Does the EU Really Need the UK? - Brexit Explained

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018
  • When scrolling through comments you often see people say "they need us more than we need them". So we have tried to respond to that once and for all. We look at if the EU relies on the UK for trade, how the EU budget will cope without the UK and if the EU needs the UK as a security ally.
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Comments • 7 947

  • TLDR News
    TLDR News  4 months ago +78

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    • Andy Holland
      Andy Holland 18 days ago

      Love your videos and will remain subscribed, but, correct me if I'm wrong, it seemed that your own political bias came across slightly in this video.

    • Kyndjal
      Kyndjal 23 days ago

      Does Europe need the EU?
      that's the real question Brussels doesn't want you to think about.

    • Mr Hole
      Mr Hole 24 days ago

      can you do a video on EU internet/MEME censorship?

    • Christian Horner
      Christian Horner 26 days ago

      Hey TLDR awesome videos! Can you do one on how the UK saved Europe from totalitarian fascist rule when they beat the Kaiser, then held off Hitler and now taking a stand against Merkel's 4th Reich?

    • Earl Stevsnson
      Earl Stevsnson Month ago

      Ok it has been changed now to the post I did write

  • Ramsethu Shri
    Ramsethu Shri 11 hours ago

    Doesn't matter though because UK has voted for brexit they had to think reprecautions before putting out referendum they didn't they used it as election tool and hence it is their mess to deal with.

  • Eunice J Douglas
    Eunice J Douglas 12 hours ago

    Can you do a video of why they can't clap in the commons, please

  • World Survivalist
    World Survivalist 23 hours ago


  • Ray Butler
    Ray Butler Day ago

    Does EU need UK? For what? To conquer the world? Yes: without UK, EU will lose to Russia and Turkey.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Day ago

    This video doesn't seem to address any of the problematic policies of the EU that are damaging GB and other EU nations. Especially in regards to migration. Frankly it's worth losing some money to keep your country from being taken over by muslims and africans.

  • you jones
    you jones 2 days ago

    No economy in europe can survive without germany. This is not the EU its the german EU. Germany is on so many levels evolving so fast, that sooner or later the surrounding nations will and have to, if they wanna survive, join germany. It will be called the EU, but it will be germany they join. Look what they are capable of: When the german wall felt, over night their population increased by 16 million ppl. Then what happened? Nothing. Germany didnt even blink. Obviously even an event of such magnitude was economically a piece of cake to them. So who needs whom is not even a question.

  • Steve Foster
    Steve Foster 2 days ago

    Let Britain go! They are a small inbreeding island run by clowns. If the British people want to commit economic suicide let the go, let them rot. But never let them enter the EU again.

  • surbiton74
    surbiton74 2 days ago

    Back in 2015 even Juncker himself conceded that the EU needs Britain, but Britain really doesn't need the EU. Funnily enough, the youtube video of him saying this has now been removed...

  • Zach
    Zach 2 days ago

    I highly doubt the EU needs us more than we need them

  • coelo physis
    coelo physis 2 days ago

    Channel 4 remain propaganda?

  • Benjamin Wang
    Benjamin Wang 4 days ago

    At 10:04, I suggest you use 1400M etc instead of 1.4B etc, so that it’s easier to compare, for some people, to the 136M figure.

  • Benjamin Wang
    Benjamin Wang 4 days ago

    Please fix your audio ramp up / ramp downs. Thanks

  • Joel Ortiz
    Joel Ortiz 4 days ago

    I would like to know what products the UK manufacture.

  • Martin Schou
    Martin Schou 4 days ago

    If facts makes you upset, chances are that you've formed opinions and world views that are dependent on those facts being false. As such this should lead you to first check the sources and analysis of those facts, and, if they stand up to scrutiny, re-evaluate your opinions and world views.
    Personally I'm surprised that the EU would face intelligence problems due to Brexit, but that is indicative of the EU not having a centralized intelligence agency of some sort. Or to put it another way - the EU spies a LOT less on its own and other countries' citizens than most people believe, and clearly less so than the UK does. To some extent I wonder how big a fraction of surveillance cameras the EU loses once Brexit is finalized.

  • John Michael Kilcrease

    2 minutes of padding to get a 13 minute video to the 10 minute mark, lol

  • MrCraigfarrow
    MrCraigfarrow 5 days ago

    You forgot to mention the common external tariff in the customs union! The eu takes 80% of Britains tariff revenue from countries outside the eu! Needless to say this tallies up to BILLIONS a year on top of the contributions.

