148. Trump's Reaction to Sentencing Documents that Incriminate Him (& late night singing)

  • Published on Dec 8, 2018
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  • Karrie Valdez
    Karrie Valdez 14 days ago


  • Art Lyons
    Art Lyons 3 months ago

    I JUST HAD TO LAUGH🤣. What a way to start a reading.

  • Linda Sandoval
    Linda Sandoval 3 months ago

    Yes he can be indicted a sitting president can be indicted just not prosecuted its considered not proper etiquette but they indicted Nixon

  • Maria Newson
    Maria Newson 4 months ago

    That song is going to be in my head all day! Lol!

  • Maria Newson
    Maria Newson 4 months ago

    Lol! Love, love, love your song!!!!!! Think it could be recorded and played through the White House????? Lol!

    • Maria Newson
      Maria Newson 4 months ago

      Lol! I get such a kick out of you!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

    • Black & Orange Tarot & Astrology
      Black & Orange Tarot & Astrology  4 months ago +1

      Can you imagine? Trump hearing something over the TV. Something in the distance. He turns down Propaganda TV and hears a far-off voice singing "Weisselberg, Weisselberg." :) :) :) :)

  • Sally Mount
    Sally Mount 4 months ago

    Would you reference the date please? It's hard to see which disaster it's referring to.

  • Sally Mount
    Sally Mount 4 months ago

    You are so very clever
    My kind of warped

  • Karima Rosemond
    Karima Rosemond 6 months ago


  • Monica Lillich
    Monica Lillich 6 months ago

    Love love love your singing ;-)

  • D* R*
    D* R* 6 months ago

    Despicable Donald's Final Epitaph?..... "Don't kick the Bee Hives, Mo'ron".

  • Callie Crandall
    Callie Crandall 6 months ago


  • IAm ThatIAm
    IAm ThatIAm 6 months ago

    He is not well -- all of the card readers who read on him say this, and an astrologer spoke on how it is plainly seen in his natal chart.
    Psychic Violetta said many months ago, that she saw him taking a little white pill; not to mention that he snorts Aderol.

  • Ada Brown
    Ada Brown 6 months ago

    So FUNNY Autumn!!! I just love the lyrics of your hit song here. Frank Sinatra sings, 'I've Got The WORLD On A String'. But Mueller says, 'Not Any More Trump'. APPLAUDS!!! So SWEET...My Christmas just got a whole lot better. Thank YOU!

  • Seanna Rose
    Seanna Rose 6 months ago

    I wonder if he'll die of a heart attack related to a drug overdose. Be it self inflicted or foul play.

  • Ann Brown
    Ann Brown 7 months ago

    Lovely singing and lyrics!!!!

  • Anita Oliva
    Anita Oliva 7 months ago


  • brandillysmom
    brandillysmom 7 months ago

    The Hill is Alive with the Sound Of Mueller, Indictments are near as rats run away......🗣🎤🎶😗🎵😙🎶😂🤣

  • Ava Prince Young
    Ava Prince Young 7 months ago +1


  • Chloe George
    Chloe George 7 months ago

    Never posted here before but I've watched a few of your videos - very enjoyable! So this one I also thought what you saw for Trump was strange but I just came across this article over on palmer report website.
    It's about Trump's weird tweet today about the smocking gun - which at first was funny but it seemed very off to me. As they point out he usually makes more phonetic spelling errors. They had also noted over the weekend some weird things with his tweets. Theory being that he's no longer writing these tweets - like he's checked out or something. When I saw it I remembered this video. Anyway - thought I'd throw it out there because it could explain what you're seeing here.

  • hollysims7
    hollysims7 7 months ago

    He definitely showed he can’t spell today....again he was smocking, lol.

  • Angele Figueira
    Angele Figueira 7 months ago

    You are so funny

  • Teresa Dale
    Teresa Dale 7 months ago

    I can see him saying " I know the legal system. I have fought it and won many times. (Some 3,500 lawsuits) Denies everything and drags it out until the congress tells him to just get out. Could see him feign illness to get out.

  • Maria Hahn-Silva
    Maria Hahn-Silva 7 months ago

    He IS weird. He doesn't want to feel a thing that pierces his ego. Frankly, I don't like him one bit but what a cesspool he has gotten himself, his family and the country into. What comes repeatedly to me is that he is muttering to himself as he walks between the desk and the window in the Oval Office. Men in grey suits are standing by as he walks hunched over towards the door, escorted to a padded cell. No where to run, nowhere to hide. Gonna check Motown now.

  • Françoise J
    Françoise J 7 months ago +2

    Once we know his tax records we’ll know pretty much everything I reckon...

  • Françoise J
    Françoise J 7 months ago +1

    NOWHERE in the constitution does it mention ANYWHERE, that a sitting president cannot be indicted. It is simply a MEMO that the DOJ have written up and it is NOT law!!!

