Does the EU Really Need the UK? - Brexit Explained

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018
  • When scrolling through comments you often see people say "they need us more than we need them". So we have tried to respond to that once and for all. We look at if the EU relies on the UK for trade, how the EU budget will cope without the UK and if the EU needs the UK as a security ally.
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Comments • 8 305

  • TLDR News
    TLDR News  8 months ago +100

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    • John Marlowe
      John Marlowe 4 days ago

      Do a video on EU efforts to stem tax avoidance, tax havens and money laundering. Who in the UK "wins" by not participating in that EU initiative?

    • Lawrence Brown
      Lawrence Brown 16 days ago

      @Nicholas Bales Now we have a contractual obligation introduced into the relationship which is not the same as a treaty relationship. This is something else that voters in UK were not informed about. And then there is defence. I would like to see UK withdraw from NATO. The idea of helping to defend such a rotten organisation and a bunch of antidemocratic countries as constitutes the EU just digusts and nauseates me.

    • Suckmyporker Porker
      Suckmyporker Porker 21 day ago

      @tiyygc rehl clap trap crap

    • Spinler Muckflitt
      Spinler Muckflitt 22 days ago

      @Nicholas Bales we could also choose to ask for our share in the EU infrastructure that we've already invested in which I'm sure would more than cancel out the 39 billion

    • Nicholas Bales
      Nicholas Bales 22 days ago

      @Spinler Muckflitt The legal basis is the UK's funding commitments. It is mostly the UK's contribution to the EU budget for 2019 and 2020 that the UK agreed to pay several years back.
      You can of course, choose to default payments, but are you sure that's the right stance to take when you are going to be desperate for new trade deals with the EU and other partners?
      The EU most likely is not going to consider a new trade agreement until that divorce bill is paid, the NI border problem is settled, and citizen's rights are protected. Trade arrangements are based on trust, and any future partners are not going to attribute much trust to a country that unilaterally refuses to honour its previous commitments.

  • Sandy Corbett
    Sandy Corbett 2 hours ago

    All very nice, but, the fundamental issues, and the prime reasons why the UK does not belong in the EU, are 1. The EU is anti-democratic & 2. It is corrupt- see the € billions that cannot be accounted for.

  • Zannekin
    Zannekin 5 hours ago

    The people get the politicians they deserve. So, do not blame the politicians for the catastrophe that will hit the UK. It's the choise of the majority of the English people to step into this disaster. You, English people, living for centuries on your isolated island, with no wars with other contries that occupied your land, terrible wars with everything that goes with it, have to learn a lesson that all other EU contries already have learned: We have to unite, for peace, for prosperity, for the future of our childeren. That lesson will be given to you, starting on 1/11/2019. That's the only positive I can see in a "no deal" Brexit.

  • jib bij
    jib bij 7 hours ago

    bull shit we don't need them as you say,lets see after we are out.

  • percygsi
    percygsi 19 hours ago +1

    It changes from us needing the eu "slightly" more to "far" more within 20 seconds at the end of the video.

    • The Model Railway Men
      The Model Railway Men Hour ago

      I am sure it does. I am also sure its vice versa also. ie. They are dead meat with out the UK.

  • Willis Williams
    Willis Williams 21 hour ago

    No the eu doesn't need us
    So kick us out ASAP please

  • Deep Scorpio
    Deep Scorpio 22 hours ago

    If I want to move to the UK as an EU citizen, what would be my deadline?

    • Deep Scorpio
      Deep Scorpio 20 hours ago

      @G K Thank you

    • G K
      G K 22 hours ago

      Anytime before Brexit day, if there is a no deal

  • Marcus Mees
    Marcus Mees Day ago

    I find this video confusing. In one sentence you say the UK depends a little more on the UK. In the next sentence the UK depends FAR MORE. So what is it?

  • Mulan 121
    Mulan 121 Day ago +1

    The EU farming lobbyists are like James Bond villains. They even look evil! And they're making it very difficult for organic farmers to make a living and for wildlife preservation workers to do yheir jobs.

