Packing For 12 MONTHS IN ASIA 🎒

  • Published on Nov 28, 2016
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    Literally everything I own fits into a small travel back-pack. Since I've been living like this for 3 years already I decided to make a video and share my tips and advices with other fellow travelers.
    Most of the things I talked about in the video:
    Main camera:
    Action camera:
    Hard disk:
    Big bag:
    Small bag:
    The coolest jacket ever (I bought mine at Uniqlo and this is the best I could find on Amazon, though I'm not sure if it's exactly the same):
    As for clothing items, I'm sure you can manage on your own :)

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  • Елизавета Семёнова

    Amazing vid! Super helpful since I am planning my trio to Asia. But dude... 3.40. What a creepy doll 😂

  • 1/2truths
    1/2truths 2 months ago

    i like you

  • Josh Nuttall
    Josh Nuttall 2 months ago

    You only have 1 pair of socks?!?!

  • Stroller King
    Stroller King 2 months ago

    First rule before traveling: get ur coins readeehhhhh

  • health suraksha
    health suraksha 2 months ago +1

    Jacob you are boy so 6 T-shirts are enough for you but gls need 60 T-shirts, 10 jeans and 2-3 kg makeup kit 🙆 and 1 dozen sandal, 5-6 bottle perfumes and many more

    • Ardi80
      Ardi80 22 days ago

      HAHAH don't be packing too much 🤣

  • TImothy Zeiler
    TImothy Zeiler 2 months ago

    how does he afford it?

  • Estelle Hayashi
    Estelle Hayashi 2 months ago

    I really like your smile

  • fcspam
    fcspam 3 months ago

    Nice video. Safe to say the 50L hiking backpack is a airline check-in or do you take out the smaller backpack, treat it as a personal item, overly smile to the air staff at the gate to clear the larger backpack as a carry-on? =)

  • TOP 10
    TOP 10 4 months ago

    U should visit Pakistan

  • Jacky Wong
    Jacky Wong 5 months ago

    tks it do help

  • Augustine J Samuel
    Augustine J Samuel 5 months ago


  • iuliana buzilo
    iuliana buzilo 6 months ago

    Respect ✊

  • evlon musk
    evlon musk 6 months ago

    idk why but i
    could watch this video over and over for hours

  • Herman Nymark-Veum
    Herman Nymark-Veum 6 months ago

    What about a rain coat?

  • Alexandra Petuhova
    Alexandra Petuhova 6 months ago

    dude you from lithuania? awesome

  • Franek Lipiński
    Franek Lipiński 6 months ago

    When you are travelling for example all around Asia how do you get visa? Are you making all this things before you go?
    It would be really helpful if you give me the answear :)
    Thank you

  • Zupez
    Zupez 6 months ago

    I'm planning on going travelling with a friend to: Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia for 3 months total, what do you think about the idea of just taking a 40L sized backpack for the whole trip?

  • Roberta Va
    Roberta Va 7 months ago

    Yeah... I'm really need to learn from You :D we're going in somewhere max. for 72 hours, but I take 2 times more stuffs and thinks together. Shame 😂

  • SkykillerRemastered
    SkykillerRemastered 7 months ago

    Do a vid in Lithuania

  • Obex Tobi
    Obex Tobi 7 months ago

    I need that jacket.....

    NAW NAW 7 months ago

    Use an ssd because hdd is not really good if you want to carry it with you for everyday.

  • Khadija Shee
    Khadija Shee 8 months ago

    Just found your channel. Come to Kenya and swim with dolphins and whales (its their mating season june-Sep) see wildbeast migration, eat chapati, visit 42 different cultures, etc etc

  • Diganta Chaudhury
    Diganta Chaudhury 8 months ago

    A powerbank should have been there

  • soroor farahnak
    soroor farahnak 8 months ago

    I do admire you a lot!

