Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?

  • Published on Jan 13, 2019
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    Organic food is a huge trend: it promises a healthier and better life. But can Organic food really live up to the expectations or is it just baloney?
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    • Marek Halás
      Marek Halás 3 days ago

      But cow poo is good fertiliser too! Right?

    • Thefrozendeath
      Thefrozendeath 12 days ago

      Pratiksha he said fruits and veggies specifically so it cant be taken any other way

    • Pratiksha
      Pratiksha 13 days ago

      Daniel I know but a phrase can be taken otherwise.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 13 days ago

      @Pratiksha They said that in regards to organic vs inorganic vegetables. They also have a video about how meat is bad.

    • Pratiksha
      Pratiksha 13 days ago

      "What you eat is much more important than how it is produced"....???
      Why would you say that?
      This notion has made people indifferent towards Animal's suffering... :'(

  • Konstantinos T
    Konstantinos T 4 hours ago

    I would buy organic... if it didn't cost a leg and an arm.

  • meme guy
    meme guy 11 hours ago

    Best way to eat is to grow your stuff yourself

  • Shuai Ge
    Shuai Ge 11 hours ago +1

    One remark: organic production respect more the biodiversity and avoid having huge piece of land without life (except the plant being grown).
    So, organic can help having biodiversity.
    After, for the plant which have huge productivity difference between organic and normal, we should go for normal to limit land usage.
    Also dépend of the country, in france for example we have plenty of land to farm, and in fact we use less and less farming land each year, so we can afford to move to organic. For some other countries might not be the right move.

  • todd margaret
    todd margaret 17 hours ago

    Pesticides a last resort in organic farming? In New Zealand we use it weekly whether a harmful pathogen is present or not. Just in case haha

  • Frank R. Haugen
    Frank R. Haugen 18 hours ago

    If the world went all organic. A billion people would probably starve to death, so I avoid organic food in the store

  • Hammid
    Hammid 22 hours ago


  • Hammid
    Hammid 22 hours ago

    Over 5000 hipster cuckolds and feminazis have all disliked this video.

  • Lasdil Elizaga
    Lasdil Elizaga Day ago

    i love how the Witch sprayed the poison on Snow White's face, she's like "bitch you ain't just sleeping tonight, you gone be dead asap"

  • bazoo513
    bazoo513 Day ago

    Reasonable again!

  • Cuddly Cactus
    Cuddly Cactus Day ago

    HMMMMMM......interesting, how about the added hormones & antibiotic use in organic meats? Don't even try to tell me that meat that comes from a factory farm is about the same as a free range, grass fed, organic small farm.
    And what about round up??? That garbage is in everything (even beer & oatmeal) it's disgusting.
    Agreed Seasonal is the true organic! (however Climate Change has now made that a bit different, now it's possible to grow certain fruits & veggies in places that were previously too cold, and it's possible to grow produce for a longer season in other places, I guess it's good for the farmers, but I am definitely not happy about it!)

  • Scott Weidlich
    Scott Weidlich Day ago

    Food n stuff is a parks and rec reference

  • Praise The Sun
    Praise The Sun Day ago +1

    I like Ron Swanson's take on this.

  • Nani Shanelli
    Nani Shanelli Day ago +2

    Poison apple ☠️ 🍎 working to slow, So sprays her in the face ☣️🔫. 😂 😂 😂 These video are hilarious! 🤣

    • Jones Affrou
      Jones Affrou 3 hours ago

      You know you don't have to use emogis to picture what you're saying, we can understand what you're saying without pictures. They make reading harder too.

  • Powdered Toast Man

    No matter what a person says nothing is truly 100% organic the air we breathe is contaminated the dirt is contaminated the water even when "purified" still has unhealthy particles in it so yeah it's BS

  • Derp
    Derp 2 days ago


  • Duane Potgieter
    Duane Potgieter 2 days ago

    I grow lettuce in south africa through a hydroponic system. I literally use NO pesticides at all, because I don't need to since they are grown indoors. What I want to find out is if the "food" I put in the water for the lettuce is somehow toxic, I wonder if they pre mix pesticides in the food. They have all these technical terms on the labels and to be honest there's a lot to Google if I really want to find out. Maybe I should.

