The Top Fairy Tale Videos of Studio C

  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
  • The Top Fairy Tale Videos of Studio C. Once upon a time there were many hilarious sketches about Princesses, Wizards, Fairies, and all other sorts of magical beings. Now upon a time we have collected all the best ones and put them in a compilation. Enjoy!

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    The Top Fairy Tale Videos of Studio C
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Comments • 1 065

  • Studio C
    Studio C  5 months ago +481

    Would you be the hero or the villain in a fairy tale? (Be honest...) 🧚

    • Chaos Chaos!
      Chaos Chaos! 8 hours ago

      I'd be a random peasant in the background

    • imfunnyipromise
      imfunnyipromise 2 days ago

      Villain through and through

    • Ash Hixx
      Ash Hixx 3 days ago

      I want to be hero that turns out to evil so both villains win. Also villains are way cooler and more powerful.

      MALLORY PRUDHOMME 4 days ago

      Hopefully not

    • Claire Bear
      Claire Bear 5 days ago

      Villain. Just cause I'm always the one causing trouble.

  • Jamison Christiansen
    Jamison Christiansen 2 hours ago

    the couch people

  • Ashley Landsberg
    Ashley Landsberg 3 hours ago

    Isn’t anyone in the royal family fit to rule?
    I speak to my mirror and merger people who are prettier than me.
    I’m only a princess because in found a pea under my mattress.
    I used to be a frog!

  •  4 hours ago

    a villain for sure

  • imfunnyipromise
    imfunnyipromise 2 days ago

    “And you lived happily ever after”
    Mhm. We’ll go with that.

  • Charlotte Nowlin
    Charlotte Nowlin 2 days ago

    The gift of KFC

  •  5 days ago +1

    I really liked the Couchville sketch, but I thought it a shame that Couchville: The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back wasn't included. 😄

  • Kahpetupa Productions
    Kahpetupa Productions 7 days ago +1

    did anyone else notice the tower jiggling?

  • Mike Noble
    Mike Noble 9 days ago

    I have been watching Studio C for a while now. I think these people are brilliant. Great writing, acting, etc. However I see hundreds of thumbs down on every episode. I don’t understand this. Are these people with no sense of humor? Are they ignorant? What? These folks are better than SNL. Clean humor. Is it because they may be Mormons? I don’t know. But just keep it coming. I love it.

  • Purpler Rays
    Purpler Rays 9 days ago +2

    The gift of waking up exactly one min before your alarm clock is actually pretty good! I wish I had that! Who else want it?

  • Christopher Walter
    Christopher Walter 10 days ago

    30:34 speechless

  • Izzy Wolf
    Izzy Wolf 11 days ago

    🧐 All I have to say is

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL 🤣 LOL LOL LOL and I keep trying to like it again but I can’t ☹️

  • twin metzger
    twin metzger 11 days ago


  • Irina Zlatkina
    Irina Zlatkina 12 days ago +1

    AND THE LAST PRINCESS IS PRINCE, CRAPETTA crappeta says, "you can call me crap for short"

  • Carolyn Nguyen
    Carolyn Nguyen 12 days ago +1

    The Sleeping Beauty one was hilarious 😂

  •  13 days ago +1

    The kid that said “No No No No No!” During the sleeping beauty one got me

  • Shakti Vijayakumar
    Shakti Vijayakumar 15 days ago

    6:20 to 6:31 is the funniest thing i have ever seen, i started crying out of laughter

  • drclonemc drclonemc
    drclonemc drclonemc 16 days ago

    The name is die

  • Danica Barrett
    Danica Barrett 17 days ago +4

    "the Punz": we can talk about girls, like.... whats a girl??
    me: ummmmmm

  • Elizabeth's Funland!!!!
    Elizabeth's Funland!!!! 18 days ago +1


  • renan Bayno
    renan Bayno 18 days ago +1

    Are they pregnant?

  • Ronald McDonald
    Ronald McDonald 20 days ago +1

    Rose, will you except this rose

  • Hayden Postin
    Hayden Postin 20 days ago +1

    42:01, a JOJO REFERENCE!?

  • Taylor Jade
    Taylor Jade 20 days ago +1


  • It's Lilia
    It's Lilia 20 days ago +1

    8:51 I've never seen anybody... 🤣

  • Niya Sioul
    Niya Sioul 21 day ago +1

    She *nailed* that Maryweather voice!

