Bob Ross - Meadow Stream (Season 5 Episode 13)

  • Published on Feb 12, 2016
  • Bob Ross paints a beautiful summer scene today - rushing little riverlet flowing through the luscious greenery of a cabin landscape.
    Season 5 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Mountain Waterfall, Twilight Meadow, Mountain Blossoms, Winter Stillness, Quiet Pond, Ocean Sunrise, Bubbling Brook, Arizona Splendor, Anatomy of a Wave, The Windmill, Autumn Glory, Indian Girl, and Meadow Stream.
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  • Nadezhda Marinova
    Nadezhda Marinova 3 hours ago

    Thank you!!! Very nice!!!

  • Skip Rocker
    Skip Rocker 4 hours ago

    Bobs painting were so real I could have sworn I saw an old miner walk past that doorway

  • Pravin Madhavi
    Pravin Madhavi 7 hours ago +1

    1 no sir 😘👌

  • MultiBalouch
    MultiBalouch 8 hours ago

    This piece of canvas is ur world..anything which u wanna do..LOVE HIM

  • Natalia Figueredo Fava
    Natalia Figueredo Fava 11 hours ago

    Muito chou 😱👍👏👏👏💋💋

  • kevin u
    kevin u 20 hours ago

    As all artists, Bob had a great understanding of perspective. I would love to paint but my perspective is terrible.

  • Kashima Raphiel
    Kashima Raphiel Day ago


  • Easy Art Lessons
    Easy Art Lessons Day ago +4

    As a fellow artist, I love the way Bob makes painting easy. Painting should be fun and as George Tucker said below, therapy.

  • Scribbler 8282
    Scribbler 8282 Day ago +2

    They should show bob ross in jails
    They should show him everywhere
    Make people calm ☺️

  • Bee Manejar
    Bee Manejar Day ago

    This cured my insomnia.

  • Queen Cleo
    Queen Cleo Day ago +3

    What a beautiful masterpiece! Amazing techniques and talent. I love his gentleness and teaching method... his tools flow with his thoughts!

  • The Creative Human

    I dislike the 1.5k dislikes.

  • Nyrgun Sivtsev
    Nyrgun Sivtsev Day ago

    чел не понимает что такое композиция

  • Enagy Atesik
    Enagy Atesik Day ago

    Damn it, I thought you gonna ruined the paint. When you brush the trees. So amazing!👍👍👍👍👏

  • beaky 317
    beaky 317 2 days ago +2

    That man ... I swear I used to think... what’s he doing? He’s going to ruin the painting & every time he makes it more gorgeous!

  • Pretty accurate
    Pretty accurate 2 days ago +1

    I love this man

  • Monkey Muscle
    Monkey Muscle 2 days ago

    Trolls need friends too

  • ALX
    ALX 2 days ago

    Yo lo veía en Colombia en el canal 11😅😅😅😅

  • Diana chloe
    Diana chloe 2 days ago

    친구가 피아노 가르쳐 준다면서 도미솔 알려주곤 지 혼자 손가락 안 보이는 곡 치던거 생각난다. 그냥...보는 게 행복해.하하

  • Zam
    Zam 2 days ago

    4:43 I can’t be the only one that sees it

    • Danny G
      Danny G Day ago

      Omg i saw it too. Wow 😲

  • Ngọc Lan Lê Thị

    Really very bueatiful the painting i.m like very much .hope can leaning from you ross thanks

  • Morse Code
    Morse Code 2 days ago +2

    “Nature’s about to reclaim this one.” ☺️

  • DeJay Meyer
    DeJay Meyer 2 days ago +5

    Ok... i'm gonna cry now... 😢 he makes this look so darn easy and I LOVE IT!!!

    • Ryan Yarbrough
      Ryan Yarbrough 2 days ago +1

      That's because he pretty much paints the same stuff all the time, scenery. He's still good at what he does though.

  • Vlli Bbbaa
    Vlli Bbbaa 2 days ago +2

    Watching him and reading the comments it makes my day

  • Lila Zeep Natuurlijk
    Lila Zeep Natuurlijk 2 days ago +2

    Still watching to happy little trees- 2019

  • 350zboy h
    350zboy h 2 days ago

    Remember coming home and watching Bob Ross on public television before he was cool. Loved it then and even more now. RIP Mr Ross. Wonder what your painting now?

    • DeJay Meyer
      DeJay Meyer 2 days ago

      Happy Little Trees! That's what he's painting LOL!

  • محمد احتشام الدین خان

    now I understood why that sweet lady, keeper of Bob Ross Inc was mesmerised in his first lecture

  • Mary Winkle
    Mary Winkle 2 days ago

    Like Elvis. Worth more dead than he was alive. I remember his show being on forever. We considered him a cut above a paint by number artist. Now his paintings are worth millions? Where? He was good. But no Monet.

  • Mischelys Leyva
    Mischelys Leyva 3 days ago

    Este viejo es el causante de que yo este en un manicomio. 💊🖌😂🤭

  • End Of The Rainbow
    End Of The Rainbow 3 days ago +1

    The stream made my day..

