Making a Built in Shelf-Unit!

  • Published on Nov 15, 2018
  • Sit back, relax, grab some coffee and watch this video of me making a built in Shelf-Unit for a costumer!
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Comments • 51

  • David Lacoste
    David Lacoste 21 day ago

    Love the videos, you are very talented and a joy to watch.

  • WoodRodent
    WoodRodent 2 months ago

    Nice build with interesting joinery.

  • Robert Camacho
    Robert Camacho 4 months ago

    Awesome work and I do enjoy your choice of music along with the video. Thank for sharing.

  • Jordan Pelis
    Jordan Pelis 5 months ago

    Very nice build

  • Franklin Bejarano
    Franklin Bejarano 5 months ago

    Hey Are Baloni, solo un consejo deja que se escuche el sonido de las maquinas no pongas muchos sonidos nose disfruta la experiencia por completo.

  • Vespa
    Vespa 6 months ago

    Your videos are getting ripped off on Facebook so you should have atleast a tag with you name in the corners

    • Vespa
      Vespa 5 months ago

      +Are Baloni they have over 100k views / shares so you really miss out

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  5 months ago +1

      Really? Thanks for letting me know!

  • Forster Makes
    Forster Makes 6 months ago

    What do you use for the finish to get the grey/weathered look?

  • Cleve's Backyard Woodworking

    Very nice build. You used epoxy glue or something for the joints?

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  6 months ago

      Yes, I did! Just to give me some more time before the glue dried.

  • Bills Simple Pine Design

    Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ray Smith
    Ray Smith 6 months ago

    Looking good and perhaps when you did the draw you could have hinged the draw front so it made a flat surface, your workshop is amazing my workshop is 3m x 2.4m and is a wooden shed.

  • TheBeerbelly007
    TheBeerbelly007 6 months ago

    I like it---

  • Are Baloni
    Are Baloni  6 months ago

    Hello everyone! Thank you for watching! If you want to join my mailing list, and get some shop-updates, channel-updates, and other news you can do that here:

  • Northern Woodworking
    Northern Woodworking 6 months ago +3

    The top drawer can have its front face on hinges and magnets, this lets you flip it down when using it as a laptop countertop

  • barnyardkh4
    barnyardkh4 6 months ago

    Nice cabinet! Is the drawer intended to be a computer/keyboard tray? Seems uncomfortable to type with the drawer front standing up (esp. with a thin laptop in the drawer). Maybe better if the drawer front was hinged so that it would tilt down out of the way. That might remove too much structure form the drawer though so it may need to be reinforced in other ways.

  • Keith Comer
    Keith Comer 6 months ago

    Very very nice.......great work.

  • Tony Baleno
    Tony Baleno 6 months ago

    Are...really nice piece of work! I think you are enjoying the biscuit cutter...a very good tool in the shop. Did not see you gluing up the panels so I assume you used manufactured panels that were all glued together. This is probably a big time saver on a customer project. I see you used the small channel iron inset in the doors to prevent warping...better than wooden cleats on the back side. Did you plug the screw holes on the 2X2 frame? Did not see any reference to this and I was wondering. Finish looks very nice and of course I trust you customer was pleased. Keep up the good work! Truly enjoy your videos.
    PS: could not find the email link?

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  6 months ago

      Thanks, Tony! Yes, the biscuit jointer is very helpful on these kinds of projects! That is correct, I used panels to save some time. I did not plug the screw holes, because I had all the screws on the underside, and backside of the frame. That was the plan, at least, but I made a mistake and put a screw in the front. I just filled the hole up with filler, so it wasn´t that visible.
      The costumer was pleased, yes! Thank you very much!
      If you scroll down a bit in the description, you should find the link to the email site :)

    MAURIZIO ZAMBELLI 6 months ago +1


  • Jeff Forbes
    Jeff Forbes 6 months ago

    Pretty cool. I liked the use of leather straps as door pulls.Not sure if it was mentioned but was the wood spruce or pine? It looked like it and seemed to be very easy to do chisel work. Thanks.

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  6 months ago

      Thank you, Jeff! This was pine!

  • IG Banebridge
    IG Banebridge 6 months ago

    Great build! A tip I discovered - you can get much better quality wood/grain direction by buying a 2x8 or 2x10 and ripping it down to 2x2s (avoiding the heartwood) rather than buying 2x2s. Build came out awesome!

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  6 months ago +1

      That’s a great tip! Thank you very much!

  • Hind Sardar
    Hind Sardar 6 months ago +6

    your videos are so relaxing, keep up the good work!

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  6 months ago

      Thank you! That’s good to hear!

  • TheSariox
    TheSariox 6 months ago

    Nice build Are

  • Oldman Thüringen
    Oldman Thüringen 6 months ago


  • Jeff Krug
    Jeff Krug 6 months ago

    Looks great Ari and another great video. What was the finish you put on the wood?

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  6 months ago

      Thank you very much! This was Osmo hardwax oil graphite.

  • Henrique Coimbra
    Henrique Coimbra 6 months ago

    Looks really good!

  • chriss le blanc
    chriss le blanc 6 months ago +3

    Love the build but it's not really a built in, have a question what is the stain /white wash you used.

  • Chrisi Chris
    Chrisi Chris 6 months ago

    Great 🤗👍

  • Michael Linahan
    Michael Linahan 6 months ago

    Not to criticise your design but what was the point of the shelf underneath the laptop drawer as you had a fixed shelf lower down. secondly it looked like there was some big warping in those panels as shown when you were cutting the angle for the door opener, did this cause aggravation when coming to fit them as doors?

    • Michael Linahan
      Michael Linahan 6 months ago

      +Are Baloni Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  6 months ago

      Thanks for your comment! The reason for the shelf is to have a stop for the drawer and cabinet doors. Now that I think about it, it wouldn´t have been necessary to have a full shelf, but I didn´t think about that!
      The panels were not warped at all! The reason it looks like that is because I had a foam pad underneath it when cutting the angles.

  • Green^leader
    Green^leader 6 months ago

    not bad

  • Christian Mattei
    Christian Mattei 6 months ago


  • Mosca Woodworking
    Mosca Woodworking 6 months ago +1

    Very relaxing video, Are.
    What degree did you put on that front chamfer?

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  6 months ago

      Thank you! I appreciate it! I cut it at 15 degrees.

  • stonebay productions
    stonebay productions 6 months ago

    Nice build! 👍🏻

  • Kevin O'Rourke
    Kevin O'Rourke 6 months ago

    Great build. What stain did you use?

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  6 months ago +2

      Thanks, Kevin! I used Osmo hardwax oil graphite!

  • Bill Carroll
    Bill Carroll 6 months ago

    Looks awesome, mate👍
    Love the style, good quality build👌