Jake Paul Ruins Los Angeles

  • Published on Jul 19, 2017
  • Jake Paul now has beef with the entire city of LA
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Comments • 38 362

  • Killian Cox
    Killian Cox Hour ago

    “The mayor shoots down the plane with some TORPEDOS” lol

  • Sloppy Joe2022
    Sloppy Joe2022 Hour ago

    Us Ohio residents really don’t want him back so I think we should send him to North Korea

  • Logan Swearingen
    Logan Swearingen 23 hours ago

    *1295 google reviews. Come on ethan get ur head in the fucking game

  • Jeffrey Strome
    Jeffrey Strome Day ago

    How dare you try to send that piece of shit back here to Ohio.

  • h8b
    h8b Day ago

    Please dont send him to ohio

  • guest me
    guest me 2 days ago

    That would of been a good one people like going to the circus they don't like living in one💀

  • Carlos Banderas
    Carlos Banderas 3 days ago

    Jake it Off.

  • That one guy in class

    4chan: The autism is strong in this one...

  • pigeon boi
    pigeon boi 5 days ago +1

    Just by watching jake paul my iq has dropped so much i wanna join team 10 for christs sake

  • Niloc Rekkab
    Niloc Rekkab 5 days ago +8

    Did I just see a Jewish man do a Nazi salute?

  • mickey Odom
    mickey Odom 6 days ago

    Am I the only one that fantasizes about him falling into that burning pool ?

  • Stevie the stunna Stawniczy

    "Crave attention and the sound of screaming girls" someone call Sam raeimi we got a movie he will love

    xMETALLICxMETALx 6 days ago

    Just did cocaine for the first time the other day. Now I understand this guy.

  • scumbag benis
    scumbag benis 6 days ago

    his shoes are pretty fresh idk what the jakester was talking about

  • President Moore
    President Moore 6 days ago +1

    I really honestly thought for a quick sec that he was gonna say "For Jake Paul and the homos"

  • Shelby D.
    Shelby D. 8 days ago +1

    No wonder kids today are ass holes

  • Absolute Longplay
    Absolute Longplay 8 days ago

    great video Ethan. I have not laughed this hard since your Bit-connect video, I love the editing.

  • Revs Cost
    Revs Cost 8 days ago

    The last minute of that was just so fucking great.

  • Generic Game player
    Generic Game player 10 days ago

    I was a Jake pauler before but I changed and I delivered from evil h3 idubzz other youtubers and vidéo labeled Jake paulers in there natural habitat

  • Sleepyy
    Sleepyy 10 days ago +1

    Jake Paul: *exists*
    Me: *emotionally chokes*

  • Adam Brandt
    Adam Brandt 11 days ago

    It sucks when your dealing with addiction and your friends have died and ur family is split apart and you have a fucking shit life. Then you see jake paul acting like a fuckkkking dumb little 5 girl. And getting thousands from it and girls and guys actually like it. Its exactly why people give up in this world.

  • Adam Brandt
    Adam Brandt 11 days ago

    How does he even have any followers acting like that! How do girls even watch that shit and like him. Hes a fucking complete douche and he wouldnt last one day in real life problems

  • peter
    peter 11 days ago

    jake paul: i feel bad for the neighbors.... but they're just fucked
    h3h3: *CHOKE*... *DED*

  • peter
    peter 11 days ago

    sorry to say, but parents just don't give a fuck right now. They gotta bigger problems to deal with.... whatever they are.

  • isaac schmidt
    isaac schmidt 12 days ago

    Everyone go give his house 1 star

  • Sophie Brown
    Sophie Brown 12 days ago +2

    How could anyone hate hila. Such a funny and beautiful person

  • abar
    abar 12 days ago

    If I lived on that street I would totally commit a mass shooting. Don't lie to yourself, you'd grin if you saw that pop up on the news ;)

  • Joel Lauson
    Joel Lauson 13 days ago

    Hila always looks cute, no matter what goofy outfit she has to wear 😂

  • Phoebe Mchugh
    Phoebe Mchugh 13 days ago +3

    Jake Paul has the intellect of a stale loaf of bread

  • Wyatt Wilson
    Wyatt Wilson 13 days ago

    I dont think us in ohio want him back

  • Nate Anderson
    Nate Anderson 13 days ago

    I mean LA already kind of sucks anyway. Ruining it isn’t that hard.

  • Madison Fallwater
    Madison Fallwater 14 days ago +2

    As a resident of Ohio, don't send him back... we don't want him here...

  • cloudy
    cloudy 15 days ago

    Someone should s.w.a.t the team 10 house.

  • Patwix Games
    Patwix Games 16 days ago +7

    I feel like Jake paul was born 3 months early.

    • NoahBologna
      NoahBologna 6 days ago +1

      Patwix Games That’s a little to generous don’t ya think?

  • Chunky Muffin18
    Chunky Muffin18 16 days ago +1

    I mean LA was already ruined

  • Vanessa Turner
    Vanessa Turner 17 days ago


  • bye brothers
    bye brothers 19 days ago +1

    If I lived by jake Paul I would play gun shot noises 24/7 until not a single jake paulers was left

  • Chris Mohr
    Chris Mohr 19 days ago +1

    Hey Ethan, what's your favorite ska band?

