Molly Makes Chicken Pot Pie | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • Join Molly Baz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes one skillet rotisserie chicken pot pie. Who doesn't like chicken pot pie? Rotisserie chicken, store-bought puff pastry, and just one skillet keep this hearty dinner recipe from feeling too fussy-or taking all day to make.
    Check out the recipe here:
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    Molly Makes Chicken Pot Pie | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit
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Comments • 2 735

  • Sorator Bellivael
    Sorator Bellivael 4 hours ago

    I agree with Carla that turnips aren't really interchangeable with carrots... but I'm down for using turnips in place of potatoes here, and adding carrots to the recipe.

  • Robert McMillan
    Robert McMillan 13 hours ago

    Turnips instead of carrots... fail.

  • Garrett Scott
    Garrett Scott 17 hours ago

    Maybe should have tried a parsnip.

  • DuckzillaIsBack
    DuckzillaIsBack 19 hours ago

    Turnips ? Turnips?!!!!!! Wtf is this, XIX century Russia ?!!! Give me my carrots.

  • K Smith
    K Smith 22 hours ago

    Why can't we use more than 10 ingredients? Are carrots about to be scarce for some reason? Hmmm.... 🤨

  • Philip giovia
    Philip giovia 3 days ago

    Aye!! Chicken pot pie! My 3 favorite things

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell 3 days ago

    Turnips are gross

  • miheer vaidya
    miheer vaidya 4 days ago

    The one where Molly alianted everyone?

  • Rosemont1021
    Rosemont1021 4 days ago

    I hate mooshy cooked carrots! So I’ll happily try turnip.

  • Alondra Contreras
    Alondra Contreras 4 days ago +1

    i wanna know molly’s birth chart so bad lolol she’s so blunt lmao

  • Sydney Benton
    Sydney Benton 4 days ago

    Carrots are better

  • Labor Days
    Labor Days 4 days ago

    Chicken Pot Pie without the actual pie takes a potentially top 5 dish all time to a GTFOH dish instantly. Forget the turnip the debate, crust is the line in the sand between barbarism and civilization.

  • TheDudesOpinion13
    TheDudesOpinion13 5 days ago

    Turnip in chicken pot pie...this chicks a serial killer

  • Eric Wright
    Eric Wright 5 days ago +2

    Be right back. Gonna go make this with carrots instead of turnips.

  • Chris Parsley
    Chris Parsley 5 days ago

    she says not to cook the turnip too much because it cooks plenty in the oven but says the carrots are overcooked. uh, just don't overcook the carrots then...

  • Michael Fiducia
    Michael Fiducia 6 days ago

    I definitely think there should’ve been celery and there not a lot but a decent amount -Carrots go well with it the introduction of some turn up would’ve been nice to jazz it up but traditionally I think this was totally wrong and I will say I love Molly I think she’s great but I have to give this recipe or thumbs down

  • A. E. Gunn
    A. E. Gunn 6 days ago

    If your carrots are actually mushy you're doing something wrong. They should be cooked through but hold their shape in the pie filling.

  • J T
    J T 6 days ago

    What does a food editor do?

  • Lisa Wong
    Lisa Wong 10 days ago

    I make this sometimes with carrots, sometimes with turnips, sometimes both. Either way it's all good 😎

  • Amy Tondreau
    Amy Tondreau 10 days ago

    Abandon the peas, not the carrots!

  • LooxGood
    LooxGood 10 days ago

    I quit watching when ad started

  • Dexter Reaves
    Dexter Reaves 10 days ago

    "I don't believe in Turnips" 😂🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • GaramondGourmond
    GaramondGourmond 10 days ago

    I don't like turnips. Sorry. But other than THAT . . . a lovely idea. I have 0 interest in making pie crusts etc. which is why I don't make my own chix pot pies. This would be fun to do cuz of the short cuts. Great idea. I will make this at some point. Thanx!

  • Toyadome C
    Toyadome C 11 days ago

    Carla, such a Connecticut Wasp sometimes.

  • westtexasbaja
    westtexasbaja 11 days ago

    Turn up the volume. Old people like to cook too.

  • BobVosh
    BobVosh 12 days ago

    Carrots are best vegetable, and how dare you Molly.

  • Cindy S
    Cindy S 12 days ago

    Chicken pot pie is one my favorites but about threw up on the thought of turnip in it. Usually, skip her videos anyway, not only does she seem to be the least competent "chef" but she is so arrogant and into herself. The only one I don't like on the channel.

