhatt
    Dhananjay Bhatt Month ago

    as long as the purpose is only to beat bjp and bjp has purpose of serving the nation no one can beat bjp

  • Vinay Raj
    Vinay Raj Month ago

    You NDTV still didn't able to read people mind ,just like before you always try to tell there is unemployment,economic distress just like RBI spokes personal.please at least now try to rethink what you think about this country. I know you people need another 5 years to digest this fact.

  • Aliy Yila
    Aliy Yila Month ago

    Did the same EVMs used in poll booths reach the counting centres?

  • Shakila Gopalakrishnan

    Take a chill pill . Its simple. People read through all your intellectual lies and nonsense. All your 5 years of Anti -Modi Propaganda made lot of people take notice to your false propaganda . You had no sense of responsibility about the welfare of the country where minority appeasement is your priority at the cost of the country. You all can really sell your soul for money and your selfish luxuries. Keep sincerely finding out why Modi won for another five years spreading more lies and silly debates.

  • Sajan Thomas
    Sajan Thomas Month ago

    Whatever reasons you attribute, the core factor is EVM and a puppet or intimidated Election Commission to work as facilitator for the clandestine operations of manipulation

  • pom dutta
    pom dutta Month ago


  • ajaykumarbigjos swami

    योगेन्द्र यादव :- मै तो वोटर का कॉलर पकड़ कर थप्पड़ मार कर बोलून्गा.... यू इडीयट....
    मोदी को वोट दिया.... 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • ajaykumarbigjos swami

    ndtv,prnav roy, rabbish kumar..... how modi won??????????????
    hamne to...... 5 saal, berojagaari, gdp, jobs, loktantar, alpsankhayak, dalit.. ka vidhva vilap kiya.... tha......
    how bjp won....

  • CAL123
    CAL123 Month ago

    There may have been problems in the last 5 years but do you think Indians thought pappu was the alternative.? Nobody on this channel has the guts to ask the important question .when will Congress free itself from the Gandhi's.

  • CAL123
    CAL123 Month ago



    Don't worry after winning west bengal and more assembly seat triple talaq ,Uniform civil code,NRC in west bengal bill will pass in Rajya sabha with out JDU help and secular gang..Develop infrastrue sure for job..

  • Anuj Chadha
    Anuj Chadha Month ago

    Ndtv people, pls come out of Air conditioned room, travel in train, buses, see how things have changed in last 4 years. Common people will not worry about economic numbers. They will only feel how their day to day life has improved. Inflation has remained in the reach of middle class. Economy is steady or in decline is because real estate sector growth is negative, telecom sector is suffering due to competitive pricing and many more cumulative chain effects. These all reasons are actually benefiting middle/lower middle class people...
    Disliked the vdo

  • Rohit Mohite
    Rohit Mohite Month ago +1

    Because you are anti hindu

  • rahulbosebose1
    rahulbosebose1 Month ago

    Biggest slice of the BJP vote is Hindu majority. Hindu majority in India silently supports killings and violence against minorities. Media just cant admit the truth about the Indian people.
    They like and support people like Modi, yogi, pragya. Anyone who will discriminate and kill minorities on their behalf.

  • Rajesh Sharma
    Rajesh Sharma Month ago

    Aisa lag raha hai jaise koi shoksabha chal rahi ho.Inke chehre to dekho.

  • Vishal Thackeray
    Vishal Thackeray Month ago

    Yogendra Yadav is still relevant??

  • Mathew Edwards
    Mathew Edwards Month ago

    Yogendra Yadav never mentions his caste in killing muslims.

  • Sudhir K R
    Sudhir K R Month ago

    Vasu and NDTV seem to be distraught that Modi and BJP won..they can’t digest that.. they are at a loss for words..very negative in their outlook..journalistic ethics say you need to be balanced, but alas it is NDTV!!

