Tony Hawk Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

  • Published on Jan 14, 2019
  • Legendary pro skater Tony Hawk goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about skating in Air Jordan 1s, getting sneaker deals, and the importance of Vans in skateboarding history.
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  • Complex
    Complex  4 months ago +104

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      DATUROID 2 months ago

      You guys are horrible hosts..

    • Qwaundo Minium
      Qwaundo Minium 4 months ago

      Complex yo y'all gotta get ZENDAYA ON THE SHOW!

    • Cash AlMighty
      Cash AlMighty 4 months ago

      Complex Check My Channel Out - Tommy Buddy 21 Like & Leave Your Thoughts

    • Tontei
      Tontei 4 months ago

      Do Young Thug!!!!

    • Take Your L
      Take Your L 4 months ago


  • Alex Bennett
    Alex Bennett 31 minute ago

    Damn, he looks old bro

  • Kieran Dillon
    Kieran Dillon 7 hours ago

    No mention of Vision? hmmm suspect vid

  • 7 - 7 - 7
    7 - 7 - 7 14 hours ago

    Damn looks like my boi T Hawk needs a lil GF LOL

  • Beckett Kerner
    Beckett Kerner Day ago

    Would've been funny if they listed the price @ 3:58

  • NoobMaster69
    NoobMaster69 4 days ago +2

    He looks like he knows everything about the Jordans!!!!!

  • Peoples Choice
    Peoples Choice 4 days ago

    Presented by MC DONALD .... wtf !

  • Helios ツ
    Helios ツ 4 days ago

    Damn that girl is bad

  • Naughtz
    Naughtz 4 days ago

    makes me feel old

  • Naughtz
    Naughtz 4 days ago

    even if youve never seen a skateboard in ur life you know this legend

  • droan999
    droan999 4 days ago

    So all those shoes are around 500$ a piece? Are u fn kidding me

  • Fernando Velasquezportillo

    1:37 OMFG 😂😂

  • Christopher Sanchez
    Christopher Sanchez 6 days ago

    Those air Jordan lance mountain x are such a rip off I got mine at the d.i for 30 bucks n did you see Tony's face like oh hell nah he did not expect to waste that much you know he goin to return em

  • Arck
    Arck 6 days ago

    tony becomes simpsons cartoon

  • craw1in spams l2
    craw1in spams l2 6 days ago

    I have a question who pays the person or stadium goods

  • Ryan Young
    Ryan Young 6 days ago

    lakai betrayal

  • Joldo Mort
    Joldo Mort 7 days ago

    For a sec I thought it was Cruyff on the thumbnail

  • Xerox- Frazix
    Xerox- Frazix 8 days ago

    Nyjah Houston?laticia bufoni?

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name 8 days ago

    I love sneakers...
    And I like skateboarding... even if I’m not that good
    Even if you aren’t a sneaker head I love you Tony Hawk

  • Neil Aspin
    Neil Aspin 9 days ago

    Pooma? - Why do Americans have such a problem pronouncing the names of big cats. Jagwire? Pooma?

  • CLaYMo0R3
    CLaYMo0R3 9 days ago

    He sounded so scared when he hard the price

  • The Mtb Master
    The Mtb Master 9 days ago

    Imagine someone wearing supreme shoes and skating in them cos it was a skate brand

  • Gucci scooters
    Gucci scooters 10 days ago

    Sneaker shopping with the homless

  • cardeng
    cardeng 10 days ago

    Lit taste

  • Harry Stoodley
    Harry Stoodley 10 days ago

    The reason that the prices are so high is because the dumbfuck rappers that appear on here wanna flex on how much they spend . Anyone with half a brain cell like tony is bound to have their jaws dropped at the cost

  • Pandos 彡
    Pandos 彡 10 days ago

    I like he’s hoe he’s a millionaire but still hesitates to buy shoes over 100

  • Ezra Ratner
    Ezra Ratner 10 days ago

    He looks like he could be Tmartins dad

  • Tyler Norton
    Tyler Norton 11 days ago

    the prices on these shoes are crazy bro they really be setting ppl up lol

  • Karl Ulrich
    Karl Ulrich 11 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks that they could give him one pair🤔

  • Mason Barnard
    Mason Barnard 11 days ago

    Who want to see brad hall go sneaker shopping with complex?

