Top 10 MOST SPOILED Kid Tantrums Caught On Camera!

  • Published on Sep 9, 2017
  • Top 10 MOST SPOILED Kid Tantrums Caught On Camera!
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    Top 5 MOST SPOILED Kid Tantrums Caught On Camera
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  • DanLuvs MC
    DanLuvs MC 22 hours ago

    These kids lol I got an HP laptop and iPhone SE and I thanked my parents for them

  • Makaila Marie Keller

    Ugh I saw all of these before this is a copyright

  • Makaila Marie Keller

    Lmao these kids should live by themselves to see how hard life is who else wants to punch these kids

  • Dan Riley
    Dan Riley 2 days ago

    *sees these kids*
    Me: *pulls out a rifle*

  • Ciaco G
    Ciaco G 2 days ago

    I never had a tantrum

  • HaleyPlays
    HaleyPlays 3 days ago

    The kid who wanted soME McDonalDS, welp too bad cause either way now your not getting any just from that...
    tHE kid who got The wrong phone, welp your mom was right.. you aint getting another XD
    Thats why you dont throw tantrums. Whatever you got or didnt get and you don't like it, learn HOW to like it.
    LIke dang. I just wanna hop through my screen and uHM teach em a lesson

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    Whoa This Kid is funny

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  • Sammygo Car Vids And Q&A And Comments And Keynoted


  • Tails the Saiyan
    Tails the Saiyan 3 days ago +1

    Listen, I know the mother was trying to be optimistic, but telling her son that "he may not talk to her or his father that way"?!
    Damn, if I were that kid, I would actually try to talk to them that way. And " say 'bye bye, beach ball'"?!!
    Instead of me punching the kid, I'd expect the kid punching his own mother. SHE'S the one that deserves it!

  • David Dabrowski
    David Dabrowski 4 days ago

    If any of these were me, my mom would’ve literally sent me into another damn dimension

  • Lily Sugarmulgrew
    Lily Sugarmulgrew 5 days ago

    The kids who needs chores there parents are dumb

  • Silver Asuna
    Silver Asuna 5 days ago +1

    If that cussing kid was mine i would

    END IS LITTLE LIFE =) OR just make him eat soap with sh* on it

  • jojo kenzo
    jojo kenzo 5 days ago +1

    Here's what kids do when they saw someone talking about a upcoming movie spoiler...

  • Freddy Fazbear
    Freddy Fazbear 6 days ago +1

    4:58 Xbox players be like

  • David Medi
    David Medi 6 days ago

    These People make me sick

  • Inda Secl
    Inda Secl 6 days ago

    You are poop

  • Elizabeth Garcia
    Elizabeth Garcia 7 days ago +1

    Who else feels bad for the kid that lost his beach ball 😂

  • TheSuperBaxter
    TheSuperBaxter 8 days ago +1

    *slowly takes out belt*

  • Rob Hudson
    Rob Hudson 8 days ago

    plz supernanny help and discipline these kids

  • Cindy Varela
    Cindy Varela 9 days ago

    A good leather belt use to solve this little problems

  • yaniss esecroe123_exe
    yaniss esecroe123_exe 10 days ago


  • Prince Cortes
    Prince Cortes 10 days ago

    There is something called the belt

  • Erica's Pictures
    Erica's Pictures 10 days ago


  • Kylie Fitch
    Kylie Fitch 10 days ago

    I would help "NO MORE CHICKEN NUGETS OR RAMAN NODDLES FOR YOU" then I would drag him into the bathroom and dye his hair his least favorite color

  • Jethro Blaik
    Jethro Blaik 10 days ago

    For 2:46
    I thought that kids Love beaches but apparently no.

  • The ODD Cooking
    The ODD Cooking 10 days ago +1

    I’m shocked that a 3 year old girl is crying over a video game! My parents didn’t let me watch IPads or Phones till I was nearly 6 years old and they limited my time a lot back then.

  • Fiber Cool
    Fiber Cool 11 days ago +1

    #Ragequit #BadKids #PsychoKids

  • Fiber Cool
    Fiber Cool 11 days ago +1


  • Nathan Dawson
    Nathan Dawson 11 days ago

    This current gen of kids

  • Irene Salinas-Sousa
    Irene Salinas-Sousa 11 days ago

    These are the type of kids who get a gun and go on a ramp page shooting people randomly because of their rage. PARENTS FAULT!!!

  • SkyBlaster 969
    SkyBlaster 969 11 days ago +1

    Heres how I handle if these are my kids
    1: she wants MCD so bad give her KFC instead
    2: she hates school send her to kindergarten instead
    3: he wants his beach ball back give him a different ball like a soccer ball instead
    4: he doesen't want the phone his mother give him then don't give him a phone ever again
    5: don't turn on the tv until he does the chores
    6: she wants ipad and mother wants to take it to work then run out of the house already
    7: that 3yr old boy wants desert then don't give him until he sits down and shuts his mouth
    8: this boy wants to go home then send him to his uncle or his grandparents house instead
    9: tape this kids mouth until he shuts up for good sake
    10: send this kid to a phycologist
    If you guys like my idea leave a like😇😇😇

  • Gacha Girl 47
    Gacha Girl 47 12 days ago

    Wa wa I want a happy meal wa wa but you are sad maybe you should get a sad meal how agrees?? Anyways I do not like happy meals I only like Taco Bell

  • Noah James
    Noah James 12 days ago

    And number 2 I think the kid thinks he’s white and not black (I’m not raysist) so that’s why he doesn’t feel African american

  • Noah James
    Noah James 12 days ago

    I love school!

