US Open 9-Ball Championship - 1080p60 - 1/8 - G1 - Jayson Shaw vs Joshua Filler

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • US Open 9-Ball Championship
    Jayson Shaw (Sco) vs Joshua Filler (Ger)
    Last 16 - Game 1
    Playlist for the US Open 9-Ball Championship:
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  • Bernardo Gaona
    Bernardo Gaona Day ago

    Looks like there playing no guidelines

  • Reno Noe
    Reno Noe 3 days ago

    Shaw 😂

  • yakoub darbouz
    yakoub darbouz 7 days ago

    Salam, subscribe to my channel as well as not a thing and thank you in advance

  • Oko Odaji
    Oko Odaji 7 days ago

    My Josh shoot like me. We gotta play one day. Im coming to Vegas August 12th

  • posiclestick
    posiclestick 11 days ago

    Thought it was pool

  • MineShark MC
    MineShark MC 11 days ago +9

    8:35 look at the guy waving with his hands lol

    • Hakasauars
      Hakasauars 3 days ago

      When I see a bad bitch in the club

  • Wow Wow
    Wow Wow 11 days ago +1

    Howd I get here?!🤣🤣
    But the way he got hyped at the end lmao

  • P Md
    P Md 13 days ago

    this caster doing amazing jobs with asmr

  • Haroune
    Haroune 13 days ago +1

    You can't tell me no one has seen Chris Melling in the audience ?

  • Christian Cabrera
    Christian Cabrera 14 days ago +9

    Who's here from the app 8 ball pool lol

  • Adeel shani
    Adeel shani 14 days ago

    What kind of outfit by jushua filler, its look very very boring and odd..

  • *it's_balach*' '*it's_balach*'

    I play 8 ball pool

  • FPS
    FPS 14 days ago

    Joshua's wife pretty thicc

  • biolumate
    biolumate 14 days ago

    pool players: people not good enough to make it in snooker

    • Dave Reloader
      Dave Reloader 12 days ago

      You only need to find a bloke who can stay awake for a whole game of snooker. That's the hard thing about snooker.

    • jimmysp4des
      jimmysp4des 14 days ago

      O'Sullivan, the best snooker player, perhaps ever, got soundly beaten by a mid tier pool player while filming a documentary.
      He'd get demolished by someone like effron Reyes in pool, as would efren get beaten by o'Sullivan in snooker.
      They are completely different games, with their own challenges, to say one is superior is an uniformed opinion.
      I play both quite well, but I'm from Essex, and we play much more snooker here, I enjoy snooker much more, probably because I grew up playing it, but some of the best shooters I've encountered were pool players.

  • Isaiah Swagerty
    Isaiah Swagerty 15 days ago +3

    This mf is breathing and smacking his lips together over and over

  • Kradisasht
    Kradisasht 15 days ago +9

    These guys look absolutely amateur after watching Ronnie o Sullivan play

  • Lochlanist
    Lochlanist 15 days ago +3

    Jayson could have played this game from Scotland.

  • Ahkuji
    Ahkuji 16 days ago

    Get the camera director a separate room!

    CION XYZ 16 days ago

    I can't see it properly in that 3D view cause i play 8ball which u can see above. 😂

  • Pointpilot
    Pointpilot 16 days ago


  • DeJa Vu
    DeJa Vu 16 days ago +1

    So sad to see no one in the audience. Smh

  • Jassa Singh
    Jassa Singh 16 days ago +22

    01:02:18 whats jon snow doing in commentry box? 🤔🤣

    • Hakasauars
      Hakasauars 3 days ago

      My watch has ended.

    • Jassa Singh
      Jassa Singh 5 days ago +1

      @Zu'u Agos wow.. einstien is here guys..👏👏👏😒

    • Zu'u Agos
      Zu'u Agos 5 days ago


  • Stan Vanillo
    Stan Vanillo 16 days ago +1

    Feels like the white trash version of snooker :D

  • Jesse
    Jesse 17 days ago +15

    Love how the commentators are talking trash about Joshua his unprofessional outfit while Jayson is looking straight out of the Bahamas

    • William Nett
      William Nett 13 days ago

      They pointed out it's different and not the norm. Lol

    • Justin Geesey
      Justin Geesey 15 days ago

      They treat this like it's golf. Pool is way different from golf. I think embracing that alittle instead of running from it would do pool some good

  • Sgt. Pepper
    Sgt. Pepper 17 days ago

    scottish dude looks like a clown.