  • SuperDan
    SuperDan 2 days ago +1

    I feel like NOTHING you buy at a store is "Organic" even if it says it is...... Why is it if I grow something in a Garden or have someone give me vegies / fruit from their garden, it taste TOTALLY different from something at a store, weather it be organic or not..... So when I shop at a store, I just buy normal stuff because if you ask me, organic is just a joke and BSing people. You want organic food, grow it yourself

  • lala marou
    lala marou 2 days ago

    The only value this video has is the graphics , everything in here is total BS

  • ThingsThatGoBomb
    ThingsThatGoBomb 2 days ago +1

    Whos the voice of this channel?

  • Zachary Konkel
    Zachary Konkel 2 days ago

    Organic isn't about better food its about growing better

  • SamuraiJack
    SamuraiJack 3 days ago +1

    A lot of crap is this video.

  • Christian Schmitz
    Christian Schmitz 3 days ago +1

    Gotta take this video with a huge grain of salt. I just saw a documentary about how the regulations to save non-organic food from being infested with cancerous chemicals are not well executed. They were showing how on most non organic Bananas bought in German grocery stores they found cancerous chemicals whereas the organic samples were clean. Moreover the people that worked on the banana plantations recorded videos where the owners of the plantations send airplanes that were scattering the chemicals over the plantations and over the workers while they were in their lunchbreaks. Even though this video is very informative and interesting it comes of a bit non differentiated in parts and too much reliant on certain statistics without a sense of whats actually happening.

  • Mark Lee
    Mark Lee 3 days ago +1

    Diseases and viruses are organic. Does it mean they are healthy? Of course not. Only stupid and uneducated people think that organic immediately means healthy. Marketing people use that stupidity to sell more expensive things to them.

  • sowley
    sowley 3 days ago

    0:10 reincarnated lemongrab.

  • 4c1dr3fl3x
    4c1dr3fl3x 3 days ago

    5.1k hippies disliked having their pet causes and lifestyle investments minimized & questioned

  • bsfatboy
    bsfatboy 3 days ago

    Liking the 60fps

  • Locky
    Locky 3 days ago +1

    organic is just short for more expensive

  • Katherine Robar
    Katherine Robar 3 days ago +2

    I also never use chemical stuff ^^ love video

  • Katherine Robar
    Katherine Robar 3 days ago +2

    I'm growing organic food to sell cheaper then everyone else ^^ to help in my community 10c per veggy I'm doing it for fun

  • Jack T
    Jack T 4 days ago +2

    Tolerance Level? Really. Is that why everyone's got Cancer now, BECAUSE WE'RE ALL SO TOLERANT!

    • Jack T
      Jack T 2 days ago

      @thatboy killswitch - No, it's not just Meat. That's a fucking simpletons Logic, it's the whole way we're living as society. The rich are harvesting humans like we're farm yard animals, creating and selling products which cause disease, then creating the treatments to "Cure" those diseases. That's Sick. Why can't Dr's go around stabbing people, then stitching them up? Why can't Firemen go around starting Fires so they can be called upon to put them out? $250Billion p.a. The National Health Service in the UK is almost the largest industry. Their employees, working for Government, go on the BBC and Promote degeneracy to children, degeneracy which they can "treat", ensuring a constant supply of fresh meat to justify the never ending growth in government subsidies. They're Raping the country and calling it "Health Care".

    • thatboy killswitch
      thatboy killswitch 2 days ago

      Jack T Meat

  • almahperditae
    almahperditae 4 days ago +4

    A good rule about organic vs. convencional: only buy organic directely to the producer.
    If you have to trust a label in a shop, then you making more harm than good to the enviroment.
    The biggest irony: people that care for the enviroment, and are willing to pay the extra for organic, live in cities, and have to trust the label in a shop. The ones that want to do the right thing are part of the problem, and not the solution they want to be.

