Top 10 Editing Fails in RuPaul's Drag Race

  • Published on Apr 26, 2018
  • Editing mistakes happen and the result in sometimes hilairious.
    Here are the Top 10 editing mistakes in RuPaul's Drag Race.
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      @Erik! Thank you henny

    • Erik!
      Erik! Month ago +1

      Top RPDR videos I'm so sorry this is happening

  • Marcus Bell
    Marcus Bell 14 hours ago

    I’m sorry you can clearly see that Kennedy has a different outfit in the workroom this isn’t a mistake

  • hanna cave
    hanna cave 10 days ago

    And i oop-

  • bruno conceição
    bruno conceição 10 days ago


  • Florencia Cossio
    Florencia Cossio 10 days ago

    can you give me the name of the song in the end

  • JM
    JM 10 days ago

    A melhor parte é da Katya kkkkk
    Katya fumando corta pra Katya no sofa
    Katya em pé e corta pra Katya no sofá
    Katya no sofá de quatro dançando, corta pra Katya sentada no sofá 😂😂😂😂

  • Troll Loool
    Troll Loool 12 days ago

    Remember in all stars 2 phi phi was shady looks in the mirror and they edited it to make it look she was giving those looks to Alyssa but you she’s not based on a stool placement in the background

  • Imperfect Apollo
    Imperfect Apollo 15 days ago

    In Death Becomes Her Untucked, as Kennedy Davenport tells the story behind her outfit, they edited Ru's 'Oh'. (She's lucky her team won otherwise she'd have been in the bottom.)

  • Mara Smith
    Mara Smith 17 days ago

    season 2 was a mess

  • Ben Bataluna
    Ben Bataluna 22 days ago

    Rupaul's Boobs... LOL!

  • Derek Power
    Derek Power 24 days ago +1

    Rule 1 of going on drag race, everyone knows if you can't teleport from 1 scene to another, you're not doing drag!

  • Sergio Teixeira
    Sergio Teixeira 24 days ago

    All stars 4, trinity does the exact same laugh three times in a row for the plastic runway

  • Nicole Kucharski
    Nicole Kucharski 25 days ago

    She kept putting more stickers on and other sides

  • Lonely Spider
    Lonely Spider 27 days ago

    Oh and heres a mistake..
    They eliminated katya..

  • hi i
    hi i 28 days ago

    S7 ep11 ginger teleports to the back of the stage

  • hi i
    hi i 28 days ago

    William sticker was on different sides I think

  • Andre Brandon
    Andre Brandon 28 days ago +1

    Omg RuPauls deformed boob... ooof they got her there hahahah mama ru is that my new pair of socks I lost???? Or is that your boob

  • I say say i
    I say say i 28 days ago

    Maybe no.8 was the Mandela effect

  • Malaika tries It
    Malaika tries It 29 days ago

    Love the Hyuna - bubble pop song at the end

  • Jack L
    Jack L 29 days ago

    What's the song playing at the end of this vid?

  • Tyler Misencik
    Tyler Misencik Month ago

    one edit wrong in all stars 2.... When Alaska won instead of Katya

  • Macadamia fever
    Macadamia fever Month ago

    3:19 Yikes! That some ashy busted mug on RuPaul! Lol

  • Ramiro Gudiño Chavez

    Mentiras, en el número 2 “el fantasma de max” ni violet ni ginger tienen esas ropa y el cabello así 😒

  • Milán Horváth
    Milán Horváth Month ago +2

    In sitting on a secret performance you can see it was 2 takes cuz he piece of clothing on the ground teleports from one place to another. And in AS3 talent show aja teleports forward like 3 steps.

  • Lukas Hass
    Lukas Hass Month ago +1

    Well I guess it should take a lot of time editing a tv show like this one when they’re constructing tediously a complete different and opposite version of actual events. Phi phi O’Hara talked about the editing distortionism that plagues RPDR in one of her interviews.
    Time to stop watching.
    Tv execs serve it, and we eat it like strawberry shortcake.

    • Top RPDR videos
      Top RPDR videos  Month ago

      That is so true. We are finishing a video about it, it will be out next week

  • Jorge Baltazar
    Jorge Baltazar Month ago

    Y’all forgot to put when Trixie beat Shangela in AS2

  • chem cult
    chem cult Month ago

    also the time the flag logo they use to show names/runway themes kept showing up on the screen for 2 mins one episode, i cant remember what season but it mightve been season 9?

