Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel | Secrets Featurette

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • Silence your 📟. No spoilers. 😉 Enjoy Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, now playing in theaters:
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Comments • 203

  • Shivam Santoshrao Bornale

    Because of nick know, the avengers are split after civil war. But they don't know the all super heroes bussy with Thenos uncle.
    So he finely want to help of Captain Marvel aunty....

  • Hela Goddess Of Death
    Hela Goddess Of Death 24 days ago

    Because fury had a Thor. He didn't need to page the other dude.

  • Fufungfang Uppagara

    It can be an answer for Avengers end game.

    WRESTLE INDIA Month ago

    Brie is so cute

  • Abreet
    Abreet Month ago

    Oh my god you very beautiful

  • Akhil Suryadevara
    Akhil Suryadevara Month ago

    Stop keeping these kind of videos just to increase the popularity!

  • Kyle Atkins
    Kyle Atkins Month ago

    I've got a bigger question, how did Mar-vel get her hands on the tesseract when Howard Stark (founding member of S.H.I.E.L.D) found it first?

  • muhd jefri
    muhd jefri Month ago +2

    Some youtuber are toxic.
    Their just want viewer on their video.
    Just watch the movies. For me,it still good entertainment

  • Mila Karl
    Mila Karl Month ago

    because the director says so.. 😅

    MINECRAFT ZONE Month ago +2

    Some people will not watch endgame

    But not us
    not us

  • Amanda Lindsay
    Amanda Lindsay Month ago +1

    I literally don't get the point of this ..

  • Ryan Bang
    Ryan Bang Month ago +1

    that was very cool

  • kiwil sunny
    kiwil sunny Month ago

    Wooww funy funy funy 😁

  • super Time
    super Time Month ago

    Captain Vietnam

  • Golden Light Pictures

    Wow marvel actually addressing it now nice 👍
    I mean have to wait to find out but at least addressing it lol

  • Tony Bruce
    Tony Bruce Month ago

    Brie u look so pretty

  • eff co
    eff co Month ago +8

    Captain marvel was amazing
    I really like this movie🔥😍

  • Anthony Allen
    Anthony Allen Month ago +10

    Samuel L Jackson is the only person that can say absolutely nothing and still get you hyped for a film 😆

  • om patel
    om patel Month ago

    Talos demands ur silence....

  • Jesse Nelson
    Jesse Nelson Month ago

    I am still confused 😕

  • Lalasvncet
    Lalasvncet Month ago

    Y’all rude for this

  • Alberto Ivan
    Alberto Ivan Month ago


  • Jerry Kim Gomez
    Jerry Kim Gomez Month ago +3

    I have seen Captain Marvel 3 times in the theater. It is a great story about friendship, heart, and self discovery. I really like how the writers developed Carol Danvers and everyone else in her circle. Now that we know her better, we will understand her actions in Endgame.

  • sorrowsuperstar10
    sorrowsuperstar10 Month ago

    Oh ..Ok then ...all good then ...I guess ? ...

  • Vinit Badgujar
    Vinit Badgujar Month ago

    what the hell they didn't revealed anything it's not good😖😖😡😡

  • Kenny Nguyen
    Kenny Nguyen Month ago

    Whoever decoded the Mark Ruffalo interview with Jimmy Fallon when he "gave the title away", can you please do the same thing here?

  • Aayush Kakkar
    Aayush Kakkar Month ago

    Seen captain marvel

  • Akmal Danial
    Akmal Danial Month ago

    "Enjoy The Spoilers"

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena Month ago

    Is this Scott Pilgrim or Captain Marvel?

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena Month ago

    What if he was swearing the whole time?

  • The Ghost of Winterfell

    To all the people complaining about the fact that MCU forgot it had a character so powerful until now, and asking why Captain Marvel showed up earlier, let me make you a better question:
    Why the Avengers didn't showed up when "The Mandarin" seemingly killed Tony Stark and kidnapped U.S. President? Why didn't they showed up when a Two-Faced Elf threatened to cover the universe in darkness? Why didn't they showed up when three gigantic Helicarriers locked and loaded were literally SECONDS away of killing hundreds of millions?
    My point is: Don't over think this. You will ruin the MCU to yourself and everyone around you. Don't be this guy.