  • You'll never know lol

    Idk the demonic vegetable looks badass

  • Billy Alexander
    Billy Alexander 4 days ago

    When it comes to eating healthy I think people forget that where gonna die anyway.

    • Billy Alexander
      Billy Alexander 4 days ago

      The suns gonna expand and kill all life on the planet eventually hahahaha

    • Billy Alexander
      Billy Alexander 4 days ago

      @zengara11 overall though nothing really matters let's be honest

    • zengara11
      zengara11 4 days ago

      @Billy Alexander With that ideology no person should be improving or living at all? The history of humanity, is people improving from their predecessors mistakes. I am saying that eating healthier has been proven to increase your mental capabilities, physical and decrease of diseases. (Pro Chess players are physically buff as f*ck, as an example the greatest chess player Magnus Carlson)

      I am saying you, and everyone you affect will have a better life, if you eat healthy.....So as basic af, without bringing the reason for our progression so far, in such a short amount of time....

      It matters because we are humans, and humans improve.

    • Billy Alexander
      Billy Alexander 4 days ago

      @zengara11 I'm just saying it doesnt matter how much time you spend eating healthy, reading the back ingredients of food, your gonna die either way

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 4 days ago +1

    Basically organic farming is a scam and we should eat whatever we like.

    You're gonna die from something one day no matter what you do.

    • Vincent Crusoe
      Vincent Crusoe 4 days ago

      Trust your farmer🤷🏻‍♂️ get to know them 👍

  • athletejmv
    athletejmv 4 days ago

    @8:10 "What you eat is more important than how it's produced..." Well, I prefer not to eat poison... so frustrating just to find natural food without chemicals, etc dumped all over them :-/ Enjoyed the video.

  • J Sutherland
    J Sutherland 4 days ago

    "We are not sure if antioxidants are indeed good for us" Haha where are these facts coming from. Durp.

  • I am White trash
    I am White trash 4 days ago

    Fun fact eating produce that hasn't been exposed to pesticides put you at risk of being exposed to dangerous pathogens!

  • Mystic_Necrozma
    Mystic_Necrozma 4 days ago

    I just like fruit..

  • Ethan Nicolls
    Ethan Nicolls 4 days ago +4

    0:52 "I love Food & Stuff! It's where I buy all my food...and most of my stuff." - Ron Swanson

  • Mince Verlot
    Mince Verlot 4 days ago +1

    fuck you kurzgesagt

  • Jordan Jenkins
    Jordan Jenkins 4 days ago

    uuuunacceptaaabbblleeeeeeeee @0:07

  • Ravenn
    Ravenn 4 days ago +2

    Some people are so adamant on being healthy these days that according to them, about everything gives you cancer.
    Person : If it’s natural or from nature, then it’s good.
    Poisonous snakes : Hi there.

    • mirage
      mirage 3 days ago

      Nothing more natural than cancer

  • 176Blue
    176Blue 4 days ago

    So save your money and buy the regular produce.

  • Alex
    Alex 4 days ago

    As the video entered the latter half, I found myself a little more eager for the thanos snap... Is that bad?

  • RedWobbuffet
    RedWobbuffet 5 days ago

    At 7:19, did you notice that the avocado’s sword was fin’s grass sword for adventure time, and the carrots is Jake’s

  • rebeca rose
    rebeca rose 5 days ago +1

    They should have mentioned agroforestry practices, which is mostly organic producing a larger and more diversed volumes in smaller areas. The point is not the label but that agriculture method based in monocultures and giant pieces of land wasted on cattle and agromafias. Also missed mentioning the pharmaceutical and pesticides industry fusions, Bayer etc

  • o0TraceuR0o
    o0TraceuR0o 5 days ago

    Antioxidants? They bind free radicals to themselves which are the reason of internal inflamations which in term are the reason of cancer so antioxidants have a direct correlation to cancer prevention... there you go, dont listen to this dribble it obviously a shill video for big gmo and pharma companies

    • Mountain Rider
      Mountain Rider 4 days ago

      Exactly, also fuck who ever says coconut oil is pure poison, organic coconut oil prevents invasive lipids from forming in our floura guts, add cacao butter, cacao powder, organic grass fed ghee, grass fed hydrate collagen protein, and ceylon cinnamon, b00m! You'll be pooping at 9 am, everyday cleansing out your body! Add in some high quality monosaturated fats, lean organic vegetables, and boom!