  • brakey bunch
    brakey bunch 22 days ago +1

    The punz: Its really knarly ( pun intended) and really hard to clean so I dont

  • Orbital Blast
    Orbital Blast 23 days ago +1


  • Y Hong Nhu Dang (Nhu Y)

    46:01 cooshian like yeueueu

  • hasan attar
    hasan attar 24 days ago +1

    did whitney say nnnno in the mint scene

  • Jordan Richards
    Jordan Richards 25 days ago +1

    I can’t believe that they didn’t have snacks in the mix! But it’s still a great video!

  • Cheetahstar power!!!
    Cheetahstar power!!! 26 days ago +1

    He has not asked me to climb into the oven..............yet.

  • Kelly Seastar
    Kelly Seastar 26 days ago

    15:36-9:25 The origin of pick up lines

  • { Starye }
    { Starye } 27 days ago +2

    "Miss America"
    Like, this fairytale took place in France..

  • Claire Fruge
    Claire Fruge 28 days ago


  • Tommy Vo
    Tommy Vo 29 days ago

    It’s magic mirror on the wall yeah I don’t get it

  • Bunny Lover
    Bunny Lover 29 days ago +1

    How come the show didn’t fit on anyone else people can have the same shoe size.

  • Kaylee Hamel
    Kaylee Hamel Month ago +1

    I want to see the narrator in other sketches

  • Undead Animations
    Undead Animations Month ago +3

    My heart F *ROSE*
    But I also felt it in my AR *TERRY* S

  • Sreeja TC
    Sreeja TC Month ago +2

    Am I the only one who didn’t know Natalie was pregnant?

  • Vivian GoDair
    Vivian GoDair Month ago

    28:37 that skit was hilarious 😂

  • PickeyPickett
    PickeyPickett Month ago +1

    I'm the thousandth comment

  • Handrew Whewks
    Handrew Whewks Month ago

    what if i don't have friends

  • Kate Newswanger
    Kate Newswanger Month ago

    Hansel and Gretel have serious PTSD...

  • The Big and Little Sisters

    And that sums up Loki's life of trying to rule Asgard
    Arthur is Thor, Eric is Loki, and the sword is Mjolnir

  • Nelson Shewchuk
    Nelson Shewchuk Month ago

    Studio c is awesome

  •  Month ago

    “... and you lived happily ever after from watching this video”
    I was happier after watching, but last I checked, still had heightened anxiety and anxiety attacks. I still love you guys!

  • Lead_Marie
    Lead_Marie Month ago +1

    You know that rumplestilskin is Matt, but it doesn’t look like him.

  • Andrew Rahman
    Andrew Rahman Month ago

    did any1 else see her rub a apple between her armpits and the proceed to eat the apple P.S.{I use her as a phrase of saying "I don't know her name"

  • Andrew Rahman
    Andrew Rahman Month ago

    did any1 else see her rub a apple between her armpits and the proceed to eat the apple P.S.{I use her as a phrase of saying "I don't know her name"

  •  Month ago +1

    The gift humor

  • Mimi Mimi
    Mimi Mimi Month ago

    If Snow White had lumé she wouldn’t have smelt so bad😝

  • Bri Perez
    Bri Perez Month ago

    Thanks studio c. You are the light in my life. Even after all I have been through. I watch you every single day and you always make me laugh. You guys are amazing keep doing what your doing.

  • Glory Stitt
    Glory Stitt Month ago +3

    Mirror:" Snow White? The eighteen year old with the perfect skin?"
    Me:" Snow White was fourteen."

  • Danika MacMaster
    Danika MacMaster Month ago +1

    Why does Adam always make the worst Prince Charming?

  •  Month ago

    "You did kiss me so I'm legally your property!"
    XD I guess so

  • Aria Ravolf
    Aria Ravolf Month ago

    Prince charming sucks...

  • Diamonds1000
    Diamonds1000 Month ago +1

    The narrator one was genius! 😂

  • Ross Johnson
    Ross Johnson Month ago

    The princess kissing scenes were my favorites.

  • Wonderful world of weird!

    Is it bad, that I would rather live in a studio c fairy tale than a real one? Except not the prince charming kiss ones. I would live in the prince puns one.

  • Wonderful world of weird!

    I would be a villain, is that bad?

  • Emma Kruis
    Emma Kruis Month ago

    why did the first fairy tale take place in Hogwarts?

  • My Random Videos
    My Random Videos Month ago

    Matts awesome 👏!! I'd love to meet him! Hi Matt, if ur reading this, I admire ur acting!