  • Jaya Kumar
    Jaya Kumar Month ago

    If minority can unite to get benefit... Then what is wrong in majority unity

  • Jaya Kumar
    Jaya Kumar Month ago

    Ndtv guys still could not quer the itching... Consult a skin doctor for a drastic treatment... Itchguard may also can be used

  • Manoj Oza
    Manoj Oza Month ago

    Anchors and penal members OF ndtv try their best to undermine MODI by all possible angles. They would back leftist and separatist, self appointed inteligensia, arm chair media and so called experts who only create their own data, analyse them and shed crocodile tears. Their icons are KANHAIYA KUMAR and professors of JNU and of farmer crisis, economic crisis, demonetisation, GST again and again, GIVING THEM maximum air time while total blind eye to any positive aspect across country. YET they claim to be independent and neutral individualS.THEY are so happy that BJP DID NOT win in south, but forget that BJP has WON IN 80% OF INDIA and massives progress in WB EVEN WHILE THEY PROJECTED NEGATIVITY TO LIMIT. EVEN take some solace in JAGAN and STALIN as if these politicians are best for INDIA.

  • Manoj Oza
    Manoj Oza Month ago

    Completely biased and turning blind eye to leftist and vote bank politicians and in open support of separatist elements of Kashmir, making every possible attempt to project defeat of BJP, these anchors are now projecting their own analysis for victory of Modi. Media like yours is one reason for this victory as people could see through your game.

  • Muthukumarswami M
    Muthukumarswami M Month ago

    why did you put out Christians and Sikh %...

  • Manohar Mann
    Manohar Mann Month ago +1

    Indian voters do not get brainwashed by urbane, socialist talking journos and psephologists any longer. You may go hoarse, but the Indian voter has come of age. NDTV - the anti - India channel.

  • Dhananjay K
    Dhananjay K Month ago +1

    Pro Pakistan TV NDTV

  • Rajesh K
    Rajesh K Month ago +2

    NDTV still try to pool people, it's not 2004 it's 2019 people educated well so try to change your prapaganda NDTV

  • Yash Negi
    Yash Negi Month ago

    Yogendra Yadav is correct

  • anand kale
    anand kale Month ago +1

    Randi tv walo tum log kb sudharoge Yaar tumhari gaand ka kidaa kb marega

  • Manish Thapliyal
    Manish Thapliyal Month ago

    These people's are going to only analyse about vote % ,freedom of speech , Hindu terror in upcoming years

  • bhavani prakash
    bhavani prakash Month ago

    Their faces are worth watching

  • Samson 777
    Samson 777 Month ago

    There's something called EVM tampering EVM source code is made in india by modi bhakt rajat moona .uk , Germany , America don't use EVM Japan makes EVM bt doesn't use EVM only ballot paper.

  • devashish raval
    devashish raval Month ago +1

    The anchor is suffering from depression.... NDTV expects modi government to solve all problems like unemployment, economy and others as if modi has 6 infinity stones and a golden glove. They just throw negative numbers and ignore many other positive factors and they call themselves liberals. The real liberals knew before balakot that modi will win 2019 elections. Because they saw that as of this moment India has no alternative of Modi. Had Congress party shown some tolerance and projected Raghuram Rajan or a person with equal abilities as prime minister, modi might have faced some tough competition. Till Rahul Gandhi is heading Congress, modi will not face any problem in winning general elections. I would also add that although majority of people of India are not intellectuals, they have enough common sense to vote as per type of elections. BJP lost 3 states because the state cadre did not work well. The same people voted for modi in general elections because people know better.

