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Dwardu Cardona: Earth’s Primordial Stellar Host | EU2014 Conference

  • Published on Jul 25, 2014
  • At our third conference, EU2014: All About Evidence, Dwardu Cardona presented a reconstruction of Earth’s cosmic history distilled from the universal mytho-historical record. He describes how the strongest scientific validation comes from space itself, as new instruments display extraordinary electromagnetic detail across the cosmos, confirming that this is indeed an Electric Universe.
    Dwardu Edward Cardona (1937-2016) was born, raised, and educated in Malta. In 1959, he emigrated to Canada and soon began to study catastrophism and the Solar System’s cosmic history. Dwardu was the Senior Editor for Kronos, Editor of Aeon, co-founded the Canadian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, and consultant for the UK-based Chronology and Catastrophism Review.
    As an author, Dwardu published well over a hundred articles, notably on the Saturn theory. His legacy lives on through his five esteemed books-God Star (2006), Flare Star (2007), Primordial Star (2009), Metamorphic Star (2011), and his final opus, Newborn Star (2016).
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Comments • 273

  • Glen 0
    Glen 0 8 years ago +37

    I remember as a kid learning about Australian Aboriginal mythology when I was in primary school and thinking these people are even more crazy than the Christians stories I was told. After discovering electric universe theory about 18 months ago I find myself having to constantly reconsider the validity of stories in the new light of understanding. Thanks thunderbolts for making me aware of the possibilities of new thought about many subjects. As in both the universe and in life experience its commonly the precessionary effects that have the bigger impact.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago +7

      + Glen O, You and countless others as this allows for us to climb out of our fog and into the light.

  • Solar Kat
    Solar Kat 8 years ago +6

    Thank you! This is an amazing lecture, truly brings light to so many concepts!

  • James Kenyon
    James Kenyon 3 years ago +2

    The late Dwardu Cardona was/is a giant in the study of ancient myth not unlike Dave Talbott, Ev Cochrane and many from SIS as well. Dwardu's book 5 in all have been printed in hardback in England they have such respect for his work. I have all five in paperback and am working on reading them for the second time.

  • James Kenyon
    James Kenyon 6 years ago +5

    I just found out of Dwardu Cardona`s passing on July 27th. Folks we have lost one of the giants of the electric universe/thunderbolts group. I have fond memories of Dwardu, many nice and corrective emails which I thank him for. I had dinner a few times with Dwardu at thunderbolts conferences and enjoyed them and his presence very much. Wal said we need to be careful of the giants on whose shoulders we stand. Dwardu was a giant on who`s shoulder I`m proud to stand on. I`v read all his books and look forward to the last. Dwardu`s presence will surely be missed by all who have attended the conference`s and all who in the future read his well researched material, which should have already been taught in college`s today. Dwardu will be remembered historically as a ( Stargazer ), along with Hannes Alfven, Kristian Birkeland, Ralph Juergens, Halton ( Chip ) Arp , and so many more who are giants on who`s shoulders I will gladly stand. James M. Kenyon

  • Ron Johnson
    Ron Johnson 8 years ago +6

    Excellent lecture, Thunder Bolts Project always bringing quality science to the common folk. I wonder if there is currently life on the some of the moons of Saturn?

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago +2

      + Ron Johnson, Probably not life on any of Saturn`s moons, however I believe that there is life on other planets in our galaxy the Milky Way and throughout the universe.

    • feenix219
      feenix219 8 years ago +1

      I doubt there still is, but I would love to be able to send probes or teams of "space archaelogists" to explore the moons of Jupiter and Saturn... Titan and Ganymede especially. Moons of the two big gas giants are the most likely places to look for remnants of life IF they could have survived the surface scarring.

    • Ron Johnson
      Ron Johnson 8 years ago

      I am not sure what you mean?

  • Ivorybow
    Ivorybow 8 years ago +1

    Thank you for this mind opening, paradigm cracking information. Also, does anyone know the name of this theme music?

  • Ada Wong
    Ada Wong 8 years ago +2

    I like this guy. He doesn't ramble. He doesn't have a monotone voice. He is direct, concise and to the point. He is informative. Good speaker overall. The Thunderbolts Project should get guys like this to do most of their speeches. Just sayin'

  • AmerikanRadical
    AmerikanRadical 8 years ago +6

    This reminds me of books and articles on the precession of the of the cosmos and man's attempts to copy them on the ground as far back as 13,000 years or so. The "cosmic wheel"

  • YK Chan
    YK Chan 3 years ago

    Referring to footage 26:00
    We call that a massive star with member planets captured in its ecliptic plane “the system” but that is not the only configuration when considering - a primordial sun (Saturn) with member planets line up through a common celestial axis.

  • scandalasdog
    scandalasdog 7 years ago +9

    The EU opens doors to the future and above the door it says " Our Greatest Discoveries Have Yet To Be Made." . . . .

  • Think Tank
    Think Tank 4 years ago +1

    Well said. Love the theory. Very base line sound.

  • Nathanael Eisner, AFC.

    This is the first evillusionary EU video I have seen, insofar as the Stellar Disk is concerned. He also refuses to accept the Noachian Deluge as when the Saturn-Star flared and dimmed to the planet we now see. Its no wonder I have not seen him around much, and after a search found little of his stuff on this channel. He is a rather poor EUist, but it was fascinating the gems he has seemingly given amongst all the errors.

  • jtinsley01
    jtinsley01 2 years ago

    I would love to get a transcript of this. If anyone who knows how I might go about doing that comes across this, please reply. Thanks.

  • Navin Lamervich
    Navin Lamervich 5 years ago

    there are of course a great many scholars of ancient history with a focus on africa through ancient egypt. the work is scholarly, valid and available, with some great scholastic names in there, like Chiekh Anta Diop, Theophile Obenga, Leonard Jeffries etc.
    involved is also the great english scholar Gerald Massey whose massive body of work in analysis of Ancient Egypt remains unparalleled...is still relevant 110 years after his death.
    this body of work should at least be starting point or point of reference for the scholars of the EU..especially for Cardona and Talbot, for Bill Mullen..who is the only one I have seen, who even mentions Egypt, goes into any introduction of, and analysis of Egyptian history as relevant to the alleged formative catastrophe in human history

  • 2uneak
    2uneak 4 years ago +2

    I enjoyed his talk...immensely!

  • Peace of Mind and Heart.
    Peace of Mind and Heart. 7 years ago +2

    This seems too revolutionary for a theory but a nice idea nonetheless.
    If we were to accept it, it might explain the elongated shadows the Ancients were drawing all over the world for a while, they would have resulted from the strong flare of proto-Saturn. just a thought.