  • MakiBugSplat
    MakiBugSplat Month ago +2

    Season 11 Brooke Lynn's necklace in Dragacadabra show appears and disappears a couple times

  • P Iris
    P Iris Month ago +1

    *deformed boob realness*

  • Debbilicious
    Debbilicious Month ago

    I know this is an old clip, but btw 7:07 is an entirely different cut they have different positions and different clothes.

  • Ginger Dog
    Ginger Dog Month ago +2

    That Katya one made me laugh so much

  • Paola Lara
    Paola Lara Month ago

    In the Trump the Rusical challenge in season 11, you can see that Ariel’s cardigan goes back and forth from open to tied close during her performance, especially at the end of Moscow Dreams!!

  • Ashley Ueland
    Ashley Ueland Month ago

    In season 7 during the first part of the snatch game untucked violet and pearls drinks constantly get magically refilled

  • Hazel
    Hazel Month ago +1

    This is why I prefer Dragula lmao

  • My Ham Speaks
    My Ham Speaks Month ago

    The thumbnail doesn't work

    • My Ham Speaks
      My Ham Speaks Month ago

      I did

    • Top RPDR videos
      Top RPDR videos  Month ago

      @therealdyl No worries! Hope you enjoyed it

    • My Ham Speaks
      My Ham Speaks Month ago

      @Top RPDR videos I didnt understand until I watched the video that it was ghost max. I thought it was just a random arrow, sorry

    • Top RPDR videos
      Top RPDR videos  Month ago

      What do you mean?

  • Ángeles Segovia
    Ángeles Segovia Month ago

    In 7:00 and 7:08 everything is sooooooo different, Ginger has a ponytail, Violet is vearing a cap, Kennedy teleports, really terrible edition!

  • Xiao Cheng
    Xiao Cheng Month ago +3


  • 『Izzy』
    『Izzy』 Month ago

    In season five right before Alaska's entrance there was a shot where I saw a dress that looked exactly like her

  • Syd Casanova
    Syd Casanova Month ago

    compilation of the looks the reigning queens wear for the next coronation plsss

  • Rin Ju
    Rin Ju Month ago

    Katyas wasn’t edited that’s just katya being katya

  • i'm mcrying
    i'm mcrying Month ago

    there’s an episode in season 10 where aquaria has her boy hair styled like wolverine and suddenly in the next cut she has a completely different style, i almost choked

  • BathTimeTyler
    BathTimeTyler Month ago

    Season 4 Episode 7:
    When Latrice is talking to the other girls about why she doesn’t like the term “marriage” to be used for a gay couple and it should be something else, we see Latrice applying her makeup, she goes from having none to having a whole face with a bit on her lower cheek missing. The camera then shows her with that spot covered. A few seconds later it shows her cheek to have nothing there again. Straight after she then has it covered again.

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez Month ago +1

    Seeing these HD clips makes me want to buy the season bc I can only find the free episodes online that are 320p 😔😣😭

  • Adam Garlond
    Adam Garlond Month ago

    I saw this in my recommended, and it’s subtle, but in untucked season 9 of Pilot on Fire episode where Shea coulee is talking about Nina, her mask keeps switching from being fully on her face to her mouth showing (for her beverage).

  • Comet Crookshanks
    Comet Crookshanks Month ago

    Theres a time in season 6, snatch game i think, were adore is putti g on makeup and thr next scene, were bianca says to her that she can use her spare cincher, adore has no makeup on.
    Also in snatch game season 6, DeLa can be shown, full face of makeup, wrinkles and all that jazz when Ru is speaking to her ab9ut her snatch game, but when Ru calls everyone over, she is shown only to be just applying her makeup.

  • Ann Mendoza
    Ann Mendoza Month ago

    you also forgot their re occuring laugh tracks. Like they repeat it in a diff moment.

  • Kylemaddockss
    Kylemaddockss Month ago

    Ariels monster dress , one second the scales are facing up wards , the next second they are facing downwards 😬

  • Viih Envy Oddly
    Viih Envy Oddly Month ago +1

    You forgot to mention some lip syncs from Season 2, which has several continuity errors. The lip sync are Shangela vs Sahara, Sahara vs Morgan and Sonique vs Morgan. I love you your channel ❤

    • Viih Envy Oddly
      Viih Envy Oddly Month ago

      @Top RPDR videos Could you make a video about ?? please💙💙

    • Top RPDR videos
      Top RPDR videos  Month ago +1

      @Viih Envy Oddly Oh yes, lip-syncs are full of those, especially in the earlier seasons

    • Viih Envy Oddly
      Viih Envy Oddly Month ago +1

      @Top RPDR videos the mistakes are kind, the Sahara is on one side of the stage and two seconds after the other. The Shangela makes the death drop and soon in the same place the Sahara also does. Such errors. This make sense?? 💜💜💜

    • Top RPDR videos
      Top RPDR videos  Month ago +1

      Thank you! What do you mean by continuity errors?

