Royal Family Doppelgängers That Will Creep You Out

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Royal Family Kids Who Are Twins With A Member Of The Family.
    Today we’re going to talk about the royal family doppelgangers who have been hiding in plain sight all this time! It seems like everyone is talking about little Archie Harrison but we can’t get over just how much he looks like his dad Prince Harry! Princess Charlotte has two middle names, one for her late grandmother and the other for her great-grandmother. Who do you think she looks more like? Prince George is the spitting image of his dad Prince William, but his little brother Prince Louis definitely takes after their mom, Kate Middleton. Princess Eugenie definitely has a family resemblance to her sister, Princess Beatrice, but she also looks like the Queen Mother. Lady Louise Windsor may be her youngest grandchild, but she takes after Queen Elizabeth quite a bit! There was a time when Prince George was an awful lot like his uncle, Prince Edward and he even looks like a member of the family even further down the family tree. Although Princess Diana passed away before she got the chance to meet her grandkids, some fans say she has some similarities to one Princess in particular.
    After you’re done comparing and contrasting all the photos be sure to let us know which of these relatives you think look the most like one another! Are there any twins hiding out that we missed? Share your picks with us in the comment section below and when you’re finished, don't forget to click on the subscribe button in order to get more great content from us here at The Talko.
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Comments • 473

  • Ellie Phillips
    Ellie Phillips Day ago

    They’re related of course they will look similar

  • Laura P. Vanderbooben

    Long, yes. Distinguished...🤔 Also, hella inbred.

  • de Silva Geethanjali

    lol! MMM's ads.

  • Elaine Marten
    Elaine Marten 3 days ago +2

    Eugenie looks like her dad more, and Beatrice looks so much like her mom

  • Marilyn Willett
    Marilyn Willett 4 days ago

    People see what they want to see--and they do not see where Harry has the face of James Hewitt.

  • Jellis Squared
    Jellis Squared 4 days ago +8

    I’m sorry, but Prince Charles and Prince Harry don’t look anything like each other.

    MAXI PAZ 5 days ago

    Prince Andrew is a creep, hope he gets caught

  • snootie 3
    snootie 3 5 days ago +2

    Charlotte looks nothing like PRINCESS Diana.

  • Kyleigh’s Corner
    Kyleigh’s Corner 5 days ago

    Well doesn’t everyone look like their family. I mean.....they all have the same genes 😂

    SUNDAY LANE 6 days ago

    prince William had the biggest glo down i have ever seen though

  • John- Michael Bourgeois

    These people don’t look similar at all

  • Whippy99
    Whippy99 7 days ago +1

    SO MANY mistakes! Get a grip.

  • Jane Blog
    Jane Blog 7 days ago

    The Windsor’s have the stronger gene but thankfully neither William or his children inherited them! 🧬

  • Jane Blog
    Jane Blog 7 days ago

    I can see a lot more of Meghan in Archie than I can Harry . What a Beautiful baby x

  • Miami Chris
    Miami Chris 8 days ago


  • Kaleah Collins
    Kaleah Collins 8 days ago

    William looks like Charles more

  • PlugInKali
    PlugInKali 9 days ago +1

    I love how they mention chubby cheeks as if it was such a distinctive feature that no other baby has them.

  • Seeker of Truth
    Seeker of Truth 10 days ago +1

    Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte mostly closely resemble their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

  • Seeker of Truth
    Seeker of Truth 10 days ago

    Prince Harry most closely resembles Diana's brother. He doesn't look anything like his father, Charles, or his grandfather, the Duke of Windsor.

  • Debra Anne
    Debra Anne 10 days ago

    Archie !!!!! Please you can tell they did not have a baby. Markle is transgender...

  • mistymoo Moo moo
    mistymoo Moo moo 10 days ago

    lol... Kate looked pretty bad in her baby pic

  • SheepMaySafelyGrazeHere.

    Harry looks just like his dad, mannerisms, facial expressions, and all. George and Charlotte’s eyes are NOT Diana’s. They’re Kate’s. Louie looks a lot like the Middletons, especially the son.

  • LeeAnne S
    LeeAnne S 10 days ago

    Princess Charlotte looks just like the Queen Mum
    not like Diana.

  • sandy smith
    sandy smith 11 days ago +2


  • Kelly Ross
    Kelly Ross 11 days ago

    Look up who Harry dad really is dumbass

  • Saundra Saldana
    Saundra Saldana 11 days ago

    You must be A Brainwashed Star Struck Dumbass! MM's is a Demonic your research on HOLLYWOOD Satanist and Pedophiles....and The Royals, VATICAN, Rothschild Bildeberg. Missing 10 CHILDREN from Orphanage , their friend Jimmy SAVILLE, EPSTEIN and Prince Andrew.....wake up sister...

  • Megan Jeffrey
    Megan Jeffrey 11 days ago +2

    Finally someone admits Harry looks just like his father! I was starting to think everyone was blind! I love the way Meghan and Harry look at each other it’s so loving. Charlotte does definitely look like her great grandmother. Love Prince George’s stank face lol

  • Clare O'Brien
    Clare O'Brien 11 days ago

    Archie is the double of Meghan.
    I look more than Princess Charles than than Harry does.🤣

  • Belinda Kennedy
    Belinda Kennedy 12 days ago

    You need to go to spec savers.

  • Laura Pape
    Laura Pape 12 days ago

    Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, Queen Elizabeth's 2 younger sons, are not by husband. She stopped sleeping with her husband after Anne was born. Prince Charles and Anne are of Prince Phillip.

