1360hp Koenigsegg Agera destroys 1500hp Bugatti Chiron in 0-400-0 challenge!!!

  • Published on Oct 5, 2017
  • In August of 2017, Bugatti, using the 1500 hp Bugatti Chiron driven by race car driver Juan Pablo Montoya set a world record for the 0km/h to 400km/h (249mph) and back to 0km/h (0-400-0)
    Fast forward to October 2017 & Koenigsegg took the 0-400-0 record challenge to Bugatti in the 940 hp Koenigsegg Agera RS. Watch the
    surprising results!!!
    Background music for Koenigsegg Agera run:
    Song: Valence - Infinite [NCS Release]
    Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
    Video Link: ru-clip.com/video/QHoqD47gQG8/video.html
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  • Lavigna Tracyz
    Lavigna Tracyz Day ago

    Hey the ain't true bugatti is the number one and the Koenigsegg is number 2 faster

  • A He
    A He 2 days ago

    The koenigsegg is screaming but the grafics are going down ??🥴.

  • Never A Shammed
    Never A Shammed 3 days ago

    You guys aren't getting it. The buggati is a luxury car. The konigsegg is a race car with max downforce. Look at that spoiler and splinter.

  • Obed Riahtam
    Obed Riahtam 4 days ago

    Thought agera beat the Bugatti but I still like the Bugatti

  • warmonger2500
    warmonger2500 5 days ago

    Koenigsegg looked raw, blistering, uncompromising, and terribly uncomfortable. The Bugatti looked almost peaceful. Koenigsegg gets the record and is amazing. If I had the money for only one the answer is easy.

  • Joe LoPiccolo
    Joe LoPiccolo 5 days ago

    Y A W N !

  • Jeff Darnell
    Jeff Darnell 5 days ago

    Koenigsegg's will blow the doors off of Bugattis...period, and it's ALSO a twin turbo charged 5.0 vs. a QUAD turbo'ed W-16...course the Koenigsegg weighs a bit over 2800 lbs. too. I love Koenigsegg's...

  • chlipouno youssef
    chlipouno youssef 6 days ago

    chiron have a restrictor
    and is not the same track (abrasivity - road slope ....)

    i think koenigsegg have better acceleration but the 2 cars are not so far

  • Ninja Joe
    Ninja Joe 6 days ago +1

    I like how noobs only compare HPs and totally forget about the weight of the car.

  • ValioTD
    ValioTD 7 days ago

    koenigsegg is my fav car

  • Rusher Jagoi
    Rusher Jagoi 9 days ago

    Why everyone hates bugatti..?? Because they can't afford.. Small minded peoples.

  • mehdi mehdi
    mehdi mehdi 11 days ago

    Koenigsegg was in straight path :)))

  • Clandex Official
    Clandex Official 12 days ago


  • Henri ツ
    Henri ツ 12 days ago

    Koenigsegg means kingsballs

  • Anthony Subaru
    Anthony Subaru 14 days ago

    l'Agera est trop volente. juste a l’accélération il faut être un bon pilote pour la maintenir dans sa ligne et le freinage? une vrai catastrophe! et chez Bugatti, juste poser les mains sur le volant suffit.
    ca va toujours tout droit

  • sakhalbudhi123 vu
    sakhalbudhi123 vu 14 days ago

    Get Lewis Hamilton to drive both, then get a comparison !!!!

  • Jack Yip
    Jack Yip 15 days ago

    try Koenigsegg one:1

  • XN FR
    XN FR 16 days ago

    How about eco ?

  • Emilio Alvarez
    Emilio Alvarez 17 days ago

    Whatever both, it's better than nothing.

