Co-Hosts Andy Samberg And Sandra Oh Talk Golden Globes Prep | TODAY


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  • Robert Drury
    Robert Drury Месяц назад

    Illuminati awards

  • Faizan Naeem
    Faizan Naeem Месяц назад

    Worst opening monologue, Sandra was great, but writing was super duper off.

  • Paul L
    Paul L Месяц назад

    Sandra Oh! Sandra Oh! Sandra Oh!

  • fana406
    fana406 Месяц назад

    Andy needs mints and gum

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    Full video of the #fijiwatergirl who photobombed every celebrity at Golden Globes.
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  • F Tian
    F Tian Месяц назад +16

    More Asians on tv yes please!

    ANNABELLE WILLSON Месяц назад +3

    i love andy so much 😂

  • Kevin Liu
    Kevin Liu Месяц назад +9

    I love Andy Samberg in Brooklyn Nine Nine.

  • Steve Yochim
    Steve Yochim Месяц назад

    this is NOT hollywood's biggest party. you spelled OSCARS wrong!!!

  • screen recorder
    screen recorder Месяц назад


  • Josue2018
    Josue2018 Месяц назад +2

    Ugh have to endure all that left-wing, Trump-deranged, vulgar banter just to see cool celebrities like Timothy Chalamet and Lady Gaga. I hope De Niro and Kutcher's invitations were lost in the mail! 🙏🏾🙏🏾. Save your activism for your Twitter accounts!!!!

    • Jason C
      Jason C Месяц назад

      Lady Gaga is vehemently anti-Trump.

  • insook kim
    insook kim Месяц назад +3

    Sandra. Love u .you so so hot and precious

  • hammockman Brasil
    hammockman Brasil Месяц назад +6

    Bring back Ricky

  • Ryan Davies
    Ryan Davies Месяц назад +48

    Sandra is an interesting choice given she's not from a comedy background, but I'm excited none the less!

    • insook kim
      insook kim Месяц назад

      +Karen Ling broke what ??

    • Karen Ling
      Karen Ling Месяц назад

      she broken it

    • Patrick McKernan
      Patrick McKernan Месяц назад +3

      I assume she'll still be funnier than Andy friggin Sandberg

  • jin park
    jin park Месяц назад +9

    Now that mega coins start rolling in parents begin to accept your career choice.

  • Galaxy gacha._.playz헤
    Galaxy gacha._.playz헤 Месяц назад +21

    presenting that andy samberg is hot but he has a wife and he was my celebrity crush along with louis hynes

  • Jimmy Freeman
    Jimmy Freeman Месяц назад +23


  • Matt Carpenter
    Matt Carpenter Месяц назад +1

    Media is so fake lol, look at this 40+ women talk up the globes like anyone (her included) gives a F.

  • Sam Perry
    Sam Perry Месяц назад +15


  • Tahir Ahmed
    Tahir Ahmed Месяц назад

    Natalie Morales parents took 30 years to accept her you know make her real successful actress which she is now.......super roles and super host she is.......

  • Roger Kevin
    Roger Kevin Месяц назад +2

    Very Tense