DeAngelo Hall : Alvin Kamara "Nose ring, dreads may have caused me to fall in Draft" | UNDISPUTED

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
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  • EJSFilms2K
    EJSFilms2K Month ago

    was more likely his behavioral problems.

  • tong long
    tong long 2 months ago

    Thank You Nose Ring WHO DAT

  • Chef Nico
    Chef Nico 7 months ago

    Why the fuck does it matter. It's football. He could have a dick ring too.

    SOJA MIKE 8 months ago

    About 60 percent of black people in the world has dreads including myself so what's the point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That doesn't have a dam thing to do with talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Dat Funko_420
    Chris Dat Funko_420 8 months ago

    Nick Satan I mean Saban is the shiiiiiit basically handing us Drew Brees and now not playing Kamara only to have him be the biggest steal of last year’s draft. Eat a dick Saban!

  • ANDY Franquez
    ANDY Franquez 8 months ago

    that's one badass RB for the Saints Alvin Kamara

  • NolaBoyTeRoy Lee
    NolaBoyTeRoy Lee 8 months ago +1

    Thanks For Alvin Karma To The SAINTS 👌⚜🏈🇺🇸

  • Fredo Cuomo
    Fredo Cuomo 8 months ago

    He can have Nipple Rings for all I care. I’m a fan of his personality. Geaux Saints!

  • Kevin Parker
    Kevin Parker 8 months ago

    Ricky Williams had the same thing

  • 1stGenStunter
    1stGenStunter 8 months ago

    They could always wait until they get the dream job before they get the tats, piercings, and dreads. I'm sorry, that stuff is not worth losing money before you take the field.

  • DirkHive
    DirkHive 8 months ago

    Yeah, because the NFL is stock filled with preppy, white RBs. This is a lazy excuse for not being drafted high as he thought he should've, teams do not give a single fuck about dreads, especially considering how many players in the league are drafted who have dreads. Clowney was picked #1 overall, Todd Gurley was drafted high as a RB with dreads, and there's another million different examples. There's no racial bias in the NFL, and if there were it certainly wouldn't be for RBs.

  • Donald King
    Donald King 8 months ago

    A receiver in the NFL has lost his mind if he has dreads. It's leagal to grab that mop and literally sling someone to the ground. And if that mop head is grabbed the player is going to. The ground big time. If I were a coach and my running back had dreads or long hair i would make them cut it or sit on the bench. Their choice.

  • Dwight Cook
    Dwight Cook 8 months ago

    Kamara get his shit rocked by jaylon three times against the cowboys. Thought i would let everybody know that.

  • Realest 100%
    Realest 100% 8 months ago

    Why did Skip try Shannon's speed like that?! 😂😂😂

  • Bk Brown
    Bk Brown 8 months ago

    Nose rings are for sissies

  • Miicky
    Miicky 8 months ago

    Cool seeing Deangelo Hall up here he went to my high school (Deep Creek High)

  • Jerry Pratt
    Jerry Pratt 8 months ago

    I love Shannon but come on lol joe mixon knocked a girl out but I thought it was a zero tolerance

  • jahgirl flo
    jahgirl flo 8 months ago

    Racist bullshit! Cam is a "clean cut" black man who does great work for the community and give kids and old people his touchdown balls and he's still call a thug. His dreads is his natural hair and his nose rings are tribal so let him be. They need to lay off our hair. We love him in New Orleans who dat!⚜

    COCO COCO 8 months ago +1

    I know they're not talking about AK appearance. With his Beautiful Skin & Smile to die for #WHODAT 🖤🧡🖤

  • Glynn Harris
    Glynn Harris 8 months ago

    I saw it coming as soon as i seen him play vanderbuilt

  • Randy Savage
    Randy Savage 9 months ago

    Nah u being dumb as a box of rocks caused you to fall in the draft

  • Dylan Schoepf
    Dylan Schoepf 9 months ago

    Someone should let him know nose rings are gay as fuck.

  • Davlyn Nolan
    Davlyn Nolan 9 months ago +1

    Ak41 is an intelligent and we'll spoken and we love him down in NOLA

  • Davlyn Nolan
    Davlyn Nolan 9 months ago +1

    That's fine... as a saints fan I'm glad everybody passed on him... better for us

  • Jacob Piercy
    Jacob Piercy 9 months ago

    Tennessee is retarded for not giving him more carries

  • Elden Traub
    Elden Traub 9 months ago

    He is a young guy with an awesome job, he has a good head on him... long hair nose ring so what.... he will one day be 60 and probably won’t have...
    Let him be young ....

