Trevor Lawrence could go pro if not for NFL eligibility rules - Mike Greenberg | Get Up!

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Mike Greenberg, Laura Rutledge, Damien Woody and Domonique Foxworth of Get Up! weigh on the NFL eligibility rules and question if it's fair that Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence must wait another two years before entering the draft. Todd McShay calls in to give his prediction on where Lawrence could potentially be selected in the 2021 NFL draft.
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Comments • 1 070

  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis 4 days ago

    This kid is one of the rare exceptions. The physicality difference between high school players and the monsters in the NFL is night and day. That's why 99.9% of these kids need the 3 years.

  • Miguel Castillo
    Miguel Castillo 9 days ago

    Let him get the college experience first

  • Zachary Henke
    Zachary Henke 14 days ago

    People keep mentioning the physical maturity of an 18/19 year old compared to a veteran player, but to me the biggest issue is just one of life experience. It’s hard for 21 or 22 year old rookies to come in to locker rooms and be leaders, but asking a 30 something vet to listen to somebody who isn’t even old enough to drink? I think that’s a hard sell.

  • Brandon Weilburg
    Brandon Weilburg 24 days ago

    It’s a violation of our civil rights to be age discriminated and potentially lose your opportunity

  • Erik Hopkins
    Erik Hopkins Month ago

    Get off his nards!

  • joe smith
    joe smith Month ago

    This is elway all over again

  • John Tempest
    John Tempest Month ago

    Trevor's last game at Clemson will be the last time I watch him play football. #NFL sucks

  • Halo Halo
    Halo Halo Month ago

    Nobody talked about him until after the national championship... it was Tua tua tua tua ... and then 44 to 16 came and I seen it the whole time...

  • Rickey Haynes
    Rickey Haynes Month ago

    This dude is crazy! No way would he go number 1 and he certainly does not understand defenses well enough to play nfl. Jake fromm understands defenses way better. By the way i coach high school football in Ga. Seen lawerence, fields, fromm play in HS and at camps here for years. Brad Johnson son Max is a beast right now here in Ga

  • greg sheppard
    greg sheppard Month ago

    Those kids need to go to college just like everybody before them did. Nobody wants a bunch of dumbasses in the NFL.

  • Lube sky baller
    Lube sky baller Month ago

    Talk about jumping the gun let him develop FFS.

  • ivan salazar
    ivan salazar Month ago

    This elegibity mess is starting to look as bad as the NBA. Why not just get rid of both college basketball and football? This is ruining college sports! I could not care any less for the Pros!

  • Kovačević Dobrina

    I think the NFL should extend the eligibility back to 4 years. Colleges should pay players in their 4th year.

  • Shake
    Shake Month ago +1

    The only way I would personally approve of this is if Trevor was able to declare for the draft but once drafted he would not be able to play for the NFL team until he was 3years removed from highschool. It would give him a head start towards becoming an Nfl player but he still has time to mature.

  • texrex3
    texrex3 Month ago +1

    Basketball maybe I’ll see the argument, although the same physical and mental maturity differences remain in both sports. But in football, it would stunt their growth and that average career of 2.3 years will be drastically shortened..

  • Luis Romero
    Luis Romero Month ago +1

    Tom Brady plays two more seasons. Retires, Patriots sink one season on purpose, get a 1 pick, choose him, and presto!! You have a good replacement.

  • lemme change it damn
    lemme change it damn Month ago +1

    Idk why the media.... shut the fuck up Mike Greeney!!!!! DaMn!! HE'S 19 YEARS OLD FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!!! And Clemson holds a special place in my heart as a fanatic, yes, but NO, NO KID SHOULD BE ABLE TO PLAY IN THE NFL UNTIL AFTER THEIR JUNIOR CAMPAIGN. The NFL at least got that right. God almighty man, let em grow up, get an education, have their college experience. Stop being such agitators, you fuckin desk jockey talkin head ass bitches. I swear.