  • Neocharm
    Neocharm 8 years ago +2

    Accepting this without question would send many scientists back to the drawing board. This is one thing that would disrupt many of the already settled University Stellar Dynamics teachings. But me, as an analyst, do see the logic of this theory so i can not and will not dismiss what has been said here.

    • Jemife Lamange
      Jemife Lamange 7 years ago +2

      Thank you! There are far too many that are quick to dismiss. A skeptic can still appreciate a theory.

  • Screww Googlle
    Screww Googlle 5 months ago

    Superb Lecture !

  • Magnus Argenta
    Magnus Argenta 8 years ago +2

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this talk. It doesn't diminish my belief in god, it only enhances the nature of the truth of things that are evident if we only look at the reality of all things. I hope that in view of the evidence we can ALL come together and realize this new age TOGETHER and leave behind the FALSE prides that have been prevalent these last 1000 years!

  • Karl Johan
    Karl Johan 8 years ago +4

    I've always suspected Saturn to have been much more sun-like. Brown Dwarfs are, like suns, every where in space. This raises an even more amazing possibility for life in the universe, in ALL kinds of sizes lol. Solar systems forming around Brown Dwarfs. Brown Dwarfs within solar systems.. Those Brown Dwarfs would also have a so called "golden distance" for liquid water to exist no? Amazing

    • Sonny Roy
      Sonny Roy Year ago

      @feenix219 this is no longer available, where else can I find this?

    • feenix219
      feenix219 8 years ago +4

      They are the coccoons that incubate and create Earth type planets, IMO. Most life may not even know anything but life inside the bubble, because until the Sun shorted out Saturn's atmosphere, we had no seasons, no way of telling time, and nothing to spark our imaginations at all.

    GIANTSECRETS 7 years ago +11

    Imo there was a race of humans before the flood that had the knowledge that we have now or they had more knowledge than we do and they were mostly wiped out. What we are getting from history and myths is people from our past trying to translate what they don't fully understand. We have become advanced enough to start understanding what they tried to translate.

    • Mister Backster
      Mister Backster Year ago

      @GIANTSECRETS YES! exactly. what do you think about say those "nubs" on all the megaliths around the world? i think they were put there on purpose as lights of some sort. they would glow like st elmos fire streetlamps because the earth was more powered back then and the energy was just pulled from the atmosphere. the age of the sphinx is key, the water and rain erosion. probably more like 50K years. with the passing of time, glaciers, supersonic tidal waves and supercurrents arcing creating mountain ranges . the electric universe theory is probably correct, but our establishment of learned elders holding high places do not want a pardigm shift, the old gaurd passing the torch do not want to be told that thier lifes work was for naught, and they were wrong, gravity does not dominate teh univererse, plasma and electricity do.
      the only thing that generates an electromagnetic field is an electrical circuit. i cannot believe how blind we are, how we the holders of the high knowledge suffer from the kings new clothes syndrome.
      please tell me what you think! and plus tell me what your on about!? i am an avid believer. and also
      sorry man i dont have facebook.

      GIANTSECRETS Year ago

      @Mister Backster Possibly from before the last ice age and then slowly becoming more advanced from there. They would have survived the ice age with limited numbers. People around 20 thousand years ago may be 25 had an alter that they would have worshiped. It comprised of many rocks with a image of a ladder going up to a sun. This is a birkeland current going up to a Sun God. How could they know that birkeland currents traveled from the Sun to the Earth. But they did. Why do I say this. I found the advanced civilization Plato spoke of. Their under water. I also found what caused it. I have a facebook group called exploring history. Link to my facebook page on my channel.

    • Mister Backster
      Mister Backster Year ago +1

      likely before the last ice age, an advanced civilization that was destroyed going into it, then another worldwide civilization emerged during the last ice age.likely a garden of eden with perpetual spring, then something happened to melt the ice in a varitable heartbeat, the continental shelf flooded and most of the last iteration of humanity died, simply because just as today, 70% of humanity lives within 40 miles of the earths oceans. as well, for the moisture to wash out of the atmosphere 40 days and nights of rain, in modern times even two weeks of heavy downpour causes major flooding.
      why do it say this? its look at the megaliths in south america. the first are absolutley gigantic, the second builders, still humoungous, but nowhere near the size of the originals, then in modern times, the aztec or inca, small stones piled here and there.

  • quinto190
    quinto190 6 years ago

    The 1985 SF movie "The Quiet Earth" has a beautiful reference to that (at the end).

  • Sonny Roy
    Sonny Roy Year ago +3

    So Saturn blew a fuse. Then burned out. Life on Earth had to adapt to the energy and power of the new sun. We had to mutate. The plants had to change. Our blood types changed to better digest the altered plant foods. Very traumatic times.

  • tetekofa
    tetekofa 8 years ago +3

    Earth is the densest planet in the solar system, and contains vast amounts of iron and other heavy elements, including radioactive heavy elements...I came across a very interesting theory that proposes that Earth is indeed a very ancient core of a Star.

  • Frank Blarney
    Frank Blarney 8 years ago +6

    If you really want to dig in, see Cardona's books. Yes they're expensive but well worth it. His scholarship convinced me that so many stories and myths around the world have spoken of the time when Saturn was our sun, and this is within the last 12000 years, so it is embedded in the memories, monuments, drawings, of mankind.

    • Michael White
      Michael White Day ago

      @GIANTSECRETS you are clinging to the theory that a sun is run by a giant nuclear reaction inside of it. The electric universe allows for a Saturn or Jupiter to be a sun. Shamash was the proto Saturn and was likely just like a normal brown dwarf in glow mode. After it went into dark mode and then exploded, it was a smaller body.

      GIANTSECRETS Year ago

      Ancient civilizations saw Jupiter and Saturn as sons of the Sun. Most people don't even do enough research to know why Christmas day is on the 25th of December. It has nothing to do with Jupiter the son of the Sun. For people in the northern hemisphere and from their perspective the Sun stops moving for three days before the 25th and on the 25th the Sun moves 1 degree north. For 3 days it is said to be dead and is born again on the 25th. It's the birth of the Sun and not the son Jupiter/jesus.

