• Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • Ranking the best BIG 3 from all 30 NBA Teams!!
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  • LostNUnbound
    LostNUnbound  4 months ago +872


    • Linda Muratore
      Linda Muratore 3 days ago

      U are the best

    • Travis Jordon
      Travis Jordon 17 days ago

      Boban should not be on the list it’s share-gilgeos-alexander

    • Yahir CastrejonLemus
      Yahir CastrejonLemus 27 days ago

      LostNUnbound you’re a band wagon you know why because you used to make fun of Derrick rose and now you’re like oh he’s amazing I love him like no shut up

    • Cowboysfan 07
      Cowboysfan 07 Month ago

      New Mavs big 3: Luka Kristaps and Dwight Powell

  • Camden Harris
    Camden Harris 15 minutes ago

    Steph beats rus kd beats paul klay beat ssteeven

  • Camden Harris
    Camden Harris 17 minutes ago

    Youre so bias

  • Matty Dilks
    Matty Dilks Hour ago

    Lavar ball

  • Anthony Watts
    Anthony Watts 4 hours ago

    You always put the Dallas symbol when you say the magic

    FINTOWIN 9 hours ago

    Boban is no longer on the list ;(

  • Christopher Streif
    Christopher Streif 10 hours ago

    Got me mad on 28

  • Rohin Sood - Whaley's Corners PS (1447)

    Could. You make a video Ranking the players that are the worst in the team

  • WolfieGaming
    WolfieGaming 11 hours ago

    Ok Greg see you in court tomorrow

  • Nathan & Lucas
    Nathan & Lucas 13 hours ago +1

    Your not good lost bound 😂 warriors is great than okc. OKC is weak #100009

  • Adam Plowman
    Adam Plowman 14 hours ago

    You're so biest

  • Aryan Sharda
    Aryan Sharda 19 hours ago +1

    Biased thunder fan.

  • Ruling Rubies
    Ruling Rubies 19 hours ago

    The warriors are numer 1 You did it wrong

  • Felix Tripp
    Felix Tripp 23 hours ago

    Jucif nurcich is a BEAST!!

  • Hayden Garcia-Lopez
    Hayden Garcia-Lopez 23 hours ago

    warriors are better than thunder by far

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith Day ago +1

    Celtics are the best

  • Keegan Strait
    Keegan Strait Day ago +1

    Thank you for playing Boston top five

  • Breno CV
    Breno CV Day ago

    Actually Brook lopez

  • Breno CV
    Breno CV Day ago

    Joe ingles

  • Breno CV
    Breno CV Day ago

    Josh Richardson

  • Breno CV
    Breno CV Day ago

    Russel is a better score

  • Breno CV
    Breno CV Day ago

    And kristapz is in Dallas

  • Breno CV
    Breno CV Day ago

    Tobias and bobas is in sixers

  • Breno CV
    Breno CV Day ago

    Jeremy lamb is good

  • Breno CV
    Breno CV Day ago


  • Breno CV
    Breno CV Day ago

    Stupid what about John colins

  • Taliyah & Layla Scott

    Ben Simmons sucks

  • Sports Highlights123

    Uhh, John Collins should be in the big 3

  • Jennifer Morrison
    Jennifer Morrison 2 days ago

    been since i watched portland beet thee thnder lnu is biased what the i h8 how biased he is like 😮 omg he lok

  • Jennifer Morrison
    Jennifer Morrison 2 days ago +1

    75% of the comments,the mavericks logo appeared when you said the magic.
    25% of the comments, golden state is better than the thunder your just biased.

  • Bernice Friedlich
    Bernice Friedlich 2 days ago

    BBB for Live

  • AKAnoodles
    AKAnoodles 2 days ago

    Where’s my boi Vince carter

  • Caitlyn Wolf
    Caitlyn Wolf 2 days ago +1

    I DO NOT LIKE Russel Westbrook

    • Don't Subscribe
      Don't Subscribe 2 days ago

      neither do I. He's a stat padder. He even stat padded in game five where they could have been eliminated, and were.

  • SpanJ
    SpanJ 2 days ago

    And did I see no dirk nowitzki for dallas

  • SpanJ
    SpanJ 2 days ago

    Did I see no wade for the heat

  • Jawad Samaha
    Jawad Samaha 3 days ago

    Kris Middleton should have Been The big 3

  • Jawad Samaha
    Jawad Samaha 3 days ago

    How r lakers top 10

  • Jawad Samaha
    Jawad Samaha 3 days ago

    Brandon Ingram should of been in the big 3

  • Max Perez
    Max Perez 3 days ago


  • Hector Watt
    Hector Watt 3 days ago


  • Taylor Pack
    Taylor Pack 3 days ago

    Lnu says it is the big three not the big one then gives the bucks 9 just because of Gianis

  • Franco Flores
    Franco Flores 3 days ago

    OKC sucks and Milwaukee and golden state r way better and next time put golden state first

  • Rikicia Robinson
    Rikicia Robinson 3 days ago

    No you are so so so so wrong Michael jordan is you are so stupid you don't no basketball at all Russell Westbrook is not the best player in the whole world in the nba lostandunbond

  • Hallo I bims
    Hallo I bims 3 days ago +1

    Russel Westbrook is so fckin overradet

  • Myrna Viernes
    Myrna Viernes 3 days ago

    i respect it that youre a thunder super fan but warriors should be on top 1 not the thunder cause if they are then why did they loose on the first round

  • Fortnite God
    Fortnite God 3 days ago

    Sup bro

  • Stacie Faamausili
    Stacie Faamausili 3 days ago +1


  • Keeping up with the J's

    bias thunder fan

  • Keeping up with the J's


  • OP Gamer
    OP Gamer 4 days ago

    Warriors are the best

  • PersonWhoLikeBTS
    PersonWhoLikeBTS 4 days ago

    Bro Milwaukee should be kris Middleton he was an allstar

  • Travis Keith
    Travis Keith 4 days ago +1

    good job warriors don't evev deserve top 5 and the thunder are the best big 3 and im a lakers fan