  • randy bobandy
    randy bobandy Month ago

    so mike greenberg never played football it seems

  • James Murray
    James Murray 2 months ago +1

    Those SEC network people Laura and Marcus just can't admit what actually happened.

  • Amanda Morton
    Amanda Morton 2 months ago

    What about travis etienne???

  • Wellington Martinez
    Wellington Martinez 2 months ago

    That’s who want the giants to draft

  • Inappropriate Content
    Inappropriate Content 2 months ago

    I’m an 18 year old freshman in college, and I couldn’t even IMAGINE stepping out onto an NFL field... although I’ve never played football before😂

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob 2 months ago +1

    I see a team like Miami Dolphins who will stink getting the top draft pick to get him.. Miami is gonna suck next couple years bad

  • Mark Jacob
    Mark Jacob 2 months ago

    Peyton Manning worked him out and said he is ready for the NFL and will be elite!!!

  • whatsthebigfndeal
    whatsthebigfndeal 2 months ago

    He played like crap against Bama. Did anyone actually watch the game? They 10 second highlight reel pretty much showed every good pass he had in that game. He's good and has the potential to be great but let's not get carried away here

    • Luis Romero
      Luis Romero Month ago

      +MrTron Maybe he's still butt hurted 😂

    • MrTron
      MrTron Month ago

      347 yards with 3 TDs and 0 INTs against one of the most talented defenses in college football is playing like crap??? Are you another one of those black racists who hate Trevor because he's white?

  • Felix Rdlmn
    Felix Rdlmn 2 months ago

    let this kid have some fun, let him be a college kid .. Jesus y'all need to calm down

  • Lowkey asab
    Lowkey asab 2 months ago +1

    I know chargers wont get him but I really wish we would 😂😂

  • Santiclasher
    Santiclasher 2 months ago

    Mind is way more important for a QB than accuracy/athleticism. Look at Brady, awful athlete with average accuracy, but his mind is out of this world. He can read any defense and not have problems dealing with them. He can overcome a 25 point deficit in the superbowl without making bad mistakes. That’s why he should be respected, and why Lawrence isn’t ready

  • James Duarte
    James Duarte 2 months ago

    False he is NOT the only qb to win against two top 5 teams in a single season. Sam Ehlinger also did it. Georgia and OU

  • thatguyfraser
    thatguyfraser 2 months ago

    He wouldn’t be ready, he’s already one of the best players in college football so at least two more years can make them into one of the best quarterbacks to ever come out of college

  • Prekaey Saeboe
    Prekaey Saeboe 2 months ago

    Trevor is an GENERATION Quarterback but don’t rush him into the Nfl he’s very thin already he needs more time to develop into his greatness don’t rob him of that early. He’s young he needs more knowledge more experience because the Nfl is a different game my brother is Matt Elam he said the nfl is just way different than any other level.

  • wormslime CHS
    wormslime CHS 2 months ago

    Who wants his number?

  • wormslime CHS
    wormslime CHS 2 months ago

    Grew up with that man in Cville crazy seeing him do all this

  • Henry Noni
    Henry Noni 2 months ago

    Liv the kid alone....he still have a long way to go...let him finish college first he still loving college be honest the presure is different when you wear that NFL jersey...and he will definitely ready for that after college.

  • Eric Matterson
    Eric Matterson 3 months ago

    If he is not eligible until 2021, this will mean that teams most likely to draft him will be NE, NO, and Pitt. Because teams like Giants,Jacksonville, Miami, Cincy, and Denver will likely have their future QB before then. Imagine a team being able to transition from one Hall of Famer to this QB.