  • Tediuki Suzuki
    Tediuki Suzuki 5 days ago

    Sir William Cash stated two days ago that each and every time the UK asks for a Brexit extension it must pay a further 12 billion pounds/Euro's? Is this true ? Did he mean 12 Million? It was in his interview with Vicki Young inside the houses of parliament concerning the legality of an extension.

  • Cid Sapient
    Cid Sapient 5 days ago

    trade increases based on 2 main factors price and availability of goods as well as demand
    for the last few decades its easier and cheaper for the UK to import more products from the EU
    but that doesnt mean they require this to survive
    economies have always adapted to the world and this will never stop
    the fact of the matter still is germany UK and france support all the other countries with their economies
    can germany and france continue to prop up the EU when the UK leaves?
    france is pretty much nearing a revolution and will leave EU as well
    how about when countries like greece hungary and poland also leave the EU?
    german car companies are beginning to suffer in their largest markets
    in the US VW alone has been losing sales consistently year after year to asian car manufacturers
    used car sales for VW have suffered the most as VWs use plastic parts in their cooling systems that break frequently
    and the motors blow up before the required timing belt change at 100-120k
    car manufacturers do this so they can actually make more money selling parts
    than they make from selling the entire car
    which makes a very large chunk of revenue come from customers that already purchased vehicles

  • Sören Nilsson
    Sören Nilsson 5 days ago

    Sorry you have to exclude gold from this equation that means that the UK exports 50% of its export to EU.

  • thebeezknees
    thebeezknees 6 days ago

    mmmm remainer are we? Mr youtuber.

  • Joseph Campbell
    Joseph Campbell 7 days ago

    Excellent content. Would love to see a video about UK industries.

  • Emmet Mclaughlin
    Emmet Mclaughlin 7 days ago

    does anyone really think brexit is a good idea? and since i know the answer is no, why still do it? Just because people (slightly) agreed on something, if new information comes out that shows it was a poor decision, we should be given the opportunity to rectify that decision.

  • craigk621
    craigk621 8 days ago

    Macron can't deal properly with his own people so why should anyone think he could or should deal with ours.
    The video just proves that (worldwide) free trade is the way to go and the EU should abandon it's protectionist block.
    But trade (and security) is only one facet of the relationship. I'm not sure that the video differentiates visible and invisible trade.
    Would be a good video describing the relationship between Greece and the troika, how the French and German banks were protected at the expense of the citizens of that country, and the EUs involvement . Do they feel "united in diversity"? Is it important? Yes it is , to understand what some of the underlying incentives are of EU meglamania.

  • Oliver Matthews
    Oliver Matthews 9 days ago

    Well clearly it does, because it wouldn't be putting such a concerted effort into preventing Brexit if it didn't.

  • Jude Chauhan
    Jude Chauhan 9 days ago +1

    Firstly how come you say slightly more then suddenly far more, secondly, last time Europe ruined a countries economy it didn't go too good.

  • David Bragger
    David Bragger 10 days ago

    No they don’t get payed compensation and help setting up corner shops take away places and phone shops and most of them treat nationals as minority’s

  • Gnawer Shreth
    Gnawer Shreth 10 days ago

    ~5:25 is a really important point that people often seem to forget or simply not understand. UK gets a lot of preferential treatment when it comes to EU trade and there's no reason to think that that'd continue being the case after a theoretical "no deal" Brexit. EU doesn't *need* to trade that much with the UK, it's just that the various trade agreements ensure that they must trade with the UK to ensure a certain level of balance, the same is the case for other EU countries as well.
    EU agreements try to ensure that countries all get imports and exports from the rest of the EU so a lot of British stuff could currently be bought simply because it has to be to fulfill the agreements. The UK obviously isn't close to being the cheapest place to buy things from (it's a well off country after all) so if there's no longer any responsibilities when it comes to trade after a "no deal", chances are the EU would find cheaper alternatives instead of maintaining the current level of trade with the UK. The current numbers are "artificially inflated" by the agreements saying that countries have to trade with the UK.
    Now obviously the UK is free to look for alternatives as well but if they want to "isolate" themselves from all the countries close to theirs, that's going to be fucking expensive. The EU can still keep trading with everyone but the UK even without a deal, but the UK cannot. The UK would lose all trade options with nearby countries pretty much, plus a lot of their non-EU trade deals are actually EU-negotiated deals that the UK will lose as well. A huge trading bloc (EU) has a much easier time getting good deals than a single country ever will so chances are any new trade agreements the UK makes on their own will be much worse than those they currently have by being EU members.