      GIANTSECRETS Year ago

      Saturn was never our Sun. Jupiter is not quite big enough to be a Sun and Saturn comes in behind Jupiter. Size matters with Suns due to the need for the hydrogen to be a solid to produce the solar wind. Without this wind there is no Sun. Size and density are important to make the hydrogen a solid. No Suns have been found the size of Saturn. From memory we have found a brown dwarf about the size of Jupiter.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago

      + Frank Blarney, Absolutely right, the late Dwardu Cardona has written some of the best information on this subject and supplies us with a copious amount of references. I own a complete set and will soon make it double, one for reading and one for keeping in pristine condition. When Dwardu explains it it is as easy to understand as reading a recipe. Dwardu, Dave Talbott, Wal Thornhill and so many others who have been working on this most of their lives should have been receiving professor`s pay many years back. Thank you Frank for the right on comment and I apologize for my slow response as I`m trying to keep up and catch up on my general support of the thunderbolts/EU team and model.

  • YK Chan
    YK Chan 3 years ago +1

    Referring to footage 3:00
    I’d take this as “ ... the primordial suns (aka gods) shine over our heads in North Pole and half submerged in the Northern sky view from the equator, distance from us compare to a basket ball one arm length in front ...”

  • Lee S Kennedy
    Lee S Kennedy 7 years ago

    At 9:30 RA and Ma'at (Head Dress Feather) have been depicted as holding up the Grandmother of RA who is the Creator in the Heavens. The Descendants of the Throne Of Egypt would become, through Royal Lineage and Bloodline, the future Kings of Egypt, and those TWO LANDS, The Divine Masculine (The Sun King RA) and The Divine Feminine (Venus and Moon), would eclipse one another every five years. In the Bloodline of RA and Ma'at is the Messenger, who is The Greatest Magician. How, after studying the story of Uriah the Hittite and Nathan the Hittite, can modern man not ascribe evil features to the scribes that misrepresented the true parentage of the One so persecuted and abandoned by the drunk crowd, yet followed around by the astrologers and scribes, to be called names and be abused (as other worldly leaders also were), not recognize that the PUBLISHERS and SCRIBES have used the written word, including the words of The Great Magician to sell what made the crowd drunk and deceived, to further profit for over two thousand years, what really forsook Him on that DARKENED day in our human but not so Imperialistic History.
    If He were to return through a mother and father today, He would see all those archaic crucifixes affixed to their steeples on almost every worldly city corner His Feet would take Him, and FEEL the past life through that constant vision. What kind of a crowd would NOT change those knife-like images to Shepherd's Staffs With a Crown of Lilies which REPRESENTS the PEACE we all crave?

  • Al Somethin
    Al Somethin 4 years ago

    The Earth at the time that was reffered to in genesis existed as a wasteland like Mars after being involved in a cataclysm of some kind was being salvaged by a creational consciousness. The identity of which is not "The All There Is" the actual supreme being.

  • Al Somethin
    Al Somethin 4 years ago

    The Earth at the time that was reffered to in genesis existed as a wasteland like Mars after being involved in a cataclysm of some kind was being salvaged by a creational consciousness. The identity of which is not "The All There Is" the actual supreme being.

  • MrShaziman
    MrShaziman 4 years ago +1

    Excellent talk.

  • Magmos13
    Magmos13 8 years ago +1

    One of the original civilizations of Earth had elongated skulls with bigger eye sockets, well adapted to see in the dim light of Cronus. There was possibly more than one species of intelligent humanoids.This opens up other realities of earths history.There is much much more to the big picture.

    • feenix219
      feenix219 8 years ago

      @Bar dock
      pretty sure that book, while presented as a "factual account", was always known at the time to be a work of fiction.

    • Magmos13
      Magmos13 8 years ago +1

      Hesiod tells of
      A golden race of mortal men who lived in the time of Kronos when he was reigning in heaven. And they lived like gods without sorrow of heart, remote and free from toil: miserable age rested not on them . . . The fruitful earth unforced bare them fruit abundantly and without stint. They dwelt in ease and peace upon their lands with many good things.
      The Age of Kronos was not the earliest age of which man retained some, however dim, memories-but farther into the past the dimness amounts almost to darkness.

  • Steve Hummel
    Steve Hummel 8 years ago +1

    Dave, when are we going to see your presentation(s) from EU 2014?

  • Navin Lamervich
    Navin Lamervich 6 years ago

    there is a whole story of humanity pre existent and contemporaneous to the chronology of the EU. they must be rectified and coordinated based on the truth proven as we go...
    that is what I asked for. it is the responsibility of the EU to do so. Velikovsky said our planetary systems moved in electrical encounter and rest itself after much chaos into the order we now observe.
    plausible it seems. surely it must have been so. but does that invalidate the work of a scholar like Gerald Massey for example?
    it does not! so how does Massey's work fit into the EU chronology. and it must fit, there must be an explanation for Massy's work is valid according to all the evidence I know. so there must be an answer somewhere.
    and how does Cardona not mention Massey..or is the work of the two separate and distinct.. which I don't see that they are the little I know of both.
    I am not a scholar but I can see problems in the EU cosmology. I think it incumbent on the EU to be more clarifying and precise, and inclusive. the EU cant.. or should not come now to tell their new science dressed up in old racism

  • Mark Martens
    Mark Martens 2 months ago

    Interesting stuff. Mark Martens, Accidental Scientist.

  • MsSaudm
    MsSaudm 8 years ago +1

    Two things
    The speaker quoted some text that spoke of people observing our sun being smaller then growing larger/getting closer. What text did this come from? I would really like to study this more.
    Also "the golden age" Spoke of a time of giants and peace on the planet. The Scriptures, Sumerian texts, coffin text etc. speak of giants in all life forms not just people before the great cataclysm. They speak of the earth being dark for days not rotating on it's axis and utter destruction all over the world.
    Could gravity have been less on this proto-earth thus allowing life to grow larger? Some say huge life such as dinosaurs could never survive in our current gravity as they would be crushed by there own mass. Please reply Thanks!

    • andu68
      andu68 5 months ago

      @MsSaudm A late answer: Dwardu is referring to stories cellected from Okanagan Indians, the Amazonian Ipurinas and also the Sia or Zia of New Mexico. The sources Dwardu refers to regarding the "new" distant sun growing larger are: "The Native Races of The Pacific States" by H.H. Bancroft, "In the Beginning God" by H.S. Bellamy and also "Sun Songs: Creation Myths From Around the World" by R. Van Over. Hope this helps.

    • MsSaudm
      MsSaudm 2 years ago +1

      @Enoch Root Thanks Enoch I am aware of the expanding Earth video and agree in that originally our Earth was the remnant ( partial planet ) of the destroyed planet Tiamat so of course over eons it reformed and expanded. What I really was looking for was the texts that speak of the sun ( sol ) getting closer and larger . I have never read anything on this Thanks

    • Enoch Root
      Enoch Root 2 years ago

      Sorry this is laaaate, read about Expanding Earth. That could be the key you are looking for. There's an old video from 1982 where an Australian scientist speaks about it, can't remember now the name.

