Top 10 Missing People Who Were Eventually Found

  • Published on May 7, 2018
  • Top 10 Missing People Who Were Eventually Found
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    Miracles can happen - sometimes they’re just long in the making. From Michele Whitaker, to Denise Desruisseaux Bolser, to Brenda Heist, these victims may have disappeared, but resurfaced. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Missing People Who Were Eventually Found.
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    #10. Michele Whitaker
    #9. Denise Desruisseaux Bolser
    #8. Brenda Heist
    #7. Gabriel Nagy
    #6. Lula Cora Hood
    #5. Nguyen Thi Van
    #4. Steven Stayner
    #3, #2 & #1???
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Comments • 528

  • Trisha C
    Trisha C 2 days ago +2

    Thank you for mentioning Steven! He was a hero and nobody should ever forget that!

  • Epic Gaming Nerd
    Epic Gaming Nerd 4 days ago

    Your sound is messed up... Js

  • Bobby Knuckles
    Bobby Knuckles 5 days ago +1

    Tracking chips for people?? The same way we do sharks in the ocean.

  • سجاد - Sejad
    سجاد - Sejad 7 days ago

    Good Video.

  • Katie Bonser
    Katie Bonser 8 days ago

    I bet you can do top 10 upcoming video game film adaptions

  • James Praddick
    James Praddick 11 days ago +1

    Where's richard the third

  • mattrex94
    mattrex94 15 days ago

    Castro is the exact reason we need to implement 24 hr restraints on pedo philes and rapists and give him 1000 singapore cane shots

  • Eric Owen
    Eric Owen Month ago

    Who is your sound mixer? And why isn't he dead?

  • Nick Carlson
    Nick Carlson Month ago

    Steven's brother Cary Stayner was a notorious killer.

  • Nolmart Maridor Gimeno
    Nolmart Maridor Gimeno 2 months ago

    “I spent 11 years in hell. Now you’re hell is just beginning.”

  • Kylie Shattuck
    Kylie Shattuck 2 months ago

    yo wheres the regular narrator

  • Fanni the Sloth
    Fanni the Sloth 2 months ago

    You forgot Natasha Kampusch. She was one of the biggest cases in Austria and there’s a movie about her call 3096 days

  • Sarah Lacey
    Sarah Lacey 2 months ago

    The narrator is horrible.

  • Alexa Levon
    Alexa Levon 2 months ago

    Ironic, he took those girls lives from them and then took his own life.

  • Nymeria Stark
    Nymeria Stark 2 months ago

    The audio on this is bizarre. It keeps getting super quiet when showing the clips.

    • Tallula V Kontic-Thomsen
      Tallula V Kontic-Thomsen 2 months ago

      Nymeria Stark youtube may have done it due to copyright
      instead of taking down the video all together

  • Luis Snell
    Luis Snell 2 months ago

    *madeline mccan has left the chat*

  • Ema _7807
    Ema _7807 2 months ago

    "Nyugen" is pronounced as "win"... plz look up correct pronunciations of certain names before posting something 🤦‍♀️

  • Liz Mowrey
    Liz Mowrey 2 months ago

    I wish I could've taken Jaycee out of that

  • Isabel Walsh
    Isabel Walsh 3 months ago

    Can't believe Jayme Closs wasn't included.

  • Ida Berg
    Ida Berg 4 months ago

    You got michelle knight and gina dejesus mixed up. And I think you got the jaycee story wrong in some areas

  • Maura N
    Maura N 4 months ago

    I hope Maura Murray is found...although she’s probably dead...

  • somethingwicked
    somethingwicked 4 months ago

    I wish you would've explained that Jaycee Dugard was NOT found by a parole officer. Jaycee was discovered because of two female police officers at the University of California- Berkeley that saw her with Garrido and suspected something wasn't right. They checked in to this man and ultimately caused the discovery of Jaycee. Parole Officers had something like over sixty chances to find Jaycee when they visited Garrido's home over the eighteen years, which is where she was. At least one had even spoken to Jaycee. They knew Garrido was spending a lot of time in the back of his yard due to ankle monitors. Jaycee even attempted to sue the state due to this. They are NOT the heroes in this case.

