[SINGERS REACT] Dimash - World's Best 2019 Performance

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
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  • Dorothy YeO Tan Har
    Dorothy YeO Tan Har 8 days ago +1

    Thanks for your reaction to dimash 👍🏼 to you guys great reaction amazing performance 👏👍👍👍👍👏👏👏💯💯💯💯💯💯💯😍😍😍😍😍

  • N. K.
    N. K. 13 days ago

    Тупая девка ржет как корова

    CRETEL MARC 21 day ago

    Hi Néphi. Please react to the original song " almost Heaven " writing by Jeremiah lloyd harmon. He is a contestant on american idol. I think you ll love the lyrics, his story and his voice.

  • safuan mohd noor
    safuan mohd noor 26 days ago

    in this video dimash actually has flu, thats why it's not as good as other live performance of this song. still, it is good tho

  • Joabe sousa de sousa Souza

    Dimash sem igual, sensacional, espetacular, excente, sublime! I love Brasil.

  • Superman MSA
    Superman MSA 28 days ago +1

    kuchiki rukia in the middle

  • Ahmad Zain Zain
    Ahmad Zain Zain Month ago +1

    Best opening !!!

  • Annabel Barton
    Annabel Barton Month ago

    He was fantastic

  • Annabel Barton
    Annabel Barton Month ago

    I think he was sick when he did this performance I'm not sure but he was really good

  • Tricia K
    Tricia K Month ago

    Boo-hiss to "The World's Best" - the way they treated Dimash (and his culture!) only proved what a disgrace they are/were to the whole "talent" industry!😡😡

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  • Raditya Ramadhani
    Raditya Ramadhani 2 months ago

    ok i just get the point that judge who said "how dare you disrespect this competition" is same person, when he said "you are (dimash) the reason why this competition created" 😂
    it sound like slip tongue or something. for me, the winner already revealed. that's why dimash decided to step out from there, beside his culture is not allowing to compete againts children.
    you've made a greatly wise decision bro 👍👍 i'm very apreciate it and so proud for you dimash