  • 김유진
    김유진 9 months ago

    좋다 재밌다~@

  • Raashid Okmf
    Raashid Okmf 9 months ago

    i use to watch your most of the videos and i want to be your partner or friend and i want you to visit tamil nadu in india once. as you have a friend in mumbai you should also have a friend in from tamil nadu who is your fan and subscriber . even if you are planning to visit saudi arabia, al jubail city , you most welcome

  • random channel1004
    random channel1004 9 months ago

    You are the one who knows how to enjoy life, I like your style and I like your video, continue on ... steady...

  • Noseefood
    Noseefood 9 months ago

    I never heard a guy call his toiletry, cosmetics. Got gay?

  • Vladislav Koretskiy
    Vladislav Koretskiy 10 months ago

    Really cool, thanks!

  • HitoToSekaiWo Tsunagu
    HitoToSekaiWo Tsunagu 10 months ago

    Loved your video! Thank! I very been tryed to do like you do but couldn't get in so long but I'll try to get more information s and try again. Thanks for giving me inspiration.

  • JapanMaik
    JapanMaik 10 months ago

    @Jacob Laukaitis. How can you travel for such a long time? Do you make money with your videos and maybe youre doing a blog or selling books or curses?

  • Thomas R
    Thomas R 10 months ago

    How do you wash your clothes over seas? Also how often do you want your clothes while traveling?

  • C.A.P
    C.A.P 11 months ago

    other then gopro do u use other camaras

  • Tiana's Production
    Tiana's Production 11 months ago

    Wow that’s less than what I bring on a 3 day camping trip ...

    Like ALOT LESS

  • Herdee Francisco
    Herdee Francisco 11 months ago

    Jacob the giant minimalist✊🏼🇵🇭

  • Eni Rachma
    Eni Rachma 11 months ago

    Now i know i bring a lot of wasted stuff

  • WhomThouDoesNotKnow
    WhomThouDoesNotKnow Year ago +1

    Man, I'm impressed. I'm a terrible packer on trips and need to copy what you do.

  • Amber Tan
    Amber Tan Year ago

    the creepy doll tho above the fire place

  • Amber Tan
    Amber Tan Year ago

    new subbie here, i seem to like your personality, your voice and everything! watched your my life in a slums

  • shreyas MG
    shreyas MG Year ago

    You are awesome.

  • Atta Costa
    Atta Costa Year ago

    Hi Jacob... am so excited found your channel 1 week ago and haven't watched all of your video and tbh all your videos are awesome. Btw am from Timor-Leste/East Timor and hopefully one day you will visit Timor-Leste. Cheers :)

  • Marilynn's Corner

    Cool, I love to travel also. Maybe one day I'll meet up with you on one of your travels.

  • Ade Hida
    Ade Hida Year ago

    creepy doll behind you.. 😳

  • Feb Vel
    Feb Vel Year ago

    the doll behind your back is kinda creepy tho (4:11)

  • Joe Cool
    Joe Cool Year ago

    Superb videos Brother... i am new to your channel, but i loved the two vlogs that i seen so far. Go to the end and live a full filling life. Peace ✌️ and take care

  • Randy Maki
    Randy Maki Year ago

    Try Visiting the Philippines 🇵🇭😊

  • KaVeri
    KaVeri Year ago +2

    A traveller blesses people by telling his adventures. We are happy with the little wonders you show us .... thank you jacob♡♡♡♡♡

  • Hellogo 105
    Hellogo 105 Year ago

    What about toiletries (toothbrush, shampoo, etc)

  • Ian McQuestionable

    You should try going to Turkmenistan. The Visa and preparation is hectic (it's on the same levels as North Korea) but the turn out is worth it. Turkmenistan is one of those extremely isolated and unknown countries that hardly anyone goes to, it also has a really bizarre regime in power there (the isolation and limits of travel are once again, on the same levels as North Korea) however, don't let the isolation and totalitarianism deter you, if you enjoyed visiting North Korea, you will probably enjoy Turkmenistan as well. The capital city of Ashgabat in particular is beautiful, and an experience all to it's own, you should really consider a trip there. And if you haven't gone already, you should also go to Tajikistan, it has some of the best unclimbed mountains
    btw, you content is amazing, I hope to one day do what you do!