  • BabaYaga
    BabaYaga 4 months ago +4

    4:45 Steven's older brother grew up to be a serial killer

  • Tara Kirkpatrick
    Tara Kirkpatrick 4 months ago

    0:45-0:51 wth happened there?

  • Wasabi Ball
    Wasabi Ball 4 months ago

    You forgot Natascha Kampusch

  • DatGrA2b
    DatGrA2b 5 months ago

    I'm glad to know that other races doesn't go missing I was worried for a second

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 5 months ago

    add Jayme Closs to this list.

  • Wildberry Jam Ultra Cosmic

    What happened to the second girl of the first waffle house story ? Missing soon after but not found ?

  • Wildberry Jam Ultra Cosmic

    I don't believe the Gabriel Nagy story. He knew what he was doing. Maybe he hid so long and drank so much he eventually did forget what he was doing but its obvious he knew his name at all times and could have went home at any time.

  • Gymnasmic
    Gymnasmic 5 months ago +2

    LMAO "Top 10 Missing People", like there's a ranking system for the importance of missing people.

  • reeseslightning11
    reeseslightning11 5 months ago +5

    Stayner didn't exactly have a happy ending though: his brother, Cary, became the Yosemite Park killer.

    • Tanya B
      Tanya B 2 months ago +2

      His poor child is infamous for being taken from them, and the other being a murderer.

  • Saahirah Shaikh
    Saahirah Shaikh 5 months ago

    How is Elisabeth Fritzl not on here???

  • Ur nan Gay69429666
    Ur nan Gay69429666 5 months ago

    Was it just me or was audio cut out

  • xxmightyonexx
    xxmightyonexx 6 months ago

    We need to discuss more, as a society, why certain males abduct and imprison people/children like this; to understand the psychology better and try harder to get AHEAD of this type of crime. Instead of just waiting around for it to happen, and once in a while finding the victims. It’s terrifying to think of how many we never find

  • Kate Kelly
    Kate Kelly 6 months ago

    Nguyen is not pronounced "new-yen". It's more than a little disrespectful to not bother taking the 3 seconds to figure it out. (It's most common pronunciation is closer to "win" or "when").😩 Although it's not nearly as bad as another Mojo video that pronounced Ralph Fiennes as "Ralph Finn-iss" instead of "Rafe Fines".... that was laugh out loud bad. 😂

  • Sem
    Sem 6 months ago

    elizabeth smart went to my school

  • Prashant Negi
    Prashant Negi 7 months ago +1

    Song name pls....

  • Jon Bois
    Jon Bois 7 months ago

    So half these mfs left and came back

  • David White
    David White 7 months ago +1

    Elizabeth Smart went willingly

    • David White
      David White 5 months ago

      @Dream Wide Awake so she says. I don't believe her story.

    • Dream Wide Awake
      Dream Wide Awake 5 months ago +1

      She was held at knife-point, it was either go or die, that's not willingly

  • Meagan Davitt
    Meagan Davitt 7 months ago

    If only poor Jacob wetterling was able to be put on this list. I advise anyone to research into the tragedy.

  • jack meoff
    jack meoff 7 months ago

    The sound keeps giving out .... Blah

  • Dashia James
    Dashia James 8 months ago +1

    The Cleveland story was all over the news, web, radio for a lot !!

  • Dashia James
    Dashia James 8 months ago +1

    I must be wasn't born or very very young.....cuz I really, really never even heard of some of these ppl.

  • johanna
    johanna 8 months ago

    Everytime you said 'Nguyen' a part of me died. It's literally a super common name among Vietnamese people. Look up how to say it.

  • Hadley Anderson
    Hadley Anderson 8 months ago

    Jaycee Lee Dugard should be number one with Michelle, Amanda and Gina coming in second. Anyone who has read Jaycee's book knows the hell she went through. Elizabeth Smart's biography is also very hard to read but worth it. I haven't read Michelle's book or Amanda and Gina's but I'm sure they're just as tragic. And where are Natasha Kampusch (missing for 8 years) and Elisabeth Fritzl (kept in a basement apartment by her father and forced to have his children)?

  • is butter a carb
    is butter a carb 9 months ago

    Number 9 is GONE GIRL LOL

  • Wifey Pie
    Wifey Pie 9 months ago

    All of those abductors and abusers should be shot

  • AsianPersuasion
    AsianPersuasion 9 months ago +1

    “Stainer died in a motorcycle accident..”
    Dumb and Dumber To?

