#RDBLA WIDEBODY C63S AMG, Lamborghini URUS, Tesla Model 3 & More!

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • Lamborghini Urus front clear bra protection.
    Tesla Model 3 Blacked out.
    And the special feature Widebody C63S Mercedes-Benz! This car is very special as it’s a full makeover that turns this little guy into a monster.
    Prior Design Widebody kit
    Custom Hood (made by RDBLA)
    Carbon Fiber Spoiler
    Zito Wheels
    H&R Suspension
    Full Wrap

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  • Karl Faison
    Karl Faison 2 days ago


  • Avg Vet
    Avg Vet 13 days ago +1

    Damn I wished y'all would have smoked out the lights as well.

  • A
    A 13 days ago

    What were those two cannons on the trunk of that green c coupe? Also that electric yellow whatever amg thing looks crazy as fuck i like it.

  • Chris Del
    Chris Del 19 days ago

    Would love to work with you guys, Would be so much fun.

  • magmaa
    magmaa 21 day ago

    nice astro t lmao

  • Sean jr
    Sean jr 23 days ago

    Remove wing not a fan of it on amg there too nice without it

  • Karim Raiders
    Karim Raiders 25 days ago


  • Zafar Khalilov
    Zafar Khalilov 28 days ago +1

    Haha. That merc was on sale i believe not too long ago for $95k

  • Haggen Charman
    Haggen Charman Month ago

    3:56 what bentley was that?

  • PureSwank
    PureSwank Month ago

    What exact color is that c63 wrap vic?

  • Javier Garcia
    Javier Garcia Month ago

    What year is this c63?

  • OCFX
    OCFX Month ago

    that shit looks fucking hard

    JEANIUS FILMS Month ago +1

    That color on the c63 is 🔥

  • JustinJustin
    JustinJustin Month ago

    What's the Name of the Color on the C63 Amg???

  • Alias Zazai
    Alias Zazai Month ago +1

    That merc looks like it will take off any minute lol

  • maexx z
    maexx z 2 months ago +2

    This C63 is murder💚

  • Tuni 67
    Tuni 67 2 months ago


  • Salta 1
    Salta 1 2 months ago

    Bel colore la Mercedes 👍🇮🇹🍕🍝

    EVOLUTION 2 months ago +1

    0:14 Kia Optima win😂

  • kofieam3
    kofieam3 2 months ago

    Real douche bag Los Angeles

  • Jose Cebrián Montoya
    Jose Cebrián Montoya 2 months ago

    Vin Diesel? 0:23

  • VRcustom Garage
    VRcustom Garage 2 months ago

    So nice dude

  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller 2 months ago

    Where did this guy learn to form sentences?

  • My Automobile
    My Automobile 2 months ago +1

    Whats color for C63s please

  • Badboy86
    Badboy86 2 months ago +11

    That C63 looks insane! 💚😮

  • Sopiyoyo
    Sopiyoyo 2 months ago

    can i know where to purchase that lime vinyl? thanks

  • Adrian 12345
    Adrian 12345 2 months ago +1

    “ full panamaric roof “. Hahaha it’s panoramic

  • T Rex
    T Rex 3 months ago

    I’ve got a C63s which I am planning to prior design Widebody with HRE P104 Wheels, I Am in South Africa unfortunately, if I was in The US I’d for sure get it done by you guys. I was just wondering about the wheel width, any spacers and so forth to make the fitment look as great as you guys made it. By the way, I’ve watched this video and been following this car since it originally came out, Love what you guys do.

  • roeKY
    roeKY 3 months ago

    "shinny black"

  • Дима Иванов
    Дима Иванов 3 months ago

    иди нахуй

  • Joe Perez
    Joe Perez 3 months ago

    That car is for sale in Miami for 95k
    Right now!

  • adam forbes
    adam forbes 3 months ago

    Why give up so much space to tires on the square footage of that lot? Get some used warehouse racking and chuck em up in the air, more room for parking cars and navigating the lot.

    CHIHEB DF 3 months ago

    what the name of the rap music

  • Dylan Liu
    Dylan Liu 4 months ago +2

    how much is it cost to modify the c63s

    • W4NT3D L1F3
      W4NT3D L1F3 Month ago

      Dylan Liu well it’s for sale now for 90K $

  • calmdragon
    calmdragon 4 months ago +1

    Cant do cuts in a turbo. The last one was naturally aspirated. Getting water in the engine is not a good idea. Its not a 507

  • Joe Montes
    Joe Montes 4 months ago

    Are you guys located in LA?

  • Hunter Allen
    Hunter Allen 4 months ago

    What year c63 is that???

    • Badboy86
      Badboy86 2 months ago

      Hunter Allen 2015-2018

  • marc coscaru
    marc coscaru 5 months ago

    Anyone song 3:34 pls! Thanks

  • Darksolar7
    Darksolar7 5 months ago

    That dude is wack for not using paddleshifters so it can sound nicer

  • Kevin Wiltshire
    Kevin Wiltshire 5 months ago

    That c63 is bouncer than a bronco

  • estiben Garcia
    estiben Garcia 5 months ago

    I will take the best part... read the comments.ahahah lol

  • Ali Alrashidi
    Ali Alrashidi 6 months ago

    Your RU-clip videos remind me off old rap videos. It all starts with exotic cars, then naked women..etc etc...this will get boring very fast. Plus there are people who actually like the content however hate the half naked women, showing random exotic cars not related to the content ..gets boring fast

  • Ghaith Alkiyumi
    Ghaith Alkiyumi 6 months ago

    guys can any one kindly help me with wrap name ? which company making this wrap ?

  • E Addison
    E Addison 6 months ago

    @RDBLA like the work you guys post,i need some stuff done to my 2012 BMW X5M. Im up in SF/BAY AREA, lets connect.

  • James Smalley
    James Smalley 6 months ago

    How much does it cost to wrap a car?

  • BelowAverageLuke
    BelowAverageLuke 6 months ago


  • Kevin Liang Xiao
    Kevin Liang Xiao 6 months ago

    Where i can get that gt wing?

  • Jerry 22Can
    Jerry 22Can 6 months ago

    What does the RDBLA stand for

  • Will Motivation
    Will Motivation 6 months ago

    That ferrari is so sick. I need one of those on my channel haha

  • Will Vaughn 6.3
    Will Vaughn 6.3 6 months ago

    What wing is that ? I want it

  • Breanna Machadoz
    Breanna Machadoz 7 months ago

    I’m glad I found your channel 👍🏽

  • Dennis Funk
    Dennis Funk 7 months ago

    What is the name of this wrap? Please help me. Greetz from Germany!

  • Osman K
    Osman K 8 months ago +1

    What it the name of this wrap on the c63 ?

  • C lav
    C lav 8 months ago

    C63 is fuckin awesome 👊🕶

  • Rick Maassen
    Rick Maassen 8 months ago

    Stranger things feels

  • Michael Stewart
    Michael Stewart 8 months ago

    Making them dollars and putting out a great project

  • deLion ofdesert
    deLion ofdesert 8 months ago

    I have C63 2016 I like it the way it is I wont do this ugly widebody thing , it makes the wheels looks small

  • Sasha Z
    Sasha Z 8 months ago

    3:47 WTF is that? Did they put speakers in place of spoiler?

  • Jack
    Jack 8 months ago

    0:50 scraping the dirty cable over the paint while trying to "polish" it. Cringe...