  • W I T T
    W I T T 5 days ago

    grass sword and Jake sword

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 5 days ago

    It's a scam

  • Robert Høyem
    Robert Høyem 5 days ago

    6:49 Nope

  • Robert Høyem
    Robert Høyem 5 days ago

    5:55 your not the king

  • North Star
    North Star 5 days ago

    In my experience, organic food is way more flavourful than non organic. Once I started buying organic, there's no going back, even though it's expensive.

  • Nickster Studios
    Nickster Studios 5 days ago

    you didn't mention how organic food produces less, and if we went all organic then global hunger would become a WAAAY bigger issue, with 10s or even 100s of millions of people starving because a few people decided they wanted more natural food.

  • Corsuwey
    Corsuwey 5 days ago

    I believe I also watched a video about how fruits and vegetables have less nutritional value than of a century or so ago. The bottom line of that was, not really. Because of advances in technology, fruits and vegetables are getting bigger, but actually have about the same nutritional value as the ones from when the study started. In other words, bigger isn't exactly better... but nor is it less.

  • Mary Borbington
    Mary Borbington 5 days ago

    What about soil quality? In terms of the land conventional vs organic is grown on, does organic preserve organic material in soil because of organic fertilizers or no? I was under the impression that organic & local vegetables had less of an impact on soil than conventional farms. the college board has fooled me again

    • Mountain Rider
      Mountain Rider 4 days ago

      Yes organic doesn't spray harmful pesticides that turn into run off, which end up in streams killing all other animals, local and organic are aimed at stabilizing the soil. Don't by shit by large end food production companies,

    DrCREEPYFRI 5 days ago

    4:43 Fungi

  • neirad537
    neirad537 5 days ago +1

    Why is food only fruits and veggies? Zero mention of organic meats.

    • Vincent Crusoe
      Vincent Crusoe 4 days ago

      🤷🏻‍♂️ can have organically fed shit tho but 🙄 why bother

  • Tom Zychowski
    Tom Zychowski 5 days ago

    Uranium is natural, it is s semantics game. I have watched this nonsense develop here in Manitoba and the definitions very. It is all a really overpriced expensive. It is a story and a status symbol, nothing more.

  • Ken Bell
    Ken Bell 5 days ago +9

    Most non organic food is grown as animal feed and ethanol.
    Millions of acres of rainforests are bulldozed for Agribusiness monocultures to grow GMO Rice, Soya and NeoNicotinoid Maize.
    Mass meat consumption drives this inefficient use of land and unsustainable destruction of global biodiversity.
    Organic agriculture works best at small, local scales right down to your garden or small orchard. When organic Ag is driven by globalized markets it becomes subject to the same market forces driving yield centered production.
    So it's not about whether organic is a "scam" or not as the video title suggests. The real issue is WHO controls the means of production and WHY?

    • Vincent Crusoe
      Vincent Crusoe 4 days ago +2

      Ok mountain douche u ain't got no fukn clue wat ur talking about. It's almost 100 percent a scam😂 but go right ahead eat that food pay the mark up and pretend that eating is rocket science. Firstly I would like to remind you that organic products contain pesticides as well almost as often check out all the crap I can spray on ur "chem-free" fruits. two, biodiversity 😂 dumbass Don't understand that even no till systems require cleared land and it's not like I don't erradicate all asshole animals and plants in my way reducing natural biodiversity to make room for orange carrots🙄. As for what's healthier a wild cow or a cow that eats grains👍 ur a fucking wizard