    MATEI 17 days ago

    Supra destroys both of them

  • افضل گانی خان

    They cut the video ending with hitting 450+.. chiron😎😎😎💪

    • pe4r
      pe4r 21 day ago

      r u retarded

  • josh786manchester
    josh786manchester 23 days ago

    Bugatti is still more premium and sounds better with better road comfort

  • vikas 365
    vikas 365 23 days ago +1

    Bugatti fans like here👇

  • Luke
    Luke 23 days ago

    Both cars are absolutely beautiful and even though I literally know nothing about cars I seemed to get the sense that Bugatti was a more stable, easier ride than the koenigsegg even though it sacrificed top speed. I read below the curb weight is more on the Bugatti and I'm willing to bet that has a large part to play as well as more engineering things that I dont understand. TBH I dont see it as what car is better but more of a what kind of experience and aesthetic are you looking for. Again I literally don't know Jack diddly shit about cars, that's just the impression I got.

  • Peter Debeer
    Peter Debeer 24 days ago

    Koenigsegg sounds and looks cheap

  • Mititelu Constantin
    Mititelu Constantin 25 days ago

    Is Koenigsegg road legal???

  • Willy Kruze
    Willy Kruze 25 days ago

    Imagine being hit by a buggati on full speed

  • paresh patil
    paresh patil 25 days ago

    Very nice car

    ARDHIKA PUTRA 25 days ago

    That is Buggati Divo not chiron

  • Hard Ball
    Hard Ball 25 days ago

    Koenigsegg sounds like a shopping card at high speed! Shaky and rough ride. Bugatti sounds like a bicycle racing; calm and smooth ride. You disagree! Well replay and pay attention to both of them.

  • bridge boi
    bridge boi 26 days ago

    Bugatti is already old

  • Dacian Dan
    Dacian Dan 26 days ago

    I stick to Bugatti because I can wear casual clothing and reach 400 km/hr so that means class but Koenigsegg had to mummify the driver to be safe !!

  • soroush safarzadeh
    soroush safarzadeh 26 days ago

    KOENIGSEGG what a monster

  • Oscar xD
    Oscar xD 26 days ago

    Bruh I hate Bugatti...a Bugatti just crashed my 2019 Range Rover

    • Whats your problem
      Whats your problem 26 days ago

      I feel bad for the bugatti ... crashing into a cheap car lol

  • Craig
    Craig 26 days ago +6

    Bugatti: our hypercar just achieved a unbeatable world record
    Koenigsegg: hold mah beer

  • moto1p1
    moto1p1 26 days ago

    No getting around it; the totally gay millennial montage music makes this video, technically speaking, suck!

  • Eagle Eye
    Eagle Eye 26 days ago

    If there was an endless road , top speed goes to bugatti. The koenigseg is about 600 kg lighter and will launch of the line quick . None the less both amazing cars

    • Grabo20
      Grabo20 26 days ago

      Agera RS is faster than Chiron. And what about Jesko now. :)

  • Mikey
    Mikey 26 days ago

    940hp or 1360hp which is it?

  • why o why
    why o why 26 days ago

    Liberalism is destroying west and it's car manufacturers

  • Gisela Pfennings-Imkamp

    The big destroyer.....

  • Kalashnikov Cortez
    Kalashnikov Cortez 26 days ago

    i'll take the bugati

  • TXHEN1
    TXHEN1 26 days ago +2

    4:36 damn That breaking from around 250 mph to 0 in about the time I do 0-60 lol

  • Marco Napolitano
    Marco Napolitano 27 days ago

    Yes all beautiful but now make a drag race with a Kawasaki H2R... Thanks.

    • Marco Napolitano
      Marco Napolitano 27 days ago

      +Bogdan Danut yes but the track will be ended when the two slower cars will finally arrive at 400 instead the h2R beast will touch that speed quicker and by by

    • Bogdan Danut
      Bogdan Danut 27 days ago

      why it needs to be a drag race? why not a flat out to top speed run? it has no point, H2R got 1,663hp/kg where Bugatti got 986 bhp per TON or Koenigsegg 961 bhp per TON so the bike will be faster on 400m run. but both of the cars can go well over 400km/h and from what i know H2R cant go past 400