  • James Easter
    James Easter Day ago

    The UK gave away so much in our negotiation because May believed that she was negotiating with friends. The EU have been playing hardball the whole time.
    Who needs who more is merely academic! Of course there are many things that are easier and cheaper to do together. But it has been the UK who have been honest about this.
    BrExiters have known that there will be some discomfort in any transition but we believe in the country to overcome any obstacles.
    Remainers have been working against the UK in every way possible. Fighting against the possibility of a No Deal BrExit is a deliberate attempt to undermine our ability to negotiate; the possibility of walking away is the cornerstone of each party getting something positive from the negotiations. Do we care more about what we might have to give away or about losing what we might gain?
    I like this video and your approach but interpretation was clearly biased against BrExit.

  • heinz53
    heinz53 Day ago

    The payers are walking away, the receivers are multiplaying.....
    The leftover payers have to pay more or/and the receivers have to return back where they came from?

  • Mervyn Partin
    Mervyn Partin Day ago +1

    Of course the EU needs the UK- There are still one or two industries left here to be transferred to Europe

  • William Leadbeater
    William Leadbeater 2 days ago +1

    The problem is that you are using existing trade figures and take no account of the reason we want to leave which s to trade freely around the world.
    If we no longer buy German cars because they will be too expensive, it stands to reason that we will buy more British cars, with more cars to build and sell we will need the extra capacity that the German car makers are threatening to close in the UK. One door closes, another always opens...

    • BaalHammon 89
      BaalHammon 89 8 hours ago

      name one British car brand other than aston martin that isn't owned by a German company.
      you have no British car industry anymore. in fact you have nothing of value aside of you services industry which will suffer greatly. wake up.

  • Philip Harper
    Philip Harper 2 days ago +1

    It was Britain that helped restore the German economy after the second world war and allowed them to have a much lower defence budget for many decades. Germany is using the EU to achieve politically what it couldn't do militarily. Good or bad is up to you?

  • Knee Deacon
    Knee Deacon 2 days ago

    Too bad if EU needs us, we are out, we survive before we join, we can survive now.Let them bully the others.

    • russko118
      russko118 Hour ago

      I hope we and US Wll bully you, now alone

  • Peter Oxley
    Peter Oxley 2 days ago +2

    This video is very misleading and reminds us of the UK Gov. leaflet in 2016, which told half-truths and misled.
    UK has a total trade defecit of £90 billion with the EU. (£67bn on goods) So UK is the Buyer (customer). EU needs this business, especially German car industry who sell us 775k cars a year, their biggest export market for German made cars. (USA is 2nd at 494k and China 3rd with under 400k -source FT-). So EU countries manufacturers NEED British custom very badly, especially when China sales falling (37% down) currently.
    Recent UK reduction in £ pound value also makes manufacturing here more attractive than ever.
    If you think the EU can lose its 3rd biggest nett contributor without the £250m/week and not be seriously damaged, you are kidding, & no way can Finland afford to replace that as this the video infers, (that is total fantasy and extremely misleading: How much extra would they offer?) ) I know people in Finland who curse the Euro and EU, as they have lost manufacturing and jobs to places like Latvia & Estonia because of it. Your conclusion is erronious & misleading because it takes no account of the gains to be made from imports from 3rd countries without tariffs like grain foods from Africa, Turkey and Ukraine, nor does it address the EU's dropping productivity, (only falsely improved by adding in more countries) or the absurd inefficiency of the CAP. We will regain our territorial fishing rights back too when we leave, as currently 60% of EU fish is caught in UK territorial waters, a scandal!
    EU economies, especially Germany looking like going into recession right now, so it is the ideal time to LEAVE.

  • iamhole
    iamhole 2 days ago +2

    you never touched on the common fisheries policy.

    • The Model Railway Men
      The Model Railway Men 57 minutes ago

      No, and its worth ~£2bn to them in my calculations. Never mind the damage done to our marine ecology by their factory ships and the Dutch electro pulse techniques. Who checks their catches? They do.

  • Mongman
    Mongman 2 days ago

    Most of the world isn't in the EU, we can trade with them!! fuck the EU...

