Top 10 Celebrity Interview Meltdowns

  • Published on Dec 18, 2017
  • Top 10 Celebrity Interview Meltdowns
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    Well, these stars sure lost their composure… and on television no less. From Mel Gibson to Joan Rivers and Kanye West, many stars have given explosive, shocking or just plain bizarre interviews. WatchMojo is counting down the most infamous celebrity outbursts during interviews.
    Need more awkward interview moments? Check out our other lists of the Top 10 Awkward Celebrity Interviews:, Top 10 Cringiest Celebrity Interview Walkouts: and Top 10 Most Embarrassing Political Interview Fails:
    #10: Mel Gibson
    #9: Crispin Glover
    #8: Quentin Tarantino
    #7: Billy Bob Thornton
    #6: Joan Rivers
    #5: Kanye West
    #4: Paula Abdul
    #3, #2 & #1???
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Comments • 1 286

  • justin h
    justin h 7 days ago

    Do yoy know what a meltdown is?..... Im only on #7, but these arent meltdowns.....

  • justin h
    justin h 7 days ago

    The mel gibson one wasnt a meltdown... And he was totally right. It was years ago that shit happened...

  • laursouth52
    laursouth52 13 days ago

    I’m not a Joan Rivers fan but it seems like the interviewer just didn’t like her from the start and she is using smiling as sarcasm?

  • Ms Bliss
    Ms Bliss 14 days ago

    10 celebrity meltdowns you can't hear because of the narrator 👎🏻

  • Annielises Mercedes
    Annielises Mercedes 18 days ago

    Watch Mojo fiesta you say this videos are takebacks and on this one are meltdown?? Make up your minds

  • Sin Sanity
    Sin Sanity 20 days ago

    Wish you'd let us watch the interviews instead of a dumbass play by play.

  • whatthefuckisdisshit
    whatthefuckisdisshit 25 days ago

    This sucks

  • Death is A Businessman

    Charlie Sheen will always be a goddamn national treasure.

  • Matt Leese
    Matt Leese Month ago

    could the host just stfu and play the footage plzz

  • World Citizen
    World Citizen Month ago

    These clips suck because of the analysis of the host. Just shut the F#@K up and play the interviews. Spare us your commentary!!!

  • Fidel
    Fidel Month ago

    Jian was fired from CBC radio for abusing women.

  • Ruth DreamLand New Jerusalem Abba Father

    Kanye West is a Huge Ass**** , crazy narcissistic idiot, I don't care who he is, how many awards he got, all the success he had/have , it ain't worth it if you are a JERK!!!!!

  • multisphere1
    multisphere1 Month ago

    All of them just awesome! This nothingness “ journalists” deserve this.

  • kurtemus
    kurtemus 2 months ago

    90 percent narraration, let us hear what they said instead of talking over them telling us what they said while theyre sayin it. I know that's this channels Method of operation but it's annoying

  • Rebel Studios
    Rebel Studios 2 months ago +1

    I think Paula was Drunk at the time

  • New Paradigm Beings
    New Paradigm Beings 2 months ago

    R. Kelly on pt. 2 please.

  • kj
    kj 2 months ago +1

    Her comedy didn’t have boundaries... tho and Kanye’s is a moron ...

  • Marvin Branker
    Marvin Branker 2 months ago +1

    Judgemental assholes

  • Listen To Reason
    Listen To Reason 2 months ago

    Chris needs a kick in the face for beating women

  • OrangeWolf Games
    OrangeWolf Games 2 months ago

    What about Joaquin Phoenix? There’s an interview where the interviewer basically baits him and messes with him and he has absolutely none of it. He doesn’t go back at the interviewer directly but he does look very mad and then just walks away.
    I saw it in a video called Joaquin Phoenix appears aggressive to journalist.

  • Jetze Schaafsma
    Jetze Schaafsma 2 months ago

    Most of these are not meltdowns, though. Just interviewer that didn't know when to stop, or just ignoring the instructions they were given.

  • The Invisible Man
    The Invisible Man 2 months ago

    MK Ultra😵.This is just NOT normal behavior.🤪

  • George Black
    George Black 2 months ago

    The fact that the Kanye entry was NOT his Seay in the Morning interview is super interesting to me.

    #MAGA MAN 2 months ago

    No mention of Vince McMahon meltdown on Bob Costas? Or Kanye on Sway?

  • Neon Jay
    Neon Jay 2 months ago

    "doesn't actually show you anything" but talks over everything instead

  • paul mooney
    paul mooney 2 months ago

    I'd prefer just the videos without unnecessary narration drowning it out.

  • William Cortelyou
    William Cortelyou 2 months ago +1

    Whooooa, Paula was tripping balls right der!

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ 2 months ago

    Letterman the 🐐

  • SuperApril34
    SuperApril34 2 months ago +2

    I hope they make an updated list cuz R. Kelly's interview with Gayle King would top it.

