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Comments • 502

  • Taylor Inman
    Taylor Inman 29 days ago

    This so cool. I did something similar last year for a friend for christmas because she loves nightmare before Christmas

  • Gemüsefreund26
    Gemüsefreund26 Month ago

    I think this piece is kinda underrated as well as the the Beauty and the Beast fan art 😔 I mean based on the views

    • Baylee Jae
      Baylee Jae  Month ago +1

      Thank you! Those two are some of my favourites as well.

  • Nikkie J.
    Nikkie J. Month ago

    This is beautiful. I love how this turned out. I'm definitely gonna do this art challenge since I love Disneyland, so so much. I've never been to Disneyland or California Adventure during Halloween or Christmas time. I know it looks beautiful during those times of year. All I have to say it turned out beautiful. That drawing would be amazing as a Christmas card.

  • Hannah Stockwell
    Hannah Stockwell Month ago

    I thought I saw sally In your videos

  • Lauren
    Lauren Month ago

    That’s awesome I can watch your videos all day!!!!

  • Ella Cordon
    Ella Cordon 2 months ago

    I’m going to do this kind of thing now! Thanks for the idea of using the foam

  • Alaina Clark
    Alaina Clark 5 months ago

    My fav ride is definitely space mountain

  • Jegaim
    Jegaim 5 months ago

    The room with the ghosts dancing is called the "BALLROOM SCENE"
    Great video, great idea, captures perfectly the ride's essence.

  • Scartalon_652
    Scartalon_652 6 months ago

    This art style is goals.. ;-; i must get better with Copics!!!

  • Jay Joy
    Jay Joy 6 months ago

    I'm 6 months late to this video, but The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies. I just subscribed to this channel a few days ago. Hopefully, I can be half as talented as this some day.

  • Skyler Rutherford
    Skyler Rutherford 6 months ago

    This just gave me a good idea, the art is amazing! I really loved it. Too bad I'm late but hey. I mean I couldve been later💟💁

  • Livies Creative Corner
    Livies Creative Corner 6 months ago


  • rmhuff
    rmhuff 7 months ago

    Love it! A hint from card-makers, when you cut out a picture that its outlined, color the side of the paper the same color as the outline. So like on the hill that was cut out, run your black marker along the side of the cut out image.

  • -Puppi Toga 12-
    -Puppi Toga 12- 7 months ago +1


  • Genessis- Luv
    Genessis- Luv 7 months ago +1

    My favorite ride is star tours!!!

  • Genessis- Luv
    Genessis- Luv 7 months ago +1

    αм ι тнє σиℓу σиє ωα¢тнιиg тнιѕ αт ∂ιѕиєуℓαи∂ 😂

  • Krystyn Bremer
    Krystyn Bremer 8 months ago

    This is so cool. 😍

  • April H.
    April H. 9 months ago

    Your just amazing x

  • April H.
    April H. 9 months ago


  • Gacha Mint
    Gacha Mint 9 months ago

    Ooooh~ if yoir really beiyng honest, if you really want this Ooooh~ i am the sun you know you need me
    But you might get burned

    Whats the song??? If you figure aut the 2 songs then nice!

  • Abihail G. López
    Abihail G. López 9 months ago

    The innuendos are gold!! 😂

  • Olivia
    Olivia 10 months ago

    My favorite Disneyland rides are the Tower of Terror, California Screamin, and Space Mountain. Though I heard that they redid the theme for Tower of Terror since I went in 2012, which is disappointing since I absolutely loved the Twilight Zone theme.

  • Renée Dixon
    Renée Dixon 10 months ago

    I haven't been to Disneyland in years but I always loved going on the Indiana Jones Ride at Disneyland then Tower of Terror at California Adventure. It's been a long time so I haven't seen the Guardians of the Galaxy ride yet. I also loved the Soarin' over California Ride, don't know if it's still there.
    This came out really cool!!! I wouldn't have the patience for all that cutting ✂ but I'm glad you do so we all can enjoy it!!! 💜

  • Cheyenne Faneva
    Cheyenne Faneva 10 months ago

    A nice box frame would be perfect for this art piece :)

  • Ine Herman
    Ine Herman 10 months ago

    Space mountain in disneyland paris

  • Scarlett’s Dreams
    Scarlett’s Dreams 10 months ago

    I love the Great Movie Ride, unfortunately its no longer there but i do fancy Tower of Terror a lot♥️

  • Ashi Mure
    Ashi Mure 10 months ago

    The coloring is so satisfying

  • Lisa Blatt
    Lisa Blatt 10 months ago

    Star tours was my favorite ride, I haven’t been to Disneyland in 20 years. I am waiting for the new Star Wars land to go again. Great art piece
    I have a large Nightmare before Christmas collection from the opening of the movie and I love displaying them at Halloween

  • It’s Riley
    It’s Riley 10 months ago

    I LOVE pandora in Disney's animal kingdom it's so pretty!