  • lisaro
    lisaro 2 days ago +3

    We do not lose single market access... every nation in the world, not subject to trade sanctions, has access to the single market. But there will be changes to the terms of that trade, application of quotas and tariffs - but this is also true to the EU side and it’s access to the UK single market. These terms of trade can be eased or negated entirely with a free trade deal post Brexit itself. But to get to that stage we must leave first.

  • sergio morcillo duran
    sergio morcillo duran 2 days ago +4

    you dont have a clue
    I work in business and I see the container traffic coming from Europe and it surpass hugely the exports traffic

  • Robert HARNEIS
    Robert HARNEIS 3 days ago +3

    This video discuses the EU as if it is a homgeous whole but the problem for the EU is that certain member states will suffer greatly from Brexit and others wont suffer much at all.

    • Zannekin
      Zannekin 5 hours ago

      That's true. But because EU has a system of helping other EU members, these EU countries in need, because of the Brexit, can expect help. That is not the case for UK that will be standing all on it's own. And I do not think Trump or Boulton will come to the help for UK. In that lonely position, USA will use UK for their own benifit.

  • Derek Taylor
    Derek Taylor 3 days ago

    Well with EU having a trade surplus of between £60 to £80 billion so I will leave that to you to decide.

  • michael green
    michael green 3 days ago +1

    Is it true the uk net contribution since year 2000 was more than the next 26 combined . Would the eu miss germany if they left

  • Sayan Debroy
    Sayan Debroy 3 days ago

    When the EU needs to stand together to offset a volatile Trump and rising extremism globally, UK decides to leave. Trump will find it easier to pressure the UK on trade and politics without backing from the EU. One argument is the UK has many small businesses that can sustain the country, but what about growth through exports? Will local firms only produce for domestic market? Can they be export competitive without EU's supply chain? I reckon that major economies such as China and India are likely to trade more with EU post Brexit than UK, and hence, it will hurt UK more

  • Brian Maynard
    Brian Maynard 3 days ago

    The UK needs the undemocratic EU which really means germany and france. like a bullet in the head.

  • Rupe Wilson
    Rupe Wilson 3 days ago

    So we are better off out of the EU then, thanks for making it clear..

  • Foxman
    Foxman 4 days ago

    That was a very good work. As a German I do agree with these clear analyses. We will see what will happen with Boris Johnson. It was never intelligent to make politics with a crowbar.

  • malcolm chambers
    malcolm chambers 4 days ago

    You just happened to miss out the fact the the E.U sends us £60 billion worth of goods more than we send them, and that the E.U represents only 7% of world trade.
    You present this video with the asumption that we won't trade with the E.U once we leave, and that we won't be able to buy what we need from non E.U countries.

  • Scotland The Brave
    Scotland The Brave 4 days ago

    Time will tell what side of the debate/spin is right... for the EU will fall at some point regardless of Brexit, just look at the trends and behaviour of it people?

  • Azar Jalil
    Azar Jalil 4 days ago

    you guys are awesome! Thanks! all he video ideas are excellent. including the farming one.

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac 4 days ago

    A lot more than the Union of Great Britain

  • Dwight Looi
    Dwight Looi 4 days ago

    Of course the UK needs continued economic transactions with the EU. But that DOES NOT require being in the EU and in fact does not even need a trade deal. Tariffs and borders DO NOT prevent trade, period. If so there won’t be trade between the EU and China, USA, India, Japan or any other country.

  • John Marlowe
    John Marlowe 4 days ago +4

    Do a video on EU efforts to stem tax avoidance, tax havens and money laundering. Who in the UK "wins" by not participating in that EU initiative?

  • kim weaver
    kim weaver 5 days ago

    A significant number of German cars are manufactured in US factories..... are you taking that into account?

  • Evelyn B
    Evelyn B 5 days ago +2

    I wonder why you didn't discuss the fact that UK trade with many non-EU countries (including US) benefits from the trade deals negotiated by the EU 'block' together - the EU carries considerable weight when developing trade deals, allowing them to demand more favourable conditions. Until now, the UK gains from this.

    But as a single country, the UK can't bring the same weight to the negotiating table. Indeed, post Brexit, our need for trade deals places us in a weaker position ...

