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NHL Highlights | Kings vs. Rangers - Jan 24, 2022

  • Published on Jan 23, 2022
  • Adam Fox scored the shootout winner as the New York Rangers defeated the Los Angeles Kings 3-2.

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  • Alfiee
    Alfiee  +50

    Big win for the Rangers. They're looking absolutely amazing!

  • Ushabtis
    Ushabtis  +52

    That was an amazing game both teams played extremely well. Was on the edge of my seat the whole game. Shesterkin and Quick were on fire tonight!

  • jeff stock

    Sportsnet, as usual, is the best. Great highlights and posted quickly. Rangers with a nice comeback win.

  • Andrey Savin

    Kreider is all by himself on top, what a season for mr Ranger. and another little comeback for the boys in blue, who knows but this can be the season if they add few pieces

  • сын анархии

    Панара красава как кинул 🔥

  • Андрей Мирошниченко

    Рейнджэрс, Миннесота, вот чьи игры всегда приятно смотреть

  • James
    James  +3

    The game was hella entertaining. Loved watching both goalies!!

  • сын анархии

    Вот эта концовка !думал всё 😳игра 🔥🔥🔥💪😎👍

  • Владимир Поздняков

    Супер матч !

  • Paul Cadogan

    Great game and great goal tending!

  • Raihan Abish

    Зукарелло любили в Рейнджерс...посмотрим ...как его встретят... жду игру с нетерпением....болею и за Кирилла...и за Артемия....

  • Wingman46
    Wingman46  +29

    igor's pretty good at this goalie thing huh?

  • lol
    lol  +7

    Crazy when the Rangers have the Rocket, Hart, Norris and Vezina trophy winners all playing on the same team. What a time to be alive!

  • Sergey Zelenskiy

    Тёма ты был сегодня хорош.👌👍💪

  • Ice Storm

    Жалко королей,достойно выглядели,Куик сила💪

  • Ya Boi Franku

    After all this time, Chris Kreider is FINALLY a 30 goal scorer.

  • T_wee T

    fox and lafi clutching at the right time ! got to love it

  • O B
    O B  +5


  • Roman Korol

    Muy bueno jugar 👌

  • Muravey Oscar

    у крайдера вторая молодость столько забивает на 50 шайб идет молодец