  • mysticshining
    mysticshining 7 months ago

    Omg :D Great song! hehe Really great ;) - Anyway, I was thinking he's drugged too. At that xmas tree lighting, he totally slurred his words, and the way he acted in Europe, walking off a few times, etc. When you think of it, he must have to drug himself when he travels and has to actually stick to a schedule for more than a few hours. And his temperament during all this, I can't imagine he could actually deal with it, without something medicinal. Thank you.

  • Jay James
    Jay James 7 months ago +2

    Comfortably numb between the medication and psychotic break of identity? Or the attempt to make it look so.? No good outcome either way.

  • Aurora C
    Aurora C 7 months ago +1

    Ah luvs your readings! Hey do you think its a coinky-dink that Trump Jr. suddenly had to go hang out in Canada? He says its a hunting trip...he loves to kill exotic animals, which is heartbreaking! Can you fricking imagine? 😆 😱..And I would love to ram his head down the throat of a lion. Anyhooo...I think he's hiding, which is dumb as they can still get him back, can't they? Thank you for your insight on BeelzeBubba's meds. Although they probably take his IQ from 40 to 20...And he's gonna slip up bad....I can feel it. What a Neanderthal. Peace Out! Oh, and your song at the beginning was wonderful dahling~

  • Rosa Lee Ward
    Rosa Lee Ward 7 months ago

    As always, thank you. Have had the same problem reading Trump's energy. Drugs are a good explanation along with him being delusional.

  • MakingThaMost
    MakingThaMost 7 months ago

    That song gave me LIFE!! 😂😂

  • pmgpc69
    pmgpc69 7 months ago

    I agree with the medication. Especially when you said “muted”. Maybe when you said everything seemed normal in your first attempt, that’s how he was feeling on the meds. I damaged my knee in the snow Couple weeks ago. I had surgery and I’m on meds. The pain killers make me feel like I don’t care about anything so I’ve hardly used them.

  • Cia Rose Muniz
    Cia Rose Muniz 7 months ago

    You are so funny!!! I am going to Patreon on payday to pay for that song!! Absolutely fantastic!!

  • Shelley Mc Namara
    Shelley Mc Namara 7 months ago

    Love your readings!!!
    And your inspirational music!!!
    Thank You💜🎅🎶🎵

  • nimueladyofthelake
    nimueladyofthelake 7 months ago

    Love your channel, your singing and sense of humor.

  • Jill Catinella
    Jill Catinella 7 months ago

    Who’s gonna speak at HIS funeral. 🤣

  • Duece Momm
    Duece Momm 7 months ago +2

    They need to over turn every appointment for the courts he made every judge especially kavanope.

  • Duece Momm
    Duece Momm 7 months ago +1

    Are you able to do a reading about a connection with Epstein this young lady in the video said Trump molested her.ru-clip.com/video/8C4UA9r-o2k/video.html

    • Duece Momm
      Duece Momm 7 months ago

      @Black & Orange Tarot & Astrology Thank you! Be Blessed 🙏

    • Black & Orange Tarot & Astrology
      Black & Orange Tarot & Astrology  7 months ago +1

      I'm sorry, Duece Momm. I'm not going to read on the Epstein travesty because the energy is too much for me. However, I completely agree that every one of Trump's court appointments should be overturned! Thank you!!

  • Kerry Thomas
    Kerry Thomas 7 months ago

    I was drinking coffee and your song made me snort it through my nose....lol

  • Beth D
    Beth D 7 months ago

    Love the lyrics! Hi there, I think Meuller took Trump, and us, by surprise. He's being very strategic, nicely played. Meuller deserved the applause. Uh-oh even crazier tweets. Great reading on trump, and I don't feel the need to shower again, that's how good it was. Thank you, Autumn, for the intro song (which will be on my mind all day) and a "weird" but delightful reading. Blessings to you.

  • Nicole McPhaul
    Nicole McPhaul 7 months ago

    Love the intro song! You're so funny! Thanks for another great reading! Keep them coming😂

  • PNWgirl
    PNWgirl 7 months ago

    Luv Mueller & think he needs a song too. 😉

  • Toyuki1
    Toyuki1 7 months ago

    🎼Underwood, Mueller and then Avenatti,
    Bringing indictments to those who’ve been naughty
    It’s Michael Cohen who truthfully sings
    These are a few of my favorite things,
    Bad tax evasion, Obstruction of Justice,
    And then incoherent tweets that disgust us,
    Treasonous action such agony brings,
    These are a few of my favorite things
    Pound the gavel! Give the verdict! And then sentence the cad!
    I’ll watch how it takes down that orange-ish man,
    And then I won’t feel . . . So bad! 🎶

  • scully392z
    scully392z 7 months ago

    Omg it’s starting.....

  • Kristin Borwn
    Kristin Borwn 7 months ago +1

    I’ve been saying forever he’s on opiates read on it you’ll see

  • Margaret Ferrick
    Margaret Ferrick 7 months ago +2

    I honestly believe that Trump has dementia - it will not surprise me if he is removed and hospitalized (and medicated) to end his days in 24/7 care.

