Secrets HIDDEN Inside the White House!

  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
  • The White House stands tall, but not too tall. It’s a big, mansion-like edifice but it doesn’t look to ostentatious. Tourists visit all the time, and people love taking pictures from the fence of the Front Lawn--but have you ever wondered what happens behind those many doors? Keep watching to find out!
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    5. Under Pressure
    When you’re the leader of a country, you rarely spend a lot of time alone. For the U.S. president, the Oval Office is one of the few places where you can be alone, even if it’s only for a little bit. That means security for this small space is very tight. With all those big windows behind the desk, one would think the president is a sitting duck, but there’s a reason he can sit in that area so safely. Anyone walking into the Oval Office already has to be careful about not moving things to not set off alarms. On top of that (or below that), there are also pressure pads in the floor! These pads are weight-sensitive and are installed so that the secret service is aware of exactly where the president is at all times. Outside the room, the agents stand armed with heavy weapons.
    4. The Pool Passage
    We all know about the fountain at the front of the house, but former president Gerald Ford thought the exterior needed a little more water. Ford, an avid swimmer, insisted the White House needed a new pool after the older indoor pool (which dated back to the times of FDR) had to be removed to make way for the press room. So, in 1975, he had an outdoor pool installed in the back area of the property. Alongside the pool is a cabana so that the First Family could shower and change their clothes, all while being shielded from the public eye. There is also a secret passageway in the West Wing that leads to the pool, so the family doesn’t need to cross the lawn in their swimsuits.

    3. Down In The Basement
    And of course, there’s a basement. In scary books, the basement to a big house is usually creepy and dark and full of secrets. However, the White House basement is anything but! Located under the North Portico (the North Lawn where the fountain is), the basement includes amenities like a carpenter’s shop, a flower shop, and even a dentist office! In 1969, Richard Nixon added a bowling alley! You’ll also find the extended collection of the White House Library. Additional rooms in the white house include a game room, complete with a billiard table, and a family theater where you can sit down in red seats and get served some popcorn!

    2. A Political Zoo
    Humans aren’t the only animals that walk through the property of the White House. In the past, presidents have owned not just cats and dogs, but much more exotic animals as pets. When John Quincy Adams was the POTUS, he had an alligator that resided in the bathroom! Have you ever heard of the name Emily Spinach? That was Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter’s pet snake! Then there was Calvin Coolidge who owned a whole menagerie of animals such as a wallaby, a hippo, a bobcat, lion cubs, and a bear!

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  • Paulie Harrow
    Paulie Harrow 2 months ago

    I'm Not fond of this video. Why isn't Our PRESIDENT TRUMP in there, He's been in office long enough now. We don't want to see a Traitor in the White House with his husband. ..Please make a Completely New, up to date version with OUR REAL PRESIDENT and a REAL MAN. Thank you.

  • Baron Wolfenstein
    Baron Wolfenstein 2 months ago

    Who do you think your fooling Talltanic...?! Your just another channel that's "woke" Mr. Trump WILL win in 2020, get over it... 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤣🤣🤣!!

  • Oldenweery
    Oldenweery 2 months ago

    Very interesting look into the Executive Mansion. Thanks. Apparently, a fairly significant number of people have seen Lincoln's ghost, but I saw a program a few years ago that said there's ghost _cat_ somewhere in the bowels of the building (or was that the Capitol Building; someone correct me if I'm wrong). Supposedly, it's only sighted when someone is going to die. No thanks, much as I like cats, someone else can have that one! BTW, there was also supposed to be a secret passage JFK used when he wanted to go out for some "recreation" (wink, wink), but it was there long before he took office.

  • Naughty Roth
    Naughty Roth 2 months ago +1

    I'd make them put a urinal in my shower why ? Why not ?!?!

  • Journeystomake Alkebulan
    Journeystomake Alkebulan 2 months ago +1

    What an infidel #45 is!!

  • Journeystomake Alkebulan
    Journeystomake Alkebulan 2 months ago +3

    I love you President Obama!!

    • Oldenweery
      Oldenweery 2 months ago

      You are not alone. There are more racists in the world now, proportionally, than at any time in history. (Hell, 20-30 years ago there were more Nazis than in the '20s through '40s.)

  • Journeystomake Alkebulan
    Journeystomake Alkebulan 2 months ago +1

    I never watch the West Wing but I have eaten at the West Wing Cafe in Washington D.C.

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina 2 months ago +1

    Secret underground bunker in case of nuclear attack etc

  • K K K OK
    K K K OK 2 months ago +2

    Who knows the secret between monica and bill in the oval office?😂😂😂

    • Journeystomake Alkebulan
      Journeystomake Alkebulan 2 months ago +1

      Hahaha that's so funny! What a great joke! Nobody has ever heard of those two how clever you are!

  • rdstirewalt
    rdstirewalt 2 months ago +6

    makes me sick seeing traitor o in that house.

    • Oldenweery
      Oldenweery 2 months ago

      @Journeystomake Alkebulan Right, but he should be sure he takes off his aluminum foil hat, or they'll think he's demented.

    • Journeystomake Alkebulan
      Journeystomake Alkebulan 2 months ago

      Go to the hospital then!

  • Paul Cowlishaw
    Paul Cowlishaw 2 months ago +1

    White house has a cunt in there at the moment he needs to go

  • CaaptainEuro
    CaaptainEuro 2 months ago +1

    Better than the things

  • Itz GamerEddie
    Itz GamerEddie 2 months ago +3

    Being irish never knew that the white house was built from Leinster house

    • Laurence von Winkenburger
      Laurence von Winkenburger 2 months ago

      It's a nice fiction I think. Everywhere Europeans colonised in the c18th has similar buildings for the governor or administration. It's a style called classiscism or neo classicism , based on a search via Palladio and Vitruvious for an 'ideal architecture' which was believed to have existed in classical Rome and Greece.. You can see examples in Britain France and Germany of course and many in Ireland , where they were built as mansions and country retreats for the ruling class , as well as in India , all over east Asian ports , Jakarta, all over south America too, where they served to convey the moral authority and 'civilizing' aspect of the European empires. A great fiction ! But beautiful nonetheless.

  • Sekouri Hodge
    Sekouri Hodge 2 months ago +1


  • Luxus Häuser
    Luxus Häuser 2 months ago +1

    These things are already in the public domain.

    • K K K OK
      K K K OK 2 months ago

      Its hard to manually research

  • Luke’s Life!
    Luke’s Life! 2 months ago +1

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  • DgoCrazyFr
    DgoCrazyFr 2 months ago +4

    Who else love Taltanic
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  • pokemonlover2 2
    pokemonlover2 2 2 months ago +2

    Wow didint know that