  • Why Dont We- Mexico
    Why Dont We- Mexico 12 days ago

    Sneaker shopping with Daniel Seavey 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Manuel M
    Manuel M 12 days ago

    I wanna see an episode where they don’t buy any shoes😂

  • Kanye Jenner
    Kanye Jenner 13 days ago

    WTF did I just do? 8:16

  • WontonSoupOfficial
    WontonSoupOfficial 14 days ago

    Here after Billie said vans are tiny dick energy to feel better about myself again

  • Troy Ivan
    Troy Ivan 15 days ago

    Come on Tony we are the same age and the best skate shoe brand that came out for us was the Vision Street Wear! I still have 5 pairs and 2 of them still deadstock.

  • Yeah Boi
    Yeah Boi 15 days ago

    Everything looks like clay

  • Tech Boy
    Tech Boy 16 days ago

    Why tf did he get ass x vans

  • Tech Boy
    Tech Boy 16 days ago

    I fucking love tony hawk

  • The Atomic Punk
    The Atomic Punk 16 days ago

    Damn I just bought some airwalk brocks for £26.99 I like them and they wear well and most important they’re black

  • Dario Kucej
    Dario Kucej 16 days ago

    Oh he thinks he will buy some normal shoes for like 90 dollars for each and when she told him price 😂😂😂😂

  • julian berto
    julian berto 16 days ago

    Do it with kader sylla pleasee

  • Leo Kogan
    Leo Kogan 17 days ago

    8:15 this man has seen some shit in his life

  • Gerardo Aguilera Galarza

    Te entrevisto y luego te cobro carote, buen negocio.

  • Immigrant Mentality Stiopic

    Living legend

  • kernapho
    kernapho 18 days ago

    "... ok" - Tony Hawk 2019

  • Chauntel Shannon
    Chauntel Shannon 21 day ago

    For some reason I'm getting a Steve Buscemi vibe.

  • General Lord-Richard

    I will never forget Pro Skater on Ps1 💿

  • 99 Peons
    99 Peons 22 days ago +16

    Cashier: So your total is $2,556.
    Tony Hawk, worth $140m: U-uh... ok

  • i shagged ur mum now sub 2 me

    I really dont get these people buying all these cool expensive sneakers and yet their clothing looks like shit

  • Ordinary Human
    Ordinary Human 25 days ago

    L E G E N D

  • SIRE 161
    SIRE 161 25 days ago

    overpriced kicks.

  • Yazmin M
    Yazmin M 27 days ago

    My mans looks dead 😬

  • Sophie Auld
    Sophie Auld 29 days ago

    It's funny because most of the kids who watch these video's now are so young they don't know who Tony Hawk is and they're leaving all these confused comments.

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen 29 days ago

    Do bts next

  • MVP Laam
    MVP Laam Month ago


  • Joey Witt
    Joey Witt Month ago

    Tony is probably shocked how much these shoes are going for pro's never pay for there shoes

  • Always Rainy
    Always Rainy Month ago

    deadass juice WRLD spent like 40k with a net worth of 3mil without batting an eye and tony hawk was shook spending 2.5k with a net worth of 140mil

  • dead jokrr
    dead jokrr Month ago

    Cj goes sneaker shopping

  • Alberto Zuñiga
    Alberto Zuñiga Month ago

    Sneaker shopping with james charles 🥵🥵🤣

  • Connor Mantel
    Connor Mantel Month ago

    Someone please tell me why cement 4s are 600

  • Dilamation !
    Dilamation ! Month ago

    Happy birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Tony Hawk Happy birthday to you 51 yrs old

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle Month ago

    I can gauge how tall Joe is now! Tony Hawk is 6'3" and they are about the same height.

  • TwinGunsLLP Dice
    TwinGunsLLP Dice Month ago

    $600 for the Cement IVs, wtf?!? Hey Tony, let me know if you need a SZ 15. I still have four unworn pairs I'd let you have for.....$550 a pair. LoL, I put a pair on Ebay recently and nobody even bit at $300 shipped. This place is a RIP OFF.