  • Ulb Shq
    Ulb Shq 9 months ago

    What about the girl in the box??

  • TheRepty818
    TheRepty818 9 months ago

    Some people are just scum. It scares me to think of how many people are still kidnapped and missing today.

  • daija brady
    daija brady 9 months ago

    I wish there were more stories about people of color . I know they exist the question is why you guys aren’t giving equal representation. I like this channel but I’m noticing more and more than it’s pretty bias.

  • Prashant Negi
    Prashant Negi 9 months ago

    What is the background music?

  • Kimberly Stephenson
    Kimberly Stephenson 9 months ago

    there's a special place in he'll for the thieves that stole these people from their lives. I myself have been abducted 3 times and stalked in my life and am grateful for escaping all three without any serious injury.. There A GOD watching out for my wellbeing.

  • emilee
    emilee 10 months ago

    they may have been abducted and traumatized but at least they made it into the top 10 list

  • Megan Mielke
    Megan Mielke 10 months ago

    Does anyone else think that the little girl in the thumbnail looks like Dylan Sprouse with a wig?

  • Jaz Castellanos
    Jaz Castellanos 10 months ago

    Stephen Strayer story is so sad and the fact that his brother Rory is a murderer is extra sad

  • tim
    tim 10 months ago

    the stayner story is so crazy because another kid was helping the freak kidnap other kids and then that freak only did a few years in jail because they didn't charge him for the sexual assault and raping of stayner all of those years because of stayner being a boy and stayner was bullied in school about being raped and had to drop out and didn't get any counseling because his father was a pos parnell then tried to buy another kid when he was old af and died in jail but stayner's brother cary ended up killing four women and is on death row still to this day and a woman that raped stayner with parnell for 18 months and tried to help parnell kidnap more kids was let off the hook and never faced jail time because i guess women can't rape? wtf?

  • Brittany Stanley
    Brittany Stanley 10 months ago

    These used to be a lot better and more detailed, this felt so rushed, and the guy talked way too fast.

  • K C
    K C 10 months ago

    jaycee dugard was found in my town. I used to play right down the street from where she was kept captive when I was a kid. She was right there, the whole time. SO FUCKING SCARYYYY. Proves that you never know, even in your own neighborhood.

  • Timmy Jones
    Timmy Jones 10 months ago

    No Blacks Or People Of Color In These Top Ten .

  • Dani L
    Dani L 10 months ago

    I feel like top 10 missing people is kind of bad taste

  • JessieA
    JessieA 10 months ago


  • Therese Callahan
    Therese Callahan 10 months ago

    I guess these people don't know about the disappearances and reappearances of Agatha Christie and Aimee McPherson.

  • Kατερίνα Κοπανίδη

    Are you serious??? How could you not include the Fritzl case??? It must have been the most horrifying disappearance story of all times!!!

  • Mr Dub Crazy
    Mr Dub Crazy 11 months ago +1

    The interview parts are inaudible!

  • Mr Dub Crazy
    Mr Dub Crazy 11 months ago +1

    Sounds fucked!

  • GreenSlawotyTracktor
    GreenSlawotyTracktor 11 months ago

    Who else hears the roblox song in the background Nerezza??

  • winger j
    winger j 11 months ago

    you know #1 didnt take his own life.

  • BigBollocks
    BigBollocks 11 months ago

    This video is sexist. Only 1 in 5 are male. Most of the biatches decided to leave and have their partners accused of their murder. Nice one.

  • Liane Minckler
    Liane Minckler 11 months ago

    I feel like this shouldn’t be a top 10 type of list... it’s great when any missing person is found I don’t see the reason to rate which one was best. Similar to the list of top 10 child actors who died too soon, not great video content,

  • LinksHopping Golfer
    LinksHopping Golfer 11 months ago

    Elizabeth was NOT violently abducted... She willing left. She even had the gaul to refuse to seek the rights of her story if she couldn't play the leading role. Fraud!!

    • LinksHopping Golfer
      LinksHopping Golfer 11 months ago

      Antonia Charles I also saw the Texas chainsaw massacre, but the movie was based on Ed Geins who never used a chainsaw they was they peotrayed it in the movie. But since I saw it on the movie it must have happened, right? Movies purchase "Creative License's" meaning they can add dramatization to give movie for more appeal and suspense.