    • dude Xoxoxo
      dude Xoxoxo 24 days ago

      The Ghost of Winterfell cause they aren’t needed all the time One of them or most of the time a few of them can do it alone. She’s not the most powerful she not stronger than hulk or Thor but have many different powers which makes her powerful STOP EXCUSING UNINCLUSIVE LAZY STORYLINES & BELITTLING FEMALE CHARACTERS she needs a good backstory in endgame or it’s stupid just showing up, they sent Hulk in space when they didn’t need him if he made stories too easy but he had a good story of how & why he came back, where he was, same with Antman should do it with her to its fair.

    • dude Xoxoxo
      dude Xoxoxo 24 days ago

      The Ghost of Winterfell first of all Hulk & Thor are way more powerful if you watched all of marvel films AND Captain Marvel you can tell she is one of the very few powerful female characters around (including in the comics).

    • Puny Stitch
      Puny Stitch Month ago

      +Marcus Adams These people think they didn't happen at the same time because they were not released on the same day. LOL

    • Puny Stitch
      Puny Stitch Month ago

      +The Ghost of Winterfell Lol. Don't limit yourself. Do you want all of those movies to show in cinemas at the same time?

    • Marcus Adams
      Marcus Adams Month ago +1

      People literally asked those questions tho...when they came out...look up any review of those movies during the time, they ask where were the Avengers.

  • Natasha Romanoff
    Natasha Romanoff Month ago +3

    Maybe because he knew that the avengers would actually LOSE this time.

  • Dia KAUR
    Dia KAUR Month ago


  • Filip Ferković
    Filip Ferković Month ago +1

    heres reason: why call her when he have avengers but he call her now because its too much for avengers so that they have help

  • Beefy boi
    Beefy boi Month ago +11

    Because nick fury didn’t NEED her
    He already had the Avengers, so what is the point in making her travel galaxies away to save one planet that’s already cabable of saving themselves. But now that half the UNIVERSE is dead, and the avengers have failed, it means she is needed.

    • Beefy boi
      Beefy boi 22 days ago

      dude Xoxoxo boi what’d that even have to do with my comment lmao

    • dude Xoxoxo
      dude Xoxoxo 24 days ago

      Beefy boi that’s lame male centric tokenism story line like adding Black Panther randomly at lease they had great writers & film makers really making it convincing and actual dialog that questions their actions, from endgame trailers (which could be fake) & pre credits she just shows up, hope there is a back story her story, female characters deserve some dynamics too.

  • Aevoa
    Aevoa Month ago +16

    Higher Further Faster, Baby 😍💪

  • Smita Malhotra
    Smita Malhotra Month ago

    marvel i am waiting for avengers 4 trailer 2

  • Kostas P
    Kostas P Month ago

    "mind blown" haha

  • Rogger Eric
    Rogger Eric Month ago

    i think i got it

  • Walt Stogner
    Walt Stogner Month ago

    Marvel wants to make men weak looking, especially white men. Disney is full of liberal bull crap welcome to the crappie future.

  • Mai Vançon
    Mai Vançon Month ago

    I'll just hack into the system and watch the unedited video.

  • Vijesh Miranda
    Vijesh Miranda Month ago +48

    Yes movie is really good
    Already wached 2 times.
    Guys Don't believe those fake negative reviews in youtubers.
    Just wach film with clear mind
    Then make u own mind.

    • The Ashbricker
      The Ashbricker Month ago

      Haha it was a lot of fun

    • Mula Motivation
      Mula Motivation Month ago +2

      Seen it twice want to go again

    • ritesh sangar
      ritesh sangar Month ago +2

      yeah right movie is awesome i saw last sunday

    • homecmng1
      homecmng1 Month ago +1

      Vijesh Miranda I saw it opening night. Will watch it again on the steelbook I preordered 😎

  • lemonheadguy 2
    lemonheadguy 2 Month ago

    What I need answered is did stan fake his death or are you using a dead man's Twitter to promote your movie.

  • Shazam Masham
    Shazam Masham Month ago


  • Jynn Choo
    Jynn Choo Month ago +2

    Seriously? You gonna exploit your plot holes to promote your movie? You have a briliant marketing team in saving a movie by jeopardizing your whole franchise legacy. What a dishonor to this 10 years of works.