  • Břæñqĕ
    Břæñqĕ 27 days ago

    Devel 16 ☝️

  • Jenna Klipstine
    Jenna Klipstine 27 days ago +1

    Canoga Zig one is worse as a rusty engine has an 40 exhaust against a Bugatti Chiron has the golden diamond obsidian Emerald engine and it has most best breaks the best best best exhaust and it is so with ice cream filled with ice cream it never makes a mess Dark Matter gets cleaned up buy the Bugatti

  • Irena Drusiene
    Irena Drusiene 27 days ago

    Keonigsegg iš the best

  • Luboš Janků
    Luboš Janků 28 days ago

    Koenigsegg Agera:
    Curb weight:
    Standard/Agera R/Agera S:
    1,435 kg (3,164 lb)
    1,330 kg (2,932 lb) dry
    1,360 kg (2,998 lb)
    Agera RS / Agera Final:
    1,395 kg (3,075 lb)
    1,295 kg (2,855 lb) dry
    Bugatti Chiron:
    Curb weight:
    1,996 kg (4,400 lb) (est)
    1,978 kg (4,360 lb) (est) (Chiron Sport)
    Bugatti is about half a ton heavier.
    Source: Wikipedia

  • _CFBB21 _
    _CFBB21 _ 28 days ago

    I mean uhm heard of a h2r? Cute things your cars

    • Grabo20
      Grabo20 26 days ago

      Agera RS does better than H2R. Two seconds less than the bike for 0-400.
      We don't talk of braking of course...

  • Shubalaxmi Shuba
    Shubalaxmi Shuba 28 days ago

    More like a movie

  • triggerhappy 75
    triggerhappy 75 28 days ago

    Still rather have the bugatti..style, luxury, performance.
    Koooniiigseeggg..performance only..

  • Melvin Rivera Hernandez
    Melvin Rivera Hernandez 28 days ago +2

    What’s the background music for the Bugatti ?

  • Wolster PS
    Wolster PS 28 days ago

    Venom GT slowly comes in

  • M Ejaz
    M Ejaz 28 days ago

    What made me annoyed that they didn't make video of koenigsegg from outside to make me understand that how fast it was.....

  • Mabutho Radebe
    Mabutho Radebe 29 days ago

    I was attacked by a black mamba last year, i swear- when it launches, its already going, and when u think its going, its gone from where u last saw it before u blinked- Chiron moves exactly like that on launch! WOW, what a ride!

    • Paul Cochran
      Paul Cochran 27 days ago

      Lol dude

    • Mabutho Radebe
      Mabutho Radebe 27 days ago

      +Paul Cochran HAHAHAHA...and we just going out to buy a loaf of bread down the road. lol

    • Paul Cochran
      Paul Cochran 27 days ago

      I can give you the same launch in a Ford mustang

  • MaxKühn
    MaxKühn 29 days ago

    The Koenigsegg is brutal, but the chiron has was more comfort and Looks was easier to drive

  • Percy Valle
    Percy Valle 29 days ago +1

    The K. does not have remotely the style of a BUGATTI...

  • Jess Hines
    Jess Hines 29 days ago

    I love how the Bugatti guy is just cruising in his Sunday best, no drama, just 250mph. Then Koenigsegg has a team of people apparently taping up the car, the driver is all Nomex'd out like the car might explode.
    Obviously safety is big, I just love how the Bugatti clip made it seem effortless.

  • Andrew G.
    Andrew G. Month ago

    I bet they used a supra to be catching up to these speeds

  • Emmaline Miofmela
    Emmaline Miofmela Month ago

    1360hp Koenigsegg Agera destroys 1500hp

    • Karim A
      Karim A Month ago

      It's not only about hp, it's also about weight, aerodynamics, etc...

  • Benjamin Verdoorn
    Benjamin Verdoorn Month ago

    I'm super impressed

  • Eskinder Alemayehu
    Eskinder Alemayehu Month ago

    Wish there was a car that 0 to 400 in under 10. Seconds now that wud be intereting

  • Pamela Scully
    Pamela Scully Month ago

    That's why bugati lose because bugati is heavy

  • Steve
    Steve Month ago

    Why is the wiper blade stuck in the centre of the screen?