    • Antonia Charles
      Antonia Charles 11 months ago

      Dr. Villiam I saw the movie the guy had a knife to her throat

  • Ryan Davies
    Ryan Davies 11 months ago

    Why is this a thing? Ranking missing people? WTF! Seriously?

  • Andrea Giannetti
    Andrea Giannetti 11 months ago

    Did anyone else see the thumbnail, #2, and think that was Jodie Sweetin, Stephanie Tanner from Full House??

  • Jonathan Joseph
    Jonathan Joseph 11 months ago

    What about Carlina White?

  • Alicia P
    Alicia P 11 months ago

    There's so many more you guys don't even talk about.

  • Floortje -
    Floortje - Year ago

    Natascha Kampusch?! Elizabeth Fritzl?! Sabine Dardenne, Laetizia Delhez?!?!?!?!

  • Ruby van der Kuil

    I would have tought that the Fritzl family would appear!

  • saraha8826
    saraha8826 Year ago

    Anyone else think Lula Cora Hood looks like Scarlett Johansson?? Well, the other way around

  • pauline sanchez
    pauline sanchez Year ago

    I don't remember the other stories probably because I was too young but the one about Amanda Berry that I do remember -> I remember how it was all over the news all over the world -> I am French and know a few people from different countries and we all remember that story !! It was so insane !!!

  • Mal K
    Mal K Year ago

    I was expecting to see more abducted people found alive not just people who ran away but I guess that doesn't happen as often :/

  • susanne hruska
    susanne hruska Year ago

    and the two cases from austria

  • Jessica Saltzman
    Jessica Saltzman Year ago

    um, Shawn Hornbeck? Kid was missing for 5 years. The only thing that saved him was his captor tried to abduct another kid which led to both children being found thanks to a witness.

  • Rebekah Simpson
    Rebekah Simpson Year ago

    Is my phone volume fucked up or does #10 on the list volume go up and down

  • Elizabeth Cabrera

    Another great video Mojo! :( I find it sad though that the majority of these big cases don’t involve people of color, it’s like when a colored person goes missing there’s no need for everyone to jump all at once cause they’re not as important or something jeez thanks cops

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole Year ago

    Wtf. She just had enough and started over? She was gonna let ppl go down for kidnapping and murder? TF

  • Lauren Nicole
    Lauren Nicole Year ago

    Honestly the change in narrators are throwing me so far off

  • Kennedy Slavicek
    Kennedy Slavicek Year ago

    I read Jaycee Dugard’s book and I was so horrified about she had to go through. Kidnapped at 11 years old and raped almost every day for 18 years. Gave birth to her abusers child 13 and then again when 17 years old!! I can’t even imagine! So sad

  • Echo orca 11
    Echo orca 11 Year ago

    What about Shasta Groene?

  • Louis Fitzpatrick

    Would maddie McCann make your dishonourable mentions list then?

  • KK Plac
    KK Plac Year ago

    Never heard of natascha Kampusch?

  • Hillary Jane
    Hillary Jane Year ago

    Jaycee Dugard wasn't found by Garrido's PO, his PO's missed her hiding in plain sight for years and it was two university cops who saw her on campus and thought there was something strange going on. Jaycee actually sued the California parole office for it and the parole officers initially took credit for the work of the other cops did when the story broke because of their massive fuck up.

  • Africandide & AngeL

    u left out a very shocking and sad one to Nattaly hollaway

  • madison rybak
    madison rybak Year ago

    ew his voice

  • Andrew Lynch
    Andrew Lynch Year ago

    Honestly that background music was a choice

  • MMChoza
    MMChoza Year ago

    Don't like the narators voice...

  • Joke Peralta
    Joke Peralta Year ago

    Pedophile, rapists and kidnappers are all cowards just like Castro. They deserve a life sentence of torture every single day until they can't take it anymore and die a gruesome death.

  • syimato
    syimato Year ago

    the Steven Stayner case is so sad... altho both him and Timothy got rescued, both of them died couple of years later.

  • Hamza Khalid
    Hamza Khalid Year ago


  • 3rd Gunman
    3rd Gunman Year ago

    What about Bruce Wayne? He disappeared for 7 years and came back a martial arts master!!!
    Should have been number one