    • Jynn Choo
      Jynn Choo Month ago

      Btw, I don't hate Captain Marvel as a character. I just hate how the directors deliver her origin half-heartedly with all unreasonable screenplay despite the studio have provide them so much of good materials like Fury and Coulson deaging tech, Kree-Skrull war, all competent actors and actress and etc.
      Frankly speaking, I pissed because how that 2 nerd director wasted our Captain Marvel debut movie who named after Marvel studio. This is something Marvel studio should be pisse off about too.

    • Mumbere Ausbel
      Mumbere Ausbel Month ago

      +Jynn Choo well okay

    • Jynn Choo
      Jynn Choo Month ago

      +Mumbere Ausbel Don't you dare try to tell me she came back and not gonna help on any incident at all? My only respect left with her is that she never received Fury call, so that she is not aware of all emergency, so it is not her fault. And you trying to make her a selfish ladylike that? That is beyond selfish character and lazy writing!

    • Mumbere Ausbel
      Mumbere Ausbel Month ago

      +Jynn Choo who told you she hasn't been coming back to earth

    • Jynn Choo
      Jynn Choo Month ago

      Let us count how many emergency incidents we have on earth since 1995 that is a greater threat than Ronan invasion on earth in this movie.
      Incredible Hulk destroy half Manhattan, that one no need Captain Marvel
      1. Thor 1st alien invasion need Captain Marvel to fight s God
      2. Avenger New York incident definetely need her.
      3. Thor Dark World reality crashes in Greenwich need Captain Marvel intergalatic force.
      4. Winter Soldier where Fury faked his death once need Captain Marvel for backup.
      5. Ultron drop a city to genocide earth need Captain Marvel than just a Helicarrier.
      6. Infinity War New York alien invasion need Captain Marvel.
      May be even Maria daughter graduation ceremony and wedding would need her presence too.
      "So page me and I'll be back in 48 hours" ? Just for Maria daughter graduation ain't that bad. Afterall, she is a human who claimed to embraced her humanity in the end of her movie.
      Really, that is a pathetic move, Marvel marketing team.

  • re make
    re make Month ago +12

    I like this movie 10/10

    IRON YOUTUBER Month ago

    I know eh I'm from future and wolverine was the trend

  • Eric Wright
    Eric Wright Month ago

    Also, why in avengers 2012 film, they talked about how they just learned they were aliens on earth and how they were "hilariously" outgunned. What about her?


    Q:Well , why captain Marvel?
    A: Because we should know how fury lost his eye

  • Joe Maloney
    Joe Maloney Month ago

    Too funny...

  • Best of movies & tv

    "This comment was deleted by Rotten Tomattoes"

  • Replect
    Replect Month ago +3

    Brie should be more careful about "how" she communicates certain political things, but I get what she was trying to say. She did fine in the movie and I'm curious to see more of her in that role. Stay strong Brie, and Disney/Marvel, don't listen to those haters asking for a recast of Captain Marvel!

  • khadeja Kotb
    khadeja Kotb Month ago +1

    Marvel what the hell?!

  • The Prince of His Own Kingdom

    Saving her for emergency means none of the battles the Avengers have fought mean anything.

  • Roger Kincaid
    Roger Kincaid Month ago +9

    The fact that the team was named after her, I'd say he wanted her to lead the team all along.
    I don't actually like it, especially given how she's introduced at this stage.

    • Roger Kincaid
      Roger Kincaid 29 days ago

      +Adrienette LadyNoir - Well good it's just a thought. It would seriously undervalue the Avengers as a whole.

    • Adrienette LadyNoir
      Adrienette LadyNoir 29 days ago

      She was introduced in this stage for a reason. She’s honestly capable of saving an entier universe. The avengers capability are more towards saving their homeplanet aka Earth while the next set of heroes or avengers per say are powerful enough to battle the villains who threaten the multiverse. (That’s just a thought doe! not making any assumptions)

    • ramdelure
      ramdelure Month ago

      Agreed Roger

    • T Edwards
      T Edwards Month ago +7

      She just inspired the name and idea for the team, she was the first superhuman defending Earth from aliens so Fury figured he should find some other people capable of doing that

    • Merida watson
      Merida watson Month ago +3

      The team wasnt named "after" her, more like Fury was inspired from what her and what he experienced and set out to find more like her.