    • Elite Cinema
      Elite Cinema 2 months ago

      Moritz Sk not saying he will be the pats need a qb this year or next year. By 2021 I hope the pats a viable qb. The pats can be a threat as a long as bill is in charge

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk 2 months ago

      +Elite Cinema doesnt mean that guy is gonna be the answer

    • Elite Cinema
      Elite Cinema 2 months ago

      Moritz Sk lol pats are getting a qb this year

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk 2 months ago

      +Elite Cinema he thinks that once brady brees retires those teams will be trash and get a top 10 pick

    • Elite Cinema
      Elite Cinema 3 months ago

      Eric Matterson probably just false. All of those teams usually have late first round picks. He will he gone in the top 10

    AREDD 3 months ago +1

    *The AAF enters the chat*

  • Stephen Cooper
    Stephen Cooper 3 months ago

    Yeah it's a no from me dawg. Imagine Aaron Donald snapping him in half. Stay in school, be a number one pick in 2 years!

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk 2 months ago

      i mean u can say the same about lamar jackson or kyler murray this year

  • Junie Gyllenhaal
    Junie Gyllenhaal 3 months ago

    Lmao same people bashing Haskins for having 1 good year are boasting Lawrence 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mathew Hill
    Mathew Hill 3 months ago +1

    Here's that creative player you always make lol

  • Detorreon Pla
    Detorreon Pla 3 months ago

    I think players can come out of high school to the NFL but only at certain positions like running back, wide receiver or linebacker but that player would almost have to be a future NFL Hall of Famer. Examples: Andre Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss or Sean Taylor

    • Brian Ortiz
      Brian Ortiz 3 months ago

      Detorreon Pla I think some can but those are the worst positions to come out of high school. Too skinny and small. Maybe have a combine with requirements. Like a certain weight for position and weight etc. i can see a receiver declaring early along with a QB or linemen. But with a QB, it is common for most of them to be scared and confused as freshman. Like receiver, that’s all on you and you don’t really need to be big but it does help you know

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh 3 months ago +1

    Aaf could throw a spanner in the works

  • Abel Aguirre
    Abel Aguirre 3 months ago

    Let’s just hope he doesn’t get picked by a trash ass team

  • Lance Heaps
    Lance Heaps 3 months ago +1

    Might be pro next year now that AAF and XFL exist. They are not governed by the CBA.

  • Gregory Hammond
    Gregory Hammond 3 months ago

    No shot! Not that good.

    • MrTron
      MrTron Month ago

      hahaha. moron.

  • Liua Fonua
    Liua Fonua 3 months ago

    Lol... idiot

  • kekemay 55
    kekemay 55 3 months ago +1

    Keep Trevor Away from the Raiders.

    BORDER WALL 3 months ago

    Calm down Greenberg. Are you desperate for viewers or something? Take the day off and let people forget how stupid you've become these past few years.

  • Robert Mazzarachio
    Robert Mazzarachio 3 months ago

    He may not be but he is better than any of these QBs coming out this year

  • Ruben Garza Jr
    Ruben Garza Jr 3 months ago

    Why not let them go Pro straight from High School and get humiliated and then be out of football at the ripe old age of 19! Idiots...

  • Lyntre Williams
    Lyntre Williams 3 months ago +2

    You don’t understand that in the NFL defenses can’t even touch the Quarterback 💥🌟

  • Nathan Allen
    Nathan Allen 3 months ago

    Maybe this new AAFL will adopt this too boost there ratings and really challenge the NFL

  • Xan VVK
    Xan VVK 3 months ago

    the pats are going to pick him up and he will be the prodigy that takes over for the goat.

    • Pool Soup
      Pool Soup 3 months ago

      Xan VVK No way in hell a team trades him to Belichek

  • shortii12341
    shortii12341 3 months ago

    Here's the thing: I don't think he WANTS to go pro. Someone asked him how many national championships will you win? He said 3 more.

  • Andrew Harbort
    Andrew Harbort 3 months ago

    Let's just pray for no injuries to ruin his career

  • Andrew Harbort
    Andrew Harbort 3 months ago

    And in 10 years everyone will agree

  • Andrew Harbort
    Andrew Harbort 3 months ago

    Trevor is the goat

  • encinobalboa
    encinobalboa 3 months ago

    Two more years of college followed by four year rookie deal. That's a long time to wait for the big money. CBA needs to be changed.

