Eating A $10,000 Golden Steak (24k Gold)

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
    Four people that buy merch from during the month of January will be randomly selected to compete in a "Last To Leave" challenge. If you want a chance to be in a video, buy anything off the site before the end of January!
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  6 months ago +76246

    subscribe and i'll get you a golden steak

  • TooExotic GT
    TooExotic GT 31 minute ago

    actually this is chandlers first win here

    VISHAL KUMAR Hour ago

    What if you eat and pay nothing?

  • Christopher Guzmanventura

    Mr.beast: I am pewdiepie and Logan Paul

    Me: *impossible*

  • Pedro Ferriara
    Pedro Ferriara 2 hours ago

    4:44 did garret turn British for a second

  • mile
    mile 2 hours ago

    I wouldn't eat this I would rather sell it

  • Mellon Swirl
    Mellon Swirl 3 hours ago

    I bought a shirt!

  • Spray Cheese
    Spray Cheese 3 hours ago

    MrBeast the type of dude that offends no one when he flexes...idk how he does it...

  • Neza IN
    Neza IN 4 hours ago

    You have money you can do what you want

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez 4 hours ago

    Chandler can eat grasshoppers but bearly win a challenge

  • Lolleepop
    Lolleepop 4 hours ago

    now my room is flooded with my saliva....i

  • Eric Schmeikal
    Eric Schmeikal 5 hours ago

    *Franck Ribèry joined the chat*

  • CPG 7307
    CPG 7307 5 hours ago

    Eating A $10,000 Golden Steak (24k Gold)
    - Challenge

  • A2H4O6
    A2H4O6 5 hours ago

    I eat kangaroo all the time and it is godly

  • R G
    R G 6 hours ago +1

    Food wars 😂

  • Hope Falanga
    Hope Falanga 7 hours ago

    Damn MrBeast So Cool

  • Manga & Stuff
    Manga & Stuff 8 hours ago

    I don’t wanna be weird but the fried shrimp head is actually pretty good I tried it before

  • Caleb Wilson
    Caleb Wilson 8 hours ago

    Meanwhile in pnw we pay to eat shrimps and octopus

  • JeLemow
    JeLemow 9 hours ago

    So zis is zomthing yout vieverz vil neva aford

  • A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

    And I'm here eating a pizza

  • Suprobolis
    Suprobolis 11 hours ago

    Morgz can’t do this, the entire family would be instantly removed.

  • Cristal Cakes Gacha
    Cristal Cakes Gacha 11 hours ago

    This is making me hungry 😢

    Good thing in eating my favorite tonight 😀

  • Stuffy Queen
    Stuffy Queen 12 hours ago

    What about wagu

  • snookz
    snookz 13 hours ago

    2:13 his wife, i would never kiss you again!!!

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 13 hours ago

    Mrbeast is the richest person i watch

  • duy pham
    duy pham 13 hours ago

    Still waiting a golden steak from mr beast tho

  • Benjamin Kostenko
    Benjamin Kostenko 15 hours ago +1

    After eating your golden steak your poop should be gold to so pit it in a jar and put it around your fireplace🤣🤣🤣

  • SHoCK_PlasmaHD
    SHoCK_PlasmaHD 15 hours ago

    Why the f*ck did you do this MrBeast?!

    Now I'm incredibly hungry

  • Darkpanda XD
    Darkpanda XD 15 hours ago

    What does the folden steak

  • ImRick be my Morty
    ImRick be my Morty 16 hours ago

    Pickle Rick?

  • nervous wolf
    nervous wolf 16 hours ago

    My life would be a endless abyss of sadness without this channel

  • toni 123 saliba
    toni 123 saliba 16 hours ago

    chandler do everything for money

  • Neelam Lal
    Neelam Lal 16 hours ago +1

    *I'm starving.......*

  • Brody Goodwin
    Brody Goodwin 17 hours ago

    Anyone see Chandler has Gucci watch

    ANTHONY PHAM 18 hours ago

    Day idk of waiting for my golden steak

  • Cem Kaptan
    Cem Kaptan 18 hours ago

    vegans will attack you

  • Alan Lopez
    Alan Lopez 18 hours ago

    Lol mr b has more subs den logan

  • PhaserFelix
    PhaserFelix 19 hours ago +2

    Do you know how many upgrades I can upgrade my upgraded computer???? WITH THAT KIND OF UPGRADED STEAK MONEY? It takes forever to render videos!

  • Blue Knight
    Blue Knight 19 hours ago +1

    Who thinks they should try to cook using a flamethrower ? I do!

  • He 2xho ckeysticks
    He 2xho ckeysticks 20 hours ago +1

    I didn't sub and my fortnite account is still intact. Mr beast is a fraud!

  • Rainbow Gaming
    Rainbow Gaming 20 hours ago

    I’m glad I’m sitting here eating hostess cupcakes 😂😅😂

  • Tablet Account
    Tablet Account 21 hour ago +1

    Fuck u bitch

  • Danut Galati
    Danut Galati 21 hour ago

    Date in pula mea de sarantoc.alti mor de foame si tu ati dai valaoare?!.esi in pula mea de panarama ............