    No one sane would argue that the UK remaining the EU wouldn't be the preferred option but that doesn't mean they're *needed* like people love to claim. Especially not nearly as needed as the EU (and the benefits being a member provides) is needed for the UK. It's not even close either.
    If the British really love their German cars, they'll likely import them anyway like Americans etc. also do. They may just get slightly more expensive I suppose. But the UK will lose a lot of jobs if they crash out without a deal, basically everyone involved with production or trade in the rest of EU will no longer have any reason to be in the UK. It'd just add extra taxes, tariffs etc. to their products and services that they could get around by simply moving their company to a country within the EU.

  • kairon156
    kairon156 10 days ago

    Wait, isn't there a video about manufacturing already?

  • BewareOfTheKraut
    BewareOfTheKraut 12 days ago

    Rather a calamitous end than an endless calamity.

    • BewareOfTheKraut
      BewareOfTheKraut 9 days ago

      +sack arsch
      You are right but, I'm German (like you?). I hope this Brexit-story ends asap. Right now I'd take a no deal even if Germany has to pay more than with a deal.
      Can't stand this shit any longer...

    • sack arsch
      sack arsch 9 days ago +1

      At the moment it feels like you get both. Because Brexit is not the End of the story. It will only get worse for the UK and in the end you will end up with a small Britain when the Scots decide to leave the UK in a year or so. The only thing i am worried about is Northern Ireland, that could get a bit messy for a while - but i hope not.

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas 12 days ago

    Folllow the money the Eu is broke German banks Spanish and Italian. We should leave now before it is to late

  • Guillermo Ibáñez Gómez

    Dude, > means "more than that", < means "less than that". How you fuck this up? Anyway good video.

  • liammartinsmith1
    liammartinsmith1 13 days ago

    As per the stats at 2:50 - They need us more because they sell 95 billion pounds more stuff to us than we sell to them. That screws up our balance of payments. Pouring UK wealth into the EU. The only way this is good is if the average thing we buy from the EU, we polish, solder some bluetooth unit to it and sell it for more to other countries. Clearly not the EU currently if they sell us more than we manage to rinse them for. That 'balance of payments' on the UK's current account may be better managed if we paddle our own canoe for a bit.

  • Peter Taylor
    Peter Taylor 13 days ago

    The deal at the start was a good idea free trade but EU started pushing rules laws and people which started watering down the UK. Times ahead will be hard but all good things need working at.

  • a5cent
    a5cent 13 days ago

    Let's be honest:
    Almost nobody was thinking of these monetary and trade issues when they voted to leave the EU. For 99% of nay sayers, the central issue was immigration. This is a sore point for the citizenry of every EU country, not just the UK. I suspect the EU is also blamed for a lot of the immigration from non-EU countries.
    So why is this not debated on channels like this?
    If the EU reversed it's policies on this issue, and explicitly stated that every EU member is in complete control of its own immigration policy, much of the hate towards the EU would evaporate, not just in the UK, but across Europe.
    However, nobody can explain which forces support this policy, nor why it exists to begin with. Why?
    I suspect that for the UK, what will happen is that we will suffer all the downside of a no-deal brexit, yet uncontrolled immigration will continue. I'm pretty sure that is the opposite of what the UK voters wanted.
    Any chance your channel can take a look at that?

  • Gary Nichols
    Gary Nichols 13 days ago

    Privatization may well be the great Brexit stumbling block.

  • John Deltuvia
    John Deltuvia 13 days ago

    While economic matters are of importance, the real matter of whether the EU needs the UK is a political one. The UK is the second-largest country in the EU, providing a counter-balance to Germany. Remove the UK and Germany holds more sway over EU policy, which may fragment and ultimately destroy the EU as smaller nations in the EU find themselves becoming vassals to Germany. I have no doubt that Merkel wants the UK out of the EU - but there's more than one way for Germany to rule Europe than military actions such as those carried out in the 1910s and 1940s.

