Secret Santa's helpers

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • 'Tis the season for Steve Hartman to catch up with his old friend "Secret Santa," an anonymous, wealthy businessman who every year travels the country giving out as much as $300 to random strangers. This year he's recruited a few helpers, from the Milwaukee County Transit System, to spread some Yuletide cheer.
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Comments • 14

  • Cynthia Bustamante
    Cynthia Bustamante 4 days ago

    A girl in the next car over was counting out change. She sees my window down and asked. Do you have a quarter I can get from you? I, reached in my wallet for one.But instead gave her a $5. She was so happy as her and another girl ran into the store. They both yelled . We get to eat today! They made me feel happy.

  • Sean Hinton
    Sean Hinton Month ago


  • judas brute
    judas brute Month ago

    another reason cash should never go away. well, until we can do away with money altogether. that's the best financial move

  • Kimberly Englehardt
    Kimberly Englehardt Month ago +3

    That segment could have been way longer!!! This would be soooo much fun!

  • Omar 90s
    Omar 90s Month ago +1

    - And he don't need no youtube bashing

  • Lori Blessner
    Lori Blessner Month ago +1

    What a great story, crying here too.

  • kent hwang
    kent hwang Month ago +1

    Merry Christmas, Steve

  • ludovicoC
    ludovicoC Month ago

    Great story as usual, but just wondering... is it wise to give out the money in $100.00 denominations? Don't most small businesses refuse bills over $20.00?

  • Priya Mason
    Priya Mason Month ago +6

    That man is an angel.

  • john doe
    john doe Month ago

    Why is she so fat?

  • Arrgox
    Arrgox Month ago +6

    Good for that guy. Its a nice thing to do.

  • Journal Wright
    Journal Wright Month ago +6

    This is beautiful. This trend needs to spread amongst transit agencies nationwide.

  • divineenergy
    divineenergy Month ago +8

    *For it is in giving that we receive. 💗*

  • Musings
    Musings Month ago +12

    Me: "I'm not gonna cry, this time."
    One minute into this story: ugly crying.
    Another inspiring, encouraging piece of beautiful journalism!