Stephen A. challenges LeBron to stop hiding on social media and refute reports live on First Take

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • Stephen A. invites LeBron James to join him on First Take after LeBron posted an Instagram story discrediting ESPN's Dave McMenamin reports about turmoil between the Los Angeles Lakers and King James.
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Comments • 2 550

    SUEDUCE 6 months ago

    Lebron BEEN said what he said "I ain't got no problems!!"

  • Larriors blew a 3-1 lead #CriedToKD

    Bengals fan in the back at 4:00 WHODEY

  • Guerilla Publishing, INTL.

    Why is LeBron the only player that has to answer to franchise questions

  • Guerilla Publishing, INTL.

    Damn what did LeBron do to Stephen A lmaooo

  • NPR Wikeepa
    NPR Wikeepa 7 months ago

    Only Stephen A tells Lebron to BEG

    DA CHIEF 7 months ago

    They Ride LeBron 🍆 so much i bet they got his poster printed on they Bed that man dont care about Yall clearly!!!! So STFU

  • David Sayimright
    David Sayimright 7 months ago +1

    Lebron don’t care about attention he’s been getting that since he’s been 13. He was on ESPN playing as a 16 year old

  • Learning with Adrian
    Learning with Adrian 7 months ago

    Lebron is a chicken

  • AnswermykoL
    AnswermykoL 7 months ago

    Lebron has created platforms for athletes to control their own narratives cutting out the media guys. Steven A. does not like this fact. His whole career is based off his inside info on athletes and news. Lebron has never given him that power or respect.

  • shmurda69
    shmurda69 7 months ago +2

    LeBron should challenge SAS to restore his hairline.

  • Aljo Gatuslao
    Aljo Gatuslao 7 months ago

    you keep talking lebron here lebron that for gods sake man just let the man be himself who cares if he doesn't enter the playoffs their is still next season man grow up.
    you will see lebron nxt playoff season younger faster and stronger than before.

  • EY 19
    EY 19 7 months ago

    I don’t know why Steven a smith hates the cowboys this man doesn’t realise how much we LOVE him 😂

  • Golazo Highlights
    Golazo Highlights 7 months ago

    Lebron about to treat ESPN like he has treated Guillermo for the pas 8 years

  • timekillerize
    timekillerize 7 months ago

    Lebron is getting more atención now than went in playoffs.
    Stephen Smith is fake news.

  • Joshua Batista
    Joshua Batista 7 months ago

    They're turning First Take into a clown show with segments like this...are we really going to tell Lebron how he should feel and how HE DOES feel ? lmaooo can't believe people pay others to talk about reporting done by other people...gotta be the easiest job because obviously you don't need proof other than someone saying something based on what "they heard" wonder skip bayless left...and this is why his show is better

  • Jag Man Jag
    Jag Man Jag 7 months ago

    Band wagons. When we wins y’all on his nuts. When he loses y’all mad.

  • Michael Gil
    Michael Gil 7 months ago

    Even when Lebron not in the playoffs he’s the main topic of discussion 😂☠️ wonder how the league is going to survive without him when he’s gone.

  • Jonathan Price
    Jonathan Price 7 months ago

    LeBron aint going on that bum ass show

    YISRAEL BRICE 7 months ago

    AND GP???

  • Darryl Bruce
    Darryl Bruce 7 months ago

    Lmao the only reason he hopped on SM was because y’all was talking about while he wasn’t in the playoffs 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • devincognito
    devincognito 7 months ago

    Let's hope molly's hiatus leads to her replacement. I know I like this show far more without her.

  • Mahdi Scott
    Mahdi Scott 7 months ago

    If y'all notice nobody that's a star go's on first take except people close to Stephen gay smith when have you hearda man talk like he dose straight wack

  • Pierre. Rolex1141
    Pierre. Rolex1141 7 months ago +1

    Lebron’s name is on Stephen A month more than his bitches 👄
    Desperately looking for rating lmao 😂
    Undisputed is better ahaha.

  • nicekid93
    nicekid93 7 months ago

    Max what about allen Iverson

  • Quest ion
    Quest ion 7 months ago

    stephen a shit

  • zvonimir osican
    zvonimir osican 7 months ago

    Max how about Dirk? Who was his all star?

  • Calvin Leary
    Calvin Leary 7 months ago

    fuck mr Forehead..Dick riding ass dude..Kick rocks S.A.S

  • DoMo LoMo
    DoMo LoMo 7 months ago

    SAS was definitely raised by women. Seeks another grown man's attention this desperately and screams when he argues? Definitely female traits. Embarrassing smh.