  • Victoria Z.
    Victoria Z. 5 years ago +3

    There is a lot of rock art displaying the spiral visual of a brown dwarf shown in this presentation. This image shows the spiral and also the shape of the "stick man" , similar to the TB logo, only instead of dots it has a short line across the middle.www.desertusa.com/desert-activity/photos/cf2.jpgArticle on this drawing here : www.desertusa.com/desert-activity/ancient-rock-art.htmlWhat's interesting - and surprising to me - is that the oldest in this area have been dated to only 5,700 years ago ? There are THOUSANDS of similar ones apparently, and you have to ask yourself why on earth would there be such an interest in carving these types of things everywhere unless the people drawing them had actually witnessed them ? I can't imagine that a traditional of oral history would have inspired such a widespread outpouring of similar symbols - only a witnessed event would seem to logically account for their prevalence. I'm just surprised they are so recent .

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago

      + Victoria Zasikowski, Good question, besides which the (spiral) designs and the stick man as well as many other designs take many weeks and or even months to carve see Dr. Anthony (Tony) Peratt`s peer reviewed papers in the IEEE and following along with your question as to why would they take so much time to carve these designs is because they really wanted us to know what they were seeing in the sky. Great comment Victoria, James Kenyon

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago

      + Ivar Nielsen, Dave Talbott does not exclude forum members from asking questions, however you`v gone beyond asking questions and are demanding everyone on the thunderbolts team to drop Dave`s 50 + years of research in favor of your beliefs. Dave Talbott did not take you off the thunderbolts forum, you did. The fact is the "Proto Saturn polar configuration as described by Dave and many others, fits and makes sense with a variety of disciplines and at a growing rate as can be seen by the over 26,000 new members who have committed to making a monthly contribution to the thunderbolts project. I`l ask one more question and let you answer it if you can "Are you familiar with the term (Chain of Arrows?)

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago

      + Ivar Nielsen, Just for the fun of it would you mind telling and or showing me and the others listening in how any one of "Celestial mother goddess or father gods could have carved out the Valles Marinaris? My Native American ancestors saw the planet Mars receive the huge scar which now stretches across its face i.e, the Vallis Marnaris on the planet Mars as did the Natives from Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Germany, Russia, and yes even the dare I say it the Canadians, just kidding about the Canadians as a lame attempt to get a laugh out of Ben Ged Low, Monty Childs, and Dr. Irving Wolfe all of which will be either speaking and or filming at the 2017 thunderbolts conference. It is science fiction that flows from you and your ideas of how the Milky Way works and how Dave Talbott and present company are wrong about their positions. I`v asked you this before "Do you believe Wal Thornhill is stupid?" or Michael Armstrong, Mel Atcheson, Dr. Don E. Scott, or Dr. C J. Ransom? Ev Cochrane perhaps? It is you who is trying to mislead people and it is Dave Talbott and present company who are trying to make history clear, thank goodness.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago

      + Ivar Nielsen, For one thing I will check back with Dave Talbott on this quote you made from him as to its accuracy as I don`t believe Dave Talbott would have worded that was, but more on the order of, "The absence of planetary evidence". It is easy to see where you lost your way now that I read where you got you concept, you are interpreting the ancient Egypt myths/legends as student who studies ancient history would, however I caution you as you are missing the main point and that is that the planet Venus and the planet Mars at different times came close enough to our Earth to cause catastrophic and cataclysmic events, events that shook our Earth violently and tore down cultures, cities, and civilizations worldwide. You seem to want to block these events from ever happening in the history of man, which is impossible!, as these events happened and they happened on different occasions around 11,500 B.C.; see the late Dwardu Cardona`s (Star series); you then claim "Both Dr. Velikovsky`s and Dave`s Theories of catastrophe`s are built on nothing but circumstantial evidence, which isn't facts, but assumptions of myth interpretations, then you go on to say much about Hath-or and give a web site, which I looked at and even read to the point you were alluding to about Hath-or was or could be interpreted as representing the Milky Way. However Velikovsky and Talbott could both be right and the interpretation of the Egyptology your using be wrong. Now here`s where it gets interesting as not only does the ancient texts bespeak of catastrophe`s on a worldwide level , but the evidence from our planet bespeaks of these catastrophe`s i.e, see the work of Andrew Hall (thunderbolts space news)and thunderbolts 2016 conference thunderbolts-you tube channel. Not only that but the planet Mars shows us a canyon that is a monster and I fact the monster of canyons so far found in the solar system, hundreds of times bigger then our Grand Canyon it would stretch from San Fran Cisco to New York and beyond. Now my Native ancestors told me they saw that scar happen to the planet Mars, although I`m using the name Mars only because more people recognize it, although we called it Raven, Crow, or sometimes Coyote, and this varied by name with tribe`s. You then claim, "Clearly! referring to the Milky Way, but of course he don`t want to read about facts that points away from his mythological delusion" you say this and ask me why your comments are not posted? Not only do you refer to Dave as "Delusional" but that of course your right and the information you gathered and interpreted is absolutely correct?????. Your next claim is about Hath-or, Aphrodite, and Venus being one and the same, and this is where "Talbott gets his only Venus argument" and I gotta tell ya pilgrim I am laughing so hard right now I had coffee come out my nose, "Only argument"; me thinks thou art a crazy person, as one would have to be if they were to say they`v gone over Dave Talbott`s work and can say this is his only Venus! You go on to say "Dave Talbott confuses Milky Way matters with planetary matters which ends up as astronomical nonsense", again demanding we take your interpretation and completely dismiss Dave`s, Velikovsky`s Wal`s Ev`s Dwardu`s, Michael`s, Mel`s, and of course we cant` forget Don`s as well, you seem to want to be in control of the situation and have everyone accept your delusion as fact! Both Velikovsky and Talbott are 100% percent correct in claiming Venus`s ties with "The mother goddess" and lets add Mars being a worldwide hero figure as well. My ancient ancestors from here in the land some call America, (The United States), from Europe and Asia as well killed each other over these beliefs. Sacrifices were made by the Skidee Pawnee tribe even into the late 1800`s see the book (500 Nations), National Geographic has this particular story in its book (The American Indian); you say Dave`s view is "Evidently wrong" to which I can assure you and or anyone else this is incorrect. As stated above my ancestors killed each other over this paradigm/belief and finally we have some people who recognize the truth, the truth is our planet went though some catastrophe`s and our ancient ancestors lived through it. Right now you believe you are correct in your interpretation`s about the ancient times and I can assure you, you are not correct and your only messing up your own education not mine and or the people who are now laughing with me at you and your in-valid interpretation. I`v not even begun to mention anything about the other disciplines that have come on board in the last 17 years and found that their expertise dovetails with Dave Talbott`s Proto Saturn polar configuration model. I highly suggest at this time for you to offer Dave Talbot and the thunderbolts/electric universe team an apology as it may assist in your becoming a welcome member of the thunderbolts project and speaking of which, you claim to have become a member of the thunderbolts project and nothing could be further from the truth for any member of the thunderbolts project first and foremost believes "Venus was a giant comet in man`s history" I will add that if you follow Wal Thornhill and are paying attention you already realize that Venus was born of Saturn as was witnessed by our ancient ancestors, not Jupiter which myth historians first thought. Finally you suggest that something went "Bad" for me to cause me to leave my Native beliefs for Velikovsky and Talbott`s theory and again nothing could be further from the truth, it was their dedication to detail that led me and many other Native people to see the truth about humanity`s history see the talk from Vine Deloria. Again I suggest you apologize to Velikovsky via Dave Talbott and stick with the thunderbolts team who some good eggs, some a little harder boiled then the others, but all in all, good eggs.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago

      + Ivar Nielsen, This not a suggestion it is a fact Venus came close enough to Earth to shake it to its very foundations in the history of man i.e, petroglyphs. worldwide show this. The fact I`v already showed you is that this is a fact seems to be not enough for you which I don`t understand. Dave Talbott, Wal Thornhill, Dwardu Cardona, Ev Cochrane, Mel Atcheson, Michael Armstrong, and especially Dr. Velikovsky among others are not liars, the constellations have little and or nothing to do with catastrophic events that befell our Earth, all of the above mentioned know and accept this as fact, as do I! If you insist on seeing things your way and refuse to accept the Saturn model, and the Venus comet, and Mars the warrior hero then you will become mighty lonely in your one sided conversation.

  • Sonny Roy
    Sonny Roy Year ago +2

    Does EU/ Thunderbolts Project have a bookstore?

  • Jimmy Johnson
    Jimmy Johnson 7 years ago +4

    How dismal a world is when we are taught to believe ourselves mere bags of chemicals banging into one another on the Big Pool Table of Life. I very much encourage exploration of the theories propounded here, if only to re-establish the sense of Wonder which each of us was born with. As I slowly absorb the notions put forth, I find myself clicking into place the world Adam may have "replenished" or the very old reports from my Yukon kin of finding elephants with food still in their mouths up in the northern ice, and on and on. I prayed for More Light and Further Light, and by God, it appears we are receiving it. Our nature being electrical begins to open wide vistas and dispel the depressing "truths". I will proudly stand with the Quest here.

    • Steve Reeves
      Steve Reeves 3 years ago +1

      "And I think we humans have intellectually and emotinally superceded the concept of a herd of sheeps, we can manage ourselves pretty nice, we still need to learn how to not put ourselves before everyone else."
      If that were true, we would not be killing one another anymore. Humanism is a false construct just as dangerous as you say the idea of God, or a god is.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago

      + Jan Hoyer, I actually feel comfortable with your take on god and the universe, and god did not need to be made, as its always been here, and always will be. I do like the part "I`m merely a tiny hole the universe can look through to see itself". because when we take a look at ourselves, a real look, we see the real us, and or what we can become when led in a negative direction, Napoleon, Hitler, and Custer, come to mind just to name a few. In seeing this from Jan`s position we accept the universe as reality and do our best to understand it and with electricity having been left out of the science equation for so many years it will take us a while to catch up.

    • Jan Hoyer
      Jan Hoyer 5 years ago +2

      I see 'god' as the entirety of the universe, while the universe beeing an infinitely layered organism, I'm merely a tiny hole the universe can look through into itself.
      I'm a grown up person and don't need some immaterial patronizer, that pats on my head each time I'm sad and just hands me over a book to numb my emotional distress by distracting me with a bland story.
      And if I do something wrong, this nice person will put me in a place of eternal fire and torture.
      God did more hateful and unhuman things than Adolf Hitler.
      He killed every single one of us. It's his will.
      In sci-fi movie language:
      God created Ripley7 (humanity) and doesn't even have the curtesy to end her misery.
      He enjoys watching us in this state, otherwise he would either end us or reset us to the state before the apple.
      Personified deities always are the result of someone making belief to control massive amounts of sheep.
      And I think we humans have intellectually and emotinally superceded the concept of a herd of sheeps, we can manage ourselves pretty nice, we still need to learn how to not put ourselves before everyone else.

    • Jan Hoyer
      Jan Hoyer 6 years ago

      +Jimmy Johnson
      Yaaaay, god was once alledged to be a precice clockwork mathematician and mechanist, now he's an electrical engineer.
      We're getting back to turning in circles again, dude...
      Some piece of metalogic, regarding an eternal universe:
      If it is uncreated, it doesn't need a creator.
      It always is.
      While mathemagics are the fudge factor of the current scientific paradigm, god is the fudge factor of philosophy :D
      If one cannot come up with some useful argument, use god, because he's over nine thousand and the excuse for everything! :D

  • Alaric Holmes
    Alaric Holmes 6 years ago +7

    R.I.P. Dwardu Cardona

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 8 years ago +12

    How would there be a human historical record of a previous sun? Using the account in Genesis "Let There Be Light" which supposedly occurred before the creation of man leaves a gap in the flow. Do the historical records come from some extra human source?
    This stuff blows my mind.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 3 years ago

      +Steve Smith I agree that this stuff is mind blowing but well worth the time spent as these folks have a bead on understanding our past and a strong connection with where we are now and our future.

    • Thjeok Thjeok
      Thjeok Thjeok 4 years ago

      The Bible is made up of stories that were not biblical stories ! Those stories belonged to humanity , about past events . The bible is the reason we dont know the real story .

    • Thjeok Thjeok
      Thjeok Thjeok 4 years ago

      Farmacy , They used levitation technology - they learned from nature ! you will see pictures of the bees and the scarab beetle In Egyptian hieroglyphs , These two creatures levitate , the egyptians knew the art of levitation . Look up bees cant fly !