  • Gary Higgins
    Gary Higgins 5 days ago

    Ah, now I understand, so hen we leave, the Brussels dictators are going to turn round and say "You can't trade with nasty old Britain, they won't do what we tell them so they must be punished!!!!!"
    If we were to stay in their corrupt dictatorship we would no longer be a country we would be a province of a foreign state.
    Oh and by the way, if our quisling politicians did manage to overturn Brexit, do you think our enemies would let us stay in without levering our rebate out of existence and forcing us into the straitjacket of the Euro?

    • Sandy
      Sandy 4 days ago

      Dude.. First of all all EU officialls are elected one way or another.. You can't argue that.. And of course if the UK wants to harm itself and a Union in the process.. It deserves to feel what it's doing.. Its not like Europe is like.. Well you promised you'll pay us this much money 39 bill but now you are not gonna soo we just gonna forget about that and let you walk off with no consequences

  • ferkemall
    ferkemall 5 days ago

    Short one is yes the EU economy is in the crapper they want the £39 bilion and will miss the £350Million they take off us every week !

  • andy sj
    andy sj 5 days ago +2

    It's time we took back control of our country fed up with eu rules we can't even fly our flag outside our houses it's shameful if i went to another country and said take down your flag i would get shot or hung and to right to. We should all be proud of all our country's and I'm sure when we come out of the eu give it a few years we will be better off, so the sooner we get out the better.

    • andy sj
      andy sj 4 days ago +1

      @Evelyn B a mate hung the flag out a few years ago and a council officer came around and told him to take it down that's how I know and it's not b.s and she wasn't even English !!

    • Evelyn B
      Evelyn B 5 days ago

      Who's said you can't hang your own flag outside your house? What's your source for this?
      There are thousands of photos that contradict this statement - Union Jacks, the St George Cross, St Andrew's ...

  • fatbelly27
    fatbelly27 5 days ago +1

    The EU is going to be seriously weakened by the UK's exit. It's the second biggest unit, and pays them 13% of their budget. Also it points the way to an exit strategy for other nations.

    • Andy parish
      Andy parish 4 days ago

      @Reptiloid Till I don't think you know how brexit looks to the outside. The UK are heroes to the forced membership of the eu to 27 countries, The people in the 27 countries will vote out, The UK is showing Europe we can leave. The Uk are heroes The eu is corrupt and evil

    • Reptiloid Till
      Reptiloid Till 5 days ago

      I don't think you know how the Brexit looks from the outside. No one wants to imitate the mess that's going on in the UK

  • Julian Teicht
    Julian Teicht 6 days ago +2

    Leave means leave ... we have had a referendum and we should abide by it ...

    • Andy parish
      Andy parish 4 days ago

      @Reptiloid Till Of course the UK wants a fair deal but the eu won't be reasonable they only want to offer a deal that ties us in the eu with free movement and their rules, but out on paper. That is not what the majority voted so the default position is we have to leave with no deal. It's pretty simple but hard for uneducated and undemocratic remainers to understand due to the average remainer having low IQ's

    • Julian Teicht
      Julian Teicht 5 days ago +1

      @Reptiloid Till I believe yhat is all semantics ... it's exactly the the double standards that we all have been letting the Politicians get away with ... the question is / was to stay or leave the EU ... I was not confused and made my choice and lost .. hiding behind a deal or no deal is disingenuous at the very least ... we need to all grow a pair and get on with it ...history can then be the judge !! If we had decent politicians that had stood up for us in the EU we may well have avoided this referendum in the first place but our spineless so called leaders / representatives' were so caught up in their own self importance they completely missed / ignored what the rest of the country that do not live in suburbia were actually feeling ... this is a hard pill to swallow but swallow it we must ...

    • Reptiloid Till
      Reptiloid Till 5 days ago

      @Julian Teicht well all the leave politicians said they wanted a deal with the UK before the referendum. Doesn't that mean that leaving without a deal is against the will of the people? On the other side, currently a lot of leavers want to leave without a deal. Wouldn't it be against their will if the UK leaves with a deal? That's the big problem with Brexit.

