Are China and the US doomed to conflict? | Kevin Rudd

  • Published on Apr 1, 2015
  • The former prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd is also a longtime student of China, with a unique vantage point to watch its power rise in the past few decades. He asks whether the growing ambition of China will inevitably lead to conflict with other major powers - and suggests another narrative.
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Comments • 6 578

  • jukhoman9
    jukhoman9 12 hours ago

    Kevin Rudd for UN sec-gen

  • Robert Haarlem
    Robert Haarlem Day ago

    He was the PM of Australia? Ooh the guilt ooh the white selfhate, i don't feel guilty of anything ,yes we took a lot but we gave back more!

  • Brandon A. English

    I basically believe most everything bad that both the Chinese and American governments say about each other. It reminds me of two children who are always bickering and stirring things up but trying to point the finger.

  • Brandon A. English

    Watch a video with George Friedman and he says China is declining. Watch a video with Kevin Rudd and he says China is a waking lion.

  • Le DiceThrower
    Le DiceThrower 2 days ago

    Guys, soon your country will be half latinos-blacks... So prepare yourself for the shithole that's gonna be US very soon

  • Ri Ko
    Ri Ko 2 days ago

    China did worse bully things to its smaller neighbors for thousand years

  • Ri Ko
    Ri Ko 2 days ago

    Evil state like China is not civilization. It's devil with pollution, Human rights violations, aggressive, greedy, expansionism.

  • Wallis Wang
    Wallis Wang 2 days ago

    I kinda feel sad watching this video in 2019...

  • Andy Hua
    Andy Hua 2 days ago

    To think this man once had the same position as Donald Trump today, really tells us something.

  • Eric Co
    Eric Co 2 days ago

    Whatever, in China lots of people to feed, we buy what we like,
    Erectus mind from China, come get me.. Philippines. 2000.

  • zongran chu
    zongran chu 3 days ago

    Welcome to my country ,China.

  • Timothy Canfield
    Timothy Canfield 3 days ago

    HOi KeViN

  • 吴秋明
    吴秋明 3 days ago +1


  • 吴秋明
    吴秋明 3 days ago

    多亏川普,中美之间已经没有了互信,古人云,以德报怨,何以报德? 所以说先礼后兵。

  • E hhh
    E hhh 3 days ago

    If China is so great like what he is saying, why are the Chinese running away from their motherland, living and working in other countries like the US; EU ; Japan; South Korea?? Even in countries like Vietnam and Philippines?? In Tokyo and South Korea alone, there are over 3 million Chinese working in gov offices; constructions; roads; restaurants; coffee shops; hotels etc..95% of the convenient store staffs in Japan are actually Chinese. So, if you are economically one of the most powerful countries in this planet, why would your citizens be grabbing those low paying jobs competing with the locals of those respective countries, not to mention away from home?? Another question is, North Korea has been the closest allies of China. For 3 generations, look at how North Korea is doing today. Isn't that clear enough? haha..You simply can't believe in everything you hear. Everyone in this planet knows Chinese are well known for showing off and their propagandas. For all you know, this dude may actually be being paid up by Chinese making these propaganda videos boosting China... Btw, buying people up is also a typical Chinese strategy. Good luck !

  • attiume yami
    attiume yami 6 days ago +1

    China and the US should never fight and instead drop their politicians into a pit filled with molten magma. Chinese people are amazing and so are americans. We could be great friends and leaders of the world.

    • Lawrence Su
      Lawrence Su 3 days ago +1

      Spot on, sadly this isn't what the majority thought at all.

  • Anthony Parker
    Anthony Parker 8 days ago

    Watching this in 2019 is in interesting...

  • Ivan Navarrete Vega
    Ivan Navarrete Vega 9 days ago

    The Chinese and American presidents should’ve been sitting on the first row!

  • Tang YuanHong
    Tang YuanHong 9 days ago


  • Dallas Segno
    Dallas Segno 9 days ago

    ted. always a reliable source of comedy

  • Edward Humphries
    Edward Humphries 9 days ago

    The tanks at a demonstration and reported 10.000 dead shocked the west but dumping opium by the boatload in China was abysmal ,yes boats of ice now come from that direction our way so it goes back and forth just human nature to a degree ,I hope America can hand over the senior role gracefully taking say a scholarly position perhaps ,imagine if China really got it right with Hong Kong ,then Taiwan, Phillipines,even Japan joined the fold then focussed on developing,Thailand ,Korea s,Vietnam into powerhouse economy's all feeding each other ,with all these topics these days remember 100 nukes loosed =dust nuke winter for years only 1% living underground any chance how about the international space program never hear of it anymore ,educated people steer the boat this way ,space ,cancer , sustainable energy food etc

  • Xiaobo Liu
    Xiaobo Liu 10 days ago +4


  • koro287
    koro287 10 days ago +2

    Good lord, im a kiwi who has a chinese wife and one thing im sure is our new leader could not hold a speech like this guy,good on you kevin,or master of the classics!