  • Graysen Abila
    Graysen Abila 21 hour ago

    I will shop by Mr. beast

  • Jeymi Pena
    Jeymi Pena 21 hour ago

    I just noticed this vid came out on my Birth day🎁🎉

  • Sage Orbaugh
    Sage Orbaugh 22 hours ago

    Mr beast is a leftie?!?!

  • elias chehwan
    elias chehwan 22 hours ago

    meanwhile in Africa

  • TylerTheGamer55
    TylerTheGamer55 22 hours ago


  • Alexander Stroh
    Alexander Stroh 22 hours ago

    :c u got me

  • wowest
    wowest 22 hours ago

    octopus ain't even bad

  • Emile Hoffmann
    Emile Hoffmann 22 hours ago

    You gonna have golden poop.

  • Queenslander
    Queenslander Day ago

    Soy boys!

  • Khánh Nguyễn
    Khánh Nguyễn Day ago

    Beat pewdiepie someday will you

  • prthvi singh thakur Lal

    You are Soo smart ♥️

  • Eric Grossman
    Eric Grossman Day ago

    I have tried almost all that food and it is soooooooio good

  • Jennifer Hoehn
    Jennifer Hoehn Day ago

    give me da golden steak!!!!!

  • AdrianAtGaming
    AdrianAtGaming Day ago

    funny thing is, me, as a chinese, often eat all of these. foie gras is literally goose liver.

  • Thornberry 007
    Thornberry 007 Day ago

    Hawked a dookie


  • MyNameisYasuo
    MyNameisYasuo Day ago

    chandler is disgusting

  • lance_b5
    lance_b5 Day ago

    I want to know who Mr Beast's bank is.

  • pb creation
    pb creation Day ago

    Nus_ret steak house

  • Karl Mercado
    Karl Mercado Day ago

    Is that savage to chanler eating eggs and crickets maybe ?

  • -Kar_Lo- 23
    -Kar_Lo- 23 Day ago

    Next stop, toilet

  • Jackline Iversen

    You are the best 😊

  • Laynealishious 63

    Chandler sees the gold stake “ does it mean I’m a unicorn if I poop gold “

  • Daniel Zuniga
    Daniel Zuniga Day ago

    I wish they go to church so I can see them is heaven

  • Green Pickle
    Green Pickle Day ago

    I've had kangaroo meat in chili before, *it was terrible*

  • John vincent Tady

    My favorite nba team is Golden steak warriors

  • Young Consequence

    Get a 10.000$ flamethrower to cook

  • Young Consequence

    Get me some 🍣

  • LunarOX Pls subscribe

    steak and shrimp arent exotice foods

  • Game Major
    Game Major Day ago

    I got the merch!

  • Recon Expert
    Recon Expert Day ago +1

    This is how many times a golden steak will show up on your door step from mr beast

  • The Papillon Warrior

    MrBeast: "How did you get a kangaroo?"
    Manager: "We know a guy"

  • Vegtio
    Vegtio Day ago

    Hang ok chandler has done a challenge?!

  • William Urbano
    William Urbano Day ago

    Lol i think the secret sauce that they put in the steak is a spaghetti sauce😂😂😂

  • Dungeon Master
    Dungeon Master Day ago

    I can

  • Houston Foxworth

    I would eat the whole octopuse for $2000

  • Asa McFarlane
    Asa McFarlane Day ago

    All the vegans are TRIGGERED

  • Michael Casarez
    Michael Casarez Day ago +1

    Chandler won a challenge!

  • Michael Casarez
    Michael Casarez Day ago +1

    Everyone likes a bragger.

  • blocked
    blocked Day ago

    the server and the baby asdhfjgkhlj

  • Justin Lancaster

    I'm surprised he never offered 1,000$ just for someone to sit down

  • Sad Oofhead
    Sad Oofhead Day ago


  • pllae & edit
    pllae & edit Day ago

    jimmy has chopstick helpers

  • saurabh kate
    saurabh kate Day ago

    Love you

  • Blok Vader
    Blok Vader Day ago

    8:26 And that, ladies and gentleman, is how MrBeast was arrested for Arson.

  • Brittanae Wint
    Brittanae Wint Day ago

    Chandler finesse them hard

  • Blok Vader
    Blok Vader Day ago

    *Yall dont care about the boneless chicken feet!?*

  • UAHA ToxicBoi
    UAHA ToxicBoi Day ago


  • DaniloHD
    DaniloHD Day ago

    And I struggle at getting the Happy Meal at McDonalds ._.

  • Cenetinkan
    Cenetinkan Day ago +1

    This still doesn’t beat the legendary krabby patty

  • 69X2Coochie Sniper

    This is going to be mainly men puling

  • Joshua Ortiz
    Joshua Ortiz Day ago

    Shrimp is actually good

  • Sakigavidi SMK
    Sakigavidi SMK Day ago

    What was the instrumental when entering the kobi beef restaurant

  • Edith Orbe
    Edith Orbe Day ago


  • erin cookie
    erin cookie 2 days ago

    Mr beast: lets spend 10 k on dinner!

    Me: (can't even afford mcdonalds) help 😭

  • Austin Krawczyk
    Austin Krawczyk 2 days ago

    Watching you choke on food I easy every day is funny

  • Ghost
    Ghost 2 days ago

    am i the only one who think garet looks paranormal

    MIGUEL IÑIGO 2 days ago

    It used in slime a gold foil lolll