Top 10 Most Hated Celebs of 2018

  • Published on Dec 2, 2018
  • It's the end of the year and we feel fine? Follow along as we rank the bests and the worsts of 2018! also try the End of Year Trivia:
    Top 10 Most Hated Celebs of 2018
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    Not all celebrities are adored. For this list, we’ll be looking at controversial celebrities who’ve generated a lot of ire and hatred throughout 2018. We’ve included stars like James Corden, Brett Kavanaugh and 6ix9ine for our list of the Top 10 Most Hated Celebs of 2018.
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    10. Johnny Depp
    9. James Corden
    8. Laura Ingraham
    7. Brett Kavanaugh
    6. 6ix9ine
    5. Alex Jones
    4. Megyn Kelly
    3, 2 & 1???

    #6ix9ine #KanyeWest #JakePaul
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  •  6 months ago +111

    You know what's another way to celebrate the end of year? By taking a cool trivia and maybe even winning a prize:

    • ddowns24
      ddowns24 3 days ago

      This is the Leftist's list of most hated celebrities. I doubt the Regressive video producers even realize their own bias. Since their content is focused on Hollywood and pop culture, they obviously live in the insane Hollywood Liberal Echo Chamber, which is insanely out of touch with how the majority of the Country feels.

    • William B.
      William B. Month ago

      @shaquille mccray Because the Kardashians are leftists and are protected by WatchMojo.

      PAW_PATROL_CHASE_ 2 months ago

      6ix9ine is awesome!

    • Diane Hall
      Diane Hall 2 months ago

      @Sage Mode Pikachu Why?

    • Your Quirk
      Your Quirk 3 months ago

      .... You did a cut with West and did not talk about him raping children?

  • Isaiahplays Games
    Isaiahplays Games 2 minutes ago

    Even though David Hogg is a school shooting it doesn’t give him the right to be a piece of shit

  • denki denki
    denki denki 6 hours ago

    5:24 For MHA fans. Tsuyu Asui be gayyyyy

  • James Dominguez
    James Dominguez 17 hours ago

    Yes, Roseanne,,,, well you fucked up. Now your head in shame and move on

  • nikki alford
    nikki alford 17 hours ago

    Mojo you left wing pedowood rad

  • G-O-T-H
    G-O-T-H 23 hours ago

    Again, Anything Kenya, sucks ass!

  • Tyler Bishop
    Tyler Bishop Day ago

    So over half of the people on this list are conservatives/outspoken Trump supporters. All of whom have TONS have fans and support. Can you not attempt to hide your bias more than this? Your channel is trash.

  • 9 Trillion Hours Ago.

    This year. 1Aoc, 2Illhan Omar, 3 Keith Ellison and more Democrats. No more watch mojo for me. Liberalism is a disease.

  • Danny Buenaventura
    Danny Buenaventura 2 days ago

    Mmm... So you add Depp, but not Trump... Mojo are you high?

  • Anna Schmidt
    Anna Schmidt 2 days ago

    Johnny Depp will always be one of my favorite actors.

  • jigsaw 9nine
    jigsaw 9nine 2 days ago +1

    I hate sixnine

  • Heather Carpenter
    Heather Carpenter 2 days ago

    I thought James was perfect as Peter Rabbit

  • Leafyishere Second channel

    Brett Kavanaugh shouldn’t be here it’s clearly a lie

  • Hughsers
    Hughsers 3 days ago

    Cmon watch mojo,why did you put james cordon on the list thats just discraceful

  • Sebouh Simonian
    Sebouh Simonian 3 days ago

    2019 class
    jessie smollet in all ten spots

  • Sebouh Simonian
    Sebouh Simonian 3 days ago

    no jessie smolet what a joke

  • Noah Stirrat
    Noah Stirrat 3 days ago

    Why is the right wing so hated

  • Noah Stirrat
    Noah Stirrat 3 days ago

    This was a terrible video

  • ddowns24
    ddowns24 3 days ago

    This is the Leftist's list of most hated celebrities. I doubt the Regressive video producers even realize their own bias. Since their content is focused on Hollywood and pop culture, they obviously live in the insane Hollywood Liberal Echo Chamber, which is insanely out of touch with how the majority of the Country feels.

