World's Longest Flight - Full Flight: Qatar Airways Auckland to Doha - Boeing 777-200LR

  • Published on May 18, 2018
  • A full length, full flight video onboard the world's longest flight - Qatar Airways flight QR921 from Auckland to Doha on 27 March 2018, operated by Boeing 777-200LR A7-BBD. Every moment of the flight included from terminal to terminal making this the world's longest aviation video - so sit back, relax and enjoy the longest flight in the world!
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    Airline: Qatar Airways
    Flight: QR921
    Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR A7-BBD
    From: Auckland (AKL)
    To: Doha (DOH)
    Departure: 15:32
    Arrival: 23:38
    Flight Time: 17:06
    Seat: 19A
    Our epic journey today begins in the terminal building at Auckland International Airport. We make our way to the gate where our Boeing 777-200LR is waiting to carry us on the world's longest flight. We board the aircraft and take our seat in seat 19A. Once the aircraft is fully boarded we push back and taxi to runway 05 at Auckland, before making a long, heavy takeoff towards the east. We climb over Auckland before crossing the Tasman Sea, reaching the Australian coast overhead Sydney. We are treated to some magnificent views of the entire of Australia as we cross from coast to coast. From Sydney we head towards Broken Hill, Coober Pedy and across the beautiful red desert of Central Australia, passing to the south of Alice Springs. From there we cross Western Australia, before reaching the northwest coast near to Port Hedland. From here we chase a beautiful sunset across the Indian Ocean, crossing Sri Lanka and the southern tip of India in darkness, before a hop across the Arabian Sea to Oman. We then make a dogleg approach towards Qatar to avoid UAE airspace, getting a good view of the lights of Dubai from off the coast. We make a smooth approach and landing into Doha, landing ahead of schedule at 23:38 after a flight time of 17 hours, 6 minutes.
    0:00:05 Inside International Terminal at Auckland Airport, walking to gate
    0:05:00 Boarding aircraft, taking seat in 19A
    0:09:40 Cabin view
    0:10:08 Cabin view
    0:24:30 Seat overview
    0:26:11 Captain welcomes us onboard
    0:29:43 Refreshing wipes distributed
    0:34:43 Cabin view
    0:35:57 Pushback, engine start
    0:39:48 Preflight prayer, safety video
    0:50:52 Line up, takeoff runway 05
    1:02:06 Menu overview
    1:03:42 Cabin view
    2:27:52 Cabin view
    2:36:33 Dinner service
    3:15:14 IFE music
    3:34:39 Crossing Australian coast at Sydney
    7:38:27 Crossing Western Australia coast at Port Hedland
    8:43:30 Snack service
    8:52:47 Tour of moving map system on IFE
    8:52:47 Snack service
    9:12:09 Cabin view
    9:59:40 Tour of inflight entertainment (IFE)
    10:29:23 Cabin view
    10:36:24 Snack service
    12:42:34 Walking around cabin to rear galley
    12:50:43 Cabin view
    14:38:28 Cabin view
    15:54:31 Cabin view
    15:58:16 Cabin tour, walk around entire cabin front to back
    16:02:11 Rear galley during meal service, rear cabin overview
    16:04:14 Cabin view during meal service
    16:09:19 Breakfast service (at 11pm!) - Sausage, egg, tomato
    17:35:44 Cabin view
    17:51:41 Final approach to runway 34R at Doha, taxi to terminal
    18:04:10 Disembarking aircraft, bus to terminal
    18:07:47 Entering terminal, walking to transfer security
    18:08:53 After security, walking to Oryx Airport Hotel
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