    • Plk
      Plk Month ago

      Aerodynamics, something the chiron doesn't have

  • Viperaddict Carfanatic

    Homeboy walked out there in board shorts on some tiny street and lost by 5 seconds to guy in some race suit on a special track with a entire team working on shit. Just my take of video. Dope cars dope everything tho

  • Junaid Patel
    Junaid Patel Month ago

    Buggati is the best man

  • Luis Juarbe
    Luis Juarbe Month ago


  • Magickson347
    Magickson347 Month ago

    BROOKLYN NY S5 ru-clip.com/video/VejhJcGc2EQ/video.html

  • Łukasz lukasss
    Łukasz lukasss Month ago

    But you can do 700 km in chiron without pain , not sure if you do the same in agera

  • Keith Powell
    Keith Powell Month ago +1

    Interesting videos ,one car is cool and under control and one looks like it trying its hardest and was lots off effort to control . I know my choice I rather have a shirt on 😉

  • Alex Simon
    Alex Simon Month ago

    regardless of what everyone says, both are amazing machine, but the fact of the matter is, koenigsegg's numbers are just made out of air, without any proof to back it up, just like when they state that it can accelerate in under 3 seconds. where was that acceleration in this video ? they forgot about it because the purpose of this video was to fabricate a top speed run. still, a nice car tho, don't get me wrong.

  • Zaya Taylor
    Zaya Taylor Month ago

    I like the Bugatti more but the koenigsegg is great too

  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas Month ago

    The Agera is originally 1400 HP and the Chiron has 1350 HP you dumbshit

  • Sanjana Diwan
    Sanjana Diwan Month ago

    Nissan GT-R is the fastest

  • Junior Raymond
    Junior Raymond Month ago

    Equipped with a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8, the Agera RS produces 1176 horsepower and 940 lb-ft of torque in standard form. The 1MW upgrade boosts these numbers to 1360 hp and an even 1,000 lb-ft. When equipped with the upgrade, the Agera RS reaches 60 mph in under 2.9-seconds and blasts to 124 mph in under 7-seconds.
    This is from Koenigsegg themselves.
    So you saying it has 940bhp is wrong my friend

  • Alison Clarke
    Alison Clarke Month ago +1

    biggest clickbait ever

  • Ap0c
    Ap0c Month ago

    Now i wanna see the Jesko doing ir.

  • jetdr
    jetdr Month ago

    Bugatti will rarely ever let their car race side by side another, they don’t like being beaten. They wouldn’t race the Venom GT!

    • jetdr
      jetdr 14 days ago

      When and where? Have to prove that one on video.

    • King Leonidas
      King Leonidas Month ago

      That's already happened and the Venom GT got smoked

  • Macmax7077
    Macmax7077 Month ago +1

    let me buy a dozen, of both, lol. My Niro does 52mpg

  • Z
    Z Month ago +3

    bugatti is garbage (vs the egg)

  • Habanero Channel
    Habanero Channel Month ago

    The koeinsking video was unofficial

  • Todd Perkins
    Todd Perkins Month ago

    That piece of crap Koenigsegg sounds like ATV or go cart. Comparing that to a Bugatti is a HUGE insult

  • volume up
    volume up Month ago

    My 1993 fiat Tipo take to 100 km/h more time than that

  • TargetInternship One

    Thats the real fast and furious!!

  • Tadas Simkus
    Tadas Simkus Month ago

    lookin by outside bugatti is more comfortable to drive then kooni

  • Joshua Chavers
    Joshua Chavers Month ago


  • Daviddrift99 Br
    Daviddrift99 Br Month ago

    Koenigsegg beats bugati hahaha

  • Your Name
    Your Name Month ago

    Fin och unik bil pojkar, men byt för h-e ut den där till dödsleda uttjatade musiken som ALLA spelar. Unik, vardetja...

  • Melvin Rivera Hernandez

    This was epic asf

  • Rochdi Tidjani
    Rochdi Tidjani Month ago +6

    The Koenigsegg is an impressive car. However, I think the test should have been conducted on the same track by the same driver under the same conditions. Despite that I think the Koenigsegg would have done it in a shorter distance because it is quite a bit lighter.

