• Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • Ranking the best BIG 3 from all 30 NBA Teams!!
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  • LostNUnbound
    LostNUnbound  Year ago +1039


    • Grant Sullivan
      Grant Sullivan Month ago

      You predicted the MVP

    • Curry Rage
      Curry Rage Month ago

      LNU: who care’s about the thuder

    • James Martin
      James Martin Month ago

      Now it’s almost 2020

    • Rock Ph
      Rock Ph Month ago

      5:18 Orlando Magic but the logo is Dallas Mavericks

    • Raghav Mallela
      Raghav Mallela 2 months ago +1

      Lnu why did u put the Mavericks logo when u said Orlando magic

  • Hugo Lovettt
    Hugo Lovettt 17 hours ago

    No no no no you are all ways Byest

  • Matthew Ecker
    Matthew Ecker Day ago

    Who’s late and where is Lou Williams on the clippers big three

  • Jacob Beast
    Jacob Beast Day ago

    Way to biath

  • Big Mo
    Big Mo 2 days ago

    Warrior ions number one 😠

  • almarjyou
    almarjyou 2 days ago

    let's go on with the big 3 he said. Still took time.

  • noah Harris
    noah Harris 7 days ago

    Lnu always make s me mad

  • Cali Vibes Clothing and Records

    Im going to sew you

  • Cali Vibes Clothing and Records

    U spelled luka’s last name wrong

  • Abdelwali Ga’al
    Abdelwali Ga’al 7 days ago

    f u

  • Magma Cube Nik
    Magma Cube Nik 8 days ago

    Clippers 2020
    Kawhi leonard
    Paul George
    Blake Griffin
    Bolban marjonivich

  • Magda Dutkovich
    Magda Dutkovich 8 days ago

    Lostnunbound you didn't add Orlando magics team photo

    You added Dallas mavericks logo

  • Aansh Jain
    Aansh Jain 8 days ago

    So Steven Adams is better than Klay Thompson

  • Arturo Joffe
    Arturo Joffe 12 days ago

    Steven Adams really he’s not good

  • Laeloni Ravae
    Laeloni Ravae 12 days ago

    This dude is so stupid he knows the worrs and the best team

  • Yusuf Kamel
    Yusuf Kamel 15 days ago

    You’re dumb

  • Apollo Gwapo
    Apollo Gwapo 16 days ago

    Ur gayas

  • Apollo Gwapo
    Apollo Gwapo 16 days ago


  • Cannonball Z
    Cannonball Z 16 days ago

    Yah hell no warriors are better than your trash team stop being biased

  • Andrew Harber
    Andrew Harber 17 days ago

    The thunder are trash and always will be so...

  • Klark Santos
    Klark Santos 19 days ago

    did i just see no pascal siakam in raptors

  • Ya Boi Zay
    Ya Boi Zay 19 days ago

    Like and the last digit is who you get
    1) Giannis antetokounmpo
    2) Stephen curry
    3) Kevin Durant
    4) leBron James
    5) Anthony Davis
    6) Carl Anthony towns
    7) russel Westbrook
    8) Damian lillard
    9) Ben Simmons
    0) wilt chamberlain

  • Jacob Whalen
    Jacob Whalen 20 days ago

    The best👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Game Host
    Game Host 20 days ago

    Giannis and eric bledsoe and khris midleton not malcoln brogdon

  • Jase Findley
    Jase Findley 20 days ago +1

    I love how he said lebron can’t be the best team it’s the best 3 then he says it doesn’t matter what team giannis has its top 10 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Tal Riza
    Tal Riza 21 day ago

    U are so biased

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode 21 day ago

    Steph curry,KD,klay are number 1 thunder should be number 2

  • emanuel martin
    emanuel martin 21 day ago

    Are you saying that KD is not better than Russel Westbrook

  • April Howell
    April Howell 22 days ago


  • Sawyer Hughey
    Sawyer Hughey 22 days ago

    Warriors should be first Russ is also having a bad year and the best thing Steven Adams has done is be russels teamate

  • Matthew Savastano
    Matthew Savastano 22 days ago

    They would still be top 10 because its Giannis
    I thought its the best big 3 not the best big 1

  • Bernard Garcia
    Bernard Garcia 23 days ago

    1 is the gsw

  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores 24 days ago


  • Alma Moscoso
    Alma Moscoso 24 days ago

    Why put the Lakers 10

  • Mark Eker
    Mark Eker 24 days ago

    For raptors I think it is kawhi,Kyle,fed van vleet

  • Jaime Perez
    Jaime Perez 25 days ago

    You are biased

  • Ammad Ata
    Ammad Ata 25 days ago

    You put thunder first because you like them

  • My Name JEFF
    My Name JEFF 25 days ago +1


  • Dr Wet
    Dr Wet 26 days ago

    Golden state is better then OKLAHOMA

  • Dagim Molla
    Dagim Molla 26 days ago +3

    Who is watching this when today is new yers for 2020

  • Anthony the mini Steph curry Meehan

    They Beat the thunder

  • twin Gaming
    twin Gaming 26 days ago

    Lost and found it doesn't mean that you have to put OKC Thunders on first because they're their favorite team

  • Khalel Zephir
    Khalel Zephir 27 days ago

    BIASED THUNDER FAN! The Thunder should have been Top 10 MAX

  • Khalel Zephir
    Khalel Zephir 27 days ago


  • Shirley Perkins
    Shirley Perkins 28 days ago

    Look at this video again so I agree with you for putting the OKC Thunder answer number one

  • Yolo Master
    Yolo Master 28 days ago

    Every video gsw are top2.but okc is first because of rusell

  • Pk7
    Pk7 29 days ago +1

    Bruh this was made on lebrons birthday

  • Kesavaraj Kandarajah
    Kesavaraj Kandarajah 29 days ago

    Lnu raptors

  • Lee
    Lee 29 days ago

    Where's d wade for heat

  • Ronan Hall
    Ronan Hall 29 days ago

    Lonzo is trash

  • rsinc fan
    rsinc fan Month ago +1

    Like thunder is the best big 3 comment if the warriors are the best big 3

  • Karina Lezama
    Karina Lezama Month ago

    Your batiste

  • The stat Kid
    The stat Kid Month ago

    How do you win Roy twice

  • Mark Garland
    Mark Garland Month ago

    it’s not the thunder

  • Hector scrap YT
    Hector scrap YT Month ago

    Bro you’re so dumb

  • Akash Gill
    Akash Gill Month ago

    BRUH Greg is being byest

  • Jack Judy
    Jack Judy Month ago

    Your wrong

  • Ian McCutcheon
    Ian McCutcheon Month ago +1

    As you said Orlando magic you show the Dallas Mavricks logo

  • Marcus Fox
    Marcus Fox Month ago


  • Mark Barr
    Mark Barr Month ago

    Are you stupid the Sixers are number ONE!!!!!!!