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King 14 days ago +2

    Ok who really wanted to see these kids get punched, kicked, or slapped.

    *ME.* 😏

  • 04Nv
    04Nv 14 days ago

    Oh hi it meh again
    Number 1 jeez I would be scared if I was sitting next to him

  • 04Nv
    04Nv 14 days ago

    Kids like this I feel like I wanna punch them in the face
    Spoiled brats -_-

  • Sir duck
    Sir duck 14 days ago

    I feel bad for the kid who lost his ball

  • Therese Classen
    Therese Classen 14 days ago

    At least 3 of those kids were autistic and or had ADHD. I feel for their parents.

  • John Velez
    John Velez 14 days ago


  • DrawingMusicAndMore
    DrawingMusicAndMore 15 days ago

    3. This kids needs help

  • Anže Mavec
    Anže Mavec 15 days ago

    Number 5: My cousin is same

  • Supurs
    Supurs 15 days ago

    this video was posted before youtube was hell . like if this was in 2019 susan would be all over this like mia khalifa is on a dicc'

  • Antonieta Rojas
    Antonieta Rojas 16 days ago +1


  • mtdarg07
    mtdarg07 17 days ago

    This is actual footage of my brother when he was 3😂

  • Byte Playz
    Byte Playz 17 days ago

    All these kids need. I mean. NEED. discipline. True?

  • Blucas
    Blucas 17 days ago +2

    On one side it’s funny as all hell, but on other I kinda feel bad for the kids throwing the tantrum.

  • Cold press sugarcane juice !

    Well he should be mad that he is trashing the planet

    • Enzo The MLG
      Enzo The MLG 15 days ago

      Cold press sugarcane juice ! Which kid

  • Colleen Perich
    Colleen Perich 18 days ago

    number 2 kid needs to chill

  • Detmstr
    Detmstr 18 days ago

    These kids obviously hasn't had a belt to the behind.

  • Brandon Ndoro
    Brandon Ndoro 19 days ago


  • Karsen Kelley
    Karsen Kelley 19 days ago

    That one phone kid was fing stupid

  • jane Johnson
    jane Johnson 19 days ago

    Omg when I was 5 when this happed and I didn't wanna go to arbys I don't remember why but I start to yell in the car and my mom pulled over to the side of the road and spanked me so fast like I didn't know what happened and I didn't say anything for the rest of that car ride

  • Chad Sanchez
    Chad Sanchez 19 days ago +1

    Because you were hitting on me I didn't know land was hittable

  • thiskidisagamer 58235
    thiskidisagamer 58235 19 days ago +1

    The 2nd Kid Looked hot Don’t judge me she really does but the kid who broke the phone didn’t really throw a fit and we was like a Savage he dabbed XD

  • SuperStarEsporTヅ S
    SuperStarEsporTヅ S 19 days ago +2


  • harold tdm
    harold tdm 19 days ago

    Me as a boy I don't be like that every day

  • Nintendo power 64 _Koby

    Hey, I want a G U N

  • Jak Kelly
    Jak Kelly 19 days ago

    These kids are possess by Hitler

  • ZaraMoonVideos
    ZaraMoonVideos 19 days ago


  • Living Plush Films
    Living Plush Films 19 days ago

    For some reason the kid at 4:43 sounded like an ambulance when he started screaming

  • Michelle Grandea
    Michelle Grandea 19 days ago

    Did you guys notice that on number 3 the kid wasn't wearing his seatbelt are those parents stupid

  • MindestGamer
    MindestGamer 20 days ago

    3:56 me when the school bully doesn’t show up at school

  • slime boy
    slime boy 20 days ago

    bAd kIdS >:(


  • Marie Ruth
    Marie Ruth 21 day ago +1

    Gave them the old fashion woopin and u wont here a little peap from them. Cause their too spoiled and they know u wont do anything so they take advantage of u like a fool so gave them want their looking for a good old spicy woopin and it's not child abuse just putting them in place.

  • kalebe Melo
    kalebe Melo 23 days ago

    Big fat baby

  • Selam Desta
    Selam Desta 23 days ago

    Punch this kid in the face so hard and ground him for 2 years actually Moore until he's like 20 or something

  • Casandra Lynn
    Casandra Lynn 23 days ago

    In my opinion these parents are shitty for recording their child in a vulnerable time and uploading it for the world to see without them having a say in it, these kids need more structure and behavioral therapy, my 4 year old just started throwing tantrums and it's driving me crazy but I wouldn't exploit her like that just for views, these parents deserve their kids to continue to give them a hard time cuz they are just ignorant AF!

  • Colby Monts
    Colby Monts 23 days ago

    At 5:38 that is my niece with my phone

    And she watch her shows but its in different languages

  • Aaron Walker
    Aaron Walker 23 days ago

    Number 2 sounds like a dog barking.

  • Gucci Spider111
    Gucci Spider111 23 days ago

    Your beach ball is more important than your dads life

  • Gucci Spider111
    Gucci Spider111 23 days ago

    Seriously there are so many things that can kill you bro

  • Gucci Spider111
    Gucci Spider111 23 days ago

    Go get the beach ball daddy

  • Benjamin Russell
    Benjamin Russell 24 days ago

    When someone borrows your electronic to watch RU-clip but you forgot to clear your browsing history and they type p into the searchbar