10 Things Stranger Things' Dacre Montgomery Can't Live Without | GQ

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Dacre Montgomery, famous for playing Billy in Stranger Things and driving around in a '79 Camaro, has a few things he can't live without. From his sunnies to his Saint Christopher necklace that he even wore as Billy in Stranger Things, Dacre shows us everything he travels with.

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    Here are some of Dacre's essentials:

    - Ray-Ban Aviators: amzn.to/2lO0spN
    - Kent Comb: amzn.to/2kfRnW9
    - Murine Eye Drops: amzn.to/2lfda0g
    - Tom Ford Black Orchid Cologne: amzn.to/2jQbEla
    - Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earbuds: amzn.to/2lMxfvv
    - Sim Card Removal Tool: amzn.to/2lMc5NY
    - NY Yankees Hat: amzn.to/2jQcWg0
    - Passport Holder: amzn.to/2lM4EpZ
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    10 Things Stranger Things' Dacre Montgomery Can't Live Without | GQ
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  • enick
    enick Day ago

    im all about the beige, bout that beige

  • Tobasaurus_DIY
    Tobasaurus_DIY Day ago

    Yeeee mah boiiii dacre

  • kk cc
    kk cc Day ago

    pause at 5:03. Thank me later.

  • Ross Modesto
    Ross Modesto Day ago

    This guy seems like a good dude, I hope he keeps getting gigs

  • Pedro soliano
    Pedro soliano 2 days ago

    him , zac efron & jared leto should be in a movie cast as brothers

  • SiennaLikesAnime :3
    SiennaLikesAnime :3 2 days ago +1

    My sister is friends with saskia (Dacres younger sister) and my sister saw the same owl on her bed side table

  • Hanelix 06
    Hanelix 06 2 days ago

    Dacre is so sweet❤️❤️

  • Wolfpack360
    Wolfpack360 2 days ago


    The Duffer Brothers:I don’t like when people are happy

  • Corazon Cyn
    Corazon Cyn 2 days ago

    So gorgeous wow 😍😍

  • Alex B
    Alex B 2 days ago

    He seems like such a kind, genuine guy. And he's so talented!

  • Geet Kaur
    Geet Kaur 3 days ago

    A whole bucket of these in my eyes”

  • slash94
    slash94 4 days ago

    4:18 goshhh his voice!!

  • Jessica Ayo
    Jessica Ayo 5 days ago

    **jazz music stops** girlfriend?????!!!!

  • sebastian mnaphi
    sebastian mnaphi 5 days ago

    Peaky blinders 4:24

  • Sabrina Tessa
    Sabrina Tessa 6 days ago

    My boyfriend wears tom fords black orchid it smells amazing

  • grace monckton
    grace monckton 6 days ago

    Im buying my boyfriend that collogn just so I know he smells like dacre

  • Claudia Rose
    Claudia Rose 6 days ago

    His sister is 13

  • Neha Bellaqua
    Neha Bellaqua 7 days ago +1

    He’s wearing the same outfit he wore at CBS This morning. 😄 He looks so good though.

  • itsAdict
    itsAdict 7 days ago

    what's the little thing he has his cologne and comb in?

  • Ebony Lewis
    Ebony Lewis 7 days ago

    I have watched this to many times

  • Ronan Hardy
    Ronan Hardy 7 days ago

    I have the same necklace as dacre

  • Ira Schmid
    Ira Schmid 7 days ago +2

    I just love him😭😭❤️😍

  • Jasmin Baskerville
    Jasmin Baskerville 8 days ago

    the duffer brothers better bring back billy because he is 👏😂

    • Fred Flintstone
      Fred Flintstone 8 days ago

      Jasmin Baskerville billy is dead.....time to move on.