  • Tom Sproson
    Tom Sproson 3 days ago +1

    I love Harry Hill even more now that I know he pied Piers Morgan in the face.

  • Chase Adolphson
    Chase Adolphson 3 days ago +1

    Roseanne Barr. Lol. She definitely deserves to be on here.

    GOSJSU 4 days ago

    Not sure who six nine is but I feel sorry for her dad. Yikes.

  • David Scott
    David Scott 4 days ago

    Hulk Hogan should be on here.

  • David Scott
    David Scott 4 days ago

    Kanye West is simply a huge douchebag.

  • Kori Hoornstra
    Kori Hoornstra 4 days ago

    I hated these celebs before 2018

  • 1978garfield
    1978garfield 4 days ago

    David Hogg in a nutshell:
    "I am a strong survivor and I am going to change the world, with or without your help!"
    Someone says something he doesn't like
    "Whaaa,whaaa I'm a poor widdlde kid. I have suffered so much. How dare you pick on me."

  • mike carr
    mike carr 5 days ago

    Kanye West has always been difficult to digest..............don’t try to eat him then!!

  • Jay Drak
    Jay Drak 5 days ago

    Why did the narrators keep alternating?

  • Colton Ruscheinsky
    Colton Ruscheinsky 5 days ago

    You guys should retract what you said about Johnny Depp. It turned out that he was being abused.

  • clarence da skitz cunt

    Every woman these days just seems to make a story to get men in trouble. I'm not saying that it's right to do it but it's annoying now when the same story gets put out every day with just a different person

  • Pro Enkh
    Pro Enkh 6 days ago

    69 on 6

  • CHORDBOSS Training Videos By Playlist


  • Shane VanHove
    Shane VanHove 6 days ago

    You might want to keep your political thoughts out of your videos. Pretty sad. What about Amy Schumer? Bill Cosby? Or are you just kneeling to the RU-clip overlords?
    Either way, I'm done with your channel.

  • TheUnknownchannel
    TheUnknownchannel 6 days ago +1

    5:23 best part

  • Timothy Petriccione
    Timothy Petriccione 6 days ago +1

    At 7:11 even the back of Kanye’s head is like -__-

  • Bill Matrisch
    Bill Matrisch 6 days ago

    and not one of the skanky bitchs from the View made the list. That fat pig Ana Navarro should be #1

  • Bourbon Ernie
    Bourbon Ernie 7 days ago

    People on the left are just as hated but you wouldn't know it because they control the media.

  • adrian peter
    adrian peter 7 days ago

    johnny depp really!!!!😒

  • Levi G
    Levi G 7 days ago

    Blackface isn't bad at all. What's wrong with dressing up? Chappelle can do white face tho hmmmm it's okay when it's the other way around. Anyways long live trump

  • Levi G
    Levi G 7 days ago

    Terrible list. The first few I didn't even know. 6ix9ine isn't that bad, neither is Alex Jones. Who's Megan Kelly? Where's Harvey and Cosby? Anyways long live trump

  • Mike OxLong
    Mike OxLong 8 days ago +2

    Once I seen Johnny depp I turned this bs off!! J depp can't do no wrong.

  • Seli Jånsen
    Seli Jånsen 10 days ago

    Funny how many Republicans or right wingers mojo chose to put in the video. Convenient 🤡👌

  • blacklist
    blacklist 10 days ago

    Jake Paul became joke lol after he promoted pewdiepie but actually it turned to t-series to gain more subscribers 😂😂

  • BCEP
    BCEP 10 days ago +1

    Ik u did not just pronounce Ye like “Yí” 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • M. Gammon
    M. Gammon 10 days ago


  • M. Gammon
    M. Gammon 10 days ago +1


  • Jonathan Torres Gonzalez

    WTF! I like johnny Depp, this is just bullshit! However 6ix9ine, he is a F$#@ING joke!