  • Fábio Gomes
    Fábio Gomes 14 days ago

    This is just absurd. Brexit is so stupid that at this point I realy want to see you brits out of my bloody face. But that's my annoiance talking. The truth is Eu needs to grow in order to be strong agaianst US Russia and China, in order to deal on equal terms. And every country that joins is a step twards that. It's not that we need you, we just need more people for the network. We would like to have you if you stop acting like spoiled kids and joined fully to the Eu, including the coin.
    Don't you think we would like to have turkey joining the Eu? We would love to have them, but only if they follow the same politics. Right now they don't but that may change very soon. Globalism is here and it may be scary if you lived under nationalism your intire life, but it's the only way to move forward fast and we do need to do so because we are starting to run out of time on so many fields that no country alone will be able to solve.

  • The Inspirational Sports Teacher

    This is like asking if my wife would be financially better off if she left me tomorrow, of course she won't. Not with her current financial arrangements. But if she is unhappy, she has the potential to leave and build a better life.

  • Joseph Wolfson
    Joseph Wolfson 14 days ago +4

    As an American, I would like to say that (in my opinion) Brexit is a really bad idea. Everybody loses because of it.

    • Peter Taylor
      Peter Taylor 13 days ago +1

      If Brexit a bad idea would you be happy letting UK run your laws History says no. so why should we.

  • Alan
    Alan 14 days ago

    All we really wanted was reform of the EU

  • Victor Popov
    Victor Popov 14 days ago

    Isnt the money the uk is paying to the eu gonna be the same or even less then the money the uk will have to pay for eu goods on a no deal. Plus a big loss of investment from people who are scared about uk leaving the eu.

  • Lawrence Brown
    Lawrence Brown 14 days ago

    We buy more from the EU than they buy from us; thus we have a considerable trade deficit which has to be financed from other sources than from earnings on exports to EU. Our defence budget has been higher than any other country. They have actually been defended at our expense.

  • stealthkillah122
    stealthkillah122 14 days ago

    yes they only care about MONEY

  • Robin Toonen
    Robin Toonen 14 days ago

    As Dutchman I would say we all British and eu citizince realy on eachother. Brexit feels to me like backstep to the friendship, a personal betrayal, and I think that this friendship and deep historical conextion should be concidered of there is ever a second referendum. I really recret the Brexit, but everybody will manage after Brexit. That does not mean we like it. Plus my conclusion of the result of the referendum of 2016 wouldn't have been to trigger A50, but to discuse this matter. For 72% of the voters showed up and 52% of that voted for Brexit. This means that roughly 37% of the posible voters voted for a Brexit, 35% to remain and 28% did not have an opion or saw no meaning in voting. These numbers only show a heavely divided country and to my opion such a division is not good for any unity and that should be resorted first. And every Brit may say that it is a british thing and that I shouldn't interfere, you may I would say the same probably.

  • PV K
    PV K 14 days ago

    In regards to the defence, what about the likes of Galileo? I’m guessing you’ll lose access to this? And if not, you’ll pay a “subscription” for it... that will be millions/week? No? Good videos! Thx.

  • Kirk Tirakian
    Kirk Tirakian 14 days ago +1

    Just another debacle where conservatives insist on nationalism over World cooperation.

  • Brian V Vatcher
    Brian V Vatcher 15 days ago

    Yes of Course they need us to keep them afloat, and we don't even get a say in what is going on,

  • Arthur Russell
    Arthur Russell 15 days ago

    Please make the 'what does the UK manufacture' video, sounds interesting!

  • orphanof CROM
    orphanof CROM 15 days ago

    stupid questions, should be asking does the UK need the EU and the answer is no. nobody wants the Muslim infested EU

  • Josfur Gaming
    Josfur Gaming 15 days ago +2

    EU agricultural budgets is of public domain.... EU aint the UK. you will see that many countries had to give away their agricultural benefits for the benefit of the UK agriculture. you ungrateful BRITS!!

  • Megan Axelía Carrington-Ráðvarðurdóttir

    Are people stupid? Nationalism doesn’t contest any of that! Nationalism preserved the fact you are able to have and meet such diverse people!

  • gokul balagopal
    gokul balagopal 15 days ago

    Make video on UK Manufacturing

  • thomas kristensen
    thomas kristensen 15 days ago +1

    Ha No And England dont need EU just get it done get out and England Will be great again

  • cyccy
    cyccy 15 days ago +2

    but trading will be done with or without EU? It did before them so why would´nt it work now?

  • tameem ash
    tameem ash 16 days ago

    Great video bro .. love from stoke on trent

  • Arri Morris
    Arri Morris 16 days ago

    What does the UK actually manufacture?