    • Mountain Rider
      Mountain Rider 4 days ago

      Organic isn't a scam, infact there is compelling evidence that non organic foods, although not all, are found with a variety of disguisting herbicides that are toxic for your body, at least for plants and fruit, as for meat you can really see a huge difference by just the texture. I mean which meat would be healthier game meats? or a really fat animal fed grains whilst being locked up in a cage its whole life, and being served antibiotics because of all the famine that grows, check it out its call Caged Animal Feeding Operations by Doctor Mercola. Only 0.001% of people actually know how to eat a fucking right diet, unlike a bunch of fucking idiots on a youtube channel claiming they know everything as they listen to whatever large industrial food company has to say. Diet is a very complex topic that takes true evidence to rightfully understand, unlike most other literal topics.

  • Toothless - Gaming & More!

    7:15 the avocado is holding Finns grass sword

  • Face value🦁
    Face value🦁 5 days ago

    We in South Africa have world war 2 chemicals sprayed on our food

  • Gio V.Mendez
    Gio V.Mendez 5 days ago +1

    This video seemed biased towards conventional food. Because screw all the research that says conventional food is literally killing you, the vegetables lack nutrition and get gassed to become ripe...i watch alot of content from this channel and now I'm starting to doubt its accuracy or if they really know what they are talking about

  • InfinityTower
    InfinityTower 6 days ago

    8:21 green bird how to animate

  • Mazaroth
    Mazaroth 6 days ago

    Just another way to con the gullible out of their money more easily.

  • Robin Marquardt
    Robin Marquardt 6 days ago

    I want GMO!

  • Weeaboo Jones
    Weeaboo Jones 6 days ago

    Finn and Jake's swords made a cameo lmao

  • Jonas Müller
    Jonas Müller 6 days ago

    Very informative video with a good choice of topic!

  • iSplashwitCash
    iSplashwitCash 6 days ago

    Subscribe to iSplashwitCash. Show me some love.

  • PzKitty678
    PzKitty678 6 days ago +1

    0:11 that Lemongrab on the right?

  • Taylor V
    Taylor V 6 days ago +1

    No mention of the fact that organic tastes better?? Organic tastes the best.

  • TaftonYT Channel
    TaftonYT Channel 6 days ago

    I mean organic isn’t that bad. It isn’t bad for you to do and a little more price won’t suck for most people. I don’t care if you go conventional or organic. This shouldn’t be controversial. They both should be in stores and one shouldn’t rule over the other.

  • Luc Fauvarque
    Luc Fauvarque 6 days ago +4

    Great video. Nothing to say but, well done! 👍

  • WD Preston
    WD Preston 7 days ago

    Who is paying for the scientists?

  • wheatherd
    wheatherd 7 days ago

    The one thing I wish this talked more about was organic meat/animal products (not sure if they have another video specifically on that?) I feel like there is more validity to organic meat/animal products because of the slightly stricter rules on how they treat the animals.

    • Mountain Rider
      Mountain Rider 4 days ago

      Bro there's actually a giant difference between the two, i don't give a rats ass if some idiot says oh there's no difference, but its like comparing the muscle off an olympic athlete to a fat American at mc donalds. (CAFO versus organic pasteurized or grass fed)

  • GregArtDude
    GregArtDude 7 days ago

    The thing about trendy 'organic' produce that annoys me is the price hike and way it pollutes discussion and fact finding - this video being an example sadly *facepalm*
    Quite simply genuine 'organic' means something is grown as it would naturally (natural manure, seasonal, etc) - this is 100% the best for health.
    Chemicals in food process should not be considered the 'normal' method!! This should be a discussion between normally produced food (what is now dubbed 'organic') and chemically produced... *double facepalm*
    What your video DOES highlight is the issue of corporate process (trendy 'organic' or not) ... but please do not defend chemicals in a food environment.
    I grew up with a mother who planted and grew her own organic food, reared our own organically fed animals for meat and explained the risks and concerns of chemicals used in 'standard' foods to us - all WAY before organic was a popular 'trend'.

    • Sayam Qazi
      Sayam Qazi 5 days ago

      You assume natural things are better than fabricated things but don't provide any concrete reason why? I am not taking any side just pointing out if you take a side just don't say it is what it is you need to provide concrete reasons for it.