  • Min.Yoongi
    Min.Yoongi Month ago

    Willams stickers was just her turning the boat round

  • Adrian Mellon
    Adrian Mellon Month ago +1

    Lmao ru's boob tho

  • eve fos
    eve fos Month ago +1

    in season 8 episode 1, when violet is describing Naomi in her photo shoot, violet says ‘she looks really *h o t* ’ and it sounds weird, and it’s another Mexican moment where violet actually says ‘she looks really c*nty’ lol

  • Yara M
    Yara M Month ago

    and i oop

  • Emma Dietsch
    Emma Dietsch 2 months ago

    there was two with trinity on as4. they had a plastic themed runway and every time a judge made a joke in the critiques they would use the same clip of her laughing. and also they’ve used her saying the words “turning it out” from a confessional for two completely different episodes

  • Eli Belcher
    Eli Belcher 2 months ago

    Click bait

  • Josie Smith
    Josie Smith 2 months ago

    with willam and the boat i’m sure that she was just turning it around and putting stickers on the other sides

  • Popdot 08
    Popdot 08 2 months ago

    Number 3 with max is fake coz ginger changes clothes

  • Stevie Jackson
    Stevie Jackson 2 months ago

    In season five in the "can i get an amen" episode, detox also has a nifty ventriloquist act as coco calls her out in the work room. Its while they were getting dressed for the runway

  • Danitza
    Danitza 2 months ago

    so so so so so bad editing in season 1x01 start with one in the photo challenge... since then I olny LOL of editing on RPDR!!! ajajjajajajaja

  • Katy Colbert
    Katy Colbert 2 months ago

    Category is video. Sasha is nearly out of view like Shea and Trinity. near the beginning when Peppermint starts her section, but camera change puts her back into the middle of the stage

  • Sgr A*
    Sgr A* 2 months ago

    In season 9, episode 10, while the queens are preparing to makeover the crew for the runway, they repeat Sasha's laugh over and over again using the take from different angles, sometimes only zooming on her face, but it's all the exact moment. Personally I loved it, I could hear Sasha laugh or talk all day.

  • Rachel Taylor
    Rachel Taylor 2 months ago

    I'm rewatching season 4 and they really did Phi Phi dirty with the editing, I'm paying more attention to her outfit changes during the confessions and how they mashed different sentences together to make her "say" something different and bitchy

    • Top RPDR videos
      Top RPDR videos  2 months ago

      We have a special segment on that, it'll come out in july, as soon as we finish dealing with copyright issues on the channel

  • Meli Cruz
    Meli Cruz 2 months ago


  • Mediocre Generica
    Mediocre Generica 2 months ago

    Editor 1: "I think we can re-use this clip of Katya a couple times. How many times should we do that?"
    Editor 2: "Yes"

  • Emma LeForte
    Emma LeForte 2 months ago +1

    Bro did anyone notice the fail in S5 Ep10? With the little tire track thing in the corner that shows up constantly through cocos elimination?

  • Norleetha M
    Norleetha M 2 months ago

    The stickers had me dead
    . like wtf is goin on

  • Elizabeth Crossley
    Elizabeth Crossley 2 months ago

    These were tame af

  • Nymeria Sutcliff
    Nymeria Sutcliff 2 months ago

    The editors love Katya THAT much. We can't fault them

  • Macadamia fever
    Macadamia fever 2 months ago

    *RuPaul's wonky boob has left the chat*

  • Stu P.
    Stu P. 2 months ago


  • Celina Fernandes
    Celina Fernandes 2 months ago

    The boat was he was doing the different sides

  • Joshmc26 26
    Joshmc26 26 2 months ago

    That's is a different shot from a different episode because people have changed places and put on new clothes in that short time

  • Voodoo Kitty
    Voodoo Kitty 2 months ago


  • Ididnotwanttojoin
    Ididnotwanttojoin 2 months ago


  • Fblthp The Lost
    Fblthp The Lost 2 months ago

    There was one major anomaly that I was surprised that nobody noticed, it was this glitch where in season 11 Silky Nutmeg Ganache managed to somehow be still on the show up until the finale - a really blatant error that they really should have fixed

  • Mhike Cyron
    Mhike Cyron 2 months ago

    Now i remember why i fucking hate ginger she is full of shit