  • Sreeram P A
    Sreeram P A Month ago +1

    Why is the NDTV desperate to defeat Modi and BJP? No discussion on what government should or should not do.
    First, this election proved beyond doubt that for the Lok Sabha elections, caste is no longer a factor. Religion was a factor because of incidents that happened which were highlighted by the media and the opposition to create a fear psychosis. These incidents were deplorable, but unfortunately, the media which highlighted them did not get the right traction, because they were percieved to be biased, and rightly so (see how you are asking how BJP can be defeated just a couple of weeks after their massive victory). Thevreal problem for the opposition is thier lack of credibility - their interest only in a vote bank, and their attitude that they own these vote banks.
    The other major issue is that of the media - who have consistently tried to project a one sided picture. I see a lot of votes going to BJP, just because the media (NDTV being the leader here), constantly painting a false picture of the government at the Centre for the evils of a few - and these reports have been blatantly and shamefully biased. Scream when one side is wrong and either be quiet or openly support the other side when they are wrong. Keep doing this and you will gain TRP but lose people who's support you want for the opposition.
    Public have very short memory. But they tend to remember something that's drilled down day in and day out.
    What this election has shown beyond doubt is that Modi thrives on being called names - implicitly (as the media does) or explicitly (as the Congress does). Come out of your glass houses, start doing the right things - call every spade a spade, not what suits you. This is a free advice to both the media and the opposition. Otherwise, you will see a lot more of Modi for a long time to come - like it or not.

  • Vidisha Roy
    Vidisha Roy Month ago

    Yogendra Yadav makes absolute sense

  • Manjunath Laksh
    Manjunath Laksh Month ago +3

    NDTV: How PM Modi won? Even though we tried everything to make him lose. NDTV is introspecting more than the opposition. :)

  • harjot mahal
    harjot mahal Month ago +1

    NDTV can never recover from the TSUNAMO that hit them!!!

  • Bornagain Human
    Bornagain Human Month ago +1

    Can anybody explain how the poor in india are concerned about this so called gdp figures ? They were built toilets and basic amenities were provided by this gov. Obviously theirs was a positive vote for the bjp. while the opposition tried to keep hindus divided so that the poor and disadvantaged amongst them continue to live in abject poverty, the bjp focussed on basics. How difficult is it to understand ?

  • Ajay Bagati
    Ajay Bagati Month ago +1

    Can't help laughing at this self styled genius economist Srinivas of NDTV. He thinks people on streets and in villages will be bothered about or understand what GDP is or whether Growth rate was 7% ot 6%. For common people, economy means prices of the daily use items or food items which BJP govt had very effectively kept under control. These AC cabin journos should work in the fields and talk to people on streets.

    PARTHO SEN Month ago +4

    This is really laughable. These people are going nuts, over how Modi won.
    Even a person with low iq knows , why n how.
    He tries.
    He is honest n sincere.
    He is a believer

  • shashank gautam
    shashank gautam Month ago +1

    The look at anchors face is enough to show how NDTV was being fed by Congress over the years.. it's like they lost their master, now where to go..these people still can't digest the verdict by people of India..who cares what ignorant lol like you feel..Shame on such journalism !!

  • subhrajit majumder
    subhrajit majumder Month ago +2

    Everyone forgets one large point, the biggest chunk of the growth and economy or money mostly benefits metro cities or very large cities the other parts of the country never gets anything.
    Under the modi government the poor got something who had never seen any benefit before without bribes.
    The rest of India other than metro or large cities do not care about economic factors they care more about what we actually get, even if the economy grows the benefits will be enjoyed by metros only or elites.
    The day when the poor actually get benefits, only then will economy ever become a bigger factor.
    Every one of you think about economy but forget that the people who got jobs or benefit from growth live in metro or large cities, they live away from home and are unable to vote due to not being present during election in his home.

  • Mahinder Rawat
    Mahinder Rawat Month ago +5

    NDTV have pain in stomach for how BJP won.

  • MY Voice
    MY Voice Month ago

    More than BJP it's the media that do polarisation with this kind of analysis.

  • Truth speaker
    Truth speaker Month ago

    Balakot gave 3 to I wont surprise to see these experts fail again in 2024.

  • kumar pratyush
    kumar pratyush Month ago

    Many say that the voters supporting bjp were polarised. If that's so, then HOW did bjp polarise a large chunk of the population in just 5 years?? But what matters most is WHY was that population polarised??

  • Vikram Singh Sher gill

    Wait and watch what emotional Indian make a mistake in 2019 country going to pay big time

  • Vidya Madamanchi
    Vidya Madamanchi Month ago +1

    You always call people who talk and think like you