    • Julian Teicht
      Julian Teicht 5 days ago +1

      @Reptiloid Till Simple ... leave means leaving with or without a deal ... I voted to remain in an referendum and lost ... Democracy therefore means we leave it's as simple as that ....

    • Reptiloid Till
      Reptiloid Till 5 days ago

      What means leave then?

  • Jack bassman
    Jack bassman 6 days ago

    Brexitets, we have kicked our natural allies in the Euro zone in the teeth and now we have no other option than to dance to the tune of an insane, fickle, would-be be puppet master in the White House who will delight in offering crumbs of deals and telling his devotees how powerful he is just for the sake of it. You wanted to be "free" from the euro machinery and in a short shirt time you will find out that trump will be ordering us what to do, ie open up our health service to hostile acts, make us take chlorine washed chicken and foods that do not pass our food standards requirements. When trump sneezes we will be grovelling to wipe his nose. Freedom my arse!!!

    • dixon pinfold
      dixon pinfold 4 days ago

      May I cheerfully suggest you are overly worried. Brexit is not the stuff of which great disaster is made. The whole country will be working to make the best of things and I think they'll be up to the job.
      Just imagine if an attitude like yours were prevalent in 1940. I don't blame you for worrying; just don't let it carry you away. Britain certainly will not sell itself to the US---because Britain doesn't want to. All the best to you.

  • Arent Ibro
    Arent Ibro 6 days ago +2

    I think that u redbutts must think first humanly and stay United with EU because as humans we have to solve much more serious problems such as environment problems, climate change, new technology and space exploration....if we stay United and focused on the right same target the easier and faster the solution will come.

    • Andy parish
      Andy parish 3 days ago

      @Arent Ibro It is not about doing better or worse. It will be better for the British peoples way of life. Not everything is about money money money. We are just a small Island we cannot cope with anymore uncontrolled immigration from poor eu countries

    • Arent Ibro
      Arent Ibro 3 days ago

      @Andy parish ok, if u think UK can do better by itself good luck then. Sorry for my English

    • Andy parish
      Andy parish 3 days ago

      @Arent Ibro The Uk is better than the corrupt eu dud...The rest of your comment is unreadable and makes no sense!

    • Arent Ibro
      Arent Ibro 3 days ago

      @Andy parish I don't think that UK is better than EU dud... of course some countries in EU are not all of them in the same level of security, corruption,and living standard because of the new members but in the aspect of corruption and public safety countries like Germany, Sweden, Netherlands Finland and some other countries stand much more higher than UK just u must inform your self better. Anyway my first comment is how I see all this stuff, it's my point of view. Union=Power Start from number 1 example USA

    • Andy parish
      Andy parish 4 days ago

      You have been brainwashed the corrupt eu. You don't stay united with a corrupt company called the eu.

  • Nicholas Woolfenden
    Nicholas Woolfenden 6 days ago

    Well here we are with 8 weeks to go.
    Clearly the EU does not need the UK. Britain has behaved immaturely and deserves nothing. It is a sick joke now threatening to leave without a deal, as if it is a bargaining chip.
    It is not. Leave and work it out for yourselves.

    • Andy parish
      Andy parish 4 days ago

      Clearly The eu needs the Uk more than the UK needs the corrupt eu.
      The corrupt eu has behaved like spoiled little children that have been told we don't want anything to do with the eu's corruption.
      The eu threatens and tries to bully as hiltler did once and seeks to take over countries and control everything.
      When the Uk leaves others will follow and the eu will soon break up and die and that is exactly what it deserves. The whole world can see the eu is corrupt. The eu's days are numbered.
      The Uk will go down in history as the ones that brought down the corrupt eu.
      These are facts.
      The Uk doesn't want a deal that ties us to eu rules, that's not leaving the eu! We voted to leave and that is what we will do. The UK has the majority of the world on our side and God is on our side, The eu is the devil.
      Typical undemocratic remainer spreading more verbal rubbish because it's dawning on you that we are leaving.
      The majority of this country will trigger all of remainers on brexit day, You will be humiliated like you tried to do to the majority of the country.