  • Sound of Madness
    Sound of Madness 2 months ago

    2 years later none of these interviews kintop R.Kelly

  • Yoonji-m
    Yoonji-m 2 months ago

    Please make a new one with R-Kelly 😂😂😂

  • Walmer Imy
    Walmer Imy 2 months ago

    Quentin had a right to shut him down. That interviewer is an ass. In all of his interviews.

  • L.B. Martinez
    L.B. Martinez 3 months ago

    So many celebrities people worship for shit... I love real talent... real music real artistry

  • Popskiptea
    Popskiptea 3 months ago +1

    The guy interviewing Tarantino has a reputation for pissing people off. He asks personal questions he knows will get a reaction. Even after Tarantino says no, he keeps pressing the same subject, so it’s no wonder the guy gets mad.

  • Wayne Green
    Wayne Green 3 months ago

    Paula on coke mouth all crooked

  • Ghost Tribe
    Ghost Tribe 3 months ago

    Ok this is 3:00 minutes of my life your talking to much play the clip first then talk.

  • Mark Walker
    Mark Walker 3 months ago

    Kanye West, can that guy fall off a cliff to his death already? Geeze!!!

  • Bangpaulxu
    Bangpaulxu 3 months ago

    R. Kelly will be added to this now

    ZACHD0ESGAMING YT 3 months ago

    *R KELLY*

  • Floyd Thomas
    Floyd Thomas 3 months ago +1

    They should add r Kelly interview on the top 10 celebrity meltdown

  • James Bond
    James Bond 3 months ago +3

    If they update this list R. Kelly will have the #1 spot. Lmao

  • Polythene Pam
    Polythene Pam 3 months ago

    Gotta add R. Kelly to the list

  • Terd Ferguson
    Terd Ferguson 3 months ago

    Hows Ms.MOJO doing? yea thought so.

  • Los Niner
    Los Niner 3 months ago

    I think you need to look up the word meltdown..

  • Los Niner
    Los Niner 3 months ago

    LMAO!.. Kanye and the Chipmunks is one funny guy.. what they give him lol

  • Nyght Ryder
    Nyght Ryder 3 months ago

    Redo this list and add R. Kelly

  • De Leon
    De Leon 3 months ago

    Just play the fucking video stop talking through it. We’d understand all of it from the actual video ... my suggestion.

  • Jeffy Supreme Diaper Taco

    Is it just me or are they taking the journalists and interviewers side on all of these. None of these including kanyes is a breakdown. Kanye just listed his role models and who he wants to be like.

  • First Last
    First Last 3 months ago

    What ???
    No catch me outside ?

  • Lucifer Sam
    Lucifer Sam 3 months ago

    If Kanye is a talented genius, than I'm the second coming of Jesus Christ!

  • Mekhi Robinson
    Mekhi Robinson 3 months ago

    R.Kelly number 1 now

  • Trey Lawrence
    Trey Lawrence 3 months ago

    Wow..... Y’all really Reached on that Kanye One... it was NOT that Dramatic...

  • Ayesha Jasmine
    Ayesha Jasmine 3 months ago

    I love that kanye was listing jesus casually

  • Thomas Muck
    Thomas Muck 3 months ago +1

    R Kelly... anywhere?

  • eric braga
    eric braga 3 months ago

    The Tom cruise vs Matt lauer interview is actually a super interesting listen. Tom brings up some great points.

  • Dillusion
    Dillusion 3 months ago

    Who here after R Kelly interview?

  • Mr. Divery
    Mr. Divery 3 months ago

    Could easily make 10 just about Kenya

  • Chelsa Snider
    Chelsa Snider 3 months ago +26

    You guys should have let us hear the rants more than the voice over.

  • Daniel Ellis
    Daniel Ellis 3 months ago

    paula abdul was TWEAKING

  • Bout Tree Fiddy
    Bout Tree Fiddy 3 months ago

    I'm here because of R. Kelly

  • Dee Pee
    Dee Pee 3 months ago

    Without reading comments i know ppl went CRAZY woth mk ultra and the usual when they saw paula. I already know word for word what was said...

  • Michael Colello
    Michael Colello 3 months ago

    OMG, no offense to Joan, but she sounds like Trump.

  • BEryl DragOn
    BEryl DragOn 3 months ago +23

    R KELLY's Dilemma finally caught up to him 😆😆😆😆

  • BigMike
    BigMike 3 months ago +3

    No R Kelly on the list?

  • Matt Pat
    Matt Pat 3 months ago +2

    Yo lady stop talking so much and let us hear the clips!

  • Christopher J
    Christopher J 4 months ago

    No Kanye, Stan Lee, Freddie Mercury, Steve Jobs, JK Rowling, Stevie Nicks, to name some, those are creative geniuses, you're a joke.

  • ApplyUrBrain
    ApplyUrBrain 4 months ago

    Yap, yap, yap. What an annoying voice, and we get more of that than we get actual footage. Look, you're not the star. Stop telling us what happened and SHOW us what happened. You talk 3 times as much as the tiny little bits of video you show us. Spend most of the time showing us the full clips, and LESS time blabbing away about what you're not showing us. We don't need you to explain. Just show us. Longer clips, less of you, please.