  • It’s Riley
    It’s Riley 10 months ago +2

    My haunted mansion has the girl with the magic ball but there's musical instruments hanging around her

  • Jordan Barnes
    Jordan Barnes 10 months ago

    Haunted mansion. The first time I went on that ride it was haunted mansion holiday. I went back a good eight years later and experience it and now it’s my new obsession just because of how beautiful it all it is.

  • Kay k
    Kay k 10 months ago

    Baylee can I get a printable for that... omg I love it and would love to make my own!!

  • Zagstiz
    Zagstiz 10 months ago

    Wowee! I adore this art as a hugee nbc fan! The 3D is awesome

  • Steph Weatherford
    Steph Weatherford 11 months ago

    You would love the scotch foam tape if you want to do more like this! This is so good! 😍

  • cosmo uwu
    cosmo uwu 11 months ago

    Honestly i think you should practice anatomy and stylisation or just keeping a style cause this just looks like its drawn exactly from disney

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie 11 months ago

    Omg this is amazing!!!!!! I am OBSESSED w The Nightmare Before Christmas!!! ❤😍❤😍

    HOLOSTORM 3 MINNESOTA 11 months ago

    Love this

  • Spickel
    Spickel 11 months ago

    Can we purchase any form of this??? I would love to have a copy of it!

  • Draw wth Jazza
    Draw wth Jazza 11 months ago

    like my comment

  • OwO uWu
    OwO uWu Year ago

    I literally love nightmare before Christmas so much and I was kinda jealous but happy for you of course. Your drawings are so pretty omg!!

  • Paolo Furfaro
    Paolo Furfaro Year ago

    But nightmare before christmas is a halloween movie

  • J S Abbott /Olde Tinkerer Studio

    This was so adorable! I just might need to try something like this soon. :)

  • The Sara Williams

    My favorite has always been and always will be pirates of the Caribbean. Ive never been to disney world but ive been to disney land so many times! God i miss California. Im looking forward to going back

  • jksbananamilk _
    jksbananamilk _ Year ago

    My favourite ride is Peter Pan in Disneyland Paris :)

  • Eeyore and Stitch

    Omg my favorite is tower of terror I MISS IT SOOOOO MUCH

  • ur mom
    ur mom Year ago

    ahhhh i love this movie and this art work is soooo cool

  • Wilma Krahn
    Wilma Krahn Year ago

    when i first saw the sack part of jack's sack i thought it was a giant potato!

  • Camille Smythe
    Camille Smythe Year ago

    I love expedition Everest

  • Daniela B
    Daniela B Year ago

    I think this is my favorite piece of art you've made 😍

  • LilyDraws20
    LilyDraws20 Year ago

    im a small youtuber pls help out by subbing and sub to Baylee

  • Evelyn Hernandez
    Evelyn Hernandez Year ago

    The oogie boogie man is not green he is like a light brown yellow color

  • Nicole Gagnon
    Nicole Gagnon Year ago

    Love this! More disney! 😍💖💝

  • MarshmallowWaffleXP

    Kasey also does 3D art!

  • Piper Pixie lake
    Piper Pixie lake Year ago

    its such a great ride

  • Brianna Kelly
    Brianna Kelly Year ago

    Love ur videos

  • Ashlyn The Gumbro

    I love that ride!!! Ahhh

  • DeliriArt
    DeliriArt Year ago

    Omigosh, This is amazing!

  • Pyrin
    Pyrin Year ago

    This looks so neat! I especially like how Oogie turned out. My favorite Disney ride is Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. It's just... so surreal, haha. I'll be so sad when they eventually replace it, I feel like his days are numbered. I don't even know if I could do this challenge with Mr. Toad, I think it would ruin the unexpected moments that make the ride so great.

  • Baboo's Random Vids

    Hey my sister works at D-land and LOVES that ride lol. Also that looks SO GOOD!

  • tomasita llanas
    tomasita llanas Year ago

    I have been to Disney world 2 years ago I hated it but I also went to Universal studios and other parks and I loved it this year were going to Universal studios again and 3 paid and volcanoe bay