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  • Published on Mar 10, 2014
  • Triumph added two new models to its Thunderbird line this year, the light-touring 2014 LT and the classic-styled cruiser the 2014 Commander. Check out the first ride article for details: www.motorcycle-usa.com/259/17956/Motorcycle-Article/2014-Thunderbird-Commander---LT-First-Ride.aspx
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Comments • 20

  • Harry Bosch
    Harry Bosch 2 years ago

    Triumph thunderbird is ok

  • Robert Brumley
    Robert Brumley 2 years ago

    1700cc and it's only 95hp? Something is wrong with that bike.

    • Wallie Hart
      Wallie Hart Month ago

      Yes they sacrificed horse power for sound, instead of both cylinders firing at once in a 360* rotation they of set the pistions slightly so it fires in a 270* rotation, doing this make the exhaust rumble but pushes performance down , probably 25% maybe less or more. Otherwise it would sound like a traditional triumph. Never the less it has caught my eye. All reviews I have seen sing it's praises, say things I like to hear such as " cruise 80 up or down hill in high gear getting almost 50 mpg effortlessly " . And the torque number is very high , geared very high. While riding upright, not entirely on your tailbone ,allowing better control of the bike . I believe this will be my new steed when I get around to biking again, this or a Goldwing. The rocket 3 sounds like a Massey Ferguson 65 farm tractor. And is very heavy, that fact alone will eat some rear tires . This is the best I have found for traveling the interstate on extended commutes. I believe this bike will get the best mpg around 95 - 105 . I no that's fast, to fast , but if the road is clear in the middle of the night it's what I ride at. I think this machine will do it without breaking a sweat. Goldwing as well, don't care for the wing styling, and 6 cylinders are going to be thirsty.

  • goldenglobe35
    goldenglobe35 3 years ago

    Whoa. Very nice bike!

  • andrew dods
    andrew dods 4 years ago +12

    You guys would not buy a bike because no cruise control?? Are you riders or not?! If you want / must have cruise, buy a bloody car !!

    • Gabby Hayes
      Gabby Hayes Year ago

      I was thinking the exact same thing considering most people probably use cruise control less than 5% of their total riding time. Certainly not a reason to not buy a bike. I guess they've never heard of a "Throttle Boss".

  • Michael Holmes
    Michael Holmes 4 years ago

    great looking bike would have bought one if rocket 3 touring didnt exist

  • james hamm
    james hamm 4 years ago

    One big issue for me is dealer network. Not nearly as many in my area as Japanese or Harley dealers. If not for that I would probably be choosing a triumph. the bike is good looking and most reviews are positive. Really like it.

    • 1974steny
      1974steny 2 years ago

      james hamm yeah spot on triumph support network is pathetic

  • chuckster243
    chuckster243 4 years ago

    WTF are you looking at with those mirrors adjusted like that? Passing planes?

  • Robert Brandywine
    Robert Brandywine 4 years ago

    Biggest issue with this bike is the hard to see speedometer.

    • 1974steny
      1974steny 2 years ago

      Robert Brandywine and the sloppy soft suspension

  • john coffey
    john coffey 5 years ago

    beautiful bike, but no cruise control, no buy, hope triumph rectify that next year

  • Russell Cupples
    Russell Cupples 5 years ago +2

    If they just had cruise control I would definitely buy one .That's all that s holding me back .

  • fivefootsixtriumph
    fivefootsixtriumph 5 years ago

    I'm sold!!

  • Rob Lord
    Rob Lord 5 years ago +1