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Dwardu Cardona: Earth’s Primordial Stellar Host | EU2014

  • Published on Jul 25, 2014
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    Dwardu Cardona showed that a reconstruction of Earth’s cosmic history can be distilled from the universal “mytho-historical record,” complemented by studies in earth history and space science. Most recently, the strongest scientific validation comes from space, as new instruments enable the viewer to see extraordinary electro-magnetic detail across the cosmos, confirming that this is indeed an Electric Universe.

    A former Senior Editor of the journal Kronos and Editor of the journal Aeon, Dwardu has published well over a hundred papers and has authored four books: God Star, Flare Star, Primordial Star and Metamorphic Star.

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Comments • 254

  • Glen 0
    Glen 0 7 years ago +32

    I remember as a kid learning about Australian Aboriginal mythology when I was in primary school and thinking these people are even more crazy than the Christians stories I was told. After discovering electric universe theory about 18 months ago I find myself having to constantly reconsider the validity of stories in the new light of understanding. Thanks thunderbolts for making me aware of the possibilities of new thought about many subjects. As in both the universe and in life experience its commonly the precessionary effects that have the bigger impact.

  • Solar Kat
    Solar Kat 7 years ago +5

    Thank you! This is an amazing lecture, truly brings light to so many concepts!

  • Ron Johnson
    Ron Johnson 7 years ago +6

    Excellent lecture, Thunder Bolts Project always bringing quality science to the common folk. I wonder if there is currently life on the some of the moons of Saturn?

  • James Kenyon
    James Kenyon 5 years ago +3

    I just found out of Dwardu Cardona`s passing on July 27th. Folks we have lost one of the giants of the electric universe/thunderbolts group. I have fond memories of Dwardu, many nice and corrective emails which I thank him for. I had dinner a few times with Dwardu at thunderbolts conferences and enjoyed them and his presence very much. Wal said we need to be careful of the giants on whose shoulders we stand. Dwardu was a giant on who`s shoulder I`m proud to stand on. I`v read all his books and look forward to the last. Dwardu`s presence will surely be missed by all who have attended the conference`s and all who in the future read his well researched material, which should have already been taught in college`s today. Dwardu will be remembered historically as a ( Stargazer ), along with Hannes Alfven, Kristian Birkeland, Ralph Juergens, Halton ( Chip ) Arp , and so many more who are giants on who`s shoulders I will gladly stand. James M. Kenyon

  • James Kenyon
    James Kenyon 2 years ago +1

    The late Dwardu Cardona was/is a giant in the study of ancient myth not unlike Dave Talbott, Ev Cochrane and many from SIS as well. Dwardu's book 5 in all have been printed in hardback in England they have such respect for his work. I have all five in paperback and am working on reading them for the second time.

  • Frank Blarney
    Frank Blarney 7 years ago +6

    If you really want to dig in, see Cardona's books. Yes they're expensive but well worth it. His scholarship convinced me that so many stories and myths around the world have spoken of the time when Saturn was our sun, and this is within the last 12000 years, so it is embedded in the memories, monuments, drawings, of mankind.

  • AmerikanRadical
    AmerikanRadical 7 years ago +6

    This reminds me of books and articles on the precession of the of the cosmos and man's attempts to copy them on the ground as far back as 13,000 years or so. The "cosmic wheel"

  • Ivorybow
    Ivorybow 7 years ago +1

    Thank you for this mind opening, paradigm cracking information. Also, does anyone know the name of this theme music?

  • Think Tank
    Think Tank 3 years ago +1

    Well said. Love the theory. Very base line sound.

  • YK Chan
    YK Chan 3 years ago

    Referring to footage

  • Karl Johan
    Karl Johan 7 years ago +4

    I've always suspected Saturn to have been much more sun-like. Brown Dwarfs are, like suns, every where in space. This raises an even more amazing possibility for life in the universe, in ALL kinds of sizes lol. Solar systems forming around Brown Dwarfs. Brown Dwarfs within solar systems.. Those Brown Dwarfs would also have a so called "golden distance" for liquid water to exist no? Amazing

  • jtinsley01
    jtinsley01 Year ago

    I would love to get a transcript of this. If anyone who knows how I might go about doing that comes across this, please reply. Thanks.

  • Nathanael Eisner, AFC.

    This is the first evillusionary EU video I have seen, insofar as the Stellar Disk is concerned. He also refuses to accept the Noachian Deluge as when the Saturn-Star flared and dimmed to the planet we now see. Its no wonder I have not seen him around much, and after a search found little of his stuff on this channel. He is a rather poor EUist, but it was fascinating the gems he has seemingly given amongst all the errors.

  • Ada Wong
    Ada Wong 7 years ago +1

    I like this guy. He doesn't ramble. He doesn't have a monotone voice. He is direct, concise and to the point. He is informative. Good speaker overall. The Thunderbolts Project should get guys like this to do most of their speeches. Just sayin'

  • scandalasdog
    scandalasdog 6 years ago +8

    The EU opens doors to the future and above the door it says " Our Greatest Discoveries Have Yet To Be Made." . . . .

  • 2uneak
    2uneak 3 years ago +2

    I enjoyed his talk...immensely!

  • Neocharm
    Neocharm 7 years ago +2

    Accepting this without question would send many scientists back to the drawing board. This is one thing that would disrupt many of the already settled University Stellar Dynamics teachings. But me, as an analyst, do see the logic of this theory so i can not and will not dismiss what has been said here.

  • Peace of Mind and Heart.
    Peace of Mind and Heart. 6 years ago +2

    This seems too revolutionary for a theory but a nice idea nonetheless.

  • Magnus Argenta
    Magnus Argenta 7 years ago +2

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this talk. It doesn't diminish my belief in god, it only enhances the nature of the truth of things that are evident if we only look at the reality of all things. I hope that in view of the evidence we can ALL come together and realize this new age TOGETHER and leave behind the FALSE prides that have been prevalent these last 1000 years!

    GIANTSECRETS 6 years ago +10

    Imo there was a race of humans before the flood that had the knowledge that we have now or they had more knowledge than we do and they were mostly wiped out. What we are getting from history and myths is people from our past trying to translate what they don't fully understand. We have become advanced enough to start understanding what they tried to translate.