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 4 years ago

      + Steve Smith For one as the late Dwardu Cardona describes in his books Saturn and its entourage Earth and possibly Mars were in a phase lock with Saturn for a period of time, and although this has been established by Dave Talbott's, "Polar Configuration" see the video, (Symbols of an Alien Sky), however in talking with Wal Thornhill there may have been, and most probably was a time when Earth and Mars were in a circular orbit around Saturn, while still inside Saturn`s red glow which would have blocked our view of any stars outside its reddish plasma sheath yet still have surrounded us with its light giving us a reddish purple permanent day. How long we may have lived orbiting Saturn is speculative at best.

    • J J
      J J 4 years ago

      kevin bauer The man is Leedskalin...brilliant man. Lived alone,worked alone,Ate very little. Was also quite frail looking but somehow he managed to move tons worth of rock without the aid of a crane etc! It was in secret and the whole place is filled with symbology. He was an advocate of Tesla's free energy, & was aware of the effects of electricity/magnetism. It is believed that's how he moved the heavy bulks & would give credence in the building of the pyramids(or maybe it was giant men!!!)...if it is true then what a man! Peace Out frm London✌

  • Rush Pabst
    Rush Pabst 8 years ago +6

    Love me some TBP.

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 5 years ago +2

    the only people speaking on behalf of gravity arguments are the entertainment scientists like neil degrasse tyson and michio kaku..

  • Zappa 750
    Zappa 750 4 years ago +2

    Why do u think orthodox scientists will not embrace EU when it is clear to me the laymen? Is it a question of £££
    Thanx for sharing.i use the word clear loosely : )

    WTF BBQ 8 years ago +1

    Lol, if Saturn was once a dwarf star, then that would have happened long before humans ever existed. There is no way people would have any records of it existing.

    • The Ball
      The Ball 6 years ago

      +Jason Call
      It could have been instantaneous. We could have travelled down a wormhole. That doesn't make it likely. There is no physical evidence to support this crockery.

    • Jason Call
      Jason Call 6 years ago +1

      You have deduced empirically that Earth has not been a satellite of a Proto Saturn brown dwarf within human memory. Let's say the Argon dating is dispositive. I don't know Argon dating from a can of paint, so I take your word for it.
      I just don't understand why you should assert that Earth's transit from Saturn to Sol would have been arbitrarily long and cold.

    • The Ball
      The Ball 6 years ago

      +Jason Call
      Yeah, anything is possible especially if you cherry pick your evidence and fail to explain all of it, including argon dating and 800,000 year old ice core samples. His evidence? Ancient folklore with a big heaping dose of pure speculation.
      I could make a theory that space aliens assassinated JFK with a bean they fired from Jupiter, but that doesn't make it likely.

    • Jason Call
      Jason Call 6 years ago +1

      +The Ball According to Thornhill, the cooling of Saturn would have been caused by its interaction with the sun. That Earth would maintain a semblance of equillibrium while moving from a Saturn orbit to a Solar orbit seems, then, a feature of the theory.

      GIANTSECRETS 7 years ago +1

      @gconol imo Saturn is a dwarf star now.

  • Nibbie
    Nibbie 8 years ago

    I will stick to my sources The Divine Pymander, by Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus
    and the Enuma Elish

  • Mircheeks
    Mircheeks 8 years ago

    Does EU say anything about Saturn, the former sun, cutting off from the Birkeland Current that was feeding it? Is this a common practice amongst brown dwarfs once they are captured by the larger stellar presence?

    • Mircheeks
      Mircheeks 8 years ago


    • feenix219
      feenix219 8 years ago +2

      Sol's a power hog. No juice left for Saturn. Or something. *shrug*

  • The Ball
    The Ball 8 years ago

    To believe this nonsense you would also have to believe that:
    • Saturn reduced its warmth at the same time that the sun increased its warmth in such a way that the median temperature of the earth could not only sustain live, but human life.
    • That this occurred within thousands of years (which is nothing in geologic time).
    • That this event was not recorded in currently living living tree core samples, which show the seasons of each year.
    • That this event was not recorded in petrified wood which lived at the time and show more detail for those years.
    • That the violent events discussed somehow did not strip the Earth of its fragile atmosphere which took billions of years to create (substantiated independently by various disciplines such as chemistry, geology, and paleontology).
    • That so undetectable was this change in atmosphere that there is no evidence for it in glacial core
    • That because some myths agree on some scale means they did so independently.
    I mean c'mon! Who are these navel-gazers, and why don't they know anything about chemistry?

    • The Ball
      The Ball 6 years ago

      What are you talking about? The earliest known document is about 5000 years old, scribed well before Plato lived about 2400 years ago.

      GIANTSECRETS 6 years ago

      +The Ball To find out what happened in the past about 11,500 years ago they should revisit what plato wrote and try to figure it out for themselves. He told us what happened.

      GIANTSECRETS 6 years ago

      +Jeff Brown From looking at history it looks like the people back then thought of the sun and the planets as all being the same basic makeup. Giant gas planets. When we look at religion They would have been God (the sun) Jupiter (the good planet and our savior) Saturn the bad planet (evil son). Venus was the mother figure which is often shown associated with the cresent moon and venus can be seen right next to a cresent moon at times now. If we look up Jupiter from NASA they say that jupiter would be a sun if it was much larger. It would start out as a brown dwarf but would be giving off heat. If we look at how plasma is made here on earth and look at a plasma cutter, we use shop air or ambient air forced under pressure past electricity. The solar wind leaves the sun under enough pressure and when it meets electricity at the surface plasma is produced but when there isn't enough electricity at the surface plasma is not produced and the solar wind is there fore much stronger. Jupiter and Saturn atm or earlier in time don't have wind leaving their gas planets at enough speed to produce plasma and there fore can't be and could have never been suns and not until they are larger. This is my opinion and there are many and varied opinions. Anything can and will be done to keep the truth secret and that is that religion today is a follow on of the sun and planet (pagan sun worship) that existed for thousands of years. Pagan sun worship was science based and the biggest universities of the day were in Egypt and were run by priests.

    • Jeff Brown
      Jeff Brown 7 years ago

      @deadballo This is clearly far more important to you than it is to me. Once again, from the top, not my paper, if you have concerns about it, contact the paper authors.
      As I see it, I brought the paper up as an example related to this video, not citing it in my own research, and my entire involvement was simply to try and clear the air about your characterization about this being nothing more than new-age stuff. I directly addressed your physics issues, and I would say soundly slapped you about for your silly concerns there, and mostly conceded that the oral/written historical evidence is not the greatest.
      What has followed is attack after attack, on something I didn't write. Even if you are not trying to troll, you're doing it. And I won't be addressing this question in this thread any more. You see, near as I can tell I answered your initial questions, and mostly agreed with your dislike of the evidence. But the entire tone you have is as if I was personally insulting your religion or some cherished political stance, and as it stands now, I simply don't care if you like it or not. If you really do care, and really wish to reply and communicate, then you can address me privately.
      Otherwise, I'll bid you a pleasant life, and Adieu.