  • Thomas Riddell
    Thomas Riddell 3 months ago

    watch The XFL Allow it

  • Eric
    Eric 3 months ago

    College football would suck if players could go pro after one season.

    • Pool Soup
      Pool Soup 3 months ago

      Eric Nfl coaches>>>>>>>College coaches. You’re point makes no sense

  • Quinton Gauge
    Quinton Gauge 4 months ago

    Just keep licking your chops

  • TheTot Process
    TheTot Process 4 months ago

    Talented and he kinda looks like a young Roger Waters. Trevor Lawrence became my favorite qb ever lol

  • GabiN64
    GabiN64 4 months ago

    he will be a bust. college accomplishments mean nothing in the nfl.

  • Ben Abbott
    Ben Abbott 4 months ago +1

    You know what’s going to happen don’t you?
    - Brady wins Super Bowl
    - Brady retires after Super Bowl
    - Next season Belichick purposefully TANKS the team to 16-0
    - Wins 1st overall pick
    - Drafts Trevor
    - Patriots dominate for the next 20 years

  • forreal pat
    forreal pat 4 months ago

    This dude born to win. TL
    LIKE ME.
    FREE artist: FOREAL PAT

  • Speedy Panda
    Speedy Panda 4 months ago

    once tom Brady retired bring him to New England and have everyone hate him for being the next goat hahah like if u agree

  • FunkyDoolittle
    FunkyDoolittle 4 months ago

    Something I don't like about Trevor... he seems very full of himself...typical white middle class American boy who has it all...

  • Donny Dodson
    Donny Dodson 4 months ago +1

    I said this kid was the real deal back when he was on Elite 11. No, he is not ready yet, but I do see him being first overall in 2021, maybe 2022. Said it from the start.

  • Big Bear
    Big Bear 4 months ago

    All these idiots in the comments. The NCAA makes BILLIONS and dont pay their athletes. Why the fuck would I PRETEND to attend class, play for free, and RISK injury and risk millions? Fuck that, if I wanna go develop in the NFL while getting millions and having more free time to prepare, I wanna do that. Fuck the NCAA.

    • MrTron
      MrTron Month ago

      They *are* getting paid. Do you know how much it costs to attend college these days?

    MOBBLOC TV 4 months ago

    2 words Maurice Clairett

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 4 months ago

    NBA and NFL will never be as popular as soccer. These stupid rules only apply in the United States.

  • Unicorn MCLA
    Unicorn MCLA 4 months ago

    Fuck all this "eligibility" bullshit. In European football Real Madrid signed a kid who was 17 years old at the time and was making millions...

    • Unicorn MCLA
      Unicorn MCLA Month ago

      +MrTron my point is... How the actual fuck does this apply to what I said? And you clearly don't play soccer. Soccer is an extremely physical sport as well. Mentally as well. I'm a "MAN" of both sports. I play football and soccer and absolutely love both sports. You need to play the game before you actually open your big fucking mouth. And don't give me "oh yeah I've played a few games of soocer" type of bullshit.

    • MrTron
      MrTron Month ago

      +Unicorn MCLA so you really didn't understand what I was saying? The point is the physicality needed in the NFL is way beyond professional soccer. Kicking a little ball around isn't the same as getting tackled by huge men.

    • Unicorn MCLA
      Unicorn MCLA Month ago

      +MrTron how does that make any sense?

    • MrTron
      MrTron Month ago

      That's because soccer is a children's game. Football(American football) is a man's game.

  • Respeck myname
    Respeck myname 4 months ago

    He will be coming in as brady is leavening pats could dominate the NFL for another 20 years.