  • My Random Videos
    My Random Videos Month ago

    He was the town drunk

  • Elita A
    Elita A Month ago

    My favorite one was "Rumpelstilzchen"

  • Caroline Green
    Caroline Green Month ago

    Did anyone else notice that in the sleeping beauty one at the end fauna’s hand was blue

  • Dark Mage137
    Dark Mage137 Month ago

    Dude you could have just given her intelligent

  • kavi dahanayake
    kavi dahanayake Month ago


  • Wind Waker6
    Wind Waker6 Month ago

    7:42 why you bully him

  • Puppy Love85
    Puppy Love85 Month ago

    Almost died of laughing 😂

  • RiverMint
    RiverMint Month ago

    27:00, I was surprised I named all the opening. Even 'Pride and Prejudice '. I haven't even read that book in years.

  • Lydia Koppenhaver
    Lydia Koppenhaver Month ago

    Matt’s little prances as he carries baby is hilarious

  • Bam Bam
    Bam Bam Month ago

    Rumpilstilsken is now an adopted father of 5.

  • DA MotoNeko
    DA MotoNeko Month ago

    I love how Rumpelstiltskin made a come back XD
    Also, the frog prince seems like the better choice. The reason he had to eat the princess food and sleep with her is because it would break the spell. Buuuuut.. She ended up throwing him at a wall. Dunno how that broke the spell but other than that he seems to have a clean record.

  • Megara Stormbreaker

    28:54 DANG! Mallory can keep stone face with ADAM kissing her nose!

  • Manasvi Chintalapati

    Why would u forget the woman u danced with and loved......

  •  Month ago

    wait in the beginning the blonde girl looks like she's hav8a baby

  • clover productionz
    clover productionz Month ago

    I would be a villain like if u would be to

  • MR. K
    MR. K 2 months ago

    I love how the prince keeps failing, but it’s still true loves kiss waking up the princesses.

  • Jubilee Short
    Jubilee Short 2 months ago

    18:24 i said this while my mom was reading about the human body and she said " no its arteries "

  • Alina Star
    Alina Star 2 months ago

    "My BABY!!"

  • Henrietta Moniot
    Henrietta Moniot 2 months ago

    Why is Natalie always pregnant in the beginning

  • Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim

    when matt came back in the other video again as rumplestiltsken I started clapping

  • Pearl Carayo Herrera-Lim

    rumplestiltsken is the best, Matt is the best, he was a good choice.

  • RocketPink
    RocketPink 2 months ago

    Why is Natalie so fat?

  • Lil Thack
    Lil Thack 2 months ago +1

    13:40 I laughed so much

  • Emma Lucas
    Emma Lucas 2 months ago

    Aww poor Adam never gets the princess:(

  • Alex Reynard
    Alex Reynard 2 months ago

    Scott sterling as a knight

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 2 months ago +1

    21:03 HE HAS THE CHILD! Dang I hope the log treats him well.

  • Elsa Frost
    Elsa Frost 2 months ago

    ~ 27:00 How about: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly.

  • Alesia Wilson
    Alesia Wilson 2 months ago

    When Natalie and Whitney were talking in the beginning I was shocked thinking ,” Holy cow she is so pregnant how is she not going into labor right there!?!?!?”

  • kandy love
    kandy love 2 months ago


  •  2 months ago

    Gretchen is annoying 35:51

  • Sridevi T
    Sridevi T 2 months ago

    Hey, Once upon a time.. sketch @25:16 was the first sketch I connected to studio c... since then I have been a follower of these videos. no matter how my days have gone by... watching studio c videos always put me in a good and a happy place. Thanks to the amazing team! Cheers to all!!

  • Ryan Bennett
    Ryan Bennett 2 months ago

    The gift of you can save 15% on car insurance

  • Erin Steeley
    Erin Steeley 2 months ago

    HA. snow white was 14 in that movie

  • Hani Kong
    Hani Kong 2 months ago

    1:32 wait, give her something she doesn’t have...
    *le gasp*
    are she saying she was ugly to begin with

  • Sarah ferguson
    Sarah ferguson 2 months ago

    I almost peed myself laughing when Rumpelstiltskin said “Oh s h o o t”

  • The Mr. J Show
    The Mr. J Show 2 months ago

    I didn't know Natalie was pegarnet

  • Becka Wilson
    Becka Wilson 2 months ago