  • firstdayofwinter
    firstdayofwinter 2 months ago

    Actually it's Dimash who calls his fans dears because they are dear to him XDD

  • Ester Rabi
    Ester Rabi 3 months ago

    Greetings of Peace Dimash…! And to all the personnel’s who worked with you, and all others who did the translation, produced videos and uploaded it on line. My heartfelt gratitude to the reactors worldwide for your great help and service, so that artists can improve and or develop their talents and gifts at their best in order to serve better the listening public.
    I still browse the music videos of Dimash from time to time to see what still store in there. I’m just wondering how much effort and strength you have invested into it and to reach such a powerful voice and the many other talents that you have. Indeed it is really a great work. How you were able to develop such a heights of your talents is really admirable and worth learning. And it is much more beautiful because you sing it by heart, naturally and at your heart’s content with joyful disposition.
    The discipline, courage, dedication and high ideals in pursuing your singing career to the best of your ability the best you can is worth imitating not only in our individual professional fields but also in living our day to day life. Hope your listeners around the world especially the young will learn something from your optimistic views in pursuing your career, your persistency, courage, creativity and perseverance. Your labors are now indeed bearing fruits in abundance. And so my heartfelt congratulations to you, to your family and all others who supported you all the
    way through as a musician. For me as a listener it counts a lot the personal disposition of the singer and the content of its music.
    But some others also cannot handle and cannot even believe the power, the strength and the heights of his voice…and they say oooh… is Dimash human..?
    I think It’s just a natural reaction that people wonder and probably surprise by it or cannot even believed it at all, it’s because it is beyond human expectation. But I think and believed that Dimash 20 year’s cultivation of his voice and talents is no tricks and no magic at all; though he is gifted but his hard work and years of practice and experiences proves it to us and to the world … that indeed it is possible.
    My other concern whenever I listen to music is that, I usually ask: WHAT MESSAGE THIS MUSIC BRINGS ..? TO THE WORLD..? TO PEOPLE..?
    Although all your music are very good, full of content and meaning but I like most this music, because for me it speaks a message of truth, values and realities of human life. I feel that, it is not just enough to give my thumbs up to like this music, but I’m deeply moved to share something more about the richness and deeper meaning of it.
    With due respect to the composers, writers and singers of these music for whatever their purpose and intention would be, will always take precedence. The thoughts that I will be sharing below about these music is only the fruits of my personal reflections based on the things that I highly valued and on how I perceived it myself and the message of this song that reaches out to me.
    For all those who read these reflections and commentaries of mine about this piece of music mostly performed by Dimash. If you think it is helpful for you, for your family and friends you can share it to them as you please, and I do really appreciate it. Or maybe you might have a different reflection experience of this music than mine; you can always revisit this music or other music of Dimash on line. Your own personal comments and critics to this commentary and reflection of mine is very much welcome and highly appreciated too.
    Song of Dimash “S.O.S D’UN TERRIEN EN DETRESSE”
    (Ester Rabi’s Commentary & Reflection on this song: I like this music because it reminds me the truth and Realities of Human Life)
    Suffering and death is one of the realities of human life. It is important that we should know the basic truth about it, so that it will not cause us fear and distress in our life’s journey, but rather to remind us all of our ultimate destiny as people of faith.
    For me, there are 3 kinds of suffering we experienced in life: 1st suffering that God allows, 2nd suffering which is the results of our own choices and decisions and 3rd is the suffering which is cause by other people to us. In whatever forms of suffering we are experiencing, know that, if it is discern well it will gain us eternal merit. Note that it is not important how much and how long we suffer, or who cause us to suffer, but how is our attitude towards it when it comes into our life…? All of these three can be an opportunity or a means of grace that we will grow in virtue, when we accept it with great humility and discernment.
    Our usual human tendency is, if we can, we try to avoid any pain and suffering in our life. However we can’t deny also that life is mixed of many learning experiences both in joys and in difficulties and I supposed we need it both, because it contributes and helps us mature and grow in many aspects of life. Suffering and death may seem contrary to our own human thinking or world’s way of thinking but in it, there’s a certain wisdom which is richer and deeper that no one can fully understand. Suffering reminds us the real fact that we are all fragile human beings; that we are limited and we are not God.
    Sufferings are human reality and consequences of sin that affects us all. It helps us see the real worth and value of things and meaning in life. Likewise, if we are open to grace it helps us become vulnerable, sensitive and compassionate to others. It sharpens our awareness that this earth is not our permanent and true home. We should remember that we are strangers and pilgrims on this earth” St. Paul reminded us that “the sufferings of this present time are nothing to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed to us later.
    Suffering purifies and refines us of any life’s superficiality into an authentic one. Though no one really is actively searching for suffering in his / her life, but honestly truth compels us to admit that sufferings do have a great value in our life and by experiencing it personally in reality, you will never be the same person. The hope of heaven gives us joy even in the sufferings of this life.
    In God’s plan, human beings were created for holiness and eternal life with him. But through the original sin that enters into us, our nature has been wounded, and we experience suffering and death. This was not part of God’s original plan, but it is part of the reality of our human lives now.
    Death for us is a frightening mystery because we are being stripped off of all our attachments to this world; our body lies corrupt; our immortal soul goes to meet the Lord. We will see the whole truth of our lives, and we will face God’s judgment.
    Death creates in us a feelings and emotion of fear, separation, sadness and pain. Many times we evade this reality and we try to question and argue with God why…? But all our efforts failed because whether we like it or not at the end we all die. Death comes in our life anytime anywhere. No material things, good health, young age can guarantee of its extension.
    If this life were the only one we had, death would definitely be the great tragedy. But In God’s plan, however, death is not the end of everything, but the border that enables every human being to enter the endless place of eternity. For all those who have done their best to respond to God’s grace, to die is to cross from an imperfect type of existence into a new and fuller life lived in God’s presence.
    Often we feel the greatest misfortunes, when death struck in a person, depriving him or her greatest treasures a person can possess which is life itself. Death is such a peaceful event in our life if we die in the state of grace, meaning if we did reconcile with God and at peace with others.
    Death is the end of our earthly life. Our lives are measured by time, in the course of which we change, grow old and, as with all other living beings on earth. Since it is unknown to all of us the time of our death, therefore, it is best that we prepare at all times, otherwise we are caught by surprise of not being ready when God comes to take us to be with Him forever in our eternal home in bliss.
    Once again, thank you for your music and service to us. Rest assured of my support with you. God Bless.
    With Gratitude, Ester Rabi, Philippines

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  • Алма Есбатырова

    Beautiful and talented guys

  • 레브
    레브 4 months ago

    bohemian rhapsody(cover) by. forestella ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
    i want you see react

  • Асель Ережепова

    Казахстан узнали благодаря димашу спасибо родителям

  • Morenu Lianu
    Morenu Lianu 5 months ago

    Wow your voice is really good,a harmonious blend and The best raction for The best singer in the world Dimash

  • Dqas
    Dqas 5 months ago

    Dimash 6 octave played 7 instrument man guess he's one of a kind awesome!! Bro n salute to ur pinoy's Marcelito Pimoy n Morisette really damn goood..salute! - s'pore music lover

    ALTYN 5 months ago

    100 000 subscribers. Congratulations! Thank you Nephi

  • Алена Эверстова

    Super!!!!! Super!!!!! Super!!!!!

