"Scouts In Here, Give Them A SHOW!" Julian Newman Feels The PRESSURE & Jaden DESTROYS HIM 😱

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • Hello Newmans EP 1 ►► ovrt.me/2IvTq2k
    Julian Gets CLEAN Customs ►► ovrt.me/2U7w75U
    This is the second episode of our new reality show HELLO NEWMANS! We'll be showing you guys all the amazing and crazy things that go down in the lives of Julian and Jaden Newman.
    In Episode 2, things get HEATED between Jamie and Julian after their team gets beaten by 50. Then, Julian and Jaden go out for a long, late night dinner with the team even though Downey has a game the next morning. Jamie does not appreciate that, and takes it out on Julian in an....unconventional way.
    Later, Julian and Downey have the chance to redeem themselves. If they don't catch a big win, there's gonna be BIG problems in the Newman household. Julian NEEDS to step up.
    Finally, some fam drops by for a Prodigy Brand photoshoot. Is Prodigy the next Supreme?? Jamie thinks so.
    Drop a comment and show love for the NEWMANS!
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Comments • 3 817

  • Overtime
    Overtime  9 months ago +1263

    What COLLEGE will Julian end up at!?

  • Reagan Hassler
    Reagan Hassler 5 days ago

    “I dropped 33”
    Yeah against the 3rd string lmao

  • Ernesto Almaraz
    Ernesto Almaraz 7 days ago

    No college and their prodigy brand will only be in high school years

  • its Dloff
    its Dloff 10 days ago

    there dad is so self centerd

  • Samantha Young
    Samantha Young 12 days ago

    Hello newfies

  • edward payawal
    edward payawal 14 days ago


  • Ashton Pruitt
    Ashton Pruitt 14 days ago

    so whats dat niggas sisters number

  • Michael Xavier
    Michael Xavier 16 days ago

    He is not even good, he's just a dribbling machine.

  • Jimbo Jones
    Jimbo Jones 16 days ago +1

    He is one of the worst coaches I have ever seen. And trust me I have been coached by some bad coaches but he does not compare. AT ALL!

  • Beck S.
    Beck S. 17 days ago

    His sisters looks pregnant.

  • McSpitfire
    McSpitfire 18 days ago

    You know your son Don’t respect you when he calls you bro 🤷‍♂️

  • Faze Mosquito
    Faze Mosquito 21 day ago

    Julian's dad looks like he has fake eyebrows 💀💀

  • Jamey Armstrong
    Jamey Armstrong 21 day ago

    1:53 that sign is wrong and right

  • Rocky Reyes
    Rocky Reyes 21 day ago

    The dad is making him work too much. At the end of the day, Julian is still a kid.

  • Mikhayla Stephens
    Mikhayla Stephens 22 days ago

    I would’ve said shut the he** up and play for me since you got so much to say

  • Chudney Gray
    Chudney Gray 22 days ago

    Julian will end up at a school like duke or Michigan

  • Felipe Rodriguez
    Felipe Rodriguez 24 days ago

    He said steph curry aint as fast. Man dude is delusional his son will never be anywhere near steph

  • BeartheGhost11
    BeartheGhost11 24 days ago

    shes got grown men in her DMS

  • Barry Maieritsch
    Barry Maieritsch 25 days ago

    No coach ur right none of us realized your son scored 4,000 points on 10,000 shots because NOBODY gives a shit

  • Barry Maieritsch
    Barry Maieritsch 25 days ago

    Steph Curry can’t move that fast?? Bruh wtf is you smokin steph curry is not to be compared to your dwarf son ever again

  • Danny Reyna
    Danny Reyna 25 days ago

    Is Prodigy already a brand name???

