Frequent Flyer Miles Are Actually Costing You Money | Adam Ruins Everything

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
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Comments • 1 617

  • Craxin01
    Craxin01 15 hours ago

    Anyone who believes that credit card companies are giving you something for free is really foolish. All those cash back, airline miles, gas credits, etc are just things you pay for and they trick you into thinking it's free.

    AFTER LIFE 23 hours ago

    I call bullshit on the cash thing.
    Most places if you pay cash they’ll forget the tax. At least most small businesses.
    Cash is king baby.
    Money talks and bullshit takes the bus.

  • Fallin
    Fallin Day ago

    I found Amir so where is jake

  • slothfulcobra
    slothfulcobra 2 days ago

    Flying in the old days was much, much faster, between less security and faster planes. A lot more hijackings though.

  • F Maz
    F Maz 2 days ago

    Credit cards company make money with transaction fees.

  • SvenicusGermainus
    SvenicusGermainus 5 days ago

    They missed out on the chance of a lifetime there. They should have had him reply with "A bad amount of money." after being asked how much he has charged.

  • hahakit
    hahakit 6 days ago +1

    Please make an episode that talk about credit card,please

  • Alystas
    Alystas 6 days ago

    Don't care, i'm too broke to take plane anyway... Stuck on the ground with my good old Miata :/

  • Professor Wiesy
    Professor Wiesy 7 days ago

    Flula ❤️

  • Cabal Paxiarch
    Cabal Paxiarch 8 days ago

    Yeah, ok, so what? It's still a free trip. Who is being wronged here?

  • TarmacTomato 677
    TarmacTomato 677 12 days ago

    Remember, no frequent flying miles.

  • Jack Funk
    Jack Funk 13 days ago

    No matter what you get it’s better than nothing

  • AP88
    AP88 15 days ago

    may as well get a cash back card that maximises returns on grocery and fuel purchases

  • Ohio Interior Design
    Ohio Interior Design 20 days ago

    Finally someone addressed this scam

  • edgar allan frog
    edgar allan frog 22 days ago

    Just here for Amir

  • Braeden Jaeger
    Braeden Jaeger 29 days ago

    Adam out here looking like Paul from tekken if he went to college.

  • 8alot4t
    8alot4t Month ago +1

    Been watching consumer TV shows for years and years; so many years that I no longer watch 'em. Why? Because they themselves are scams. If they really had any power then some of those scams that have been fleecing consumers since things of any sort were sold in shops or nowadays online. Do they ever get busted by the laws or lawyers? NO!!! The same old scams keep rolling around and the agencies declare them to be criminal but we still get scammed by the old scams, the same old scammers and the same old scam police keep failing to stop 'em.
    The last one that I encountered was the PPI payment protection insurance; applied to credit card payments.. Our government declared it to be illegal and compelled banks to pay their customers back for the scam.
    But they didn't simply pay them back; they set up collection and repayment companies (possibly owned by the banks themselves) which for a fee (and the addition of VAT) would pass on the sum they extorted from you (minus the add ons fees etc) which is of course a double scam endorsed by the so called government. We just can't win (outright at least) they get us even when their geting of us is already declased as illegal; a crime!!

  • S G
    S G Month ago

    I usually search the cheapest flight, sign up for that airline’s frequent flyer program and then book my flight, most of the times, the cheapest flight is restricted between those same 2-3 airlines, so even by taking 10-15 round trips an year I’m able to get a free flight.

  • Lwandle Lee
    Lwandle Lee Month ago

    Shocking, airlines aren't a charity. Somebody call the pope!

  • Zeke Santamaria
    Zeke Santamaria Month ago

    The title is very misleading. First of all, airlines don't have to give you miles. If you know how to be financially savvy, meaning you pay your balance every month and don't carry a balance. Then every dollar you spend turns into miles. Sure, CC charges the seller a percentage of the transaction and obviously the seller transfers that to the consumer, but like Adam said, it doesn't matter if you're paying cash or cc, the price is the same so might as well use a credit card and get the extra miles as a perk. I have use them extensibly and never ever paid for credit card interests.Also, If you use certain credit cards, they offer no blackout dates. Please just need to be savvy on how to use them and research well, but I hardly doubt the title of the video is accurate and Adam is going to extremes sometimes...

  • WolfJarl
    WolfJarl Month ago

    This country confounds me.

  • Jonas P.
    Jonas P. Month ago

    I think Adam and that other dude have the same glasses

  • Silent C1own
    Silent C1own Month ago

    is that amir?

  • Claudia Duran
    Claudia Duran 2 months ago

    My goodness, Amir can't even act a little.

  • Iraq Fuckin CountryBall

    This has got very far.....
    Adam stop please

  • surosstorm
    surosstorm 2 months ago

    Only spend as much as you can afford. I pay off my credit card every month and fly frequently for free. This isn't ruined for me.

  • Egg
    Egg 2 months ago

    I didn't even know what a frequent flyer was before this...

  • David Moisan
    David Moisan 2 months ago

    Well, looks like it’s time to take the train.