  • strike master
    strike master Month ago +5

    watched it was ok could have done without the politics but twas ok

  • The Ravioli Monster

    JUST SAW such a good movie, so last time Fury trusted someone he lost an eye, his name was goose

  • Subrat Shrivastava
    Subrat Shrivastava Month ago +1

    So finally over her thick waist and dirty mindset Brie finally puts makeup and after RU-clip's cooperation in burying her controversial comments she finally starts to promote her movie than burying it.

    • Vijesh Miranda
      Vijesh Miranda Month ago

      Subrat Shrivastava
      Don't believe in those youtubers .
      They hate her because of feminist comment made by Kevin feige.(it'd nothing to do with her if any other actress was in her place situation will be same)
      Marvel fans thanks she will replace our favorite original avenger .but guys she not going to lead or replace anyone from original avenger's she will be addition to avenger's.
      Marvel fans needs to embrace her.

  • Mario Guru
    Mario Guru Month ago

    I thought Sam did all the censor sound effects by himself using his own mouth.

  • Kendale Kyle
    Kendale Kyle Month ago


  • Oscar Ampensah
    Oscar Ampensah Month ago


  • Sanchit Chandra
    Sanchit Chandra Month ago +2

    Surprisingly the question is still unanswered after I have watched the movie

  • Barryallen the flash


  • aditya paul
    aditya paul Month ago +1

    haha .. that was cool !!

  • preran Reddy
    preran Reddy Month ago

    Last comment of the day from India

  • PuggyWuggy Gaming101

    Nick Fury you mother fu-

  • Nicolas Rodriguez
    Nicolas Rodriguez Month ago

    Was a great movie and i really enjoy how Brie interprets to Carol danvers 😊

    SHAUN CAPITAL Month ago +2

    Brie larson's voice is just awesome 👍👍👍👍

  • Totoy Bibo
    Totoy Bibo Month ago +18

    i laughed when nick fury said "motherflerken" to goose🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ALPHA OMEGA Month ago +1

    What i think is!!
    He believed that "AVENGERS" could deal with it...."THE THREATS" will tell if the "AVENGERS" were WORTHY of BEING HEROES...but after CIVIL WAR..AVENGERS broke and FURY can't deal with he called for CAROL DANVERS to control the situation

      ALPHA OMEGA Month ago


  • Absolutemo
    Absolutemo Month ago +2

    I'm not here to hear beep sounds. TELL ME THE TRUTH! RIGHT NOW!

  • Rinaldi Anwar
    Rinaldi Anwar Month ago +10

    Because he didn’t need captain marvel anymore until civil war happens

  • 전성우
    전성우 Month ago

    :27 wow

  • Airamplane123
    Airamplane123 Month ago +4

    Because it's only for emergencies

    • Airamplane123
      Airamplane123 Month ago +2

      +WookieCentral also u should watch the screen rant captain marvel pitch meeting if u haven't already. It's hilarious and also brings up this problem

    • Airamplane123
      Airamplane123 Month ago +2

      +WookieCentral wait, technically they didn't really exist until halfway through the movie...

    • Airamplane123
      Airamplane123 Month ago +2

      +WookieCentral let's just say he thought the Avengers had it covered

    • WookieCentral
      WookieCentral Month ago +3

      Airamplane123 It doesn’t explain why Nick Fury wouldn’t call captain marvel when Loki attacks

    • WookieCentral
      WookieCentral Month ago +3

      Airamplane123 I have

  • Christopher Herbert
    Christopher Herbert Month ago +79

    Frodo: “fine then. Keep your secrets” 😏

    • MrAubery
      MrAubery Month ago

      earth is flat, this is space indoctrination

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford Month ago


  • abdalla altaza
    abdalla altaza Month ago +2

    Because she is amazing in all her ways

  • ubnvuina
    ubnvuina Month ago

    why is bad captain marvel movie and why is haters why is many dislike what is happening ?

    • Mario Guru
      Mario Guru Month ago +1

      Dislike is different than hate.

    • ComaBerenices
      ComaBerenices Month ago +2

      +ubnvuina It was mediocre. British official critics gave it 3 stars out of 5. I'm a woman and I enjoyed "Winter Soldier" (with Sebastian Stan) more than this.

    • ubnvuina
      ubnvuina Month ago

      +ComaBerenices ok or movie good why dislike

    • ComaBerenices
      ComaBerenices Month ago +1

      +srimon stark It's better than Green Lantern and Elektra! (Sarcasm)

    • ComaBerenices
      ComaBerenices Month ago +1

      If someone dislikes a movie they're a "hater"? Wow. Just wow. Did you like all of Madonna's movies? No? Then you're a "hater".