  • Gabs
    Gabs Year ago

    YOU'RE SO ADORABLE! I hope you see this :)

  • evlon musk
    evlon musk Year ago

    i love your videos keep up the good work

  • TechDevoted
    TechDevoted Year ago

    That jacket is indeed super cool. Absolutely loved this video Jacob! You never cease to inspire.
    Question - What do you use to record voiceovers in your videos? Like the north korea vs south korea one? I did not see a mic in the backpack

  • Berke
    Berke Year ago

    JACOB you have GOT to visit Cambodia, Pnom Penh, Kep, and Siem Riep/Angkor Wat. Beautiful country and people... if you can get past the oppressive regime and trafficking

  • Eva Theone
    Eva Theone Year ago

    Hi I love your videos amazing I would like to travel with someone like you ? Can I 😊😊😊😉🙄😐???

    RAYNBO Year ago

    I don't know why, but you are so sympathic and you video was so helpful, i hope you had a great travel. Oh and i think you should try singing, your voice sounds interesting

  • Rohan Shrestha
    Rohan Shrestha Year ago


  • Coolboys tube
    Coolboys tube Year ago

    You are living your life !! Cheers!!

  • Kenji Gunawan
    Kenji Gunawan Year ago

    It's funny you wrote "Why waste a second?" Since watching your video requires time. And writing this comment requires time too.

  • Bart van de Beek
    Bart van de Beek Year ago

    this guy is awesome :D

  • eva ueda
    eva ueda Year ago

    sir i hope you might come and visit my country philippines,100% fun and good nature will surprize you

  • si asadi
    si asadi Year ago

    how did you support yourself financially??

  • U Ne
    U Ne Year ago

    hell yeah you are lithuanian? greetings my friend! :)

  • James Sanders
    James Sanders Year ago

    You gonna pack a first aid kit and a pocket knife, always useful things to have.
    You can now also buy TSA approved multitools such as the leatherman style ps and the swiss army jetsetter.
    Its better to have it and not need it , than need it and not have it.

  • Pep's Channel
    Pep's Channel Year ago

    4:15 spank that bag, lol

  • Marcus F II
    Marcus F II Year ago


  • Hayley’s Comet
    Hayley’s Comet Year ago +1

    I wish I could do trips like this damn. Goals.

  • Mostafizur Rahman

    hey jacob.. I want to invite you in Bangladesh. You know this is the country of beauty. Please Come to visit our country. Its really awesome.

  • Carlos Henrique Binda

    I thought you'd said sixty shirts instead of six T-shirts kkk

  • Mr X
    Mr X Year ago

    Love you Jacob

  • Miel van Velzen
    Miel van Velzen Year ago

    “Really big motorbike accident”
    *shows video of the tiniest scratch*

  • Evelina Gutauskaitė

    Nesupratau, kad lietuvio video žiūrėjau iki kol nepamačiau paso :D

  • Teacher Spence
    Teacher Spence Year ago

    You must do laundry often.

  • Lukas Yuko
    Lukas Yuko Year ago

    I kind of guesses where you're from because I used to be really interested in Lithuania so I kind of know how the last names look like. I can kind of read Lithuanian too.
    I also wanna travel when I'm older, but I'm Polish so I probably won't have the money but who knows. I'll try.

  • Van Nguyen
    Van Nguyen Year ago

    I'm Vietnam

  • Clement Benyamin
    Clement Benyamin Year ago

    Nice video man! You said and showed tho most important stuff. For me, it's gonna help a lot! :)

  • tamar umpriani
    tamar umpriani Year ago

    its more complicated for me because i travel with tent and have to carry all its stuff with me. i wish my backpack was 50leter once :FD

  • Yang T
    Yang T Year ago

    I love your videos. So detailed and organised. Thank you.