  • David
    David 7 days ago


  • Mimicracraw Hhggh
    Mimicracraw Hhggh 7 days ago

    The main problem is overpopulation. If we were less, organic food wouldn't need to be produced in such amounts. We are too numerous, but there is no need for ecoterrorism. We can just adopt instead of creating our selfs children. There are many children looking for parents. I'm not saying it's an easy thing to do. There are many problems with these actions and papers to fill.
    But in my opinion it's the best thing we can do.
    To "save" the earth and humanity, we need to get out of our comfort zone and act wisely.
    A very interesting video, thank you for all the eye opening information.

  • Hi, Im a Comenter
    Hi, Im a Comenter 7 days ago

    the largest under cover, greenhouse plantation is located in spain ,and can be seen from outside earth as a very litle white spot in the south of the country

  • Jakvai
    Jakvai 7 days ago +4

    I'm watching this video with an organic smart phone. :D

  • Stormy
    Stormy 7 days ago

    To summarize the entire video, the popularity with organic foods is pretty much the exact same as the popularity over non-GMO foods; irrational decision-making based in what feels correct at first glance, with no real thought put into it. At least eating Organic (excluding domino-effect situations like Spain) isn't clearly worse than eating "regular", whereas the entire GMO discussion would be moot if people would take five fucking seconds to run a google search.
    Tangent aside, eating seasonal and eating local actually does have clear and tangible benefits of a high enough magnitude to justify the rise in cost. Unfortunately for us, that would actually take effort, unlike jumping on the "organic" fad, which just requires that you go to the same supermarket and throw more money out of your pockets than you otherwise would.

    tl;dr laziness is the bottom line in a neoliberal economy (and if you reply to this complaining that I'm attacking democrats, I'll know that you don't know what the word "neoliberal" means)

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 7 days ago

    Why does it seem like someone always points these things out and we all come to realize it but the change to bring these ideas into existence never happens. Can someone explain this to me?

  • Alexandre Huyghe
    Alexandre Huyghe 7 days ago +1

    You didn't talk about animal treatment and organic agriculture, I was curious about that ^^

    • Mountain Rider
      Mountain Rider 4 days ago

      @Noah CAFO (Caged animal feeding operations) are why America gets fatter and dumber by the years

    • Noah
      Noah 7 days ago

      They specified that they would only cover fruits and vegetables, as to make the video more concise.

  • richerite
    richerite 7 days ago

    Already ahead of the curve here - too poor to afford organic

  • Felix Henson
    Felix Henson 7 days ago +1

    Possibly worth an exception for veg which you are intending to feed to an animal then either handpicked or organic is surely best.

  • Japan Gaming! 日本語

    3:37 Like if you watched Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs when you were little

  • Mike Zilla
    Mike Zilla 7 days ago

    The true cost that comes with organic's inefficient land usage and increased food costs can be counted in human lives considering much of the world relies on developed nation's food exports. YOU might be able to afford organic bullshit...but less efficiency and higher costs means someone is going hungry somewhere.

    But, hey...if spending extra money on your food makes you "feel better", then knock yourself out. Plenty of people buy Apple products for the same reasons.

  • Teruma
    Teruma 7 days ago +1

    I have a question
    Does growing food at home help?

    • Teruma
      Teruma 7 days ago

      @Marian Pérez thank you very much for this information!

    • Marian Pérez
      Marian Pérez 7 days ago

      Termalfox it should, depending on the needs of the plants. like, try growing plants that can thrive without much effort in the place you live in. consider how much water they need, the temperature, the land... etc.

  • Mr. jamrob
    Mr. jamrob 7 days ago

    The only real crime is forgetting to subscribe

  • Patrick Keller
    Patrick Keller 7 days ago +6

    In many cases, organic farming is just conventional farming with a different name. Same broken methods using slightly different products.
    Neither has got much to do with natural farming.
    For example: organic Beef can still be kept in boxes and is simply fed organic grain. While natural beef would be fed with hey and a large amount of free ranging.

