HOW I CHANGED MY LIFE IN 6 MONTHS *Body Transformation*

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
  • My 6 month journey is COMPLETE!
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  • Bardan Sitaula
    Bardan Sitaula 11 months ago +4391

    Alex WassABIT chubby but now he is not.

  • Thomas Dascotte
    Thomas Dascotte Day ago +1

    “Body transformation”
    Me: Wtf are you gonna do to KSI?

  • GooGs powerlost
    GooGs powerlost Day ago

    Nah my Abs are better

  • Wrecked 123
    Wrecked 123 Day ago +4

    Putting oil on your body won’t change it so..... stop being desperate for viewsss

  • Valentina Rodriguez
    Valentina Rodriguez 3 days ago

    I love your mustash

  • Big Villos
    Big Villos 7 days ago +1

    I thought it was a motivational video 😂

  • Big Villos
    Big Villos 7 days ago +1

    Doms new sis

  • Karla Ribot Romero
    Karla Ribot Romero 10 days ago

    The mustache though

  • trunks blue Trunks
    trunks blue Trunks 10 days ago

    How funny

  • Carol Hauhio
    Carol Hauhio 10 days ago

    You know that I work out too like I’m so skinny

  • Caleb Hallinan
    Caleb Hallinan 11 days ago

    KSI would still beat the shit outta you

  • Susan Keller
    Susan Keller 12 days ago +1

    Lmao this is like an office spinoff

  • Ariana Washington
    Ariana Washington 15 days ago +1

    Good job Alex where’s roy

  • Sandra Birrer
    Sandra Birrer 18 days ago

    I like you like a chubby man it’s cute ❤️

  • DxGEmperor
    DxGEmperor 19 days ago +1

    One of the craziest things about alex is that he thinks hes a CHILD
    Edit: And im not wrong

  • DxGEmperor
    DxGEmperor 19 days ago +1

    Ur fucking trash alex it should of been you who died not Etika hes much more better than your punk ass

  • Safal Neupane
    Safal Neupane 20 days ago

    I hope this pussy dies of cancer.

  • Nyagoa Puot
    Nyagoa Puot 25 days ago

    Do you want to say that you

  • Sandy Brownsmith
    Sandy Brownsmith 25 days ago


  • Samantha Homick
    Samantha Homick 28 days ago

    Good job!! You did awesome

  • Lovez Roblox
    Lovez Roblox Month ago


  • Ali Keita
    Ali Keita Month ago

    10000000 pack

  • DaNgEr88GiRL
    DaNgEr88GiRL Month ago

    You should grow that mustache 👨🏻

  • Shadow Blade
    Shadow Blade Month ago

    Stronger than roi

  • Diana Hernandez
    Diana Hernandez Month ago

    Alex wachubby. Is now Alex wamusel please like my comment

  • Abrasuve
    Abrasuve Month ago

    I think you forgot leg day

  • Elisha's videos
    Elisha's videos Month ago

    i love alex's videos

  • Anti Flat-earth bot


  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez Month ago


  • Leina Alesania
    Leina Alesania Month ago

    Naruto RUN!

  • Maliki Martinez
    Maliki Martinez Month ago

    U get yo motivation from Roi Wassabi

  • PotatoLord_007
    PotatoLord_007 Month ago +2

    Anyone Here After The Breakup?

  • Joely Fontaine
    Joely Fontaine Month ago


  • Alessandra Siozon
    Alessandra Siozon Month ago

    Try to speak Filipino challenge

  • Ivy Schulte-Hostedde
    Ivy Schulte-Hostedde 2 months ago

    that mustache though....😂

  • G.G
    G.G 2 months ago

    why would take a shower and get a hair cut after

  • janeth tuyac
    janeth tuyac 2 months ago

    His body doesn't fit with his voice but he changed thoo

  • Ryan Jahnzat
    Ryan Jahnzat 2 months ago

    Box KSI now pussy

  • Boxing James
    Boxing James 2 months ago

    Come on you can do this come on Alex and you can just believe in yourself you can do this get strong

  • smarfGG fortnite
    smarfGG fortnite 2 months ago +1

    It's great to see you changed your life around respect to Bradley martyn for helping him

  • Tej Niban
    Tej Niban 2 months ago

    Fuck ur ass bitch

  • Dasbee Balbeja
    Dasbee Balbeja 2 months ago

    Is this his new video and he got a mushtash but it is gone

  • Eliza Sanders
    Eliza Sanders 2 months ago

    Not bros

  • Doug Worley
    Doug Worley 2 months ago

    Still didn't fight ksi you would only do it for views money and subbs. P U S S Y

  • mumbai star
    mumbai star 2 months ago

    He looks like Hitler 0:42

  • Kate Productions
    Kate Productions 2 months ago +1

    No more Alex wachubby

    2019 anyone if so you are awesome

  • Real Life w/Dana
    Real Life w/Dana 3 months ago

    WHOA 😱🤩😱🤩😱🤩

  • Anna Billington
    Anna Billington 3 months ago

    There’s something in the back on the wall that says jasmine garcia😂

  • Sanula Rathnathilake
    Sanula Rathnathilake 3 months ago

    Fight ksi your gonna loose so badly

  • Sanula Rathnathilake
    Sanula Rathnathilake 3 months ago

    You suck

  • Hayden Collins
    Hayden Collins 3 months ago


  • Simanua Jr Simanua
    Simanua Jr Simanua 3 months ago

    I love you so much Alex 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😉

  • Wora Makuare
    Wora Makuare 3 months ago

    I see u fresh okkkkkaaaayyyyyyyy

  • Valarie Yang
    Valarie Yang 3 months ago

    This what's the real you

  • Biondin krasniqi
    Biondin krasniqi 3 months ago

    Now will you fight KSI u pussy
    (Not a fan of alex)

  • Zizou
    Zizou 3 months ago +1

    Was this just to flex on us obese 11 year olds

  • jynette barro
    jynette barro 3 months ago

    lol Alex got hotter...But im not saying i like im a kid i just graduated Elementary...

  • Maria Easton
    Maria Easton 3 months ago

    I know the one with the cap but i want you to live life and get happy and get really strong!!!!!!!!

  • Larry Mantilla
    Larry Mantilla 3 months ago

    9999999999 strength

  • Chase Morgan
    Chase Morgan 3 months ago


  • roya ram
    roya ram 3 months ago

    look at 3;34 look how funny dat is LoL

  • Cristina pusheen & N4cat
    Cristina pusheen & N4cat 3 months ago +1

    I love Brad!!!

  • Jason Korbetis
    Jason Korbetis 3 months ago


  • Miguel Aguilar
    Miguel Aguilar 3 months ago

    It took ghis mans 6 months to do this then for sure fousey and vitaly where juiced the fuck out

  • FrankJDM
    FrankJDM 3 months ago

    Bruh this shit was so funny didnt expect this to be so fucking funny!

  • Amri Castro
    Amri Castro 3 months ago


  • Intensity 1
    Intensity 1 3 months ago

    He suites the abs and biceps but the voice man he sounds like he hasn’t hit puberty

    CUISINE KING l 3 months ago

    It’s not gonna stop 😬 it did tho

  • Miranda Chan
    Miranda Chan 3 months ago

    Do you watch Naruto

  • Liz Castaneda
    Liz Castaneda 3 months ago

    Uww alex is strong know