    Ethan: 8:06

  • Marry De Austria
    Marry De Austria 19 days ago +5

    "Jake Paulers aRe tHE strOngESt ArMy oUT theRe... Dab."
    *Me:* You must not know A.R.M.Y.

  • Canned Banana
    Canned Banana 19 days ago

    No no we don’t want him back, it’s shitty enough here as it is

  • Avital Alef
    Avital Alef 20 days ago

    It's s silent choke

  • 1 million subs with no videos

    at 4:00 is live proof Jake Paul starting the wild fires

  • bryn happy
    bryn happy 21 day ago

    I did not know that Marcus and Lukeus were Team Ten members...

  • Xanaqin
    Xanaqin 21 day ago

    9:07 top 10 moments before disasters caught on camera

  • NPC #303
    NPC #303 21 day ago

    "Wild stunts and antics" shows the part with an ar-15....

  • Rachel Franco
    Rachel Franco 21 day ago

    "Its a silent choke"
    okay. Fucking me. All day everyday

  • Melah Nakai
    Melah Nakai 21 day ago +13

    "I guess he didn't like my shoes, but I don't think they're so bad" tell me why tf that broke my heart

  • Eddie Lo
    Eddie Lo 22 days ago

    No offense but Aryan types are the most obnoxious ppl

  • Chelsea Brazelton
    Chelsea Brazelton 23 days ago

    You are SO much funnier than this Jared Patrick guy. I never knew who he was until you. Wtf. Why does his channel exist?

  • Th3Gr1mR3ap3r
    Th3Gr1mR3ap3r 24 days ago

    Ah yes, shooting torpedoes at planes is my favorite pastime

  • sevan grigoryan
    sevan grigoryan 24 days ago

    Jake Paul is the only person that can promote arson and not get shit for it

  • Mein Mein
    Mein Mein 24 days ago

    5:30 *A good ending for that would just be a cop holding him at gunpoint with a taser. Shoots him and his shaking body falls of the car.*

  • EMS Visuals
    EMS Visuals 25 days ago

    I'm born and raised in L.A.
    I've heard of.. whats his name again?

  • off line
    off line 26 days ago

    The ultimate example of when you gain a massive amount of attention you feel like you can do anything you want and treat everyone that disagrees with your idiology like dog shit

  • Kek chup
    Kek chup 26 days ago

    1:27 as a german it felt wrong to see two jews dressed up like workes from a nuklear powerplant choking themselves while doing the "Hitlergruß" (nazi/Hitler salut).

  • Boaz Henstra
    Boaz Henstra 26 days ago

    I know 13 year olds who are more of an adult than the Paul brothers.

  • Nate Kovalsky
    Nate Kovalsky 26 days ago

    A message from someone who lives in Ohio you can keep him

  • Darrow Au Andromedus
    Darrow Au Andromedus 26 days ago

    Hey bro, I just watched a bunch of your videos and while I think you're awesome.........You bring up little girls ALOT. You've brought up little girls in many different scenarios and even though this video is pretty relevant....i think you got something for little cooch. Maybe in another life or something? Maybe you're projecting some pedo tendencies always talking about dem little buns.

  • alex Contreras flores
    alex Contreras flores 27 days ago +1

    Jake paul has a brain of a 3 year old

  • fuck boi
    fuck boi 27 days ago

    I just realized me and Jake Paul were born exactly a month apart. His age is no excuse

  • The middle guy
    The middle guy 28 days ago

    I hope jake and Logan get arrested for pedophilia

  • Courtney Kreag
    Courtney Kreag 28 days ago


  • MrSpIrIt1507
    MrSpIrIt1507 28 days ago

    Ohio does not want any of those two brothers here, we're trying to not be the mistake by the lake, give us a fighting chance.

  • Jason Morrison
    Jason Morrison 28 days ago

    All kids are like this fool and I hope he regrets what he created when hes 50

  • AquaWatermelons
    AquaWatermelons 28 days ago +3

    "yo its team 10 who doesnt like it"
    People with an IQ over 50?

  • Annemarie D
    Annemarie D Month ago

    The 8k thumbs down are literally all JP fans. No one else could possibly not enjoy this.

  • CHEESYumbrella
    CHEESYumbrella Month ago

    Jake Paul : The neighbours hate me, but I am still going to ruin their everyday lives cause I am a fuckwit.

  • Tom Fistek
    Tom Fistek Month ago

    I’m from Westlake ohio (Jakes home town) please don’t send him back I will kill myself

  • She Who Knows All
    She Who Knows All Month ago

    🤔 *He **_RENTS_** his house?!? Wow, he truly is a child. All that money and fame, yet he still can't muster up enough maturity to handle taxes or home ownership.*

  • Don Bodnar
    Don Bodnar Month ago

    I live 15 min from where he grew up in Ohio.... WE DON’T WANT HIM!!!