  • Bunrong Ung
    Bunrong Ung 17 days ago

    the background voice of a men is very annoying

  • Drew camm
    Drew camm 17 days ago

    Filler is insane!

  • Cem Karaca Fan
    Cem Karaca Fan 17 days ago +1

    When Jayson misses a nearly impossible shot speakers are like "His leaving a chance to Joshua" are they picking a side or a race.

  • Hailey Mitchell
    Hailey Mitchell 18 days ago

    Someone explain the rules, do they have to shoot the balls in order or no

    • Kaitlyn
      Kaitlyn 18 days ago

      Yeah they have to hit the balls in order.

  • James Daly
    James Daly 19 days ago

    How sick do they look to be hearing rock the kasbah for the millionth time this evening

  • TrueBlueDC4L
    TrueBlueDC4L 20 days ago

    9:35 he's gonna cry in the locker room😂😂😂

  • manly cunt
    manly cunt 24 days ago

    Snooker is a game for professionals
    9 Ball is a game for drunken basic pub boiz

  • trust the government
    trust the government 24 days ago +1

    Ofcourse a Scotsman is the US champions pool player lmao, don't think any of you realise how much time we spend in pubs.

  • Cody Ross
    Cody Ross 24 days ago

    These pool matches would always be a lot better to watch if the commentators could just stop breathing into their mics so loud.

  • Mr President
    Mr President 25 days ago +3

    8:38 wtf 😂

  • Mr President
    Mr President 25 days ago +3

    "Did everything except go in" 😂😂😂

  • Sven Ripa
    Sven Ripa 25 days ago +2

    Filler has the same robotic moves as Arnold in Terminator I.

  • X Lightcameradeath
    X Lightcameradeath 25 days ago

    I can't believe how bad pool players are compared to snooker players. These guys wouldn't even qualify as janitors at The Crucible. Ridiculous.

    • Charlesbjtown
      Charlesbjtown 13 days ago

      These stupid British people are rabid with that snooker. Or should I say snoo...kah?

    • bobby galyon
      bobby galyon 24 days ago +2

      calm your tits its just a game

  • maxxsee
    maxxsee 25 days ago +2

    he blew that illuminati tattooed guy out of the water, makes me glad

  • John Salchichon
    John Salchichon 26 days ago

    So this is what schizophrenics listen

  • Always Decent
    Always Decent 26 days ago

    I’m here from miniclip

  • علاوي
    علاوي 26 days ago

    بس انا عربي😁

  • Blueycoolgaming
    Blueycoolgaming 26 days ago

    Angry German

  • Lil x Mac
    Lil x Mac 27 days ago +2

    1:01:14 😂 just waiting for a chance

  • Benwolio _
    Benwolio _ 28 days ago

    Is it just me or 9ball players are just lower tier snooker players?

  • Renz T
    Renz T 28 days ago +2

    One of the commentators sounds constipated

  • Christian Gentry
    Christian Gentry 28 days ago +1

    Brutal misqueue @32:30

  • theshyguitarist
    theshyguitarist 29 days ago

    Highly annoyed by the nasal voiced middle eastern voiced guy. Frickin obnoxious and difficult to listen to.
    Bofe? 🤣

  • Ives Akis
    Ives Akis 29 days ago +29

    a true shitshow of an audio production, but at the same time totally entertaining :D loving it!

  • tyler w
    tyler w Month ago

    funny how jayson shaw went from someone just for dechaine to beat every time to someone in the championships

  • More MultiMedia
    More MultiMedia Month ago


  • Debnath Shovan
    Debnath Shovan Month ago +1

    Jayson Shouldn't take the 2-9 combination at rack 4.