  • Michael Williamson
    Michael Williamson 9 months ago

    Crazy thing all those other Rbs you named, are garbage in the league. Bama backs DON'T BEAST in the League, GOOD THING HE LEFT TO MISS THE CURSE. LOL

  • Shea White-Toney
    Shea White-Toney 9 months ago

    his nose rings are sick

  • Blake Felder
    Blake Felder 9 months ago

    Joe mixon had no blemishes??? He knocked a chick on video ....

    XCVIV GOD 9 months ago

    This makes sense though. It has to do with your typical football player and how they would look. Some teams also asked is Guice gay and I feel that was for a reason.

    TDOT LEGEND 9 months ago

    I love Sharpe..i watched him as I grew up,and I'm a saints fan..he worked his butt off on and off the feild...but cmon man dnt sleep on the greatest to ever throw the ball man,drew brees and stops this year..and we would be repeating a super Bowl run if it wasnt for that miracle in Minnesota

  • booyah booyah
    booyah booyah 9 months ago

    The topic should be why do black players have to change their appearance?

  • CrA8zY
    CrA8zY 9 months ago

    WHO DAT !!! SuperBowl Win R.I.P. Benson !!!

  • Mason Benjamin
    Mason Benjamin 9 months ago

    Ricky Williams taken 1st overall with a nose piercing and dreads. Alvin Kamara was undersized and unproven.

  • Bella Dennard
    Bella Dennard 9 months ago

    That real skip

  • Bookie Brown
    Bookie Brown 9 months ago

    I really had the saints picking this kid am I had big plains on H being n new Orleans I'll m fr new Orleans I don't do scouting professionally but I do this n I had this kid going in the 2nd I'm glad he sipped a few spots n the saints got him match made

  • Jerry Day
    Jerry Day 9 months ago

    If you have talent who cares.hes a football player.not a spokes person for a fortune 500,company

  • Adrienne  Harrison
    Adrienne Harrison 9 months ago

    This video is fucking trash

  • calvin thomas
    calvin thomas 9 months ago

    It’s bias is low key raciest clay Mathew long hair not a problem Travis Kelce tats not a problem Dhall suck one

  • Gary Ferrini
    Gary Ferrini 9 months ago

    All you had to do was see Kamarra play at Tennessee. He was tremendous and should have been drafted

  • D best
    D best 10 months ago

    White people's stardard of how someone should look or dress is a European model and mindset...that doesn't work for African people, never has and never will. But what I can't understand is that they eventually copy our style...thanks for the baggy shorts and earrings MJ.

  • Tupreme dot com
    Tupreme dot com 10 months ago

    Shannon swear he got wheels

  • Houston G33
    Houston G33 10 months ago

    I saw it coming he was an absolute beast at Tennessee. I was always amazed at how he could just slip through tackles.

  • Marcus Lleverino
    Marcus Lleverino 10 months ago

    Kamara definitely had first round talent. His limited college touches may have arguably helped him more, as he didn’t take a beating due to him not carrying it as many times. I personally wanted my Colts to pick him up, I was surprised to see him still available in the 3rd round, sadly they passed on him. Guy is a special player.

  • Joshua Barefield
    Joshua Barefield 10 months ago

    Take the New York yankees for example, they all have to have short hair and have a shaved face!

  • Vee Vee Mo
    Vee Vee Mo 10 months ago +2

    I think they are wrong. Sean Payton knew what type of player he would be and he wanted him to play for him. Dreadlocks, gold teeth plate and nose ring we are glad he is playing for the Saints.

  • inflameswetrust2 1
    inflameswetrust2 1 10 months ago

    We all judge people by looks.
    We judge EVERYTHING by looks.
    Its not a secret.
    No point whining about something that wont change.

  • Petty Wap
    Petty Wap 10 months ago +4

    lil uzi vert is a beast

  • Chris
    Chris 10 months ago

    “No facial hair or nothin’”
    *has soul patch*

  • Skeet Boatwright
    Skeet Boatwright 10 months ago

    Bullshit. He should put the blame on his school. No one besides people at his school knew him. Put up some flyers or something.