  • micbeans
    micbeans 27 days ago

    For one the school has "Christian" in its name, and the coach is swearing on the sidelines, what a disgrace to christ. Secondly they're the worst example of how to raise your family, the dad acts like a kid himself. Cares more about publicity and getting money more than his kids actual well being and raising them not to be spoiled ass people that expect everyone to praise them. Talk about an ego problem with that whole family except for maybe the mother. Sooo spoiled, like the morning sprints julian cried to his mom about weren't even sprints he jus jogged back and forth like that's nothing to complain about. What a whiney bitch both kids

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez 28 days ago


  • Theo Prappas
    Theo Prappas 29 days ago

    I think they make it look like more drama

  • The American Flag
    The American Flag Month ago

    When he was kissing his gf I thought it was jaden 😳

  • Ak_47_yrn Yt
    Ak_47_yrn Yt Month ago

    I thought he said it’s gay day 4:58

  • peyton hooper
    peyton hooper Month ago +1

    This dad is messed up a swear

  • william quintero
    william quintero Month ago

    Trump University

  • william quintero
    william quintero Month ago

    ITT Tech

  • william quintero
    william quintero Month ago


  • Kevin Royal
    Kevin Royal Month ago


  • I Am Orange Juice
    I Am Orange Juice Month ago +1

    Julian needs to stop being a ball hog. And they need a new coach.

  • Jacob Whitney
    Jacob Whitney Month ago

    He ain't the most famous baller on the web 😂. Plus his dad can't coach for shit.

  • Scooby-Doo
    Scooby-Doo Month ago +1

    Your right Julian's dad, Curry can't move that fast 5:47 he can move faster 🤯

  • Stone Harper
    Stone Harper Month ago

    The dad is a complete fucking joke

  • David Vega
    David Vega Month ago

    Bro he scored 33 points did he want him to score 33 more?

  • Meshar Rogers
    Meshar Rogers Month ago

    7:41 that mom showing that Oscar Worthy performance. She seems so convincing like she isn't phoning it😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nhim Nguyen
    Nhim Nguyen Month ago

    Where do you guys buy merch online?

  • Jose Guadalupe
    Jose Guadalupe Month ago

    They need a real coach.this is sad wow

  • shfty
    shfty Month ago +1

    Shiii I would've been a mama's boy and told too🤣

  • XxSmk
    XxSmk Month ago

    I like how he blames his bad performance on the court for stuff off the court. any good basketball player doesn’t let that stuff bother them 😂

  • xpdzø1x
    xpdzø1x Month ago

    bro there wasn’t even water in the cup 😂

  • Jaida Ezzell
    Jaida Ezzell Month ago

    I hate them type of players that think they are the best without the other members , like yu said you made 33 pts that's mean the others pts hadda come from other players ! don't jus give yourself credit when others are puttin in work to💯💯and no he wasn't the cutest outta all the teammates(5:21)

  • Brandon Plays
    Brandon Plays Month ago +1

    It’s 20 degrees outside i can’t even feel my hands I live in Idaho buddy I play football outdoors when it’s snowing and 10 degrees

  • Heather Harris
    Heather Harris Month ago

    There dad looks like a donkey lowkey

  • Big Dilf Zack
    Big Dilf Zack Month ago +1

    When your mom sees you touching something in the store she told not to 6:32

  • striker curry
    striker curry Month ago

    dads like this shouldnt be coaches...the game plan is julien and thats all he clearly cares about smh, with a 15 man roster

  • Ali Love
    Ali Love Month ago

    Steph curry can’t move that fast like what

  • Hans Aggabao
    Hans Aggabao Month ago

    Julian face me 1on1 boi you aint get pass me when you have handles

  • Luis Guzman
    Luis Guzman Month ago

    His mom think she the shet 😂🤦

  • j3ffwil23 Wil
    j3ffwil23 Wil Month ago

    Mans is on his knees🤣🤣6:30

  • j3ffwil23 Wil
    j3ffwil23 Wil Month ago


  • JHigh Roll
    JHigh Roll Month ago

    We were winning 50-1 and my coach was yelling

  • puttin in
    puttin in Month ago

    Steph curry can't get that short too

  • sayde stamm
    sayde stamm Month ago

    There too cocky

  • blixkyman
    blixkyman Month ago

    he has been playing varsity for 8 years he was obviously gonna have more than 1000 points plus he averages 40

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    holdup anyone see that poster that said men to the left because women are right

  • Katoga Travel
    Katoga Travel 2 months ago

    Julian: im julian newman im the most famous baller in the web..
    Lamelo: Hold my Nuts fool.. i'll show your whos the most famous in the web.. or world?? galaxy?? cmon its all about Melodip!!

  • koujie kabutho
    koujie kabutho 2 months ago

    a hunchback dwarf father and a dwarf fuckin son./