    • tameem ash
      tameem ash 16 days ago

      Major exports include road vehicles and other transportation equipment, industrial machinery, petroleum and petroleum products, electrical machinery, office machines and data processing equipment, power-generating machinery, organicchemicals, precision instruments, and iron and steel

  • Doriphor
    Doriphor 16 days ago

    Why would the EU need the UK? The UK needs the EU though.

  • sgs2um02122
    sgs2um02122 16 days ago +1

    The reality is that even though I live in the UK and I know that the UK's economy will collapse, I wished hard for Brexit to happen, ideally as hard as it goes - no deal.
    I would rather move out back to Europe and see UK collapse.
    You idiots don't realize how much Europe came to hate UK with your cherry picking and much fuss about nothing.
    Nation of bloody handed pirates that made its wealth on killing and stealing from the poor and naive. Their curses are finally reaching you.

    • sham star
      sham star 15 days ago

      Hmm of course the Germans, French, Spannish and Portuguese never made riches from invading and robbing other Nations.... rolls eyes

  • Robert Sandri
    Robert Sandri 16 days ago

    If the EU inflicts significant harm to the UK over BREXIT, don't think the USA will sit idly by.

  • Robert Sandri
    Robert Sandri 16 days ago

    BREXIT is not about economics. It is about the sovereignty and political independence of the UK. Germany has - as feared - has turned the EU into a means to politically control the EU member nations. History says that a powerful central European authority always leads to the UK being threatened. A giant free trade area is really a great idea. Too bad the EU Socialists just can't keep their hands off of everyone else's freedom and independence.

  • Dennis Lifshack
    Dennis Lifshack 16 days ago

    One thing the EU is doing is offering company money to leave uk to set up in the Europe.

  • Alfonso
    Alfonso 16 days ago

    Denying reality is not patriotism. It's stupidity.

  • Roland Gilmore
    Roland Gilmore 17 days ago

    The numbers used are wrong. This vid is infantile rubbish.

  • Jack Marshall
    Jack Marshall 17 days ago

    i think most of your arguments are pretty sound on this one, one aspect i feel that you missed out on though is the trade between individual countries in the EU with Britain.

    For example Ireland export a huge percentage of their meat and dairy products to the UK and the Irish government have already stated that in the result of a no deal or closed border they would require substantial financial help from the EU as a result.

    I don't think looking at the raw numbers reflects the impact of the issue with regards to how much the EU needs Britain. that aside I'm really thankful for your brexit videos, they are really informative and interesting.

  • Waheed Saeed
    Waheed Saeed 17 days ago +1

    Why does the UK have to pay the divorce bill?

    • Waheed Saeed
      Waheed Saeed 15 days ago

      +MERCENARYTAO1 That doesn't make sense. We shouldn't have to pay because we're leaving. That's the whole point of us all leaving in the first place

      MERCENARYTAO1 16 days ago

      because the UK is the one that wants to leave.

  • Mt Thielsen
    Mt Thielsen 17 days ago

    There is only about a half dozen EU countries big enough for the EU to leach off of. EU needs UK way more than they need them. This what all the anti's, with the fear mongering get wrong. Make a clean getaway, and address each issue as it comes up. They should have spent this three years planning for brexit, instead they wasted it on trying to find a way to screw over the voters. EU would have been fine, but they had to get into politics and virtue signaling. Countries should be free, in a free world, to make their own decisions, the EU is not compatible with a free world.

  • Josh Grigolo
    Josh Grigolo 17 days ago

    I wonder how much money English tourists spend in the EU compared to tourists coming to the uk?

  • luke sibley
    luke sibley 17 days ago

    1.5 mil uk citizens in the eu, 4 mil live in the uk, start of negotiations the government gave away that advantage by giving same terms straight up. Not how to negotiate....

    • luke sibley
      luke sibley 14 days ago

      Cristian Proust Assuming the UK is a small store... 3rd highest contributor... FIRST per capita. The fact is the British people don’t want to be subject to undemocratic EU law especially migrant quotas with the aim of destroying Europe, research the Karan and realise it Mohammad’s guide to world domination. The yellow vests in France and UKIP are symptoms of this. You seem intelligent however you are missing key dots which leads you to incorrect conclusions. Research Adrenochrome in history while you’re at it...

    • Cristian Proust
      Cristian Proust 16 days ago

      Because most British abroad are old and constitute the most expensive segment to their host countries by far (health at old age it is the main expense in a country).