  • S J
    S J Month ago +2

    If you think about it they released Captain Marvel as an answer to Wonder Woman... so in a way Wonder Woman saved the Avengers lol ( I love both characters, peace)

  • TWOR
    TWOR Month ago +4

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    Have a cheerful day or a great night ahead.

    • Nawaz Baig
      Nawaz Baig Month ago

      I subscribed your channel,hope u will do your best,best of luck buddy.

  • DJ Killer
    DJ Killer Month ago

    Marvel you are Mar vel and
    My question what is the message in this video

  • Ugbemugbem Osas
    Ugbemugbem Osas Month ago +157

    If Nick Fury had a special pager to contact Captain Marvel, why'd he wait until half the universe was wiped out before using it?
    Because he is a motherf...

    • dude Xoxoxo
      dude Xoxoxo 24 days ago

      If she’s wasn’t on xander or actually with Thor & Hulk at the start and escaped even if she was the last standing on xander it would sound like typical female marvel treatment so we have a right to be concerned after watching Captain Marvel and not getting any answers.

    • Amirul Asyraf
      Amirul Asyraf Month ago

      go to h*ll...

    • kenneth miller
      kenneth miller Month ago +1

      Maybe it has to do with earth not being the only planet that needs defending

    • Antonio E Gonzalez
      Antonio E Gonzalez Month ago +1

      "Shut yo mouth!"

    • yoga enggarenanta
      yoga enggarenanta Month ago +2

      Watch your mouth dude

  • rohan khadgi
    rohan khadgi Month ago +33

    because she said " use it only in emergency and not to cat call."

    • Jack Holt
      Jack Holt Month ago

      By "cat call" you do mean "because he wants to pet Goose", right?

    • homecmng1
      homecmng1 Month ago +1

      Actually Feige had a great response. How do we “know” he didn’t contact her??

    • rohan khadgi
      rohan khadgi Month ago +3

      +BachriStrife it's not that. Actually what she means is that range of pager is several galaxies far not only 2 galaxies. Until now fury never had to face any situation that other avengers couldn't handle but now he is going to perish and knows it's the right time call on Captain Marvel.

    • Karolína
      Karolína Month ago +5

      +WookieCentral I think in this moment it was too late to call her :)

    • WookieCentral
      WookieCentral Month ago +4

      What about the battle of New York? Did fury really think it would be better to page Captain Marvel after the government sent a nuke?

  • nyla byrd
    nyla byrd Month ago +1

    im not the first comment

    ACTUALLY HAPPE- wait, wrong channel

  • Manish Lulu
    Manish Lulu Month ago +1

    There is a intense fight of yon rogg and danvers at the end and even goose is a creature called flerken that can summon tentacles from its mouth. Captain marvel shown up in endgame because there are another planets who do not have avengers

  • Nilu New
    Nilu New Month ago

    Now playing

  • Nilu New
    Nilu New Month ago

    Beautiful powerful

  • Srikant srkr
    Srikant srkr Month ago

    Amazing 😍😍😍

  • Eli
    Eli Month ago +1

    It will tall you what will happaned in end game:
    :::::....::: with his powers::::....::::and than he:::::::....:::after that:::::::: get that ?

  • Aashiq Ahamed
    Aashiq Ahamed Month ago

    13th comment
    Superb movie

  • Arul chelvi K
    Arul chelvi K Month ago +1

    i named my 🐈 GOOSE 😘

  • Bran'sTech
    Bran'sTech Month ago +4

    Haha, well that explanation totally makes sense

    • superitgel
      superitgel Month ago +1

      They, censored all the f*cks...

  • Vibhava
    Vibhava Month ago +13

    Nah i don't believe you

  • Kermit the Frog Sippin Tea

    movie wasn't what it was hyped up to be and now people have driven Rotten Tomatoes to 35%. smh

  • Invisible Eye
    Invisible Eye Month ago


  • Shining Star
    Shining Star Month ago +6

    Yayyyyy I'm 10th to comment 😍😍 love you MARVEL STUDIOS.

  • Hamoshy Tube
    Hamoshy Tube Month ago +1

    5 th