  • Gerardo G
    Gerardo G 2 months ago

    This segment got almost everything wrong. For example, the 2% "tax" that's tacked on every purchase for credit card fees even when you pay cash is a fallacy that's been disproven countless times and it's still commonly repeated.
    Cash payments cost more to merchants than electronic payments because of money handling and security. Sorting out the coin and hauling it to the bank isn't free.

  • Joshua Balcombe
    Joshua Balcombe 2 months ago

    Miles, MILES, MILES?!?

  • Ariq Fauzan
    Ariq Fauzan 2 months ago

    Whenever a company says free, its time to flee

  • Alan Light
    Alan Light 2 months ago

    This is mostly correct, especially for the average person, but there are exceptions. Some credit cards give a 60,000 or 100,000 points sign-up bonus when you spend a few thousand dollars within 3 or 4 months, and let you turn that into $600 to $1000 cash back. International United Airlines upgrades to business class can be obtained for $500 and 30,000 points each way, versus paying $2500 cash. But you need to have the MileagePlus points to do it. In general, however, the average person does not benefit from being in a frequent flyer program, especially if they don't know how their program works or even how many points they have in their account, and especially if they run a monthly balance. You can only come out ahead if you know how to game the system and always, always, always PAY OFF your credit card balance at the end of the month. Never pay interest, ever. And yes, we all pay higher prices for what we buy to get credit card perks since stores add that extra 2% or whatever onto the merchandise price.

  • Madeline Dittmer
    Madeline Dittmer 2 months ago

    adam is drinking milk at a bar, he gets me

  • Omar Ayoub
    Omar Ayoub 2 months ago

    I don't exactly get it im a teenhers

  • sailormanariel
    sailormanariel 2 months ago

    I always knew FFMs were crap.

  • linkimus prime
    linkimus prime 2 months ago

    Sorry, but did I hear vibranium

  • Ravi Teja Vatsavai
    Ravi Teja Vatsavai 2 months ago

    That's why Indian Government stopped Visa and Master cards and started a government run card company named after our rupee as RuPay. Most of the banks in India are government owned and they made sure all the cards of Visa and Master are stopped and they were issued new RuPay cards in their place.

  • SilentSyrup
    SilentSyrup 2 months ago

    Adam ruins breathing

  • OuterRaine
    OuterRaine 2 months ago

    My brain stop comprehending what was being said at a certain point.

  • Chanoch Baranes
    Chanoch Baranes 2 months ago

    You know I get tired from you

  • Asellus 82
    Asellus 82 2 months ago

    It's so strange seeing Amir not be Amir. He does a good job though.

  • Michael Cleary
    Michael Cleary 2 months ago

    Is that Daddy Amir?

  • Kenny Lusher
    Kenny Lusher 2 months ago

    Is that barry bee benson

  • andrew aktov
    andrew aktov 2 months ago

    Isn’t this technically a scam? Shouldn’t the men who run United airlines be arrested?

  • Cindy Riddle
    Cindy Riddle 2 months ago

    O my gosh is that Austin from shoddy cast

  • jiayaw
    jiayaw 3 months ago +1

    If it have cash to make the purchase, why not use the credit cards to pay to get points and pay it off later? I never carry balance with credit card...

  • H R
    H R 3 months ago

    Haven't frequent flyer miles always been a way to get corporate employees to use their airline exclusively, in order to get some rewards they can use personally?
    If you're paying for the flights yourself, the reward in the form of airline miles is abysmal.

  • daddybear420
    daddybear420 3 months ago +6

    Its all about capitalism.

    I told you we should have established communism

  • Abby F
    Abby F 3 months ago


  • Nic The silver gamer
    Nic The silver gamer 3 months ago

    1.02$ = 1.00$ so yeah

  • Cerulean AUS
    Cerulean AUS 3 months ago


  • kvmsnu
    kvmsnu 3 months ago

    Vibranium card??

  • Rachel C
    Rachel C 3 months ago


  • Crismenth
    Crismenth 3 months ago

    Virgin Airlines is a legit thing btw

  • Bryan Neblett
    Bryan Neblett 3 months ago

    definitely not a virgin

  • Bill Le
    Bill Le 3 months ago

    Whoa flula borg

  • Slick Reviews
    Slick Reviews 3 months ago

    The key is to play the credit card game and not focus on specific airline miles programs. If you do that smart the banks pay you subsidised by all the idiots who don’t get it. If you treat it like a debit card you win.

  • S theking
    S theking 3 months ago

    I need the miles....

  • Matthew Mcgovern
    Matthew Mcgovern 3 months ago

    IDK adam, I ran 120k thru my alaska card and I get 1 whole free international round trip flight

  • Imogen Carney
    Imogen Carney 3 months ago

    Remember folks if the product is free, you are the product.

  • AKT0B0S
    AKT0B0S 3 months ago

    Cash back is king

  • L C
    L C 3 months ago

    This is why I only get air miles for buying groceries and booze I'd already be buying and only spend the air miles to get free groceries

  • Leslie Ammons
    Leslie Ammons 3 months ago

    Did she just scoff at 16% tip?

