Lucas The Spider - I'm Starving

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • What's a spider gotta do to get some food around here?! Wait...what does Lucas eat??
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  • Euler Condori
    Euler Condori 23 hours ago


  • — corbeau subliminals - - x

    eW wHY WoulD I eAT u

  • TokKicit SquidSquid
    TokKicit SquidSquid 2 days ago +1

    "fast metabo...what?"

  • cima1402
    cima1402 3 days ago


  • Sockan Bo
    Sockan Bo 6 days ago +1

    Yummy!Cholate strawberry! So cute!

  • Thehider 1234567
    Thehider 1234567 8 days ago


  • Bang EmEn
    Bang EmEn 8 days ago

    At last locas can't move 😂😂

  • dylan Nones
    dylan Nones 9 days ago

    when he grow up he sees the other spiders eat the other insects

    LEVANZO 11 days ago


  • Bongo Boi
    Bongo Boi 11 days ago


    -LUCAS 2019

  • SKC
    SKC 12 days ago

    I like how in the beginning he just drags the fly out and says "NEEEEEEW FRIEEEEEEND"

  • Baby Yoda Guard 4
    Baby Yoda Guard 4 12 days ago +1

    Anyone with insectophobia or arachnophobia watching?

  • BALANCE 444
    BALANCE 444 12 days ago

    Vegan spider

  • ねくろゔぁにら
    ねくろゔぁにら 14 days ago +1


  • sherwin salvatori
    sherwin salvatori 14 days ago +1

    Probably the cuties spider out their, sorry spider man , he, a little cutie pie

  • Cletus-boy Astaroth
    Cletus-boy Astaroth 14 days ago

    I’m sorry, jon

  • chaztech
    chaztech 15 days ago

    you make my heart smile ty

  • Careless' Coaching
    Careless' Coaching 15 days ago


  • ALVARA80ify
    ALVARA80ify 16 days ago

    Метабл... Кто 🤔😂

  • Pam Martin
    Pam Martin 17 days ago

    He is the cutest isnt he :D

  • Дмитрий Иванов

    Представляю, приходит хозяин домой и видит, что кто-то съел его клубнику. И мне кажется, что он бы охренел, узнай он, что её съел не таракан, а паук

  • Norma Magbanua
    Norma Magbanua 28 days ago

    Lucas is a good spider and he don't eat he's new friend 👍👍👍

  • Saloe jaokea
    Saloe jaokea Month ago

    thanks for thai subtitle ♥

  • ArmstrongAesthetics

    *fast mataba wha-*

    TIMOTHY HICKS Month ago

    lucas is putting on some weight there

  • Felix Bouzoumita
    Felix Bouzoumita Month ago +1

    He. Is. So. Cute

  • 규빈tv
    규빈tv Month ago

    거미 귀여워

  • Battle Fire Skull studios

    Lucas the spider now *THICC*us the spider 0:37

  • Marie Neil
    Marie Neil Month ago


  • minigumdrop AJ
    minigumdrop AJ Month ago

    Fly: because spiders eat flies
    Lucas: I’m vegetarian by eating desserts

  • Mis Babies
    Mis Babies Month ago


  • Bristi Porshiya
    Bristi Porshiya Month ago

    Lucas : fast metabo.... what?

  • boi when he sees woofle

    0:22 myself

  • ItzSamzz
    ItzSamzz Month ago +1

    Lucas: I wouldn’t Harm A Fly

  • Getini
    Getini Month ago

    Go commit really fast metabolism for 2 weeks no food

  • Jr James
    Jr James Month ago +1

    0:35 after Lucas ate that strawberries, his back is bigger than last time

  • Jorge Bustillo
    Jorge Bustillo Month ago +1

    0:33 Me before grandma's
    0:36 Me after grandma's

  • Kelly-Charmaine Marie Flanagan

    I have to admit it is too hard to choose, but I think I like this one a teeny, tiny fraction more than the other Lucas vids. But it is pretty much infitessimal difference.

  • MiniMedley
    MiniMedley Month ago

    I hope this means people think *flies* are cute now
    Seriously look at these weird rainbow flies, they are colorful and like to literally DANCE in the sunlight...

  • Anonymous Gamer
    Anonymous Gamer Month ago

    So fucking adorable

  • ThePokemaniac Knight
    ThePokemaniac Knight 2 months ago +1

    Does anybody have the heart to tell Lucas that his friend is going to die by the time the day is over?

  • Xavier Merlos
    Xavier Merlos 2 months ago

    0:09 it was at this moment fly knew 0:12 he didn’t mess up

  • Dominic Franklin
    Dominic Franklin 2 months ago +1

    He is so chubby

  • suzy klitgaard
    suzy klitgaard 2 months ago +1

    Lucas has a place at my table❤🤗

  • Marshall Bishop
    Marshall Bishop 2 months ago

    Wtf eat the fly already or humans will kick you out of the house for being creepy and useless.

  • thatweirdo _lizzy
    thatweirdo _lizzy 2 months ago

    This is why I don't kill spiders anymore...

  • BirdOfPrey12
    BirdOfPrey12 2 months ago

    I wonder who voices Bzzt?

  • BirdOfPrey12
    BirdOfPrey12 2 months ago

    Bzzt is 90% eyes.

  • Umbreon Blake
    Umbreon Blake 2 months ago +2

    Que lindo es Lucas la araña

  • disco demon
    disco demon 2 months ago

    But my name's Lucas and I don't have any friends

  • Seraphine Holethysia
    Seraphine Holethysia 2 months ago

    … the Japanese subtitlers haven’t been very consistent with the pronouns they use. Here Lucas uses 僕 (boku) for himself, whereas at least one earlier short sees him use 私 (watashi). Being able to go back and edit subtitles ― even ones that others have put up ― would be a great thing seeing as it’d help remove inconsistencies… alas, it can’t be done (I tried it for French in one vid where it’s egregiously bad, and… couldn’t).

  • iT woOddY!!
    iT woOddY!! 2 months ago +1

    *imagine Lucas just eat the fly*

  • Kimberly Bozeman
    Kimberly Bozeman 2 months ago +1

    Lucas:this looks pretty good
    Fly:bzz bzz!
    *Lucas becomes chubby*
    Me: so.....ADOREABLEEEEE

  • Master Mixilei
    Master Mixilei 2 months ago

    How It Shoud’ve Gone:
    Because Spider Eat Flies
    Lucas: Oh Right
    Also Lucas: *Eat’s The Fly*

  • Blight VonDrake
    Blight VonDrake 2 months ago +1

    The title card for this one is so cute. I love how Lucus is holding him XD

  • Seva Sakshi
    Seva Sakshi 2 months ago

    Que hermoso !!! Mis felicitaciones para el creador !!!! What beautiful!!! Congratulations to the creator !!!

  • Angelisa L
    Angelisa L 2 months ago

    best video

  • Drift
    Drift 2 months ago +3

    Lucas: "Whatcha eating, I'm starving!"
    Fly: "You're not going to eat me are you?"
    Lucas: "Eww, why would I want to eat you?"
    Fly: "Uhh... because Spiders eat flies..."
    Lucas: *"Mmmmm...good..."*

  • black pearl
    black pearl 2 months ago

    'That's garbage ' awwwwww

  • Justice Blue
    Justice Blue 2 months ago

    Dawg I’m 20 and this shit slap