  • John Holmes
    John Holmes 4 months ago

    Please remove your video's...its interrupting ALL THE ADS!

  • Ross E
    Ross E 4 months ago

    How about less talking about the meltdown and just show it to us and let us experience it ourselves?

    NIK DA GREEK 4 months ago

    Tarentino lit up the same dude Robert Downey jr. did. I don't find that a coincidence.

    NIK DA GREEK 4 months ago

    people can say what they will but I love Mel Gibson, hes an awesome actor and equally great director. We all have problems we all make mistakes. And as far as racism goes, the dude grew up in a different time, he like all of us looks up to his elders and believes they know best. So because of it making racial slurs while intoxicated does NOT make him a racist. He could of simply register in his mind something someone said offensive and repeated it while incoherent. Hes a talented man who was hurt because of his money hungry bitch wife who was using him. Now hes remarried happy and everyone that works with him loves him. Hes right that guy was an asshole leave the past alone. I im a drug addict whos 10 years sober, if I have success within the next few years am I going to like it if one of you post a comment asking me how will the public perceive me since I was a junkie???? im going to call you an asshole

  • Mike O
    Mike O 4 months ago

    Mel had every right to be pissed. That was a loaded question and honestly I’m sick of how certain media outlets portray celebrity addicts and alcoholics as sideshow attractions! Especially when they have gotten clean and sober! Fair question?? Fuck off!

  • Allie Clement
    Allie Clement 4 months ago

    We all make mistakes, would you want people asking you about your past on television?? I know I wouldn’t!

  • Lindsay Gillard
    Lindsay Gillard 4 months ago

    And I don’t blame Chris Brown for being upset. He is there to talk about his ALBUM not his past!

  • Lindsay Gillard
    Lindsay Gillard 4 months ago +3

    Paula is obviously high as a damn kite!

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson 5 months ago

    Mel Gibson is just trying to move on. People are such hypocrites they act like they have never said or done anything they don't regret they are just flawless I guess. But if they're lives were under a fine tooth comb half of the people in the world would be ashamed

  • jugando con nayra
    jugando con nayra 5 months ago

    You should leave the videos more and talk less

  • Albert Ortiz
    Albert Ortiz 5 months ago

    Paula is coked up her jaw says it all

  • Patrick Barnes
    Patrick Barnes 5 months ago

    The reasons for Goverment shut downs maybe not even fake CNN just the movie makers

  • Patrick Barnes
    Patrick Barnes 5 months ago

    The sneaky snakes

  • Javi Ruiz
    Javi Ruiz 5 months ago

    Kanye is so sad and pathetic!

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee 5 months ago

    I can’t stand Kanye west

  • Kipper
    Kipper 5 months ago

    Stop talking and just show the interviews!!

  • jonas nguza
    jonas nguza 5 months ago

    Don’t EVERY..try to play mind games with the Cruise

  • Ray2Jerry
    Ray2Jerry 5 months ago

    Hey how about showing more than 3 seconds of each interview instead of yammering on!!

  • Richard Navasca
    Richard Navasca 5 months ago +1

    I wouldn't be surprise Kanye West would be in this list.

  • Darius Scales
    Darius Scales 6 months ago

    I think I'm the shit too

  • James Michael Harding
    James Michael Harding 6 months ago

    CuntYe West

  • Tallulah Lawksley
    Tallulah Lawksley 6 months ago

    Poor Chris Brown beats up a woman and can't deal with it being spoken about. He can't control his temper and he's lucky he's not locked up with his psychotic behaviour.

  • Dominique Hoskins
    Dominique Hoskins 6 months ago

    I feel like there is too much talking during the clips. Let us watch.

  • Ikaika Maleko
    Ikaika Maleko 6 months ago

    "Are we serious????" LOL

  • Waldgedanken
    Waldgedanken 6 months ago

    Klaus Kinski is the father of meltdowns. Real ones. This stuff is mild.

  • Mark Younger
    Mark Younger 6 months ago

    When Kanye West is put in front of a camera, whoever is stupid enough to do that deserves everything they get!,, Why is mental illness given that format?

  • Howling Burd19
    Howling Burd19 6 months ago

    Celebrity meltdowns are soooooo entertaining xD

  • Carol Benson
    Carol Benson 7 months ago

    I won't ever watch Quinten Tarantino movies.

  • Lil Quavis
    Lil Quavis 7 months ago

    3:12 when you shot first but died

  • Jason Bouskill
    Jason Bouskill 7 months ago

    then let the clips roll and leave the audio alone and stop talking i wanna hear the actors not you

  • Jason Bouskill
    Jason Bouskill 7 months ago

    quit cutting out the speaking points when the actor is speaking and be quiet interduce and count down but dont speak or cut out the audio when were trying to hear what the actor is trying to say

  • Jason Bouskill
    Jason Bouskill 7 months ago

    rivers edge was not released in 91 it was made in 86 and released in 87 lady you need to get your dates right on movie releases

  • Jason Bouskill
    Jason Bouskill 7 months ago

    stop talking and let the actor say what there gonna say