    • NeverTalkToCops1
      NeverTalkToCops1 Month ago

      No, because global climate change will bury the east in ice 10 years from now, obscuring brady's monument in "New Freaking England." New England, who says that? Snobs?

  • Nobby
    Nobby 4 months ago

    You should have the choice and the right to do the career you want to do.

  • jamricsloe
    jamricsloe 4 months ago

    Fuck off ESPN! I don't watch any of your garbage shows anymore. ESPN used to celebrate sports. Now, you find news ways to shit where you eat. ESPN has become to big for its britches. ESPN, FOX, CNN, and all of the other mainstream media can jump in the river. All media is garbage.

  • JusAnothaCritiK
    JusAnothaCritiK 4 months ago

    They won't even make the CFP next season, just watch. He's a good QB but the big unsung heroes here were his OL in both CFP games, dude had lots of time in the pocket, and when he didn't his WRs made big time plays for him.

  • Timothy Stafford
    Timothy Stafford 4 months ago

    There is a new pro football league forming. Ed McCaffrey owns it I think. Should change the dynamic of eligibility.

  • Yellowpack
    Yellowpack 4 months ago

    You have to keep in mind that college ball is about offense not defense. If he would to go pro now he would be exposed. He should stay at least another 2 years to get more experience and then make that jump. He's good but so was Manziel and look what happened.

  • dustmart84
    dustmart84 4 months ago

    NCAA is a terrible thing.

  • dustmart84
    dustmart84 4 months ago

    Remember Clowney?

  • Let’s Smoke Foo
    Let’s Smoke Foo 4 months ago

    Why would you want 18 years old go against grown men they would kill them

  • D Man
    D Man 4 months ago

    NFL corners and safeties will have a field day. All the 50/50 balls he threw against AL. Also all the times he only had a 1 progression receiver meaning he looked at the guy the entire time. He needs to get better. Stop the hype. He's not ready at all. He's just what the face of football want to televise for the NFL. Just go back and look at his passes and his face staring down his receivers bs Tua's passes. For a 1st pick rt now he will get eaten for dinner by those teams

    • D Man
      D Man Month ago

      +MrTron that shouldn't be the question. How about, why do YOU feel that way or another question? REALLY MrTron...???

    • MrTron
      MrTron Month ago

      +D Man I've seen so much hate and bias directed at Trevor Lawrence by black people. That's why I asked.

    • D Man
      D Man Month ago

      +MrTron your a European for asking rt?

    • MrTron
      MrTron Month ago

      Let me guess. You're a black guy, right?

  • CéB 11EVEN
    CéB 11EVEN 4 months ago

    giants need him

  • realgeez2011
    realgeez2011 4 months ago

    No way would be he be the #1 pick! He's good but gotta get bigger and stronger! Bama's D was suspect all year! Don't sip the kool aid! He may eventually be the #1 pick but not now! Haskins is better, Bosa will still be the #1 pick...

    • Moritz Sk
      Moritz Sk 2 months ago +1

      They would pick him at nr.1 just because of what he will become. They could also just sit him for a year and let him learn everything and grow. I have no doubt teams would pick him nr.1 or 2 depending if they need a qb.

  • Tango-25
    Tango-25 4 months ago

    Your body is still growing, getting bigger, getting stronger. I was much more physically stronger at 21 than 18 and 25 to 21. Put him in the NFL and one good sack from a guy twice his size his career is over.