      While the EU citizens are young and an asset in themselves. Besides the former, most are either from poor EU countries (Poland, Romania) or Irish (which would be a very bad idea to compromise) and whatever you do would not be a lot of damage to the big countries (Germany, France), but would create a total opposition of those countries in every single thing the UK would have wanted, because countries have veto power, and no deal would have been 100% guaranteed.

      It is clear by the result of the negotiations that the EU has no real problem with WTO rules, because becoming competitors with all EU companies which have already advantageous deals that the UK would take several years to develop (and remarkably unlikely to be as convenient, because the EU by size is way more attractive), then compete and eviscerate an isolated country is easy. The EU can redirect its logistics inside its own ecosystem and finance services are easily delocalizable.

      There is no sector in which the UK is not replaceable to the EU and in which every single EU company has a competitive advantage do to advantageous deals already in place the moment BREXIT materializes.

      Is like a small store negotiating with Amazon believing it has some kind of leverage. Not very rational (as the very negotiations have shown and the fact that nobody ever talks about this in Europe anymore, because they already moved on a long time ago). An isolated country cannot negotiate with an Economic block, it follows the rules or there is no deal (is the law of Nature).

  • Orytey
    Orytey 17 days ago +1

    This video is filled with remain bias and cherry picked facts used to create a skewed argument to fit the creators agenda. In addition, below the facade of this apparently fact based video is the holier than thou, arrogance of hardened remainer who simply cannot contain his scoffing attitude towards Brexit. I.e. "Its such a cliche but we really do have to deal with it". There is no mention of potential future deals for the UK and no mention that the UK will still be able to trade with individual EU countries (but just the worthwhile ones).

  • Chiger Yelam
    Chiger Yelam 17 days ago +1

    Once bad boy front man UK leaves to start solo career all that will be left of the band will be the drummer (Germany), bass guitar (Poland), backing singers (Italy, Spain), Roadies (France) and groupies (everyone else).

  • louisgunn
    louisgunn 17 days ago

    if that's the case EU could veto any extension , there a fat chance of that,they want our cash our markets and fishing grounds.

  • Florian Rudow
    Florian Rudow 18 days ago

    In a Nutshell: Brexit is a loose-loose Situation.

  • D B
    D B 18 days ago +3

    The sentiment behind this video is so biased towards the pro-EU camp.

    • D B
      D B 14 days ago

      +Fureimes Okay Rocky, your online threat has succeeded in silencing me. I promise to never comment on anything again as I now live in unbearable fear that you will punch me through the internet.

    • Fureimes
      Fureimes 17 days ago +1

      your face is biased towards my fist

  • Embecmom
    Embecmom 18 days ago

    good info on no.s alone but the EU negotiates the trade agreements and the UK will use WTO rules to trade in the future, there seems to be some reasoning that the UK will stop trading with the EU for some reason because it is no longer in the single market this is a fallacy.

  • mario soto
    mario soto 18 days ago

    The truth is that as things r right now the UK is part of the economical puzzle that is the EU. If the puzzle looses a piece u can still have much of the picture however it doesn't matter how important the single piece is it still just a small piece that u can always do without

  • macstmanj3
    macstmanj3 18 days ago

    PLEASE do a video on manufacturing! Also, please do one on medicine import/export. That's a huge concern for me. (I'm an American but I am genuinely worried that all of the UK will get screwed by half the population)

  • macstmanj3
    macstmanj3 18 days ago

    800 million a week on defense? *Laughs in American*

  • Bruno_01
    Bruno_01 18 days ago

    there are no "friends" in business first of all...

  • A A
    A A 18 days ago

    Redundant question from another smug wanker lefty. Can a pig headed mafia cabal of anti democrats survive without the UK? Of course. When your set up is based on a combination of arrogance, erosion of sovereignty, censorship, fake news - headed by a German leftist leadership, you won't feel the need to 'rely' on the UK.

  • Simeon Wardle
    Simeon Wardle 19 days ago

    A very well made video but built on 2 fundamental errors:

    1 - trade is only 20% of UK economy so only 10% of UK economy is trade with EU. Trade is important but the EU is no longer just about trade & this has greater impact beyond simple economics, especially as the UK is operating in a different currency (£)

    2 - Germany failed to buy London Stock Exchange in 2016. London is an economic hub while no other banking centre in the EU is in the top ten around the world. Euro currency is still in difficulty since USA & UK stopped Saddam Hussain trading oil in euros (for obvious geo-political reasons) via Iraq 2.