  • TripDaGrim
    TripDaGrim 7 months ago

    He home watching da playoffs but still da GOAT 💯

  • lol lol
    lol lol 7 months ago

    I guess lakers are fakers

  • Jukeboxster
    Jukeboxster 7 months ago

    Why don't you guys quit trying to make money off of Lebron. You guys wanted him out of the playoffs, he's out and enjoying his offseason. Report the news of the playoffs.

  • Robert Cherry
    Robert Cherry 7 months ago

    3:00 in is when the truth is revealed.
    Mr. James is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.
    SAS is running game and spinning ish.

  • Harry Donaldson
    Harry Donaldson 7 months ago

    Butthurt bronsexual fans left and right lol

  • Cedrick Carson
    Cedrick Carson 7 months ago

    LeBron scary ass not gonna go on First Take 🙄

  • Donny Sander
    Donny Sander 7 months ago

    They stay up late at night thinking about LeBron... Ass Smith wish he could b n NBA ..he a clown and a hater...

  • Timothy Holden
    Timothy Holden 7 months ago

    Stephen A Smith is salty at the moment saying that LEBRON JAMES, THE LEBRON 💪 JAMES should beg Kyrie Irving to come to Los Angeles and play with him, Stephen a Smith be feeling himself a little too much these days, he needs to fall back.😒

  • MrKeysjimmy
    MrKeysjimmy 7 months ago

    I really like 1st take when will hosts ,hes great at it !!

  • Kenneth Smith
    Kenneth Smith 7 months ago

    I been said Lezbron.....was full of pacaderm shit...

  • Mogul Smith
    Mogul Smith 7 months ago

    even if lebron get past MJ in rings the NBA media will still have him second to Jordan so why care just play hard do all you can and leave the game because the game is set up to keep Jordan a #1 that's the way the freemason have it set up.

  • Cissy Mac
    Cissy Mac 7 months ago

    SAS stfu. He refuted your lies again, now you’re pissed

  • Ninety Nine
    Ninety Nine 7 months ago

    SAS knows the more ridiculous and stupid he sounds, the more attention his show gets lmao

  • DonYeezy90210
    DonYeezy90210 7 months ago

    Didnt Kanye say LA would be the worst thing to happen to Lebron. LA changes people

  • Ashwin D
    Ashwin D 7 months ago

    Stephen A begs his man for sex. maybe that works.

  • Rocka10
    Rocka10 7 months ago

    Get rid of racist will Cain

  • nitpoon
    nitpoon 7 months ago

    Please help stop the violence

    BOY LABO-VLOG TV 7 months ago


  • LeThanos The Last Titan

    So let me get this LeBron is suppose to say I don't like where this organization and were it's going! Come on Free agents come to play for LA

  • Sid Lane
    Sid Lane 7 months ago

    Funny shit, is everybody commenting is saying SAS is fake news or what not but still listening to this man lml🤣🤣🤣

  • Ali A
    Ali A 7 months ago +1

    SAS needs to fuck off and admit his sources don’t exist!

  • Rodolfo Valdes
    Rodolfo Valdes 7 months ago

    Anthony Davis

  • Tober
    Tober 7 months ago

    These guys are just trolls 😂😂😂😂

  • minnie cee
    minnie cee 7 months ago

    Bitch ass nigga just trynna get his ratings up

  • marc joshua
    marc joshua 7 months ago

    "Why are we talking about him? Because the man went on social media" lmao they had LeBron's name in their mouths before the post 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Goofy Goobers
    Goofy Goobers 7 months ago

    Lebron:Hi kids
    First take:Lebron is disappointed of his team and recruits people

  • CSmith 076
    CSmith 076 7 months ago

    This Stephen A. Smith that has a problem with everything Lebron does is Bullshit. I remember when Skip Bayless was on the show.. Lebron could do no wrong in Stephen A. Smith eyes... now that Skip is gone someone has to be the LeBron Hater. ESPN told him your turn buddy.

  • Get that garbage outta here

    I challenge SAS to stop talking about lebron and the lakers

  • Peter James
    Peter James 7 months ago

    2004 Pistons sitting here watching this

  • kakarot songoku
    kakarot songoku 7 months ago

    Lmao you know your king when your not in the playoffs but all the coverage is on you steven ass kissing Smith know man needs too answer too you you yourself are an embarrassment to sports sounding like Don King loud ass bumb

  • Mr3stars1sun
    Mr3stars1sun 7 months ago

    haters madapakers!!

  • Hampton’s Woodshop
    Hampton’s Woodshop 7 months ago

    This is like “The View”!for 40 yr old bald men