    • Rochdi Tidjani
      Rochdi Tidjani Month ago

      I Don't think the test was accurate. It has to be done on the same track with the same driver under the same weather conditions.

    • Junior Raymond
      Junior Raymond Month ago +1

      Doesn't matter.
      The test was extremely accurate and the result would of been the same anyway

  • Peachbae Yaranika God

    Good & Bad of bugatti and kosiengi
    Bugatti: Good ➡top speed and stability
    Bad:Bad accel and huge weight

    Koseingi :Good ➡ good accel and good break
    Bad : top speed not must as bugatti and stability

  • João Rodrigues
    João Rodrigues Month ago

    This is not a stock car.

  • Yudi Ideta
    Yudi Ideta Month ago

    1,3 mil fanboys of bugatti, suckk

  • Dimitris liampiris
    Dimitris liampiris Month ago

    Koenigsegg is the best

  • Bashir Ashour
    Bashir Ashour Month ago


  • Caydon Sieverding
    Caydon Sieverding Month ago +8

    Dude in Bugatti looks like he’s sipping whiskey while driving. Koenigsegg dressed like F1 racer

    • bboyjunyor
      bboyjunyor Month ago +2

      That's just marketing! You actually think Montoya would get in a car to set a 0-400-0 record dressed in a shirt and formal pants?? Koenigsegg has shown you the actual footage, Bugatti did not! Think twice! :)

    • Dorian Dorian
      Dorian Dorian Month ago

      +White Rabbit that's another issue....😅

    • White Rabbit
      White Rabbit Month ago

      Dorian Dorian Dude still looks like he‘s sipping whiskey while driving.

    • Mario Mejia
      Mario Mejia Month ago

      Caydon Sieverding Too much Cannabis "dude"...

    • Dorian Dorian
      Dorian Dorian Month ago +1

      "Dude" was an F1 driver....and a very good one

  • fallen one
    fallen one Month ago

    Buggati is a very smooth car Koenigsegg is not. that is a big difference Buggati weight almost double then Koenigsegg. Bugggati is more civilized.


    *☀Im having😏Both of them 🌞plus🗺Thank'$ for sharing🌌*

    • theflanman86
      theflanman86 Month ago +1

      Your having a big bowl of horse shit

  • A F E E F .
    A F E E F . Month ago


  • Alto Paringitermsultimate

    I rather bugatti fits to drift than that koenigsegg cause bugatti has more handling and a bit of handful of acceleration than that koen. that koen is alot faster of brakes don't deny that faster the brakes the more bad to drift hehehehe............ the slower the brakes good to drift that car.

    • Danol123
      Danol123 Month ago

      Alto Paringitermsultimate Bugatti sucks at drifting. It’s so unstable you’d kill yourself before you even hit the corner. Also it has less grip wich is the only way to drift. You could probably powerslide, but that’s about it. If you attempt drifting your traction will literally send you outside the designated area. You’ll get injured really bad and possibly die.

  • Jpgundarun
    Jpgundarun Month ago

    Top fueler destroys Koenigsegg, does it in 10 seconds in a third of the distance.

    • Jpgundarun
      Jpgundarun Month ago

      +Fredrik Granberg Im merely quoting the car (yes a Top Fueler is classed as a car) that does the 0-400-0 STRAIGHT LINE test/challenge the fastest. Im not getting my panties in a bunch and comparing an Airliner to a Space Rocket.

    • Fredrik Granberg
      Fredrik Granberg Month ago

      +Jpgundarun No. But it's coming eventually. But to compare a top fueler with a car you can drive on public roads is just silly. "A Apollo V rocket is much stronger and faster than a jumbo jet"

    • Jpgundarun
      Jpgundarun Month ago

      +Fredrik Granberg Did you see a bend in this clip?

    • Fredrik Granberg
      Fredrik Granberg Month ago

      And then comes the bend...