  • Patrick Mcluty
    Patrick Mcluty 6 days ago +1

    Grate video, wee in US follow this, thanks for being honest . Screw the EU

  • K Edmodson
    K Edmodson 6 days ago +1

    The thing is, I just don’t care. Believe in your own nation and it’s people. Make our country better, we shouldn’t be tied to others in order to exist, trade or even just be successful. My salary at work is finally increasing, it’s strange but the only thing in my office that’s changed is that quite a few EU citizens have left and gone home. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    • Andy parish
      Andy parish 4 days ago

      @Reptiloid Till You think UK citizens haven't suffered because of uncontrolled mass eu immigration you selfish little twit!!
      you have taken everything from us,
      our homes
      our money
      our jobs
      our identity
      changed the Nations language
      you have destroyed family's lives
      ruined Uk children's future and yet you still don't care, You just want to keep flooding our country with immigrants

      So the UK is supposed to mother to every poor country in the eu?? Don't think so! We have our own problems to sort out first. The UK helps many countries around the world in charity.
      We will not give you are country to ruin. We are a small Island and cannot save the world. Try getting into the Usa stop picking on us because we are kind!
      We have had enough of the eu and the disrespectful inconsiderate immigrants from the eu

    • Andy parish
      Andy parish 4 days ago

      @Reptiloid Till No, over 80% of immigrants come from the eu. This is fact. The true number of eu immigrants is unknown because there is no way to tell. There is at least 25 million Immigrants in the UK FROM THE EU.

      The fact is we can not sustain the constant flow of uncontrolled immigrants from the eu any longer, we are not a haven for poor countries with no jobs or low wages.
      The eu has done nothing for this country other than try to destroy it like it did to GREECE ITALY SPAIN AND SOME OTHERS, FRANCE NEARLY JUST WENT IN TO A RECESSION AND WAS SAVED BY UK money, Germany is on the brink of a recession. The eu is a destroyer of good countries to make themselves rich and powerful

      The eu is finished it will be destroyed and that's exactly what it deserves

    • Andy parish
      Andy parish 4 days ago

      @Reptiloid Till The only long term consequence will be for the eu when if falls apart post brexit. You are ignorant and selfish and undemocratic. You can all go home if you don't accept this country belongs to the Uk people! You all have your own countries you don't get 2! If you come here you come as our guests not coming in flooding areas and demanding free stuff because you have found out how how to scam the system..

      Be respectful and considerate or go home, stop being ignorant and demanding, remember you are guests and you do not behave the way you have done!

    • Reptiloid Till
      Reptiloid Till 5 days ago

      I called you selfish because the EU immigrants are also people that suffered quite a bit as I imagine. Humanity isn't something that stops at your nationality

    • Reptiloid Till
      Reptiloid Till 5 days ago

      @K Edmodson about 75% of migration is from outside the EU. Most of EU immigrants are skilled labourers. Of course the missing people are driving wages higher for the others in the short term however they also are missed. Especially the NHS needs these people.
      After the UK leaves the EU all of the numerous work protection laws will be missing and I highly doubt the conservative government will be implementing any. This wont be good for the UK population and wages.

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens 7 days ago

    What a dumb bloody question,read the satistics for christ sake.

  • John Harper
    John Harper 7 days ago +2

    Once again a Remainer expounds on their personal desire to retain the status quo in order to avoid future difficulties in their lives, when the Leave position is we want to leave because we do not want the EU to be our masters in a totalitarian state. National sovereignty is impossible to evaluate, but it is worth much more than a comfortable lifestyle whilst the EU encapsulates all state in it's grip.

  • Craig Matthews
    Craig Matthews 7 days ago

    Why do all videos like this only think short term and rarely mention the free movement of people?

    • Reptiloid Till
      Reptiloid Till 5 days ago

      Because that isn't what the video is about.

  • Wilf Jones
    Wilf Jones 7 days ago +1

    Posted by a stupid Remain Grunter .

  • Wilf Jones
    Wilf Jones 7 days ago +1

    What a stupid question . It needs the 39 million that Mrs Mad was going to give them for fuck all . It needs the 12 billion net each year so they can keep indulging themselves . It needs access to our multi billion renewable fishing industry that it is given to them for fuck all . What a stupid question.