    • Wisdom Fruit
      Wisdom Fruit 7 days ago

      All because human nature can't blame the individual and have to blame some higher power like God

    • Wisdom Fruit
      Wisdom Fruit 7 days ago

      Humans and they're labels 😂

    • Jessica Amado
      Jessica Amado 7 days ago +1

      exactly this!

  • Teruma
    Teruma 7 days ago

    Nice lemon grab cameo in the begining of the video!

  • Debz Baumaus
    Debz Baumaus 7 days ago +12

    Brilliant to know the truth! I'm going to share this, because my family has had great issues in deciding how to buy food since the organic movement has gone on the rise.

  • BlackStarWing333
    BlackStarWing333 7 days ago +3

    I love how you tackle these subjects o^o

  • francois dinauto
    francois dinauto 7 days ago

    6:40 when you don't know how to use dams in city skylines.

  • BloodeyRose 8742
    BloodeyRose 8742 7 days ago +2

    Hey can you guys do a video on avocados and how there bad to produce in mass, because of the amount of water they need.

    • salmourn
      salmourn 7 days ago

      ooh i didn't hear abt this yet! interesting. i guess it's becoming a problem since people are substituting butter and other fats with avocado???

  • Sheisun
    Sheisun 7 days ago +1

    Both my parents work in agriculture.
    Many people think organic means no pesticides, no herbicides, no growth helpers, no nothing. This just doesn't exist.
    If we didn't use those things on crops, the yield would be so low that it wouldn't be worth growing them in the first place.
    When we produce "organic" food, it simply means it has half the amount of chemicals used on it than non-organic food.
    The most important thing is to wash all your fruits and veggies before you eat them.

    • Sheisun
      Sheisun 7 days ago

      @Lamp Dajin you'd be surprised at how many people don"t wash

    • Lamp Dajin
      Lamp Dajin 7 days ago

      I always thought that was common sense to wash anyway, but great insight

  • ヨーソローちゃん_16

    Solution! Grow your own!

    (only if you live in the right places on Earth)

    • ChocoCherryGenesis
      ChocoCherryGenesis 7 days ago +2

      Yup! You know exactly how it was grown. It tastes better because of your hard work and fosters responsibility. Plus! If you're worried about the environment you know you've cut out the supply chain so there is less of a footprint. Win/win/win!

  • Arnold Kim
    Arnold Kim 8 days ago +7

    Okay, thank you for the Swedish study. I will continue to consume organic food.
    if organic food is still "marginally" better than conventional in terms of potentially less exposure to pesticides, etc., I will pay the premium.

    • Omega Soldier
      Omega Soldier 17 hours ago +1

      @Arnold Kim Wow don't need to be rude this just ruin your image and your point man

    • Arnold Kim
      Arnold Kim 6 days ago +5

      @Walker Harris Did you not read the entire comment? I even quote/unquoted the word marginally.
      Also, pay attention to the word "potential" which I used in my comment. AND I don't drink alcohol.
      EDIT: By the way, don't like your own comment that's so idiotic and cheap. I know it because I saw your comment pop-up within one or two minutes after you posted it. Fucking idiot.

    • Walker Harris
      Walker Harris 6 days ago +3

      Did you not watch the entire video? He said that pesticides from food have almost no affect on you (the equivalent of drinking a glass of wine every 3 months). Also, organic pesticides, if used, are often just as bad as conventional pesticides if not worse.

  • Dialogue with the Stars

    Great video, and the music is just excellent.

  • StapleCactus
    StapleCactus 8 days ago

    But what about taste? I noticed an macintosh apple tastes better over a conventional one where they strip the natural wax and replace it with their version. The taste is so different that I can only eat the organic one, which makes it pretty hard for me to eat fruit since they don't sell organic Macintosh apples often. Seriously, I don't like the taste of fruit, but organic Macintosh kept the sweet level low enough with the flesh soft enough that I enjoyed it immensely. Most fruit is too sweet or bitter, after all.