Jeff Bezos Invents A New Euphemism For Penis

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • Jeff Bezos coined a new euphemism for male genitalia in his blog post, 'No Thank You, Mr. Pecker.' And it's not 'pecker.'
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Comments • 855

  • Jodie653
    Jodie653 4 months ago

    In the UK it's illegal to publish sexual images of a person without their consent. America should make that law.

  • Dorth Surreal
    Dorth Surreal 4 months ago


  • Dorth Surreal
    Dorth Surreal 4 months ago


  • Dorth Surreal
    Dorth Surreal 4 months ago


  • nightlightabcd
    nightlightabcd 6 months ago

    The trump mobster can is everywhere just like the NAZI's in 1930's Germany! If there is crooked and treasonous lies and unethical, you will find Trump, or his mobsters or the GOP or the right wing media behind it! They are a disgrace to everything American!

  • Adya Singh
    Adya Singh 6 months ago

    When he said "ALEXA MAN!", my freaking Alexa lit up and waited for her orders. Jesus, Stephen really is correct! Bezos is Alexaman!!!

  • The Long Khan
    The Long Khan 6 months ago

    “Peabody please!”
    Ha! Brilliant.

  • Monovan
    Monovan 6 months ago

    If you have an Alexa,
    Ask it:
    What is 100 in Welsh?

  • Jo Miller
    Jo Miller 6 months ago

    The 45 presidents of the USA

  • Macdaddy5539
    Macdaddy5539 6 months ago

    Broccoli Rob

  • RoseisoutofherTOGA
    RoseisoutofherTOGA 6 months ago


  • Uaine Diabhal
    Uaine Diabhal 6 months ago

    We miss you Stephen; I think we all wish your could do both shows

  • Natalee  Steele
    Natalee Steele 7 months ago

    *THIS* is the world we live in.....

  • Jake
    Jake 7 months ago +7

    The best joke in the entire monologue was missed by all of you... BROCCOLI ROB PEOPLE. Stephen's cameo character on The Office. Stop bitching about politics for ten seconds and just enjoy the musical stylings of Broccoli Rob and Here Comes Treble.

  • Trevor Ho
    Trevor Ho 7 months ago

    He is not Alexaman... he is Lex Luthor.

  • Hong Fei Bai
    Hong Fei Bai 7 months ago

    While I think people should be faithful to their spouses, I also believe the National Enquirer is an example of the worst kind of media out there. This must be what Trump meant by the enemy of the people.

  • Olav Kokovkin
    Olav Kokovkin 7 months ago


  • d vandam
    d vandam 7 months ago

    Alexa man exellent dude

  • ElectricPickleAttack
    ElectricPickleAttack 7 months ago +1

    Alexa-man, with his sidekick: Alive-Girl.

  • AM Burns
    AM Burns 7 months ago

    He looks like One Punch man to me

  • owen alioto
    owen alioto 7 months ago +2

    Just thinking about Hamilton. A career was destroyed when a man had an affair, and somebody tried to blackmail him with it, causing him to publish the information himself. Now, we have this, and nobody bats an eye.

  • ramo moreno
    ramo moreno 7 months ago

    LOCK IT UP ! ! ! like a "STOLEN CAR CHASE" in L.A he ain't stoping.Wants others 2 finish it 4 him but is taking usa with him like a "STOLEN CAR"

  • The Other Side
    The Other Side 7 months ago

    *The enemy is ALWAYS closer than you would want to admit. Lauren Sanchez's own brother is the one behind her ordeal just because he hopes to help Trump take down Bezos. He didn't care if his own sister got caught in the crossfire.*

  • Tracy Allen
    Tracy Allen 7 months ago

    If this all was happening on the Twilight Zone, we would have thought that somebody was on drugs. The things that's happening now... and the names... "Pecker"... "Fuks"... This is all something else LOL!

  • salas7146
    salas7146 7 months ago

    Donald Trump Love's mr.pecker

  • lala blu
    lala blu 7 months ago

    "caged free egg" lmof

  • MrFantocan
    MrFantocan 7 months ago +1

    I really hope Bezos completelly obliterate all Trump's friends!!!