  • its alright
    its alright 10 months ago

    He fell in the draft cuz he was barely used in college, that's the only reason

  • Charles Tolston
    Charles Tolston 10 months ago

    If you know anything about Tennessee the only reason he didn’t get his touches was because of idiot ass Butch Jones

  • Gerald Ritchey
    Gerald Ritchey 10 months ago


  • Will Horton
    Will Horton 10 months ago

    Appearance had nothing to do with why he fell lmao he wasn't considered the best RB coming out of college and it was a draft that was supposed to be loaded with RBs so teams felt they could get RBs later in the draft and focus on other positions that had a thin group. You had Fournette, McCaffery, Cook, Mixon who were all projected as high to low first round picks aside from Mixon (who had the video come out where the girl hit him and he hit her back and it gave him a bad look even though it's self defense) but he was projected late 1st-2nd and 4 RBs taken when teams didn't really need RBs? There were a few teams that needed a RB but like I said it was supposed to be a stacked group. Which I still believe it was cause you had Kareem Hunt, James Connor, Tarik Cohen, Samaje Perine who have all made a name for themselves you could even say Corey Clement who went undrafted had a pretty good year. Had nothin to do with appearance but all to do with availability and team needs. If a team needs to address their o line, LBs, CBs, WRs, you think they're going with a RB in the 3rd round? Nope cause it's a wasted pick.

  • Bryan French
    Bryan French 10 months ago

    What if he's speaking on behalf of his college career that stopped him from getting carries n more touches

  • Brandon Rutledge
    Brandon Rutledge 10 months ago

    This is a discussion?? Who cares!! FIX OUR PENALTY RULES!!!

  • 6ROVE 5IDE
    6ROVE 5IDE 10 months ago

    Dreads and braids came from poor black folks not being able to afford haircuts it’s just a “style” now. That nose ring shit gay as hell doe

  • Wise Rise
    Wise Rise 10 months ago

    Funny how they’re getting “blackballed” but somehow there’s tons of blacks

  • Bo Horn
    Bo Horn 10 months ago

    What a bunch of nonsense, give me a fuckin break.

  • Rubben Delgado
    Rubben Delgado 10 months ago

    He may look ridiculous, with that nose ring and grill, but he's a hell of a player.

  • Cat Daddy
    Cat Daddy 10 months ago

    Stupid half the league has dreads

  • Nair Johnson
    Nair Johnson 10 months ago

    Dreadlock powers

  • TYB Godly Perry
    TYB Godly Perry 10 months ago

    He lowkey look like Lil Uzi Vert

  • Gamer702x
    Gamer702x 10 months ago

    I personally wouldn’t have dreads or piercings because of safety issues, you don’t want someone tackling you by your dreads(which is legal I believe)

  • Renato Shealey
    Renato Shealey 10 months ago

    The hell with how the nfl feel! Same $#%*&$ voted Trump. This country is hypocrites and devil's

  • Mr. Reid
    Mr. Reid 10 months ago

    You're supposed to look "less urban" when tryna get the job. Once you have the job, you're free to do whatever you want. It's Amerikkka, though I do hate them nose rings, it looks stupid

  • Lucci Rivera Official Music Page

    A blind man could see it coming.. That kid was electric in the games where he got to start in college

  • NPAMike
    NPAMike 10 months ago

    It will cost him sponsors in the future thats for sure.

  • alvin reid
    alvin reid 10 months ago +2

    awsome best running back 2018

  • Lyndell Chambers
    Lyndell Chambers 10 months ago

    Imma falcons fan, but I will say.. don’t do NONE of that Alvin. Stay true to yourself dawg!! Don’t let these folks change you

  • Jake DeLuca
    Jake DeLuca 10 months ago

    Oooooh I'm a victim.

    TVILL3RIDDA 10 months ago

    Stupidity!!! Not worthy of a conversation. He’s a frickn beast

  • Martin Asante
    Martin Asante 10 months ago

    I knew Kamara was gonna beast when he killed TAMU. Scouts cant watch every game though. I was sick when philly aint pick him

  • Quent Wayne
    Quent Wayne 10 months ago

    They really dont be having shit to talk about these sports shows!!! Smh

  • Davis
    Davis 10 months ago

    lmao everyone knew if u watched their first few games and preseason. The announcers went on and on about paytons man crush on kamara and that AP may not be there for long cause they had him. Payton had him in a private workout where he apparently played like he is playing rn