  • Brian Hayes
    Brian Hayes 11 days ago

    You fukin idiot rudd

  • Eric Mok
    Eric Mok 11 days ago

    China had the largest economy once before in the 15th and 16th centuries

  • Linh H Le
    Linh H Le 12 days ago

    ASEAN already a NATO in the Pacific

  • Eurobiker Life
    Eurobiker Life 12 days ago

    YOU anglo saxon bastrds of USA UK AUS stop this war mongering , you cant do anything to super power china ,

  • Hassan Baalbaki
    Hassan Baalbaki 13 days ago

    the conquerer knows what he is talking about, legend

  • Kerry Burns
    Kerry Burns 14 days ago +1

    Damn !
    I was always a sucker for rhetoric.
    An enlightened point of view, thanks Kevin, but I have no faith in the American administration - their combination of capitalist greed and religious lunacy does not bode well for a sensible outcome.
    The last thing I bought from America, a few years back, was a banjo -- a good solid professional instrument.
    Chinese banjos are now appearing here in Spain, and the quality and price are amazing.
    My double-bass is Chinese, as is my tenor sax, and the same applies.
    I can't afford to buy American anymore, and for many reasons I prefer not to.
    America wants to dominate the world -- China wants to sell us stuff.
    Compare the cuisines and make your choice.

  • Magda widlo
    Magda widlo 15 days ago

    China is catching up with the us. in 30 years if nothing will be done china will overtake us economy and then Beijing will be flooded with low paid american immigrants looking for a better life. atm us has still the most powerful army and it is highly likely in the next 20 years there will be military conflict as all other attempts of stopping china have failed.

  • Sam Fitt
    Sam Fitt 15 days ago +1

    American is waving the sword while China is waving the pen . In other words let's make China great again . Russia is the sick man of Europe .

  • Lester Starks
    Lester Starks 15 days ago

    As long as there are people like trump, there will never be World peace !

  • Faynan
    Faynan 16 days ago

    The little one more suggest is that, you may learn some more chinese so that you can understand the country much better.

  • WalayatFamily
    WalayatFamily 16 days ago

    Aussies should start by giving austrailia back to the aborigines.

  • WalayatFamily
    WalayatFamily 16 days ago

    Chinese will be the new nazis

  • Ivy Istok
    Ivy Istok 16 days ago

    The Chinese will eat the westerners are wrong , the Chinese do have their China dreams.....天下第一大國.......

  • Ivy Istok
    Ivy Istok 16 days ago


  • Ivy Istok
    Ivy Istok 16 days ago


  • Andy Sleeter
    Andy Sleeter 16 days ago

    The problems are never from the people, but from the so called leaders. Political leaders need excuses to control their constituents. Through human history, the best excuse has always been the competition for survival..... tribal survival, national survival, cultural survival and racial survival. We have conquered most of these survival mentalities through thousands of years of human development and wars. We are at the last stage of conquering racial differences..... the last residual excuse for political leaders. As long as the chinese and the west consider themselves as competitors for survival on this planet, there will not be peace. Frankly, we all have to realize that cancer kills chinese as much as it kills Americans, Australians or Africans. Where do the political leaders stand on that?

  • Young 3C
    Young 3C 17 days ago +3

    yes, there are huge differences between politicians' dream and peoples'.

  • Jeff Tan
    Jeff Tan 17 days ago

    When we said 'CONFLICT' it usually means between two persons, parties, countries, etc. But in this cast between two leaders. Leaders are beings and this is the roots of the problems. If we have people who have the power to do as he like, refused to understand, refused to listen, refused to compromise, using forces, bullying tactic, big-headed, self praise......Do You Think You Can Solve Problems?