  • suka suka my day
    suka suka my day 5 months ago

    You're gonna be goosbump

  • Olga Termini
    Olga Termini 5 months ago

    Dimash is one of the singers dad he stands out all by himself no one around the world can do what he does, he's almost like a Spaceman from another planet.
    Dimash play 7 different instruments and he also speaks several languages Chinese English French Russian Spanish and some others I can't remember all of them. His voice is so clear he doesn't struggle changing his Tunes that's why he sounds like many different people when he sings and some people out there have difficulty believing that he is doing this by himself when he is. He is the real thing, and no one can top him and they know it. He dropped out of the world's best to give chances two others singers to win and he did not do it to show off. He is very humble and gentle he is been studying music since he was five. His mother is an opera singer and his father is also a music producer I think, anyway he's in the music business to. The first contest he entered was in China and he met new people there I met friends but he had to prove himself that he was very different from all the rest. When you listen to the other singers you can find them anywhere around the world but with Dimash he's in his own League and no one is better than him he is a star and he's growing bigger and bigger around the world, everyone that is listening to him even the elderly is falling in love with him. I am 64 years old and I love him I just wish I was 22 to go after him . I Can't Get Enough of him I listen to his music soon as I wake up and when I go to bed everyday there's something about him that reaches around the world to the people that he sings to like he is touching their very soul.

  • cityhunterhf
    cityhunterhf 5 months ago

    wow, nice singing at the beginning

  • hisui86
    hisui86 5 months ago

    Dimash made this S.O.S song famous again.. We are very simple people, we see Dimash, we click

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  • B. K.
    B. K. 6 months ago

    Wooow! Thanks! !!

  • Лакки Успешная

    Dimash 🤩🤩🤩😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

  • Zain Zakaria
    Zain Zakaria 6 months ago


  • Michael Potter
    Michael Potter 6 months ago

    What do you think of the classy move of Dimash quitting the worlds best?

    RITA RAYS 6 months ago

    Неприятно, когда жрут и смотрят божественное пение, нашего Ангела Димаша!

  • Назира Дуйсенгали

    thank you so much for this reaction. A girl is really cute oh gosh, her smile is so gorgeous and both of you boys r so handsome 😍, thank you from KAZAKHSTAN 🇰🇿.

  • а б
    а б 6 months ago +1

    Нифай інім саған көп көп Рахмет. Салем Қазақстаннан!🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿

  • Antonia Muñoz
    Antonia Muñoz 6 months ago

    Lo mejor que e escuchado en mi vida

  • Milore Milore
    Milore Milore 6 months ago +1

    Nice intro! 😊👏

  • Yiling Li
    Yiling Li 6 months ago

    Hey hey! Please react to this version of Dimash’s SOS: ru-clip.com/video/Lpikv73PisA/video.html I swear it will blow your mind! I don’t see any reactors have done this one. So please react to it!!!

  • bill lo
    bill lo 6 months ago

    I'm from Malaysia, suggesting Dato sri siti nurhaliza to compete next season.

  • Диана Раймбекова


  • Chi Javier
    Chi Javier 6 months ago

    Whoa have you guys thought of competing say The Voice or Got Talent, you should with that song.👍 Dimash is simply phenomenal!

  • людмила ошмарова

    Как же вы ребятки замечательно поете!

  • gunnergoz
    gunnergoz 6 months ago +1

    Watch professional about Dimash, thank you Ken for your honest opinion! I absolutely disagree with Bob opinion ...Dimash the Best of the BEST in World!!!



  • gunnergoz
    gunnergoz 6 months ago +1

    Nice young people and Great Reaction!
    Dimash performance is OUTSTANDING!!! Go Dimash, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Красава искренне радуется за Димаша СПС

  • pepchic0101
    pepchic0101 6 months ago


  • Ignatius Chua
    Ignatius Chua 6 months ago

    You have heard Dimash sings and I am sure you are blown away by his range and his voice.
    Can I recommend to you another singer?
    I would like to warn your viewers to have tissues ready. His voice will melt your heart. Trust me, you will not regret reacting to him. His name is Kim Jin Ho. The song is Family Portrait.

  • Жулдыз Акшабакова


  • Ellen Cadangan
    Ellen Cadangan 6 months ago

    Oh Ang ganda

  • Айман Комек
    Айман Комек 6 months ago

    He is best singer in the world 🌎 I love Dimash❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jackie B
    Jackie B 6 months ago

    Do you have a full recording of you guys doing Bohemian Rhapsody? I want to hear more. Go Dimash!.

  • Jackie Tan
    Jackie Tan 6 months ago +1

    Hi love your reaction! Pease react to Dimash's new performance on The World's Best latest episode ru-clip.com/video/vecfzLBz9bk/video.html

  • Xiquilite Tours
    Xiquilite Tours 6 months ago

    New interpretation of Dimash in Worl Best

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  • Goha Ggg
    Goha Ggg 6 months ago

    Нефи Рахмет❤️😘😘😘! Димаш 👍😘😘❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷👍👍

  • IDa _deui
    IDa _deui 6 months ago

    Hi Nephi.....what are you doing ????
    Wait your reaction for TWBDimash.....

  • chiNEz85
    chiNEz85 6 months ago

    #TWBDimash #WorldsBest #BattleRound

  • Raul Varela
    Raul Varela 6 months ago


  • Samat Murtazin
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