  • emily shenton
    emily shenton 8 days ago

    i could listen to him all day

  • emily shenton
    emily shenton 8 days ago

    i have his exact toothbrush

  • Ishtar
    Ishtar 9 days ago

    Okay scorpio

  • Seb.2k05 !
    Seb.2k05 ! 9 days ago

    R.I.P hairline

  • Jeremy Rivas
    Jeremy Rivas 9 days ago

    “Harrington is that you “

    • Fred Flintstone
      Fred Flintstone 8 days ago

      Jeremy Rivas "yeah it's me, dont cream your pants"

  • Jett Miller6
    Jett Miller6 9 days ago

    He got ripoff AirPods get him

    MEDXY AEGON 10 days ago +1

    Love you dude ❤️😘😘

  • Lauren Doyle
    Lauren Doyle 11 days ago

    Does he have a brittish accent when he played billy. Oops. Australian sorry

  • BigChungus
    BigChungus 11 days ago

    Man I really want to meet him but I have social anxiety. :'(

  • Ana Fdez
    Ana Fdez 11 days ago

    I can confidently say that I am in love with this man's brain

  • shayzee time
    shayzee time 12 days ago

    11 things would be more on brand than 10 things but okay..

  • raixrai
    raixrai 13 days ago


  • your daddy
    your daddy 13 days ago +1

    I blame susie for Billy and hoppers death ...😠

  • Leah J
    Leah J 13 days ago

    Ok but I bet he smells like that one man smell that smells rlly good.. just me😂??

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 13 days ago

    Mrs Wheeler was so thoughtful to get him sunglasses

  • mohab galal
    mohab galal 13 days ago

    I am excited that he knows a thing or two about tech and is not an apple sheep by default. (Sent using my iphone)

  • twenty one who now
    twenty one who now 14 days ago +2



    I'm all about the beige

    -Dacre 2019

  • lalithan Kanth
    lalithan Kanth 14 days ago +1

    Tell me the thumbnail looks like he is holding a dog

  • Juno Leckie
    Juno Leckie 14 days ago

    Holy crap I have a st. Christopher necklace tooo

  • Merciless.
    Merciless. 14 days ago +1

    he's so hot i hate being ugly

  • #1 Corn Icon
    #1 Corn Icon 14 days ago

    Is dacre secretly a horse girl? Let's discuss

  • njeriii
    njeriii 16 days ago +1

    can your other essential be me?

  • Jack H
    Jack H 16 days ago

    What are those sunglasses he wears? Does anyone know what brand??

  • Gianna Ricchetti
    Gianna Ricchetti 16 days ago +2

    2:25 :
    Dacre: these are noise canceling headphones
    *Airpods: aM i A jOkE tO u*

  • Carlos Julio Peña Valencia

    What’s the name of the cologne ?

  • Carthagodess
    Carthagodess 17 days ago

    I don't care if the idea looks irrational or impossible but BRING BILLY BACK.

  • LiveLifeChrisZ
    LiveLifeChrisZ 17 days ago

    Does anyone know where he got that outfit???? I NEED TO GET THAT😭😭😭 that is one of the CLEANEST outfits Ive ever seen🙌

  • Bella Black
    Bella Black 19 days ago

    Aaaa, he looks like a sophisticated man dream, goooosh

  • imsippintea inyohood
    imsippintea inyohood 19 days ago

    Y’all smell that? Like literally i only smell parfyme out of the screen

  • Angel G
    Angel G 19 days ago

    He’s half Canadian...now I know why he’s so nice. 😂😭❤️

  • Thuy Tran
    Thuy Tran 19 days ago

    me : y’all be commenting on the fact that he has a gf like you actually had a chance.
    also me : *cries in silence*

  • Name Unknown
    Name Unknown 19 days ago

    New Zealand yeah boiiiii

  • Jenna Woods
    Jenna Woods 19 days ago

    I love of stranger things on 3 and my sister like you to

  • PNJGaming
    PNJGaming 20 days ago

    It was funny when he put quotation marks on "human" when talking about his sister.

  • Hannah Who?
    Hannah Who? 20 days ago

    when i see him in stranger things i'm disgusted by how sleazy he is, but when i see him like this, i'm disgusted by how attractive i find him

  • Prasanna Ghimire
    Prasanna Ghimire 20 days ago

    Dacre is so hot omg i wanna cry