    • Buro Dackel
      Buro Dackel 16 days ago

      I quote Mao: "Power comes from the barrel of a gun".
      Given that statement and its pertinence to the Chinese Communist Party how do you suppose the Chinese view those who do not use raw power- as in realpolitik raw power being military might to rule? The Chinese view them, rightly , as weak and ripe for exploitation.
      The only respect China understands is a rifle butt in the face.

  • John Smythe
    John Smythe 17 days ago

    China will head for any country's that have material resources.

    • Han Lee
      Han Lee 17 days ago

      John Smythe Got it~

    • John Smythe
      John Smythe 17 days ago

      @Han Lee Correct. It is as simple as that.

    • Han Lee
      Han Lee 17 days ago +1

      like the Western World colonizing other countries for material resources and labor?

  • datoming
    datoming 17 days ago +2

    Than you, [克文] for this good talk with a positive message. It has opened my eyes.

  • ppns2726
    ppns2726 18 days ago

    Didn't hear anything about China being a repressive state. Organ harvesting is a multibillion dollar a year industry in China where they match organs of political and other prisoners with Westerners, who gladly pay. They keep these "donors" alive with machines to harvest all their organs. Very barbaric country. Ask Hong Kong people who are scared stiff right now. China, the surveillance state. Open your eyes Kevin.

    • ling ni
      ling ni 16 days ago

      ppns2726 I am Chinese. dude, you made me laugh out loud. Fa Lun gong? 法轮功?

  • Cary Clan
    Cary Clan 18 days ago

    Then came Trump and the political morons were back in charge.

    • Cary Clan
      Cary Clan 15 days ago

      John Smythe ... It’s not true everyone wants to rule one world, that could not happen without massive death. We all need to be Globalists because we now have the power to destroy human life forever. We don’t need one government, nor one currency nor one religion. But we do need to learn to work together.

    • John Smythe
      John Smythe 17 days ago

      It is not just Trump but all mega-corporations all politicians have the same desire to rule one world under their control. Globalist.

  • Sam H
    Sam H 19 days ago

    Onya old mate Kev07

  • Jose de la Cuadra
    Jose de la Cuadra 19 days ago

    Rudd - the consummate CCP propagandist. with credentials that could enable him to sit even in the CCP Party Congress incognito , speak in the War College as if he is Australia's trusted statesman. He speak in think tank institutions with credentials as head of Asia Society (really a CCP propaganda machine). Why is that I feel like he is China's apologist and China's public information mouthpiece. Listen to his speech in Oxford College sometime between 2015-2-16.

  • Evan Zeng
    Evan Zeng 19 days ago

    I like this guy. And I think he must have been a great PM for Australian.

    • Buro Dackel
      Buro Dackel 18 days ago +1

      He was so terrible his own party deposed him for a woman.

  • D Tango
    D Tango 19 days ago +1

    Kevin Rudd, one greatest scholars of our time.

  • David Middlekauff
    David Middlekauff 19 days ago

    Lol. Apologize...for what ??? Jesus. These liberal touchy feely things are soooo...retarded. There can only be one..China is a paper tiger. It is full of cities which are empty !! They have cheated on their currency. They will see a collapse..very soon

  • DeepIn China
    DeepIn China 20 days ago

    No one care about weakers, we still have a long way to go and many things to learn.

  • Castor Sun
    Castor Sun 20 days ago +1

    Only those who have lived in China for years, using heart to feel China, have reasonable sound to make any judgement.

    • Castor Sun
      Castor Sun 17 days ago

      @Buro Dackel Compared to most Western European friends, Chinese are hard to be brainwashed, either from Chinese media or from the Western's. Btw, the history is the past. Currently China and Russia are close brothers. Nothing can separate these two countries. History is past. Hating and killing cannot be brought to offsprings forever because both countries are great countries. Please DO NOT try to make any dissension between these two countries. You are not Russian, what you do is to make conflicts between these two countries.

      Give you a free education: when China already occupied the east Siberia, Russia was still at the European part. Tsardom of Russia massacred thousands of Chinese in Northeastern China, so called "Blagoveshchensk Massacre". At that stage, Tsardom grabbed Sakhalin Island and the outer hinggan mountains region from China and also grant Northwestern area loss for China.

    • Buro Dackel
      Buro Dackel 18 days ago

      @Castor Sun Invading a country is not defense- it is offensive. Super drought and natural disasters explains how Mao killed millions other than calculation and incompetence? USSR had every reason to send tanks to their own northern border- there are 100 million Chinese south of it now who are brainwashed into thinking it should belong to China. Right now there Russian Tochka and Iskander ready waiting on the Chinese border. Any nation has the sovereign right to engage in drills without the permission of a bordering nation. They argument of pre-emptive defense is false.