  • EthanCoolBro18 Gamer
    EthanCoolBro18 Gamer 11 days ago

    I like 6ix9ine though...

  • Rox/ Lufu
    Rox/ Lufu 11 days ago

    All dislikes are Logan paulers literally

  • xXPHOENIXx 19
    xXPHOENIXx 19 11 days ago

    i hate logan paul who hates to
    im betting all of us hate logan

  • William Parker
    William Parker 12 days ago

    Trump 2020

  • J Mac
    J Mac 12 days ago

    David Hogg is a tool.

  • Stephen Z.
    Stephen Z. 12 days ago

    And who the fuck are these two wastes of skin at number 2??

  • Junius 8823
    Junius 8823 12 days ago

    Number one


  • Roller Girl
    Roller Girl 12 days ago

    Those Paul brothers are as ugly as they are annoying. Seriously, how are they even famous?!!!

  • Roller Girl
    Roller Girl 12 days ago +1

    Please. I love Roseanne. People have gotten so damn sensitive. That woman DOES look like a character from planet of the Apes!!!!

  • Lasse Boehlke-skogli
    Lasse Boehlke-skogli 12 days ago


  • Barrett Wilson
    Barrett Wilson 13 days ago

    Wow no Lil Pump🤦‍♂️

  • Jeff Pappa
    Jeff Pappa 14 days ago

    Jake and Logan Paul are trash.

  • AnimeLover
    AnimeLover 14 days ago +1

    My best friend said he looks like a Froot Loop, so that's what I call him.

  • Drew Pierce
    Drew Pierce 14 days ago

    How... how is Logan Paul not #1? Cosby may have raped women but Logan Paul rapes the minds of millions of children and makes fun of suicide victims. Chloe Bennet should be ashamed

  • KIRAMH1023
    KIRAMH1023 15 days ago

    Is everyone at WatchMojo a screaming Liberal or just most of you? You dissed Megan Kelly more than that guy who got PROBATION for raping a CHILD!

  • April Long
    April Long 15 days ago +15

    Left-wing propaganda at its finest. No more Mojo for me

    • Shmiddy
      Shmiddy 8 days ago

      April Long yessir

  • Cloud9muaz z
    Cloud9muaz z 15 days ago

    it still have people that liked the video...

  • Blood Pipe
    Blood Pipe 15 days ago

    I did not get the James Corden part at all.

  • Philippine Republic
    Philippine Republic 15 days ago

    I'm not American nor White but, What's the meaning of the N Word (N*gga)?

  • Jordi Nieves
    Jordi Nieves 16 days ago

    david hogg wasnt even on campus during the shooting

  • humpy1980
    humpy1980 17 days ago

    David Hogg is a Fucktwat!! He was t even there when the shooting happened.

  • karl williams
    karl williams 17 days ago

    well kavanaugh was a stitch up job by the msm and alex jones is a shill and sandy hook was a false flag who would send there kids to a school that got black mould and water marks on the walls and broken lights and list goes onand on the kids going round and round at the outside of the schoolat the time and the police and ambulances half a mile from the school roseanne barr stitched up as well

  • Cornelious Stradivarius

    James Corden was never adorable for the simple fact he thought he was funnier than everyone else thought he was. He has no comedic qualities whatsoever

  • Tom Campbell
    Tom Campbell 18 days ago

    Roseanne: "It's like the worst thing they possibly could have done to me....but I'm not going to say anything bad about it"

  • Lerroy Zislack
    Lerroy Zislack 18 days ago

    I wouldnt call pauls celebrities...