  • Virginia Sanchez
    Virginia Sanchez 12 days ago +1

    There are some photos of the queen as a baby where the resemblance between she and Harry are amazingly similar.

  • ethel newberry
    ethel newberry 12 days ago

    According to interviews and old film's of Charles, as a little boy, he was raised by Nannies because QE2 was off touring the world with Philip. A film actually had E. & P returning after 6 months away from Ann & Charles, stepping off of the Royal train in London, "shaking hands to say hello" to their two children. A. & C. were in tow by several Nannies at the station. Not EVEN hug for either little kid... Just a cold handshake and a bow and curtsy by them to their mother, The Queen. Charles said in this interview that he was ignored by his father, preferring Ann...P. Philip spent more time with Ann throughout the years by playing rough and tumble games with her, because Charles shunned such games, and activity. In addition, Charles related much later in life, he was never nurtured by his mother, and felt that one reason there was trouble between Diana and himself. Charles said those actions set the pace for his life. I have always said Charles was seeking a Mother figure in his life, and stuck with Camilia, as Diana did not fit that bill. She was "the brood mare" for the Royal Family, to bring forth the "heir and the spare" as reported when brought to public light. Poor Charles...At least he has Camillia as the Mother figure in his life.

  • Feif Dom
    Feif Dom 12 days ago

    This video........🤔

  • monireyn
    monireyn 12 days ago

    This is a joke

  • Elizabeth Cartner
    Elizabeth Cartner 13 days ago

    Proper gander!

  • Carol Driehorst
    Carol Driehorst 13 days ago +1

    Of course there's going to be resemblance, they're family.

  • glory dance videos
    glory dance videos 13 days ago +1

    I have big examination tomorrow in my whole life that will lead to my future career. But im here watching this , don’t even related to me. Plus im not even live in london

  • Carla Southwell
    Carla Southwell 13 days ago +1

    Prince Harry DOES look like his father; that healthy, thick, shock of ginger hair is evident.

    • AurumDream
      AurumDream 10 days ago

      Yes, ONLY that healthy, thick, shock of hair which deliberately hides the real facial structure for any comparison !!! BTW, does Charles have " ginger " hair?

  • Cecilia Sawicki
    Cecilia Sawicki 13 days ago

    That’s a rental baby they still don’t have the real Archie what you r saying is a big lie.

  • JR Pacer
    JR Pacer 13 days ago

    Again Elizabeth is Catherine middle name so I'm thinking it was after her mother NOT her grandmother the Queen

  • Caz E
    Caz E 13 days ago

    Do you not script check or fact check? Some points were true but considering this is one of the most famous families in the world- get it right

  • Nancy Demoss
    Nancy Demoss 13 days ago

    Archie Harrington?? I had to back it up to make certain that that's what I heard. On, brother!!

  • moonchild650
    moonchild650 13 days ago

    As a non-Brit, I think that William and Harry both look mainly like their mother (with maybe 10-20% tops of Charles' traits); Charlotte looks very much like Elizabeth; Louis looks like Kate's father; George looks mainly like William; Eugenie doesn't look like Elizabeth. She and her sister are 50-50% (or 60-40%) mixture of their parents outer appearance.

  • Margaret Kearsey
    Margaret Kearsey 13 days ago

    Why hasn't Queen Elzabeth dyed her hair.? She would look so much better. Why do all of her hats look alike. She would look much better with a smaller cloche

  • purdy girl
    purdy girl 13 days ago

    None of these lookalikes even lookalike..horrible video

  • Karis Kairos
    Karis Kairos 13 days ago


  • Dennis Jasperse
    Dennis Jasperse 14 days ago

    I'm an American I don't care about the royals. I'm a Yankee doodle dandy !!!!

  • amyexner
    amyexner 14 days ago

    Harry does not look like his grandfather Prince Philip; and Princes Royal Ann looks exactly like the grandmother -Prince Philip her Vater

  • Patricia Dietzel
    Patricia Dietzel 14 days ago

    Edward looks like the Queens father king George

  • Thelma Hart
    Thelma Hart 14 days ago

    Dear editor and or narrator you need to go to Specsavers! with the exception of maybe one or two of the babies and and their respective parents, many of people are not that similar to their ancestors at all🙄

  • ju ju
    ju ju 14 days ago

    I like having a royal family but theres a massive gap between rich and poor and there shouldn't be.

  • Susan McGinn
    Susan McGinn 14 days ago

    Charlotte looks like Kate's mom

  • Tay Britley
    Tay Britley 14 days ago

    At least get your facts straight when making a video🙄

    • Caz E
      Caz E 13 days ago

      Tay Britley 😂

  • Lenore Kerl
    Lenore Kerl 15 days ago +1

    Prince George resembles Diana's brother. His great Uncle.

  • Alison Anderson
    Alison Anderson 15 days ago

    Uh way in hell, and way in hell

  • Kath Bradfield
    Kath Bradfield 15 days ago

    Harry and Charles have virtually identical nose and eyes.

  • 509Cougs
    509Cougs 16 days ago +3

    Queen Elizabeth is not the "Queen Mum." The Queen mother, who is also named Elizabeth, was married to King George, VI. The queen consort and her husband were the parents of Queen Elizabeth, II.

  • Elizabeth Honce
    Elizabeth Honce 16 days ago

    They are all inbred.

  • Diane Boylan
    Diane Boylan 16 days ago

    Baby Archie is very cute. Prince Louis is definitely a Middleton. Adorable! Harry looks like his Grandfather Prince Philip.

  • Mona Chipman
    Mona Chipman 16 days ago

    What a bunch a crap