    • Amanda Diaz
      Amanda Diaz 2 days ago

      Travis Keith they deserve top1 sooo

  • Edgar Mondragon
    Edgar Mondragon 4 days ago

    You. Mother fucker

  • Hans Cedric Galande
    Hans Cedric Galande 4 days ago

    Just because you’re a thunder fan does not mean you have to put them in first

  • Tay Tay Is the name
    Tay Tay Is the name 4 days ago

    Are you stupid not trying to be mean

  • Jer Mcd
    Jer Mcd 5 days ago

    Your dum

  • Wilson Medina
    Wilson Medina 5 days ago


  • Zlayer Gaming
    Zlayer Gaming 6 days ago +1


  • James M
    James M 6 days ago

    No lou williams in clippers?Also on the topic of the clippers, 2 out of 3 of them are now on the 76ers so

  • George Mones
    George Mones 7 days ago

    lets sue him guys

  • Jacelyn Pierson
    Jacelyn Pierson 7 days ago

    your wrong Russell Westbrook is not the best NBA player Micheal Jordan is

  • LilMoh YT
    LilMoh YT 7 days ago


  • Dank Expresso Coffee
    Dank Expresso Coffee 7 days ago +1

    5:18 you forgot to change the mavs logo to magic

  • mac reaves
    mac reaves 7 days ago

    John Collins

  • Dewayne Jarrett
    Dewayne Jarrett 8 days ago

    U are terrible

  • WFCC Hi
    WFCC Hi 8 days ago

    The Warriors are better than the thunder

  • Benjamin Perry
    Benjamin Perry 8 days ago

    What ab carmello on thunder

  • Michael Casper
    Michael Casper 8 days ago

    You have terrible ranking for the teams.Hornets at 28?they were SO CLOSE of making the playoffs and LA clippers at 27 they have made the playoffs!

  • Matthew Levene
    Matthew Levene 8 days ago

    You don’t know nothing about basketball stupid pants warriors are Better that the Thunder

  • nvazquez31
    nvazquez31 9 days ago

    You did not add John Collins on to the Hawks

  • Cooper Houser
    Cooper Houser 9 days ago

    Why didn't u involve Dwayne Wade in the Miami heat

  • IanPlayz Games
    IanPlayz Games 9 days ago

    you put the dallas mavericks logo for the orlando magic

  • Bricks and Darts
    Bricks and Darts 9 days ago

    OKC vets the best one in the vid but earns 7th seed and "MVP" Paul George gets shot over from 37 feet from the 11th best three even though ripcity swept them

  • JJ Anthony
    JJ Anthony 9 days ago


  • TheZMasterX -Random Videos

    You can’t put the thunders better than warriors if the warriors big three is 3 all stars

  • Espie Perdido
    Espie Perdido 9 days ago

    Warriors is number 1 every team with that big 3 it will be destroyes

  • Tiger Marley
    Tiger Marley 10 days ago

    Thanks for putting the Sixers 3 above the Celtics

  • Tyson Riewski
    Tyson Riewski 10 days ago

    That's bullcrap

  • SkjZ
    SkjZ 10 days ago

    No one realized that he said orlando magic but dallas mavericks pops up?

  • Charlie Puth's Biggest Fan

    Middleton over Brogdon and you also should have put in pascal siakam

  • Viplove Sharma
    Viplove Sharma 10 days ago

    Golden state is number 1 and lakers is number 2

  • skrrt ibrahim
    skrrt ibrahim 10 days ago

    5:19 that is not magic bruh

  • Joy Garrett
    Joy Garrett 10 days ago

    You such

  • A basketball life
    A basketball life 10 days ago

    I the only one who think that the OKC not better than th 76'

  • Maddox Kight
    Maddox Kight 10 days ago

    Your byist

  • camron scupham
    camron scupham 10 days ago

    get a life bro the warrior's top big 3 are definitly better than the thunders. And says the person that riped up his OKC jeresy of Derant because he left OKC you just don't like Derant thats why

  • Josephine Acojedo
    Josephine Acojedo 10 days ago

    Im gana unsudricb you

  • Ryker Hogland
    Ryker Hogland 11 days ago

    warriors should be number 1

  • Adam Cannon
    Adam Cannon 11 days ago

    Why did u not put Louis Williams on the clippers

  • Itzkurtyboy
    Itzkurtyboy 11 days ago

    Thunder's Big 3 is better than, Warriors really?

    I Mean Curry and Klay can win a championship without KD and Pg and Russ can't
    so that means Steven adams is btter than KD Wtf...?

  • Tejas Grewal - McCrimmon MS (1481)

    Carmelo anthony

  • Tejas Grewal - McCrimmon MS (1481)

    Pascal siakam

  • Bill Whitlock
    Bill Whitlock 11 days ago

    You to

  • Brayden Jones
    Brayden Jones 11 days ago

    Who's watching this after the thunder lost in the first round to Portland without nurkic😂

  • andria utiashvili
    andria utiashvili 11 days ago

    John Collins isn't part of Atlanta big 3🤣🤣🤣🤣😢😢

  • Ricky Boyd
    Ricky Boyd 11 days ago

    John Collins Atlanta

  • Kristopher Garcia
    Kristopher Garcia 11 days ago


  • Jessica Golden
    Jessica Golden 12 days ago

    Hey the golden State warriors are number 1

  • Cymer TV
    Cymer TV 12 days ago +1


  • Jake Knobler
    Jake Knobler 12 days ago

    No Lou Williams