  • David Hollingdale
    David Hollingdale 7 days ago +1

    This all supposes that europe will stop trading with us . nobody wants to lose a market . as water finds it's own level . so will trading .

  • Phil Booker
    Phil Booker 7 days ago +8

    Quite simply. NO ONE has ever asked "What deal will the UK give to the EU"?

    It's always the other way round, even when posed by leading Brexiters.

    That, right there, tells us all we need to know about the balance of leverage in these negotiations, and therefore, who "needs" who, to the greater extent.

  • TheChiefEng
    TheChiefEng 7 days ago +4

    A lot of people in the countries inside EU actually don't like EU very much. We believe EU tries to decide too much on a national level.
    However, in Europe (mainland), there is an acute knowledge of history. This is actually what makes most mainland Europeans accept that EU is better than no EU since history indicates that a union in Europe is better than the alternative, which historically almost always has resulted in wars and misery in the past.
    EU is definitely not perfect and most of Europeans will agree that we are not interested in The United States of Europe. We want to keep our national identities and history. Most of us believe that The EU should only be about trade (The Common Market) and nothing else.
    The conclusion is really that united, we are strong but divided we may get in trouble.

  • Robert Kubrick
    Robert Kubrick 7 days ago +1

    If the UK leaves, I don't believe that Italy will be far behind. Yes the EWWW needs the UK a lot more than the UK needs the EWWW.

  • Robert Kubrick
    Robert Kubrick 7 days ago +1

    The very basic is that the UK is a net contributor and the EWWW needs all the net contributors it can get. Would Germany be as great a contributor....If UK wasn't buying their cars? The UK isn't just walking away with their own money, they are walking away with the money Germany would hope to make. Not to mention UK is importing fish caught in their own waters by French ships? That's going to come to a grinding halt. The EWWW banks have been on the brink of collapse for your and they haven't done anything about the problem because they don't know how to do anything about the problem. If the US called in the 40 Billion fine, it would collapse the EWW banking system even with the UK, but without the UK, the EWWW banking systems will eventually faile, sooner, rather than later. The EWWW needs the UK as a contributor and a market far more than the UK needs them.

  • samusaron1
    samusaron1 7 days ago +1

    Brexit ;-) for get all this nonsense

  • kevin munnelly
    kevin munnelly 7 days ago


  • Dreaded88
    Dreaded88 8 days ago +4

    @TLDR News:
    More *_'Remoaner'_* Lies! I expected nothing better from out of you both! *_>:(_*

    • Dreaded88
      Dreaded88 5 days ago +1

      @enerpro :
      And it shows how much you love to taste Verhovstadt's penis! *_>:(_*

    • enerpro
      enerpro 5 days ago

      @Dreaded88 and it shows

    • Dreaded88
      Dreaded88 5 days ago +1

      @enerpro :
      I ran a length of Single-Mode Fiber-Optic from a Utility Pole, outside! *_:D_*

    • enerpro
      enerpro 5 days ago +1

      How did you get internet in the cave?

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith 8 days ago

    To fucking right they do without the EU they would sink quicker than the Titanic

  • peter kung
    peter kung 8 days ago

    Trading is not the only factor to determine Brexit is good or bad for UK. Sovereign is another factor to be considered. Mean while, much laws or regulations are coming out from EU that are imposed into UK without a say from UK's parliament. And EU is now planning to set up EU police and EU courts to enforce EU's laws. How dangerous it is to all the EU member-nation's people? It means the government can no longer protect her own people. Furthermore, EU is planning to establish an EU army. This is even more dangerous because EU could then use force to punish any member state who oppose EU.

  • ss
    ss 8 days ago

    Not only does Europe not need the UK, but it will be better off without it. In turn, the UK would be better off without England. The epicentre of all the problems. Britain should split up along Celtic and non-Celtic lines and England can bugger off and do what it likes. The Celtic nations should re-join the EU as one bloc.