    • Castor Sun
      Castor Sun 18 days ago +1

      @Buro Dackel You should read carefully about true history. For Vietnam, only once. That was defense. At that age, China suffered super drought and natural disasters. Also USSR and China relationship became intense. China had no reason to attack other counties at that age. USSR sent hundreds of tanks and amored vehicles at North boundary of China and Vietnam even invaded Chinese Guangxi Province. Where you come from? Will your country doesn't care about neighbours invade you? Of course, self-defense war initiated! In the recent 30 years, no war related with China. How about your country?

    • Buro Dackel
      Buro Dackel 18 days ago

      Nope past behvaiour is the ebst preictor of future bhaviuour. China attacked Vietnam twice. It attacked the Soviet Union and a damn shame for everyone globally, the US warned it would retaliate if USSR launched nuclear strikes on China. Had USSR struck China we would not have this Chinese problem and likely North Korea would be solved.

  • classiccarz
    classiccarz 20 days ago


  • Gitfiddle 7766
    Gitfiddle 7766 20 days ago

    When unfunny people think they are funny because people at cocktail parties are polite enough to laugh at their jokes.

  • old wang
    old wang 21 day ago

    I have to tell the world the fact that Yotube does not have freedom of speech, they only allow reports that defame the Chinese government. Once other media prove that the Chinese government is right, they will reduce the number of viewers and block their live broadcasts and user accounts.

  • duwa d
    duwa d 21 day ago

    Yes thank you still think you are a my have a soul

  • First Last
    First Last 21 day ago

    The Chinese won't accomplish anything

  • Torpedox ttocsyor
    Torpedox ttocsyor 21 day ago +1

    Only The Deep State wants War!
    You can't sell weapons if nobody is fighting.

  • Alfredo Calpito
    Alfredo Calpito 21 day ago


  • Warwick Wright
    Warwick Wright 21 day ago +1

    Very influential speaker I like the bit about transferring the American dream to humanity's dream. One of my favourite personal philosophies is: 'Let go of everything you are to be all you can be, for without identity there is no prejudice or war'.

  • Władca Wymiaru
    Władca Wymiaru 21 day ago

    OMG even Napoleon know this!
    But China isn't a tiger/lion now.
    It is Dragon level threat...

    • Alex Jiang
      Alex Jiang 18 days ago

      @Władca Wymiaru Lol, I get the reference now. I usually read manga with Chinese subtitles, so I didn't get it before. Its called "龙级" or "龍級" in Chinese.

    • Władca Wymiaru
      Władca Wymiaru 18 days ago

      I can't believe you didn't get the reference Gintoki-kun :\
      It is from OPM...

    • Alex Jiang
      Alex Jiang 18 days ago

      @Władca Wymiaru This is a cultural difference. The Western Dragons and Eastern Dragons are different creatures. The eastern dragons represent calm, elegant, and prosperity, while the western dragons are usually greedy, evil, and intimidating.

    • Władca Wymiaru
      Władca Wymiaru 19 days ago

      Meh you didn't get the reference :\

    • D Tango
      D Tango 19 days ago

      China is the Dragon. If you.know true history of untainted by mankind. The dragon from the heaven that was brought down gave his life to harness the creation of first humankind, from his blood. The Chinese blood.

  • Kelly Farr
    Kelly Farr 22 days ago

    I think its american propaganda....."dislike china" make them an enemy and invade. I like lots of things about china, first one is that it represents more freedom for me from christianity and christian people. Its so forcefucked down your throat over here that its well sickening

  • Georgio Naoum
    Georgio Naoum 22 days ago

    China does not have heart. They were born like that.

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  • Michael Pearce
    Michael Pearce 22 days ago

    The Chi-Com government oppresses it's people and suppresses their History. They should teach their youth their pre-communist history. Their children don't even recognize their pre-Communist National symbol or the history of the American AVG Flying Tigers that came to China's aid against the Japanese invasion. Sad sad sad. If America and China go to war it will be because of the Chi-Com governments glorious dreams of Global Domination. That will be the Death of China.

  • Michael Pearce
    Michael Pearce 22 days ago

    The China of today is an American creation. A corporate creation.They are a Walmart creation. The Corporation has made the American People completely and totally dependent on Walmart.