  • Clara Villegas
    Clara Villegas 3 days ago

    Me encanta,!!

  • Antonio Morais
    Antonio Morais 3 days ago +2

    Isso sim é arte. Pena que ainda existem milhões de tapados que pensam o contrário.

  • s_lx
    s_lx 3 days ago +20

    I looked away for 2 minutes and there’s already 2 happy clouds!



  • potato sack wierdo
    potato sack wierdo 4 days ago

    The people that disliked have either sight problems or they wanted to like again so they turned the screen upside down and hit the dislike button.

  • janmurat caryyew
    janmurat caryyew 4 days ago

    Гениально super

  • Alvaro Avila
    Alvaro Avila 4 days ago

    lo distingo hace piempo lo admiro siempre me gusto ese arte felicitaciones desde colombia

  • Social Activist
    Social Activist 4 days ago

    You have magical hands....Love from India

  • Firoj .ahmmed
    Firoj .ahmmed 4 days ago +1

    Wow great great sir .... You are the best

  • Lelia Lima De Oliveira

    Achei maravilhoso quadro

  • the first lady
    the first lady 5 days ago

    Моя маленькая палитра нервно курит в сторонке 🙈

  • Bradok Peixe
    Bradok Peixe 5 days ago


  • ahmed abbas
    ahmed abbas 6 days ago

    Googd fantasteck

  • Нурислам Гатауллин

    Супер!!!!Большое спасибо Вам!!!!

  • ashok nalaka bopearachchi

    Great work of art.thank sir

  • So What
    So What 6 days ago

    great technique, thank you.

  • Ruth Snell
    Ruth Snell 7 days ago

    I saw the thumbs down happening when trying to add thumbs up. Who couldn't enjoy these creations.

  • Ruth Snell
    Ruth Snell 7 days ago

    Thank you Bob you create peace inside. I really must try again. God bless you too

  • çuçuçuçuçuçuuğ lülülülülülülülüüüğ

    hey do you know what is that paint oily or acrilic i do not know :(

  • Zeina Hamze
    Zeina Hamze 8 days ago

    Ur picture is beautiful but the shack u draw look like area of rattle snakes living there ..I wish u made the cabin more livable so it's looks so serene and more relaxing ..but ur tequnice loooovvvley

  • Hirsu Ionut
    Hirsu Ionut 9 days ago

    Impresionant. Sunteti idolul meu. 🤗👏🙌

  • herman phillip
    herman phillip 10 days ago

    I love this it relaxes the brain

  • Mirta Azzalin
    Mirta Azzalin 10 days ago

    Hola soy de argentina y no se lo que dice mi pregunta es sobre que material trabaja y con que pintura oleo ,acuarela o acrilico gracias me gusta mucho sus tabajos

  • Yanndra nunes
    Yanndra nunes 10 days ago


  • Linda Flowers
    Linda Flowers 10 days ago


  • Lawrence Kigondu
    Lawrence Kigondu 10 days ago

    Wow! I'm inspired! Lovely work!

  • FRM YT
    FRM YT 10 days ago

    This man turned still grass into a lively river. WAT

  • Phil Shongwe
    Phil Shongwe 10 days ago +4

    I just see God through this man's work. He's such a natural

    НСР ИММ 10 days ago

    Very, very nice!

  • Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera 10 days ago

    You make it look super easy

  • Jaime España
    Jaime España 11 days ago

    Manos magicas.✍️✍️🖐✋

  • Basma Suleiman
    Basma Suleiman 12 days ago

    I sued to watching you paint sence i was pregnant with my son and am always in love with your. Paint way enjoy all arts i see you are amazing ..and now my son16 years old i asked my son to watch with my the show and he said mom i know this guy and i love his painting i said you know you know him sence you were in my stomach he laugh and said ..oh really?!!! So thanks meister bob Ross 👍👍👍👍👍🙏❤

  • David Stehling
    David Stehling 12 days ago


  • Rayisa Olszewski
    Rayisa Olszewski 13 days ago

    Очень красиво ,оооочень, смотреть так просто, но не так то просто повторить
    Большое спасибо за урок, всех благ!!!

  • Seema Ghafeer
    Seema Ghafeer 13 days ago


  • Lucero Paredes
    Lucero Paredes 13 days ago

    Que hermosa arte!!😍

  • gvpam Duarte
    gvpam Duarte 13 days ago +2

    Só o barulho do pincel que me dá gastura 😬😰 arrepia tudo..😵 eu amei o trabalho 😍

  • Yasmin Leon
    Yasmin Leon 13 days ago

    My nigga

  • Aام سعد A
    Aام سعد A 14 days ago

    هذه اللوحات والا بلاش مو رسم هالايام قال سريالي قال تجريدي ووووز خرابيط لوحات تفتح النفس مافيه أجمل من رسم الطبيعه

  • Neusa Oliveira
    Neusa Oliveira 15 days ago

    Lindo de viver