    In this Brexit trade war EU has won every battle since 2016 & UK as a union of nations could be about to end with England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland becoming sovereign independent nations.
    This is the ultimate strategy of the German run EU - to break up the UK by divide and conquer.

    This is imperative as EU could be destroyed before the UK is dissolved.

    This game of thrones is not just about money. Money is only a part of the struggle for power. Nearly all countries are so deep in debt that the money is actually an illusion, being just a part of the smoke and mirrors of geo-politics.

  • Redstones
    Redstones 19 days ago

    “Trade will significantly increase between 2 counties” trump

  • Strothy2
    Strothy2 19 days ago

    TL:DR: EU does not need brits

  • Norman Butler
    Norman Butler 19 days ago

    A very interesting and balanced view, BUT, (there is always a "BUT"), is the UK a catalyst for the future leaving of the EU for other countries as there is a lot of dissatisfied people in other countries including Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Greece.

    • zauza marisa
      zauza marisa 17 days ago

      Being portuguese I can tell you that we would leave if possible, because with the EU we lost all our agriculture, farming, industry, ports importance etc and gained a lot of problems having to import all our food from mainly Spain or France when our produces were a lot better quality for example and Spain does not buy our produce and outright refuse to sell portuguese goods outside the " border" villages and cities and we only border with Europe through Spain ( there is still a lot of bad blood between us and many of my friends living there say that if they want portuguese goods they have to come here and get them because it is impossible to find them there), and being a poorer country we became even poorer because obviously we depend on even potatoes coming from stronger countries and we no longer are self sufficient. Due to very coward, weak politicians ruling this country , even our fishing rights and anual quotes were somewhat extended to Spain , and please notice that if we are a very small mainland country we are one of the biggest in area if you count our ocean borders. ( another reason for bad blood between us, Spain keeps trying to steal one of two of our deserted islands that are natural bird reserves to increase their ocean limits and the borders) But leaving would be the collapse of our very weak economy and I don't see how that would be even considered. How would we survive without self sufficiency ? That being said, I am not against the EU per se, I just wish that it would be fair for all involved. Wishful thinking, I know.

  • Harry Millar
    Harry Millar 19 days ago

    What about fishing?

  • George
    George 19 days ago

    Here is the solution , surrender all land and territory to the USA and problem solved !

  • Frederick Burkert
    Frederick Burkert 19 days ago

    Britain has the best intelligence agency - WMD in Iraq so go to war at the drop of a Stetson which is something an EU army wouldn’t do.
    White helmets ? Praised by uk, Caught out by the EU ad staging fake services though some might be real.
    All said and done, if it’s not in a tabloid with bias then it’s fake news and project fear to a BeLeaver.

  • Frederick Burkert
    Frederick Burkert 19 days ago

    Ignoring the payment for produce from the EU, which just means the uk pay it forward ?

  • Conor
    Conor 19 days ago

    first video ive seen from this channel. Its awesome!

  • .
    . 19 days ago

    Given that the UK is the second larges economy in the EU and is as big as the smallest 19 EU economies COMBINED. It is obvious that the UK is a big deal within and for the EU but instead of dealing in economic realities the EUcrats have elected to try to harm the UK and pushed us into Brexit. It need not have gone this way we gave the EU a chance to up its fucking game and stop being so self serving and left wing fascist. They refused and decided to punish the UK and so adios amigos we are taking our economic value and our money elsewhere, good luck with your fourth Reich.

  • Eric Bashir
    Eric Bashir 19 days ago

    When I watch your videos, I learn a lot not just on Global politics, but also on video animation ideas and storytelling. You guys are the best. Can you do a video on education opportunities in the UK for international students? Particularly graduate students. Thanks. This video and the enter e-Estonia video are my favourites so far! Much love, guys.

  • TruthOf42
    TruthOf42 19 days ago +1

    History of Brexit in 2050; "The UK was going to leave the EU, then at the very last minute decided not to."

  • H Bailey
    H Bailey 19 days ago +5

    Thank you for the vid. I knew that £350 million pound bus promoted by hard right brexiteers was bollocks.

    • epsleon
      epsleon 16 days ago +1

      It wasn't bollocks, it was just one interpretation of the statistics.