  • Datboi101 truth
    Datboi101 truth 4 months ago

    Ross #8 is the 1 that should be going pro

  • Don Cooper-Armani St. Vincent De La Rosa

    Hey. I'm posting this...not because of what was stated however because several analysis have stated the same thing. STOP encouraging teams to play for the No. 1 pick. In the words of Coach Herman Edwards, " you don't play for the No. 1 pick - YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.!"
    Tanking games for top picks towards the end of the season - doesn't necessarily indicate an easier schedule going forward. The Texans only won 4 or 5 games in the 2017 - 2018 season. Their 2018 - 2019 schedule was tougher. Not only was a majority of the teams they played .500 or greater they played both Superbowl teams from the previous season.
    Okay you draft a great Quarterback - but at what cost.?
    Remember...there are alot of great quarterbacks...some are still on the field playing in today's game. Most of which who have yet to reach the Superbowl. With Philip Rivers
    being one of them...He now has the opportunity to become one of those players to not only reach the big stage but have a chance at a SuperBowl Championship victory as well.
    If these guys like Trevor, Zion, Murray, the list goes on - NFL-NBA-MLB - what have you - come up as available on your draft board on Draft Day - make the decision and take him. I don't own a team however I understand that you shouldn't put your team - organization - business at risk for the sake of drafting what one might think will be the GOAT. The reality is...he might not be and by playing for the No. 1 pick you very well may be placing your team - organization at the bottom of the division for seasons to come.

  • Ty Chaney
    Ty Chaney 4 months ago

    These analysts are out of the mind, this isn’t the nba. This Is football and kids need to grow. One is awful for the nba and the 3 to 4 years and growing as a person in college is great thing for kids too

  • Ty Chaney
    Ty Chaney 4 months ago

    Cardale was a joke cmon, kids new college to grow and if they don’t go pro, they can get a free college degree how is that bad

  • Dominique Burton
    Dominique Burton 4 months ago

    He will be the Steelers QB

  • J C
    J C 4 months ago

    As a jets fan I hope they trade the number 3 pick to a team like Jacksonville looking to draft a QB so they can get a haul of picks and still draft in the top 10 and get a great OL or Edge Rush player

  • Dolapo Richards
    Dolapo Richards 4 months ago

    I hate how y’all over hype players Trevor is a great player but let’s not forget. He plays on CLEMSON who was already a top 3 team in the country so stop acting like he deserves all the credit. 2. Clemson plays in the ACC the worst fucking football conference rn Clemson literally skated by playing trash teams all year and then they turn it on during the playoff so don’t act like Clemson was playing world beaters. And lastly he’s a freshman in football not basketball could he make a diff rn in the nfl yes but wouldn’t you want him to refine and hone his skills at the most important position on the field????

  • Betsy
    Betsy 4 months ago

    Here’s an idea-let the kid enjoy his college experience and playing at the college level and then into three-especially three years-let him decide, not you, and if he wants to go onto the NFL or not. Can he not enjoy the moment without you guys putting pressure on him to do things like this?He’s 19-20 years old let him enjoy college and playing college football pros can wait

  • See Cha
    See Cha 4 months ago

    I disagree. Even if he he is ready skill-wise, not being eligible due to age is EXACTLY, the only reason the NFL is still better than MLB and the NBA.

  • max walraevens
    max walraevens 4 months ago

    I kinda like how they have a degree when they enter a sport so injury prone.

  • Adin Ben Reuben
    Adin Ben Reuben 4 months ago

    he's good but had an extremely great team around him. Don't forget, it's a team sport. Place him on a team like Miami (poor party calling) or Florida State (poor offensive line) and see how "great" he is.

    KG LAMBO 4 months ago

    CFL & XFL needs to start picking up the Good draft pick$

    KG LAMBO 4 months ago


  • Stephen White
    Stephen White 4 months ago

    Trevor will be the first transgender in the NFL. Remember, u heard it here first. (In no way is there anything wrong with it when he does)

  • Rocco Siffredi
    Rocco Siffredi 4 months ago

    The NFL would eat him alive and pick their teeth afterwards

  • Neil Grooms
    Neil Grooms 4 months ago

    I saw nothing he did as spectacular, he made 3 nice throws all night and two of those his reciever made an outstanding catch or it would have been incomplete. The long passes one the DB fell down and reciever was wide open, the other the reciever was 10 yards behind DB. Seriously Tua's first TD pass was the best ball thrown all night.