  • s1dest3p
    s1dest3p 12 days ago

    Turnips instead of carrots? Gross. The onions are what should have been replaced. Nobody puts onions in a chicken pot pie, come on...

  • Kaylee Allen
    Kaylee Allen 13 days ago +1

    I made this with carrots instead of turnips and it was super good! The carrots didn't get mushy at all, they were perfectly tender. I'm sure turnips would be good too, but I am not a huge fan of turnips, so I subbed them out. Love this video and Molly!

  • Stephen Bailey
    Stephen Bailey 13 days ago +1

    Not feeling the turnips in this recipe. Gotta have carrots in a pot pie!

  • StrangeViolette
    StrangeViolette 13 days ago

    I love Turnips. That said, Mol you could have used parsnips and maybe not had as much push back.

  • Brown Thought
    Brown Thought 13 days ago

    I love that Molly is offering a new idea to a classic dish. Carla is great but Molly is the heat.

  • G Smith
    G Smith 14 days ago +2

    Would it be really too much to ask to just cook the carrots for a shorter amount of time in order for them to hold their shape more? There. Problem solved. And the pie has the colour that carrots provide, and also the taste of carrots, which in a chicken pot pie, is classic.

  • Sabrina A
    Sabrina A 14 days ago

    I'm surprised at my self with how rude I found most of the chef's behaviour in this video. Let's keep BA above this

  • KL005
    KL005 15 days ago


  • Tina Belcher
    Tina Belcher 17 days ago

    Molly's hair are literal golden locks 😍❤❤❤ so pretty.

  • Emily Moss
    Emily Moss 17 days ago

    8:51 - Producer: You already cut the vents! I didn't get the shot! Ok, just pretend to cut them so I get the shot.

  • thunderlips76
    thunderlips76 17 days ago bottom crust

  • Amanda
    Amanda 17 days ago

    Turnips should not be in a chicken pot pie. A pot pie is a southern comfort food that does not consist of turnips.

  • Xi M
    Xi M 18 days ago

    Mmmmmm Turnip potpie 🤤🤤🤤

  • Gwen B
    Gwen B 18 days ago

    Turnips? Yuk!

  • 2468zeb
    2468zeb 19 days ago


  • drea hunn
    drea hunn 19 days ago

    In my love for memes I'm a little sad they didn't say "ain't nobody got thyme fo dat" lol

  • Lco
    Lco 19 days ago

    Nope... no turnips.

  • Yang Lu
    Yang Lu 20 days ago

    This recipe looks pretty good and easy. I never had turnips, but would give it a try. However, minus the frozen peas and add carrots. LoL

  • Melody Petry-johnson
    Melody Petry-johnson 20 days ago

    Totally adding carrots

  • Madeline Mudd
    Madeline Mudd 21 day ago

    I absolutely love that you took out the carrot!

  • drv169
    drv169 21 day ago

    why doesn't this chanie have more male chefs kind of schovest they should have the same number of male chefs as they do woman chefs

  • Mary Rose Lalli
    Mary Rose Lalli 21 day ago

    What is the appea of turnips

  • makethem bow
    makethem bow 22 days ago

    Carrots suck.

  • Dominique Notyourbusiness

    Not gonna lie, imagining the taste of the feeling creeps me out both with turnip and with carrot but maybe I'm biased. Although what's really putting me off is the peas lol.

  • Rob Sierra
    Rob Sierra 24 days ago

    Carrots Molly Carrots

  • L Chan
    L Chan 25 days ago

    Who else googled if Daikon Radish is a Turnip? Yes, yes it is.

  • random rock
    random rock 25 days ago

    More controversy
    Mushrooms over peas

  • Alec Maltz
    Alec Maltz Month ago

    “What a turnip wants to be is a daikon radish.” I feel you Chris.

  • Shawna Spadafore
    Shawna Spadafore Month ago

    The belongs in this dish because of the flavour it has to contribute. The common combination of chicken soups flavour is carrot onion and celery, and that’s what chicken pot pie imitates so I feel like the carrot is necessary. You could add turnips as well as keep the carrots

  • Neil Davie
    Neil Davie Month ago +1

    Being Scottish I like seeing others love the turnips finally !!!

  • m
    m Month ago

    Chris was a Turnip guy FOR SURE ! The Morocco Machine is always all in for forgotten vegetbales

  • biernico
    biernico Month ago

    turnips?? bleh....

  • Njoom AM
    Njoom AM Month ago

    Clearly can’t stand another opinion