      Just like the bit about 53% of the UK's trade is with/through the EU. It's obviously going to be high when a condition of being in the single market is that you are not allowed to negotiate trade deals with non-EU states without going through the EU. If the EU puts no tariffs on EU goods then puts 50% on China (made up number) we're obviously not going to focus on trading with China, but it looks like we're dependent on the EU for our economy.
      It could turn out out economy is dependent on the EU or it could be they are holding us back, we won't know until we get out of the EU and strike our own deals.

      HYPERION™ 18 days ago

      250 and 350 not that much different to me personally

  • //Cassiopeya Plus\\
    //Cassiopeya Plus\\ 19 days ago

    Britain is the only thing that keeps the rotten,corrupted structure of the EU up.
    The EU knows that if the UK leaves,they are done for. Brexit would start such a domino effect of nations leaving,that the EU would collapse in like 6 years. So,they started to try their best to destroy British attempts at leaving.
    Brexit will never happen. The brits acted too late.

  • Hooch Smeeth
    Hooch Smeeth 20 days ago

    It's a very simple concept, hard to believe people can't see that leaving is basically swapping an exclusive club that only sells goods at EU prices for a market in which every price in the world is available for any good and therefore you can always get the best price.
    Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India, Russia and the US have all made moves these past two years to steal the EU's market share for goods in the UK. Good luck to the EU selling what they previously sold to the UK to someone else. Since they have inflated production costs because of the euro, the only place those goods could possibly be redirected is within the EU itself. You can see this isn't possible for them based on the food dumping that happened in relation to the sanctions on Russia. French farmers literally dumped tons of food because there was nowhere to sell them. So, good luck with replacing the UK who were willing to pay £2 for your special EU apples when the rest of the world is selling them for £1. (an exagerrated example)
    The only reason so much trade occurs between the UK and the EU is because we are FORCED to trade certain goods with them. EU regulations protect businesses within the EU, so we HAVE to buy Swedish wood and French vegetables because the EU prevents us from sourcing them from elsewhere. We've literally turned down billions of pounds of trade these past few decades in savings because we were locked into this private buyers club. You say in the video 'based on the numbers we need them more'... THOSE NUMBERS ARE THE WAY THE ARE BECAUSE OF EU ANTICOMPETITION REGULATIONS. Everything we get from them can be sourced cheaper from elsewhere for sure and most of our trade WOULD be with the rest of the world if we weren't locked into trading on EU terms.
    Also, how have ANY EU citizens been convinced that the EU is good for them? Look at the GDP growth of all 28 countries before and after they joined the EU. STAGNATION. (except Germany, wonder why?)

  • Bynx
    Bynx 20 days ago

    People didn't vote leave for trade reasons.

  • colin ford
    colin ford 20 days ago

    There are around 200 countries in the world, Are we really to believe that 27 countries in the EU are the only ones doing well, 170 others are in the shit? wake up,

    PS ILUVU 20 days ago +1

    The EU wants to keep the UK close as they fear the competition....when we have totally left and can do our own trade deals we will have bigger growth than the protectionist EU. The EU is run by the globalist corporations who are only interested in their own profit, that's why they slap big tariffs on cheaper goods coming in from outside and have so much red tape that it stops SME's from competing....the EU can never reform with it's current fanatics in post...the majority of Europeans DO NOT want a United States of Europe.....if the EU thinks they do....ask them in a vote (something they will never do as they don't like democracy)

    • Hooch Smeeth
      Hooch Smeeth 20 days ago

      Yep, it's a very simple concept, hard to believe people can't see that leaving is basically swapping an exclusive club that only sells goods at EU prices for a market in which every price available for any good and therefore you can always get the best price. The trade as is stands now is only so high with the EU because we are FORCED to buy some of their goods.

  • Annika Andersson
    Annika Andersson 20 days ago

    If UK leaves, will the EU get rid of drunken and loud brits?

  • Jouni
    Jouni 20 days ago +2

    Well its sad. If UK leaves, its a step back in haveing a more united world. Natonalism should not be something to strife for in this age of human evolution.

    • Jouni
      Jouni 15 days ago

      +Swagoi Yeah you probably right, you do bring some valid points in why im wrong =) Look if you prefer nationaslim over perfect globalism I dont even want to have an arguement with you. Its like talking to a flat earther trying to prove the earth is round.

    • Swagoi
      Swagoi 16 days ago

      Jouni nah ur just wrong

    • Jouni
      Jouni 16 days ago

      +Swagoi Then we agree to disagree.

    • Swagoi
      Swagoi 16 days ago

      Jouni yes it should be. perfect globalism is not ideal