    • Scott Wade
      Scott Wade 21 day ago

      yep that's where shit went sour

  • MorningGlory
    MorningGlory Month ago +1

    Always amazes me as to how anyone can miss a shot on these tables.
    M A S S I V E pockets !

  • yunix collin
    yunix collin Month ago

    Filler has become an alpha dog in this sport

  • subaru connatoo
    subaru connatoo Month ago +174

    Me: Have never played 9 ball in my life
    Also me: Watches this whole video

    • Hakasauars
      Hakasauars 3 days ago

      That's because you're used to playing with 2 balls only not 9.

    • rdjr12
      rdjr12 11 days ago

      Jani ...what?.....

    • Kjell Ingvaldsen
      Kjell Ingvaldsen 11 days ago


    • TrueBlueDC4L
      TrueBlueDC4L 20 days ago +1

      Very interesting game here lol

    • Jani
      Jani Month ago

      That why 9 ball is considered as a good TV sport compared to games like straight pool and such :P. 10-ball is probably the next most entertaining for people who ain't into pool themselves.

  • CheckeeAintAmused
    CheckeeAintAmused Month ago +15

    Pool players are just bad snooker players. Change my mind.

    • RELIK 2K14
      RELIK 2K14 25 days ago +1

      They are two different games. Ronnie O’Sullivan has frequently been killed in in 8-ball and 9-ball. But he’s arguably the best snooker player of all time. You can be good at one game and not be good at another, it’s common.

    • drew f
      drew f 29 days ago +2

      @Trevian Smith 1) "Almost" 2) 9 ball is my least favorite pool game... And lastly 3) Any of the top 9 ball players would crush literally any snooker player (alive or dead) *in a game of 9 ball*... And any of the top snooker players would crush any 9 ball player (alive or dead) *in a game of snooker*. Thus proving my original point. =)

    • Trevian Smith
      Trevian Smith 29 days ago

      Jimmy White almost took out your 9 ball god Efren Reyas and hes a snooker player

    • 谢凡凡
      谢凡凡 Month ago +2

      On 9-ball table,Snooker players are like a shit. So are 9-ball players on snooker.They're different.

    • drew f
      drew f Month ago

      @Dylan Smith He did okay in 2015. But hasn't really don't anything huge outside of snooker since.

  • Jayy Worthy
    Jayy Worthy Month ago

    Hearing that commentators breathing annoying ashit

  • Trevor Gallant
    Trevor Gallant Month ago

    the audio in the background is sooooo fucking annnoying

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith Month ago

    Breathing all in the mic. Sounds disgusting.

  • Husain Alhayki
    Husain Alhayki Month ago +3

    9 ball tournaments are ridiculous considering that one player could go for 8 racks without reply s race to 11 is preposterous

  • mr2gti
    mr2gti Month ago +5

    Did Jayson cycle to the match?

  • Enoch Jem
    Enoch Jem Month ago +1

    "He has looked a treat"

  • Dani
    Dani Month ago

    Can the commentator not breath in the mic like that 🤢🤢

  • B
    B Month ago

    Expected to see more from "world champions"

    • Lucas Farrell
      Lucas Farrell Month ago +2

      Your statement is SUPER ignorant because there's a lot an inexperienced player doesn't see when watching this. They are both trying to sink the balls in pockets because that is the basic goal of the game, BUT they also are setting up their next shots. Many times they're setting up 2 or 3 shots ahead of what is being played. When they don't have a good shot they also make sure to set up the opponent for a bad shot instead of going for the risky sink. Pool is very much like chess instead of an active sport like baseball.

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson Month ago +2

    Efren would have devoured these two.

  • David Santellan
    David Santellan Month ago

    Joshua still sucks.

  • Sam WJ82
    Sam WJ82 Month ago +4

    15:30 to avoid the director saying which camera etc!