  • Ricardo Hernandez
    Ricardo Hernandez Month ago +1

    Sneaker Shopping With Obama

  • Marlow Kaplan
    Marlow Kaplan Month ago

    Tony should get those for free.. Just saying

  • Martin Camacho
    Martin Camacho Month ago

    Very nice picks tbh

  • SimpleMartinez
    SimpleMartinez Month ago +1


  • Chazza534
    Chazza534 Month ago

    nigga lookin like bill gates cooler young brother lmao

  • Ozark Farming
    Ozark Farming Month ago +1

    Yo Legend, Respect!.!.!

  • Malik Fortenberry
    Malik Fortenberry Month ago

    This Is Honestly The Best Thing From Complex

  • y tho?
    y tho? Month ago

    The Puma suedes are good for skating. It is shame they didn't collab with Tony.

  • Srđan Beck
    Srđan Beck Month ago

    Why are prices so high?

  • willas Hype beast
    willas Hype beast Month ago

    Cant your get Mads Mikkelsen to buy sneakers that Will Be Nice

  • guggu es
    guggu es Month ago

    nowadays every single person is wearing nike's only

    KOM CPT Month ago

    OMW - those prices, what a rip! $500 for retro iv is at least double what a normal store would charge.

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M Month ago

    Stadium Goods be like "BLK/WHT Vans Sk8 hi- $180"

  • Antonio Raniel Cayaco

    You can buy fake Air Jordans in the Philippines for like $30-40 and you wont even know its fake because its like 90% the same parts.

  • Che
    Che Month ago

    I feel has for Tony

  • Ramses Ochoa
    Ramses Ochoa Month ago +2

    This man defined my childhood. Love you Tony Hawk

  • Brandon Rhymez
    Brandon Rhymez Month ago

    He owns the restaurant in Newport I just got hired at a couple months ago, just met him at our grand opening super nice guy

    D_AWSOME_DUDE Month ago

    What shoes is Tony hawk wearing

  • Mataz007
    Mataz007 Month ago

    hope she didn't actually use his card this fool needs a hoookup for that advertorial work man

  • Enzo Macedo
    Enzo Macedo Month ago

    careaaaallho deitou na compra TH foda

  • Chele Rodriguez
    Chele Rodriguez Month ago

    CEMENTS 4 FOR 600???? DAMN!

  • Kai Radke
    Kai Radke Month ago +1

    I’m pretty sure he’s spent less money than any one ever on this show

  • Wise Lubanda
    Wise Lubanda Month ago

    Just met this man...hope he didn't smell when I shit my pants

  • Oran Maguire
    Oran Maguire Month ago

    Supreme are the biggest sellouts. They are not about skating anymore. Just money. Smh

  • Evil D
    Evil D Month ago

    Never skated but I rode BMX for decades. The Airwalk One and 19oz were some of the best and most durable shoes I ever had.

  • RaikaSTi
    RaikaSTi Month ago

    damn those max stats tony got. gameshark much? lol

  • Ricardo Landeo
    Ricardo Landeo Month ago

    Donald Trump goes sneaker shoping

  • Happy_unicorns
    Happy_unicorns Month ago +1

    Ellen degeneres goes shoe shopping??

  • RaiN Dom
    RaiN Dom Month ago

    Years did not treat him well

  • Aaron Vidinha
    Aaron Vidinha Month ago

    Tony hawk looks like a junkie lol

  • Subbura 1988
    Subbura 1988 Month ago

    Fuk McKee D’s 🖕🏾

  • ag.onewheel XR
    ag.onewheel XR Month ago +4

    I miss when skating wasn't full of hype beasts who pay more attention too how they look rather than progressing at skating.

  • ag.onewheel XR
    ag.onewheel XR Month ago +1

    Gross hype beast nonsense store.

  • Chen Chen
    Chen Chen Month ago

    Don't ever buy any shoes from stadium goods...the prices are insane !!!

  • T J
    T J Month ago

    Oh my God you know Tony didn't want to buy those fucking shoes especially the fours for a $500 pair of fuckin Lance Mountain Nikes. Whoever owns this store is a fucking Jew

  • T J
    T J Month ago

    Now airwalks are sold at Payless ShoeSource and they're going out of business the air airwalks that they sell are shity.

  • JeepZJ 101
    JeepZJ 101 Month ago

    Holy shit he got old! Time is a motherfucker 😧