  • guyrami
    guyrami 7 months ago

    well that depends mr marsh do you want to be 40 yr old virgin aor as an american a 12 yo billionare genius?

  • John O
    John O 7 months ago

    VOTE Blue for real leadership!!

  • L BW
    L BW 7 months ago

    Plot twist: Bezos’ side chick also works for the orange dingleberry & she’s bringing bezos down. 🤔😧

  • jareya
    jareya 7 months ago

    The Alexa Man bit had me screaming with laughter

  • Lelynn Miller
    Lelynn Miller 7 months ago


  • Bethany Clinton
    Bethany Clinton 7 months ago


  • Michael Gardner
    Michael Gardner 7 months ago

    I love all of the Stevie wonder stings that Jon throws into the show. Bien chevere!

  • Kat D. 杜洁
    Kat D. 杜洁 7 months ago

    Love the Broccoli Rob reference from "The Office."

  • adam redmer
    adam redmer 7 months ago

    Broccoli Rob!!!

  • Maurice OConnor
    Maurice OConnor 7 months ago +1

    Jeff 'marshall applewhite' Bezos

  • oil9vinergar
    oil9vinergar 7 months ago

    Ocasio-Cortez = Chavez rotten-fruit = Venezuela of socialism is slavery, killed off the Amazon hq deal.... NYChitholes are staying NYChitholes.... Marx and Engels are the original social parasites: tuneyadstvo, now joined by NYChitholes..... Why work and pay taxes when NYChitholes get free money from us the taxpayers, who do work and pay taxes eh....

  • sandy roberts-anderson
    sandy roberts-anderson 7 months ago

    You have to admit that David Pecker’s name is perfect for his chosen profession.

  • KTo288
    KTo288 7 months ago

    The moral of this tale is, don't blackmail someone who is one white Persia cat away from being a Bond villain.

  • Mark Dowse
    Mark Dowse 7 months ago

    ENGLISH is amazing. New weird words keep getting created.
    "learnings" for the old word "lessons", for example.

  • Jae Lynn
    Jae Lynn 7 months ago

    Am boycotting V-day. If I can't get candy hearts, then screw it. Plus, doctors are trying to kill me! Beware if you are chronically sick in pain, they are coming for you!

  • Jae Lynn
    Jae Lynn 7 months ago

    I hope Bezos shuts down that rag of a paper, it's making people stupid b/c they think it's legit.

  • Sandra J Gobely
    Sandra J Gobely 7 months ago

    It’s Mueller Time... 🍻

  • tiny dancer
    tiny dancer 7 months ago

    Isn't it Cadbury?

  • Marc Milton-Talbot
    Marc Milton-Talbot 7 months ago

    Reminds me of the old English expression.."Keep your pecker up old chap."[I think they mean "chin" in this case?]

  • tyrred
    tyrred 7 months ago

    That's not an orbital rocket. Bezos doesn't have one of those peckers yet.

  • Maryam Dadar
    Maryam Dadar 7 months ago

    “Alive girl”
    I’m deadddd.

  • Jen Kem
    Jen Kem 7 months ago

    Worth it for the rocket joke.

  • Tomas Beblar
    Tomas Beblar 7 months ago

    Not orbital..... yet

  • MetroPCS Phone Unboxxer

    5:36 He calls out Broccoli Rob

  • Brendon P
    Brendon P 7 months ago

    Wait.... he IS Broccoli Rob

  • Tianwei Gu
    Tianwei Gu 7 months ago

    "I love you alive girl"
    It makes me wonder what happened between Alexa and Packer.

  • robert perez
    robert perez 7 months ago

    All over the peckerr!! RICH!!

  • Jack
    Jack 7 months ago

    I love Bezos, dont destroy someones image because they succeed.

  • Little Birdy got the worm

    ya gotta pick a pecker or two

  • Peak Hawking
    Peak Hawking 7 months ago

    2:34 angry

  • Jim's videos
    Jim's videos 7 months ago

    I guess now we get to see if Pecker can stand up to this kind of abuse.

  • Philosophy's Pajamas
    Philosophy's Pajamas 7 months ago

    Broccoli Rob!!

  • R.N V.H
    R.N V.H 7 months ago

    Pay attention. This is to sway you.