    • The Ball
      The Ball 7 years ago

      @Jeff Brown Look at the citations and you will find it merely cites the collective works of similar compilations, not the original source. Again, if you cite an egyptian hieroglyph, you ought to be able ti cite the original source. This shouldn't be hard. The problem is this is not a scientific paper, it is a narrative.
      I never said anything about a beaker or computer. The scientific method requires neither of these. You are putting words in my mouth, and it's very telling.
      What science requires is, among other things, a methodology valud for the subject matter. A theory such as an ancient "nebular cloud" requires, at the very least, some method to disprove it. You certainly cannot support it apodictically. If you want to interpret the oral history of a primitive culture, you have to do so looking for evidence which disproves your theory or supports an alternative theory (the second, Bayes-ish method I would consider more valid). I'm sure you can think of theories which more aptly explain a phrase such as "Over this the spirit of Earth Doctor drifted to and fro like a fluffy bit of cotton in the breeze" than a fucking nebular cloud. For crying out loud…
      "Sorry, this just smells more and more like your hyper-inflated opinion."
      As opposed to Dwardu Cardona's over-inflated opinion, I'll base mine on facts and consideration of all the hypotheses. Maybe there is evidence that Japan wasn't created by dipping a sword in the sea, or that everything isn't on a giant turtle.
      "I never claimed to have enough evidence to support this theory, merely that your questions and conjectures could be answered."
      The paper you cite is crap. Its citations aren't the original citations. No mention is given to how they were gathered or interpreted beyond the paper-thin connections made at the tail end of the discovery. Anybody who has experience in the peer review process, especially in the social sciences, would reject the paper outright, and do so not out of any appeal to authority or tradition but based on poor methodology, evidence, and reasoning.

  • Travis B. Masterson
    Travis B. Masterson 8 years ago


  • Jesper Andersson
    Jesper Andersson Year ago

    and the fluff hang in the sky loitering...

  • Mhi kl
    Mhi kl 6 years ago +1

    The introducing host doesn't seem to be around of late. Chatty is not better than just a quick introduction.
    This is the first lecture/discussion/ into to Dwardu Cardona. Some info on his life from other sites has found in search of lectures by him.
    There will be no rest for Dwardu Cardona. The spirit/mind continues its search for the truth forever.

    • Mhi kl
      Mhi kl 4 years ago

      +James Kenyon
      Exactly its the separation and some of the angry stories pertinent to a religion or way of life... Especially if the anger is acceptable in an organization, it is best to look elsewhere. But always we must be on the lookout for the good we can find in others; even the naughty ones.
      One chap I have had a struggle with is the youngest of twelve children. He constantly whines that he had to sleep in a bed, in the middle, with two on both sides. Finally I mentioned that it must have been difficult for the three in the middle to get comfortable. He hasn't mentioned that story since so maybe he understands that others shared his misery. I did it in a way to not be or sound confrontational. Over time he has calmed down and visits are more comfortable. But anger and resentment so often become a lifestyle.
      I wonder if not having a religion (I try to explain to people that Buddhism is a way, of being on a path with lessons, not the worship of any thing or being) actually eases caution and resentments that conflicting beliefs often harbour to the other.
      Often total strangers open up and talk about their most sensitive issues. I make no comment or suggestion, just quiet attention, and the story continues. When I have interested, the 'discussion' comes to and end.
      All we can do is what we find most comforting but to continue on the carousel to make others feel comfortable and not-judged. I also try to look into myself from different eyes and ears; even as I enter my 67th year, I still find subtle resentments, harboured from my past and subtle ones I did not know about. There is always work to do.
      I am late getting back to you, James, as I do not get notice of comments so I have made a note to figure this out.
      Namaste and care,

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago

      + Mhi kl, I was actually hoping to find this part of our conversation as I wanted to add that I have learned to take the positive aspects of any religions and keep or as some say steal them and move on. I`v also learned that religions separate peoples and the thunderbolts paradigm does not. The work of Thornhill and Sheldrake and Hancock as well as others are headed in a positive direction in which peoples are not being systematically separated and I gotta like that.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago +2

      + Mhi kl, I`v learned from Dwardu in a personnel email to leave out any religious concepts or references from the main part of this picture as there always seems to be a string attached i.e, historic baggage. To get any clear picture I`v learned to use a forensic approach and gather as much information as possible, sort out what makes sense and what doesn't from as many disciplines as possible and proceed from there. As far as riding a carousel I guess your right in that it would take a multitude of lifetimes just to learn about Earth. I believe we are in a great position to learn and hopefully not do to much harm to the world in our learning. I hope we humans can learn to work together for the good of all.

    • Mhi kl
      Mhi kl 5 years ago +1

      @James Kenyon
      It is how I have come to suspect. This is not once around on this carousel. We have too much to learn for one life time.
      As a Buddhist, I just accepted that the work of the Buddha was support getting us through the drama of this one life time; but now, I think he knew a lot more than that.
      But the idea that we can improve, that this is just one term in school, and there were times before and more classes to come make me want to be a better person, dismiss anger, find the good in even the most obnoxious.
      The work of Thornhill and company, Rupert Sheldrake (morphic resonance) and Graham Hancock (ancient history re-interpreted) sure seem to come from the same kitchen.
      Namaste and care,

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago +1

      So true and if Wal Thornhill is correct we go on to light another candle/antenna when it is all said and done for me on this earth I hope to go where Dwardu`s mind is and look forward to meeting up with him again in this vast universe only this time I will pay for the dinner.

  • PENN
    PENN 8 years ago +2

    it is the symbol of the Scarab rising from the red mudd of URth ..... it is an EYE ..... eYe ..... /eYo\ ...... keeping an eYe out for the thunderEGG ... what yer about to see for yourSeLVeS

  • Jay Kingston
    Jay Kingston 4 years ago

    Dinosaurs and trees used to massive! I should have googled this first but could this also be an indication that the earth had a different sun back then?? I bet the earth's a slapper I bet she's had a few son's!! One which made the trees huge one called Saturn and today's sun!!