  • Tony D
    Tony D 18 days ago

    this whole thing was kind of BS, i can't believe that Colbert and the talk show freaks are not on here, if you like that crap you are an idiot

  • SuperHeavyXD
    SuperHeavyXD 19 days ago


  • Gaming Turtle
    Gaming Turtle 19 days ago

    RU-clip : how much hate do you want?
    Hated Caleb’s : yes

  • Resiak -
    Resiak - 21 day ago

    'Even Roseanne's biggest fans couldn't defend that one.'
    You obviously weren't paying attention. They still say she did nothing wrong.

  • Queen Blue O
    Queen Blue O 22 days ago

    Why Johnny Depp ur wrong for that check his resume

  • KobraKai
    KobraKai 22 days ago

    Why aren't the Kardashians on this list?
    Edit: Nvm they're the most hated of ALL time.

  • Biscuit Gidoni
    Biscuit Gidoni 22 days ago

    Wait what did Logan do?! Flog a dead body? Like he hit a dead body?

  • Biscuit Gidoni
    Biscuit Gidoni 22 days ago

    6 9 is not controversial.. he's a snitch

  • Biscuit Gidoni
    Biscuit Gidoni 22 days ago

    Had no idea who kavanaugh is

  • Biscuit Gidoni
    Biscuit Gidoni 22 days ago

    I hope Johnny Depp gets his career gets back on track because that bitch lied about him.

  • Bk.R Rabha YouTube Channel

    Awesome video. Hey guise I'm your new freind new Subscriber so please come back to me it's channel..

  • Lexi Stevens
    Lexi Stevens 23 days ago Did you know that 'Depp' means idiot in german

  • The Earth Is Flat
    The Earth Is Flat 23 days ago

    Nah **** that the paul brothers should have been number one

  • Todd P
    Todd P 23 days ago +1

    I like watchmojo when it doesn’t get political or biased...the videos are well done.

  • Joseph Fogarty
    Joseph Fogarty 23 days ago

    No. 10, 9 and 4 don’t deserve any hate at all and No.1’s joke, while kind of racist, shouldn’t be given as much backlash as it was given. Everyone else on this list deserve all the hate that they are receiving

  • Ju Lia
    Ju Lia 23 days ago +38

    And then it turned out Amber Heard falsely accused Johnny Depp. *drumroll*

  • lekocafe
    lekocafe 23 days ago

    It's none of our business if frogs are gay.

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 23 days ago

    2018? Fucking gross, time to find another video.

  • Riko Saikawa
    Riko Saikawa 24 days ago

    Top 10 people I’ve never heard of

  • Maya Castro
    Maya Castro 25 days ago +3

    Who the hell would criticize Johnny Depp for. I love him and celebrities get hated for the most innocent things they ever done.

  • Abyssal Nightmare
    Abyssal Nightmare 26 days ago

    *sees #5* oh! it's the gay frogs guy!

  • Randy Husband
    Randy Husband 26 days ago +10

    the most hated people in 2018 were the staff of watch mojo

  • Randy Husband
    Randy Husband 26 days ago +2

    lots of liberal bullshit, not much real content. No suprise with Watch Mojo.

  • Craig Fresch
    Craig Fresch 26 days ago +1

    ingraham was right!

  • big masmasman
    big masmasman 26 days ago

    I have been a fan of watchmojo for almost 4 years now and I'm going to unsubscribe because now you guys are a biased, liberal channel that hates the Republican party. If I wanted to watch people bash on Trump I'd watch CNN

  • Kedric Sanieñ
    Kedric Sanieñ 27 days ago

    I love Logan Paul Logangs

  • The Michael
    The Michael 28 days ago

    David Hogg didn't survive anything. He wasn't even there that day. And that is not my belief or conspiracy theory. That is by David's own unambiguous statement that he heard about the shooting, grabbed his video camera, hopped on his bike, left his house, and rode to school with his friend who appeared with him on the interview. Get your facts straight. Survivors were people who were at the scene of the event, not just a student of the same school chilling at home for some reason because his dad was FBI or something.

  • the holy Y E E T
    the holy Y E E T 28 days ago

    Wait... why is amy Schumer hated?