  • Redblower
    Redblower 23 days ago +1

    Most statemanlike and eloquent politician Australia ever had...but did not appreciate. Just listen to the half wit julia gillard or tony abbott...yaw maytey...oi...oi...oi....

  • Trung Nguyen
    Trung Nguyen 23 days ago

    China children school books says USA is the enemy of their communist government and more....and more.......

    • chloe lin
      chloe lin 22 days ago

      Trung Nguyen bullshit! Bullshit! You study in China? It is USA himself saying I am an enemy to China...

  • Old Soul
    Old Soul 23 days ago

    China has been most tolerant for a few centuries, even now. Since being sliced up by world powers, and now the United States is still trying to pull China down. Taiwan belongs to China and is still apart, thanks to the United States.

  • vivian sanders
    vivian sanders 23 days ago

    The USA orange face moron just lie every single day to his own citizens and of course he just couldn't handle the success of China because he thinks his white race should be the only superior race of the world. so he accuse China of so many false things without any evidence. The smart people of the world know better.

  • JJ G
    JJ G 23 days ago

    You talk about it soon enough the energy breathes it life. This has been in the making, a fabricated WW3. Wars and economic collapses are designed, capitalism is build & destroy. Learn to be independent of the system, you will thank yourself if you heed this advice.

  • rj g
    rj g 23 days ago

    he is fatter than when I met him in China🤣

  • erepsekahs
    erepsekahs 23 days ago

    Simple answer to he question posed in the title: What do you think is happening now?

  • Kamal Ismail
    Kamal Ismail 23 days ago


  • Tronghung Dao
    Tronghung Dao 23 days ago +1

    china all way at war with USA they learn
    from KOREA and vietnam

  • C Joe
    C Joe 24 days ago

    Kevin, thanks from China. This talk got me thinking a little. Being realistic is one good idea. Instead of thinking in terms who's superior and trump others, perhaps realising that working together is the only way ahead. The Chinese are not so proud and confident about dominating in the world of science etc. What was stated in the Made in China 2025 isn't the Chinese ambition. We in China have been thinking in terms of being a student of the west. Don't let us down. Teachers usually understand better than students, and good ones are patient.

  • radar 211
    radar 211 24 days ago

    A war with China is inevitable.

  • George Hall
    George Hall 24 days ago +6

    The work does not want America/China/Russia to got to war with each other. It will be a Dark Day For Humanity

    • George Hall
      George Hall 21 day ago

      It’s is inevitable for the top 3 countries to go to war. God knows the mass’s don’t want it

    • Władca Wymiaru
      Władca Wymiaru 21 day ago

      Not really.
      They will go to war with the Ice Age that will start soon, maybe in 2024.
      Fight with hunger, poverty and raging people...

  • Kevin Locust
    Kevin Locust 25 days ago

    Chinese people love peace, tell that to Tibetan people. American people love peace, tell that to native American people. When two arrogant freaks meet, there is only war. In that war, I support America

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy 25 days ago

    Best prime minister but his own party went behind his back and elected a new leader, first time in Australian history.

  • Phil Galayda
    Phil Galayda 25 days ago

    The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long....

  • Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS

    Thank you, Kevin Rudd! I concur!

  • Herb Spencer
    Herb Spencer 25 days ago +1

    Australia lost its best PM when Rudd resigned.

    • David Earea
      David Earea 23 days ago

      Herb Spencer - And first prize goes to Herb, for being the perfect example of why some people should not be allowed to vote...

  • SJ1093ENT
    SJ1093ENT 25 days ago

    This was beautiful. I hope some soul appreciates this in both China and the US and uses this as a catalyst to have peace and prosperity. As a person who was born and raised in America, and now lives in China. I love both countries. :)

  • Ox Alek
    Ox Alek 26 days ago

    This guy works for the Chinese.

  • Kraqieng Yang
    Kraqieng Yang 26 days ago +3

    He misunderstood his Chinese name. The word '克' has many meanings in both Classical Chinese and Modern Chinese, such as 'can / be able to', 'overcome', 'conquer', 'restrain', 'embezzle' and 'gram'. The meaning 'can / be able to' is rarely used in Modern Chinese. So I think Kevin's teacher wishes he can be a literary person. 'conquer' or 'conqueror' makes no sense here.