    • Shieena Living Waters
      Shieena Living Waters 4 years ago

      The theory is that earth, as well as the other planets in our solar system, were part of Saturn's solar system. When Saturn came close to our current sun, the disturbance was so great, that several planets were kicked out of Saturn's orbit.
      IF one has an open mind and want to find the truth, no matter how it disturbs their own beliefs, this Saturn theory makes sense. ( *THEORY,* for those who get angry over this notion, is not fact; but there are enough variables that align that supports it enough to keep looking.)
      Saturn is etched in stone throughout the earth.
      Saturn is mentioned in every Ancient text as the SUN.
      1.Saturn's North Pole has a *"hexagon cube"* _storm,_ AND that North Pole is aligned with ours.
      2. Saturn's rings consist of ICE *(WATER);* and now science has stated that Saturn contains high concentration of Chlorine, and Sodium. If Saturn was disrupted enough, the *SALT WATER* would have been *OUR DELUGE.* And given that science can find zero reason for our SALTY OCEANS, this event could answer that question.
      3. If earth was *"kicked",* it would have suffered a *"flash freeze"* as it tumbled away from it's light source (and FYI: SATURN GIVES OFF ITS ON HEAT. It is not warmed by the sun. The PLANET itself, under those "icy rings" is said to be 90° per the info sent back from CASSINI.)
      _So earth and all of it's GIANT INHABITANTS would have instantly perished._ *Dinosaurs and Bison* (remember the huge Bison found? The contents of it's stomach was not digested and it still had *FRESH "GREENS"* stuck in it's teeth!)
      Aside from the physical properties of earth, Science says it's inconsistent with our SUN. However, Saturn emits radio frequency waves that match EARTH!
      Now, if we look at SYMBOLS, I could never list them all!
      The *"CUBE"* is worshipped world wide, which can be seen even in the:
      *The Christian CROSS* because a Cross is a CUBE UNFOLDED. Also, the evidence is 100% provable that Jesus represents SATURN, crucified by the SUN, but was able to be resurrected, and is supposed to return in the AGE OF AQUARIUS (Look for the man carrying a pair of water!)
      2. The 6 pointed star (HEXAGON) has a 2D CUBE in the center.
      3. Halo's represent Saturn's rings.
      4. *"ROME'S"* first name was *"SATURNIA"* and, in December for *"TWELVE DAYS",* all of the people celebrated *"SATURNALIA"* by gift giving, drinking, and merry making. (One hell of a party!)
      5. Cube ARCHITECTURE are WORLDWIDE, Including the inverted Cube place on ground zero of the Twin Towers _and aligned perfectly with the Cube in MECCA!_
      Just Google Saturns Cube.
      And, on the SOUTH POLE of Saturn is *"THE SHAPE OF AN EYE!"*

  • Dave Begotka
    Dave Begotka 8 years ago

    And why the pyramids don't work any more.....

  • Navin Lamervich
    Navin Lamervich 6 years ago

    and what do you mean Billy Chan about this isn't about us...is that self and species belittlement?
    if this reality is not me, who is it about then?
    I did not ask to be born nor did I create myself. I am here and I don't know why..and I don't care about who did it... if any IT did.
    the fact is I did not make myself and as a craftsman I would not have made myself as I am given what I know of the world now. I would have done a whole lot better for myself than I am now.
    I see what I am and the world and how we all are and I am appalled at life. I am not grateful for life. I asked for nothing of the sort. who the hell would do this to us?
    I do not, will not, belittle myself...for what, for whom, in the face of what?
    to hell with any such thing or force or power, or god if there is.... that is where I stand.
    I accept myself as an evolved, more or less independent but interconnected factor or entity in life, relevant to, and part of a whole living, evolving universe, that is one united process. I am an actor in my interest in that process as individual and human. I am born with subjective perspective and must be so in an insecure and individualized existence, yet necessarily gregarious within my own species. there is nothing and none but us anywhere we know with what we have.
    and why in all this challenge to our routine existence, every minute of every day we are here, general insecurity that I did not make for myself, must I humble and belittle myself?
    the fact that I am still here after all this time I see as a monumental achievement, one that does not require of me belittlement of myself and kind, but celebration of what we have managed to do in an atrocious reality... celebration that breeds confidence and determination to go on

  • _SinHansu
    _SinHansu 3 years ago +1

    Is there a copy of this transcript?

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 3 years ago

      @_SinHansu I did send the transcript about a week ago but put Mark Wilson instead of Dwight Wilson hope it went through anyway.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 3 years ago

      @_SinHansu You can pull the address off now as I have it written down and will get it out to you as soon as I can. In the mean time keep on learning.

    • _SinHansu
      _SinHansu 3 years ago +1

      James Kenyon thank you; I’d appreciate it.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 3 years ago

      @_SinHansu I Will as soon as I can make copies.

    • _SinHansu
      _SinHansu 3 years ago

      James Kenyon Send to Dwight Wilson

  • Mary Poole
    Mary Poole 4 months ago

    False White Light//Demiurge///FGalse White Light when on a Ventilator !!!

  • miteruno
    miteruno 4 years ago

    14:17 Oscar what?

  • Hylke Westerhuis
    Hylke Westerhuis 4 years ago

    What a bad speak&present-er! A destroyer of fascinating content! :_[ hYlkeW

  • bipolar transition
    bipolar transition 7 years ago +1

    So stars can appear and develop out of nothing, or some form of electrical disturbance in space?.

    • Thjeok Thjeok
      Thjeok Thjeok 4 years ago

      James , yes that is how Proto Saturn created Venus , Proto Saturn enclosed Earth and mars in its Plasma ,the planets didn't rotate , there was an even light , and the temperature was also good for plants and life . They could not see beyond the plasma , no stars . Then Saturn got too close to the suns magnetosphere and it interfered with its cycle , created catastrophe , out of that Venus was born . After time the Saturn configuration broke apart ,Then there was light . and it became a linear solar system - i think they said that lasted for 800 to 1000 years , More catastrophe happened , then we come to this age . Where we got day and night .

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 4 years ago +1

      + bipolar transition The stars are not developing out of nothing but are formed from plasma being pinched, in other words the plasma is already there in a diffuse cloud and then gets pinched by a Birkeland current which produces both stars and and in many cases planets.

  • stephen cartwright
    stephen cartwright 7 years ago +2

    Is anyone aware that Saturn is the centre of all our problems?

    • Thjeok Thjeok
      Thjeok Thjeok 4 years ago +1

      stephen its what religions did with it that is the problem ! Saturn was a closed system , hence we get restriction , control , conformity etc.... The black cube is a representation of it as well as the long shafted cross , which is the cube unfolded .

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 4 years ago

      + stephen cartwright Saturn is not the center of all our problems, our interpretation of what Saturn did back then is.

    • quinto190
      quinto190 6 years ago +1

      +stephen cartwright No, it's a beautiful planet quite far away :). Nothing to be concerned about except interpretations.