Software Defined Emissions (33c3)

    A hacker’s review of Dieselgate
    A technical talk on how to reverse-engineer electronic control units in order to document what was left apparently intentionally undocumented by the vendor - including how Volkswagen tweaked their cycle detection code while already being investigated by the EPA, how different the Volkswagen approach is really to the rest of the industry, and of course some trivia on how the „acoustic function“ got its name.

    ['Felix „tmbinc“ Domke']

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  • Randy van Vliet
    Randy van Vliet 2 years ago +1

    When NHTSA investigated Bosch diesel High Pressure Fuel Pump failures causing sudden loss of engine power for all car manufacturers, due to VW of America not warrantying the failures, VW blamed the failures on misfueling by the customer. In the investigation Porsche, Audi, VW, Ford, General Motors, et all, ALL ran the Bosch CP4-1 or CP4-2 HPFP's that were failing. In the investigation, Ford Motor Company, who was also denying warranty coverage for these HPFP's that were grenading the whole diesel fuel system and every component in it, from fuel tank to fuel lines to Filter cannisters to HPFP, to common rails to injectors to return fuel lines being contamintated and destroyed had this to say about Robert Bosch. "We buy a Black Box system from Robert Bosch for the whole fuel delivery and injection system." So, there you have it, from Ford.... including the factory "tune" that would be proprietary to the Bosch EDC 17 ECU system that controls and monitors all parameters. IMHO, Bosch is solely behind all of this. This goes back to using a second tune "memory" feature in VW Mark IV TDI equipped cars back in 1999.5 model years. One diesel memory tune for the manual stick shift, and another diesel memory tune for the automatic transmission version. Each ECU got both tunes, from the factory. Chip tuners were quick to exploit this and place their aftermarket performance tune in the "automatic transmission" section, and by flipping a "0" to a "1" in adaptation on Ross Tech VCDS, you could turn the "tune" on or back to stock, before taking in for service.

  • firebladeflow
    firebladeflow 3 years ago +7

    Meanwhile the non "cheated" bmw customers are trying to hack their car to deactivate the egr because of the heavily negative effect of the carbon deposits in the inlet manifold... Lol not a bug but a feature ;)