    • Kevin Castelino
      Kevin Castelino 3 days ago

      Aren't words just symbols and not the actual that. I would say the meaning Kevin has given to himself is peaceful and compassionate by his actions. The first barrier for peace between China and the west is language. Eliminate the language that the manipulative brain uses and accept the language of the heart which is pure love and action and compassion.

  • Frank Zimmerman
    Frank Zimmerman 26 days ago

    Ah, the human pipe-dream of "peace and prosperity," without tackling the underlying problem of sin. There never will be world peace while man's heart is morally corrupt.

    • Frank Zimmerman
      Frank Zimmerman 23 days ago

      @thunderbreak Are you willingly blind to human nature? All men are sinners. There is lust, envy, pride, hatred, and desire to be dominant in Chinese people too. There is the willingness to sacrifice the health and life of the earth to greed in China too, otherwise you wouldn't have so much pollution and a virtual slave class of laborers. What do you do now? You overcome the evil of your own hearts first.

    • thunderbreak
      thunderbreak 26 days ago

      China propose peace co-existence and prosperity, and US wants to maintain dominance and influence. So what do we do now?

  • Joe VAN DIJK
    Joe VAN DIJK 26 days ago

    The crap never stops flowing from this clown. Biggest egotist vain person to hold office. Should of been jailed after the rape incident in Qld jails. Saved by his labour cronies. Should be in jail. Loves his own voice

  • Celena Liu
    Celena Liu 26 days ago

    but trump is president now and will basically start WW3 with everyone.

  • scottclaudet
    scottclaudet 26 days ago

    this guys a cucked joke

  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado 26 days ago +2

    Great work from a great man..Cheers Kevin Rudd...but I think leave Climate change issue out of is conjecture & re this issue almost immaterial.

    • bjkina
      bjkina 4 days ago

      Agreed. Anyhow, per capita the US is by far the biggest CO2 emitter.

  • Quaisulia Falisi
    Quaisulia Falisi 26 days ago +12

    This is the best presentation about China that I have ever heard. Kevin Rudd, what you did in Australia for the first Australians was as credible as you are. Thank you.

    • Buro Dackel
      Buro Dackel 16 days ago +1

      He was a weeping girly loser.

  • Robin Haywood
    Robin Haywood 27 days ago

    WW1 1914 we were not integrated in a global economy anywhere near what we were in 1920,30 WW2, 50,60,70 onward to today where were at a level of globalisation with the infrastructure of the internet and dependcies on each other like never before
    China and US war on the level of a World War is true fantasy. That said skirmishes and tension is and always will be inevitable

    • thunderbreak
      thunderbreak 26 days ago

      That's not true, all US has to do is play the Taiwan card and a hot war will break out. As we speak US is planning on docking carriers on Taiwan.

  • Alex Fan
    Alex Fan 27 days ago

    Ted comments is the last place I can see people really discuss a issue like a human.

  • easy going nguyen
    easy going nguyen 27 days ago

    This Kevin guy is a puppet of the ccp, he get pay by them and try to say to us that he is a specialist in China, people should be careful of what he said,

  • Don Coles
    Don Coles 27 days ago

    Well mate , your a Fabian Socialist! , given China govt started building islands and using Debt Diplomacy on Fiji and Vanuatu , pretended to be a private enterprise to lease Darwin Port I’d say it’s on! Nobody taking a leap of faith with communism.. ask the people of Hong Kong, they know them better than you! And given the USA has 9 supercarriers and 10 wasp aircraft carriers (19!) verse chinas 2 I’d advise the Communist to step back quickly..USA economy is almost twice the size still and it will crash the Chinese economy with Tariffs if they don’t back off, and it’s already started.

  • Elizabeth Leal
    Elizabeth Leal 27 days ago

    Trump is going to lose re election less he cheats again you have to keep all eyes on trump racist and a cheater , a radical

    • thunderbreak
      thunderbreak 26 days ago

      Well he can always count on the russians again lol.

  • Michael Kranyak
    Michael Kranyak 27 days ago

    China is a giant police state, runs concentration camps, kills prisoners to harvest organs for sale, destroy Christain churches, rape Tibet screw these nation.

  • Mr McDonald
    Mr McDonald 27 days ago

    The Australians are nothing but relatives and offspring of Criminals.

    • thunderbreak
      thunderbreak 26 days ago

      He does sound less hostile and judgemental than you though.

  • ty jay
    ty jay 28 days ago +1

    This guy got very bad temper....