  • Carl Swenson
    Carl Swenson Month ago +1


  • Bacon Cat
    Bacon Cat Month ago +5

    15:20 "Oh No not now.." "Ok" "You can't now get it going" Hahahah ;D

  • Ratius Rattius
    Ratius Rattius Month ago

    Who is that fuckin asmr guy commentator? 🥰🥰

  • Muema Muema
    Muema Muema Month ago

    What a whopping

  • Dylan Knight
    Dylan Knight Month ago

    9 ball is such an easy game to play.

  • Luke Rickford
    Luke Rickford Month ago +7

    This is what the snookerheads don't acknowledge: the pressure of elite 9-ball tournament play is immense. Jayson misses a tough shot at 3-3 and suddenly it's 10-3 for Filler.
    They're different games, difficult in different ways.

    • NoiseBomb
      NoiseBomb Month ago +2

      Luke Rickford I see what you mean there but I would still argue that snooker is the more difficult game to play. Larger table means more difficult shots and the rounded deep corners don't help. But I like to watch both because there is definitely some more tension and speed in 8 ball and I quite like that.

  • tectorama
    tectorama Month ago

    I know a lot of people love this game, but it does nothing for me.

  • Aar Bar
    Aar Bar Month ago

    All killer no filler !

  • saumil bole
    saumil bole Month ago +1

    Why is Jon snow one of the commentators?

  • DeepFried Oreo
    DeepFried Oreo Month ago +42

    2016: RU-clip hustles Tetris
    2019: RU-clip hustles 9-Ball
    Why the hell am I getting 9-Ball in my recommended...
    Why the hell can't I stop watching 9-Ball...

    • Dan Joe
      Dan Joe 27 days ago

      Because of your profound love of balls 😉

    • DeepFried Oreo
      DeepFried Oreo Month ago

      @Tyler Swanson 777

    • Tyler Swanson
      Tyler Swanson Month ago +1

      If ur lucky itll start giving you ronnie o'sullivan recommendations. This happened to me too

    • TheGameClub
      TheGameClub Month ago +2

      @Luke Rickford hahahaha 😂

    • Luke Rickford
      Luke Rickford Month ago +4

      BOOM! Tetris for Jayson.

  • xamurai00
    xamurai00 Month ago +13

    Shaw fella looks like he should be grooming young kids into selling his drugs.

  • Phil Brown
    Phil Brown Month ago +85

    Hate it when commentators are put in the same room as vision mixers with a multi-camera set up. "cam one, cam two" constantly in the background of their audio.

    • bobby galyon
      bobby galyon 23 days ago +1

      @You've Just Been Triggered yupp thats exactly what i just said.

    • You've Just Been Triggered
      You've Just Been Triggered 23 days ago

      bobby galyon ""little things"....

    • bobby galyon
      bobby galyon 24 days ago +2

      If such little things like that bother you, id hate to imagine what your wife goes through on a daily basis.

    • You've Just Been Triggered
      You've Just Been Triggered Month ago +3

      I actually quite like it, it's shows you what's happening in the background. "2 down 2 look at the graphics" haha

    • kingRaineer
      kingRaineer Month ago +1

      didnt even notice that at first

  • Will A
    Will A Month ago +3

    Job Snow is a decent pool commentator

  • Raymond Holidjaja
    Raymond Holidjaja Month ago +1

    did he call for the hole on the very last 9-ball? at 1:10

  • William Gregor
    William Gregor Month ago +1

    "get a feel for the conditions out there"

    room temperature... relatively mild

    • dnbmania
      dnbmania Month ago +1

      Makes all the difference though

  • Mahamoud Foaud
    Mahamoud Foaud Month ago

    بيقلدني وانا بلعب 8 ball

  • UZ
    UZ Month ago

    Fucking Nigel. Get the graphics right man.

  • John Helmes
    John Helmes Month ago +7

    I'm sufficiently discouraged from ever playing pool again.

    • Jonathan Arent
      Jonathan Arent Month ago +1

      If all the players had that mindset we would never see great pool..if earl was in his prime, if shane wasn't on the road, shoulda woulda coulda

  • MarkThisWayAfter
    MarkThisWayAfter Month ago +11

    Too bad there will never be another player as good as Efren Reyes in his prime.