  • NASACrooks
    NASACrooks 8 days ago +2

    The Republic of Scotland is the first to apply for EU membership.
    Northern Ireland is staying automatically thanks to Irish unification.
    Wales will be probably stick the the Kingdom of Dailymailistan for a couple of years of total poverty and they expected to revolt.

    • Andy parish
      Andy parish 4 days ago

      The eu will be destroyed soon after brexit so there won't be any eu to apply to

  • Cammy
    Cammy 8 days ago

    Too often we judge the person rather that (critically) analysing what is being said. Politics and the (social) media tribalise our opinions so much that we are unwilling consider viewpoints other than our own.

  • HenryJarvis
    HenryJarvis 8 days ago +2

    Point of principle, old chap! We voted to leave and we should not allow ourselves to be bullied by UK political elites and the EU. Leave means leave! Freedom has a price!
    Let the lion roar!

    • sleep
      sleep 8 days ago

      Malta once held a referendum if they should rejoin uk
      The votes where positive but they didn't do it
      Now a few years/ decate later they have become ritcher then they ever where under british rule
      Sometimes ignoring something is the best option sometimes it isn't
      Malta became ritch what will the uk become?

  • dick welch
    dick welch 9 days ago +1

    Simply the Brits do not want unfettered immigration force by the EU that will destroy their country. That is a benefit for any country.

  • Bart Duynstee
    Bart Duynstee 9 days ago

    the main reason why the EU was set up, was not to abolish wars between european countries, though it helps, but to set up an economic powerhouse against bigger economies. the US, japan mainly. which is why countries are so keen to join. specially developing countries the more east you go. this has nothing to do with the €-currency. Losing Britain as a partner will hit Britain a lot harder than it will the EU, simply cuz its size matters

  • Smail MAKOUDI
    Smail MAKOUDI 9 days ago

    Brexit is a total rubbish.

  • Sanni Epstein
    Sanni Epstein 9 days ago +1

    What about the cost of uncontrolled hostile immigration? If the EU had enforced an EU border, or insisted that all nations affected be partners in immigration decisions, Brexit might never have happened. As it was, a foreign leader could make choices seriously affecting Britain without even consulting the Brits. I'd want to get out of such an arrangement, and quickly. (American observer)

  • Colin Grant
    Colin Grant 9 days ago +1

    Do a video of why Scotland NEEDS to leave the UK

  • Ting Lu
    Ting Lu 9 days ago +1

    Without UK, EU will be more efficient

  • Michael Batey
    Michael Batey 9 days ago

    yes........more than we need them.

  • Duggy Dugg
    Duggy Dugg 10 days ago

    not really..UK don't use UK are not part of the ECB debt swindle...

  • Karl Crompton
    Karl Crompton 10 days ago +2

    Biased remoaner video.
    The video talks about the UK have a competitive advantage for the 16% of EU imports due to being inside the same tariff-free trading block. However, when talking about the EU's imports into the UK, this competitive advantage is conveniently ignored.
    And £14 bill per year is equivalent to £305mill/week, not £250 mill/week.
    Like I say, remoaner drivel.

  • Keith Webb
    Keith Webb 10 days ago +3

    The costs of social care are quoted and are daunting. I see no mention of a profit and loss analysis of immigration, where social infrastructure expenditure has to be impacted. What has been provided previously has been loaded by the influx of people who place instant demands on health, benefits, education, housing, civil service etc but have never contributed to earlier provisions. U K public compassion may be virtuous but it would be wrong to omit accounting for these costs and leave out consideration of the ability to sustain further increases with the EU policy that actively directs immigrants towards UK. The desire to be kind does not ensure the ability to be kind, something the Left always have difficulty with.

  • Bainsworth
    Bainsworth 10 days ago

    if you're english and you believe the EU needs england, you are delusional. scotland is running straight back to the EU once brexit is settled, NI will be no more, the new border will be in the irish sea and wales and even gibraltar are reverting to what they know EU! even the city of london may well become a small island of EU inside barbarian territory, when they realize the rules, they must be on EU territory to process EU business. the uk banking system will force a separation, fuck what the people voted for. the UK will be no more, just little old eggland in the big bad world.