  • Esther Cutts
    Esther Cutts 7 months ago +3

    Dear Autumn - I love your humour and your singing -it makes my day LOL!!!!!!!! You rock!!! Wow what an odd reading for Trumpaloon! My friends and I have been saying for ages that we think he's on copious amounts of medication just to cope day by day.. to prevent him flipping his wig! Seems like that may be the case...
    Meanwhile the year is rapidly drawing to a close, so who knows what he'll do...perhaps curl up in the fetal position and howl at the moon....? Thank you as always Autumn - terrific work! Many Blessings

  • B Barrera
    B Barrera 7 months ago +1

    😀 thanks for the serenade, I'm subscribed to Randy Rainbow song parody, thought you might enjoy also 🖒

  • Georgina Paul
    Georgina Paul 7 months ago

    This drugged and removed thing .... another reader suggested that Trump may be poisoned by the Russians??? Is this already happening, a slow steady eventually lethal medicated state?

  • Rachel Melendez
    Rachel Melendez 7 months ago +1


  • rebel cause
    rebel cause 7 months ago +3

    I enjoy your intro, had me singing along.

  • Hieroglyphic Tributes
    Hieroglyphic Tributes 7 months ago +4

    Love your song! Nice voice as well.

  • Linda
    Linda 7 months ago +3

    Heart attack?

  • Capysmom
    Capysmom 7 months ago +3

    The song is OMG funny. Keep them coming.

  • Christopher Gwala
    Christopher Gwala 7 months ago +1

    Thanks for taking me back to my childhood first movie but your singing heals!

  • Inspiredfitness2012
    Inspiredfitness2012 7 months ago +4

    May God have mercy on brother trump’s soul! What a lost spirit

    • Jo
      Jo 7 months ago

      I don't believe he is a lost soul at all. He is an evil man that needs to pay for his sins! I am a very emphatic person, however, this man has no soul AT ALL!

  • EA N
    EA N 7 months ago +1


  • Mike Ross
    Mike Ross 7 months ago +8

    I'm hoping Chump will do a press conference and the reporters hammer him hard with facts, and they refuse to sit down and shut up. Jim Acosta did a good job of pissing off Chump, I want to see reporters who have no respect for him and not taking his crap.

  • Myrna Ortiz
    Myrna Ortiz 7 months ago +1

    Love your song 😂😘💛👏🍹

  • Cynthia Smith
    Cynthia Smith 7 months ago +4

    Loved the introduction "So long Fairwell." So fitting.

  • Laurel Brookes
    Laurel Brookes 7 months ago +4

    What a gifted songbird you are. Love it!!!

  • rochelle goodwin
    rochelle goodwin 7 months ago +1

    LOVE your song.
    Happy, happy!
    Start again? YES, unbelievable, the minds of the disabled.(the trump family and others).
    Let's take care of the disabled. Let us not disable ourselves in the process.
    Oh, the process of being a being on this planet.

  • I'm just sayin'
    I'm just sayin' 7 months ago +3

    Trump's response reminds me of my two-year-old (chocolate on his face) looking down at his shoes and a giving me a soft but sincere Nuh-Uh!

  • Irena Mangone
    Irena Mangone 7 months ago +9

    May God. Keep. Mr. Mueller strong. And safe.

  • Irena Mangone
    Irena Mangone 7 months ago +7

    Like your little. Ditties. Re trump. And Mueller coming after him.

  • Donna
    Donna 7 months ago +4

    I believe he would have to take Klonopin because Valium would be like taking M&Ms for what going on for him now.

  • Rondell Threadgate
    Rondell Threadgate 7 months ago +7

    I loved your little ditty, brilliant !His ego cannot handle the truth. Hence the numbing, via the pill popping

  • Joan Morey
    Joan Morey 7 months ago +18

    Hi there, This is Joan from Canada. I learned something today that you may well be interested in. I watched and listened to Linda G. speaking with another psychic today named Melissa, who does past life readings. She mentioned Trump and thought that he may die from a heart attach, maybe not a real one, but some foul play involved in which will never be revealed. Check it out and see what you think!!

    • brandillysmom
      brandillysmom 7 months ago +1

      I saw it too. I hope it doesn’t happen. ....yet....
      .He must live through his life of well deserved suffering. A long time coming. I hope for him the drag the GOP down with him, most notably McConnell, Ryan, Nunez ...... ALL of Putin’s Bots and plants in the US. Yes, let tRump drag them down to Hell with him. His 3 grown self-absorbed spawn too.

    • Jill Catinella
      Jill Catinella 7 months ago +1

      Joan Morey I saw that too 🤣

    • Christine Richardson
      Christine Richardson 7 months ago +2

      I saw that to!

    • Myrna Ortiz
      Myrna Ortiz 7 months ago +3

      I saw it too, very interesting.

  • Mary Ann  Anaya
    Mary Ann Anaya 7 months ago +4

    Perfect song ! So funny.

  • Jennifer Porties
    Jennifer Porties 7 months ago +1

    lol!!!!!!!- luv it!!!!!!! ❤

  • Peggy Brennan
    Peggy Brennan 7 months ago +4

    Love it!💖 Very Clever! Thanks!❤️😇🙏☮️🌲