    • dnbmania
      dnbmania Month ago +1

      @FoxHound Dev O'Sullivan isnt good at pool unfortunately

    • FoxHound  Dev
      FoxHound Dev Month ago

      Lets talk O'sullivan

    • Luke Rickford
      Luke Rickford Month ago

      I believe there will be. The most unlikely major sports record to fall is Cal Ripken with consecutive games, due to changes in sports/ business management.
      Everything else, people will surprise you.

    • dnbmania
      dnbmania Month ago

      George Tierney is better

  • Jexy244
    Jexy244 Month ago


  • epichaia
    epichaia Month ago +1

    wtf 49:40

  • Sean Lyttle
    Sean Lyttle Month ago +15

    Love the fact you can hear the producer calling the camera shots in the background.

  • Fekix
    Fekix Month ago +1

    My he’s wearing jacket plz all I see is Nike and Predator logo (product placement)

    • SinfulMonk
      SinfulMonk Month ago

      Is it not called sponsorship? This is sports afterall

    • William Wallace
      William Wallace Month ago

      It's probably just what he feels most comfortable in my friend

  • Tictacwaw
    Tictacwaw Month ago +2

    Kasian gw liat ekspresi si jayson :')

  • Farrell Greyeyes
    Farrell Greyeyes Month ago +8

    Who is the main commentator in this?
    I've heard his voice for years and still have no face for him...
    He is a great commentator.

    • Ken Bell
      Ken Bell Month ago

      Do you mean Jim Wych?

  • BuNcH007
    BuNcH007 Month ago +69

    Can't continue watching this. That back round noise/talking is getting to me.

  • Mouad ytb
    Mouad ytb Month ago +2

    Luckiest player joshua

    • Aar Bar
      Aar Bar Month ago

      You should try your skill against him then, his luck can't last forever right ?

    • Mouad ytb
      Mouad ytb Month ago

      @Johnny he starts with luck so every break he made was lucky though

    • Johnny
      Johnny Month ago +1

      He only had a lucky shot. Everything else was great skill. Great cue ball control.

    • Jose deJesus
      Jose deJesus Month ago +2

      A little more than luck involved.

  • Mouad ytb
    Mouad ytb Month ago +4

    I enjoy watching this

  • rifais brader
    rifais brader Month ago +1

    Very Nice

  • MooNScreen
    MooNScreen Month ago +43

    that last shot was insane

    • Alex Anthony
      Alex Anthony 16 days ago

      DeJa Vu yes it is very funny... like why play pool🤷🏼‍♂️

    • DeJa Vu
      DeJa Vu 16 days ago

      @Alex Anthonyjobs? That's funny

    • Alex Anthony
      Alex Anthony Month ago

      MooNScreen yes they can thats why there is no money in pool😂😂😂 all these guys have jobs.

    • MooNScreen
      MooNScreen Month ago +11

      @Alex Anthony lol sure #AnYoNeCaNdOiT

    • Alex Anthony
      Alex Anthony Month ago

      MooNScreen lol that shot was straight in.... i mean definitely impressive for people that dont know 60/30 lines. 60/30 lines are the basic lines for making bank shots. Hitting the cue ball just below center to send the object ball on the line. Any english will throw the object ball. You can actually see him using his cue stick to find the line in case he didnt get shape with follow. #overrated

  • Fitam H
    Fitam H Month ago +5

    hahaha that celebration LOL
    what kind of illness is that?

    • Aar Bar
      Aar Bar Month ago

      Jealousy, oh you were talking about Joshua

    • Ghassan Afara
      Ghassan Afara Month ago +1

      What wrong with it?

  • yuzheng chen
    yuzheng chen Month ago

    What's that radio sounds is ?

    • Mr Stag
      Mr Stag 17 days ago

      Its all in your head

    • Sam 1
      Sam 1 Month ago

      It's the camera operator

  • فراس الحبيب
    فراس الحبيب Month ago +2

    العرب انطوني لايك