  • M Krish
    M Krish Year ago

    Lovely the way u present 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 jus wondering wat u do for living😐

  • asmita sedahi
    asmita sedahi Year ago

    Did u carry the bagpack as handbag or luggage in airport? I m sure u hv razors nd stuff there.

    • asmita sedahi
      asmita sedahi Year ago

      Didn’t u have anything which couldn’t be taken as hand luggage, like razors, sharp objects,etc. ?its hard for a girl to just have such minimal luggage . Backpack is not possible 😫

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago

      +asmita sedahi handbag :)

  • sahar ben arous
    sahar ben arous Year ago

    how do u get all the money to provide for food +plane ticket...... i want to be like you i want to do it + i'm a beginer :3 is travelling by my self as a girl can cauze me trouble !!

    • Jacob Laukaitis
      Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago +1

      Watch my latest video - it answers all these questions :)

  • Danii Dave Jansen

    where is the jacket from

  • Jean Kilos
    Jean Kilos Year ago

    Looks good exstreamly light love it. Sharp man.

  • Jacob Laukaitis
    Jacob Laukaitis  Year ago +74

    A lot of people were quite upset with me because I didn't link to my travel gear in the description, so I finally sat down and found as many links as I could. Hope it helps :)

  • Joie Mojica-Gahum

    check out roadeavour's travel kit!

  • Carlos Santos
    Carlos Santos Year ago

    What's the brand of the big traveling bag that you have? I really want one after noticing the amount of space it has for its size.

  • Muhammad Hasif Faisal

    This guy is so awesome yet humble he needs more subscribers as he puts lots of effort pls subscribe if u have not! :D

  • Lisa Elle
    Lisa Elle Year ago

    Love it!!

  • Rachel Drosen
    Rachel Drosen Year ago

    I can fit twice as much stuff in the small backpack.. this video was just bashing people who have stuff.

  • Muddie Vlogs
    Muddie Vlogs Year ago

    I hope U came into Pakistan, too.

  • Zvonimir Tomić
    Zvonimir Tomić Year ago

    Basicly you are wearing your first shirt while the second is beeing washed/dryed, right ? Seems a little tedious, I personally would take about 3 times more clothes (and a pair of propper boots for a mountain trip) for 3 times less time, but if you can do it than that means you can travel like that. And of course, you said it yourself, if you reeeeally need something, you can always buy it for cheap on the go.
    Very nice video, I found it entertaining and helpful !

    ICONIC YT Year ago

    I want that Nike's. any link ??

  • Limuel Banaag
    Limuel Banaag Year ago

    Have you been to the philippines?

  • Shourov Chakma
    Shourov Chakma Year ago

    One thing is sure ... money is the last thing you have to worry about. That makes anything easy.

  • Steven Hendrily
    Steven Hendrily Year ago

    I love the way you packing!
    So, 50 liters backpack could fit another bag. I wonder it backpack below 50 liters could fit it?
    Definitely need more experience regarding packing and traveling

  • Leonardo D'Amato Machado

    Dude, where you found that jacket??? Awesome!!!

  • Soffa
    Soffa Year ago +1

    How do you have the money to travel!! Please make a video I'd love to spend my life traveling

  • aw7867
    aw7867 Year ago

    Hi Jacob, do you have plans to visit the Philippines someday? Tell us what you think of the country please!

  • UA XI
    UA XI Year ago

    Hi Jacob!!! Im starting my trip in less than a month and Im traveling w a 40L bacpack as yours. Do u facture it or its ok to travel with it as a carry on? Im scared that most of aerolines wont let me fly with it. Thanks :)

  • Abbey McNeill
    Abbey McNeill Year ago +3

    How can Jacob afford all this? I want to travel too but... money.

  • Sasha Govender
    Sasha Govender Year ago

    Hi from South Africa. Loving your videos . You should look into doing the garden route along the South African coast . Google it . My partner and I are doing it in Feb . Ultra Music Festival happens here in Feb. You have to add the garden route to your list og adventures