  • Razz 83
    Razz 83 4 months ago

    Thought he meant the horror movie Bad Ben, at first.

  • hunterkiller1440
    hunterkiller1440 4 months ago

    Remember how right winged RU-clipr says Adam is paid by corporate interest groups?

  • Jay Zhou
    Jay Zhou 4 months ago

    so when is "adam ruins everything" ruins "adam ruins everything"?

  • Shanti Cardoza
    Shanti Cardoza 4 months ago

    Air Miles True lies.
    Scam Jam

  • Ripoff Scoots
    Ripoff Scoots 4 months ago

    Time from one area to another was actually really similar its actually longer now cause more people fly so longer air port wait times now so....kinda better if you like shorter flights???

  • xex
    xex 4 months ago


  • Lord Alex The Dev
    Lord Alex The Dev 4 months ago

    Now boarding anyone who can understand or cockamamie system

    *That would be the 1,000,000 people that watched this video.

  • GIChiyo
    GIChiyo 4 months ago


  • Jessica Jayes
    Jessica Jayes 4 months ago

    Now I wanna be a pilot.

  • Jayvee Aurea
    Jayvee Aurea 4 months ago

    Omg duhhh🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Lim Lam
    Lim Lam 4 months ago +2

    I'm a simple guy, I see Andy Bloom I press like

  • TheFXDC
    TheFXDC 4 months ago

    Omg Amir I missed you!!!

  • Mac MashPotato
    Mac MashPotato 4 months ago

    So just pay off your card every month and you benifeit, be responsible.

  • Rachael Dennis
    Rachael Dennis 4 months ago

    I actually hate this show lol. Super biased. They make everything in life sound like a horror story 😂😂😂

    • Nikhil
      Nikhil 4 months ago

      Not really though. If it was biased, they'd share opinions (which they tend not to do). Really, they just say common misconceptions, and explain the surprisingly simple solutions.

  • Gov Robb
    Gov Robb 4 months ago

    I hated when he said "I earn hella rewards"🤮

  • bellatrixevans
    bellatrixevans 4 months ago

    I'm confused. Does America rely more on credit cards than debit cards?
    (I'm not American; this is a very strange concept for me. Credit cards in my country are mostly used by those who have more than enough money to pay back an amount later, and don't need to think twice about paying extra for the interest amount. Either that, or they're people who desperately need the money for an immediate cause, and don't have any. It's definitely not the preferred choice here)

    • Nikhil
      Nikhil 4 months ago +1

      Credit cards are more commonly used because they have nearly universal support, which debit cards don't really have in the U.S.

  • William Emley
    William Emley 4 months ago

    The airport board in the video says Akron Ohio to La and I find that hard to believe bc I live in Akron and the airport is garbage

  • Jonathan Tan
    Jonathan Tan 4 months ago

    Why does Adam yell when he explains things

  • Marieve MacGregor
    Marieve MacGregor 4 months ago

    Yeah it's not this bad in Canada. I pay bills through my credit card every month, accumulate the points, then just pay that amount off, and then I can fly just about anywhere I want within a year or two for no more than the cost of the taxes to get there.

  • tatertotter808
    tatertotter808 4 months ago

    The Rewards Dude aka The Points Guy

  • Mig Meg
    Mig Meg 4 months ago

    Ha i get it

  • Stephanie Halim
    Stephanie Halim 4 months ago


  • Ashtarte
    Ashtarte 4 months ago

    Lol was the Reward Dude Flula Borg?

  • Nasty McJackass
    Nasty McJackass 4 months ago

    Seeing Amir in agony gives me a good feeling.

  • Nasty McJackass
    Nasty McJackass 4 months ago

    Because the increase in population has nothing to do with, huh?

  • yunus13tor999
    yunus13tor999 4 months ago

    What did the plane say to the other plane .....

    Are we high

  • King Kash
    King Kash 4 months ago

    1:43 is that a black mirror reference

  • Darla Day
    Darla Day 4 months ago

    Many a retired stewardess disagrees with that "good ole days" comment

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature 4 months ago +1

    Yeah, it confuses airlines if you are not on a frequent flyer program. They don't know how to enter that.

  • Albert Mendez
    Albert Mendez 4 months ago

    With an attitude like that, I'd tip 10%

  • Nera
    Nera 4 months ago

    I did use my miles once in my life and I got a 300USD ticket for 5USD. Big good airline and everything. But It wasnt easy and I dont think i will never have that many miles again ever haha

  • Shane Gannaway
    Shane Gannaway 4 months ago

    Bad Ben

  • linux750
    linux750 4 months ago +1

    Hey everybody, Amir's back for another Collegehumor video! Long time no see buddy!

  • Joe Jug
    Joe Jug 4 months ago

    ya know, I'm starting to get scared for Adams safety

  • Friendly Neighborhood idiot

    Holy shit is that Amir.

  • bonbonquest
    bonbonquest 4 months ago

    Amir being a decent human being? Wow! 2019 indeed.

  • Guy
    Guy 4 months ago +1

    Who needs flyer miles
    When we the magical magic of sleep